Quickbooks Desktop POS Migration: Everything You Need to Know

Last updated: May 18, 2023

QuickBooks has decided to pull the plug on its desktop version of Point of Sale (POS) offering. The curtains are set to drop on QuickBooks POS version 19 after October 3rd, 2023. Here’s everything you need to know about QuickBooks Desktop POS migration.

QuickBooks POS Discontinuation: What Does it Mean for You?

There are two options to consider following the discontinuation of QuickBooks POS

Move to QuickBooks Online: QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based point of sale system created by Intuit. It enables you to efficiently manage your business, process payments, and monitor your in-person operations.

Migrate to other platforms: Intuit, the company behind QuickBooks POS, has partnered with Shopify to offer a free migration tool. This allows you to seamlessly transfer your data to the Shopify platform and explore its extensive features and capabilities.

What Happens to QuickBooks POS after October 3rd?

As we approach the end-of-life date, there are a few key points we should be aware of:

  • After October 3rd, 2023, QuickBooks will discontinue its support for QuickBooks POS. This means no further patches or updates will be issued for this software past this date.
  • While the software will continue to function for financial exchanges, its integrations with third-party applications, merchant services, and payroll will be off the table.
  • Financial integration with QuickBooks Desktop will continue to function, but multi-store file transfers will hit a snag, compelling us to resort to manual entry and imports to the headquarters store.

What’s Next?

QuickBooks has given Shopify its seal of approval as the primary replacement for their POS offering. Shopify, a popular e-commerce platform, has now added retail point of sale functionality for both their e-commerce customers and those solely looking for point-of-sale capabilities. Let’s delve deeper into what Shopify offers and how it integrates with QuickBooks:

Shopify POS as an Alternative

Shopify offers seamless integration with QuickBooks Desktop POS using an app called Stocky, an inventory management app that’s included with Shopify POS Pro, promising a smooth transition for users who have already been using QuickBooks financials.

Here are some standout features of Shopify as a replacement for QuickBooks POS:

  • E-commerce and Retail Capabilities: Shopify doubles as an e-commerce platform, enabling users to manage their online store. With its newly added retail point-of-sale functionality, it caters to businesses looking for a one-stop solution.
  • Integration with QuickBooks: Shopify melds seamlessly with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop, ensuring your financial data remains synchronized across platforms. Whether you’re using QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop for your accounting needs, Shopify has you covered.
  • Native Merchant Services: Shopify offers its own merchant services at competitive rates. They have strived to match their rates as closely as possible to what QuickBooks was offering, providing users with a reliable and cost-effective payment processing solution.

Benefits of Migrating to Shopify POS

Migrating to Shopify POS offers numerous benefits for merchants. They are as follows:

Discounted Pricing

Shopify is offering a 50% discount on their software and hardware for QuickBooks Point of Sale users making the switch. This cost-saving opportunity makes the transition more affordable for businesses.

  1. Ecommerce Plan Trial
    • Special offer: Free for 30 days with Shopify Payments and POS Pro, POS Lite, or without POS Pro or Lite
    • Regular offer: Free for 3 days
  2. POS Pro Trial
    • Special offer: Free for 30 days with Shopify Payments and POS Pro, POS Lite, or without POS Pro or Lite
    • Regular offer: Free for 14 days
  3. POS Pro Annual Subscription
    • Special offer: 50% discount with Shopify Payments and POS Pro
    • Special offer: 50% discount to upgrade to POS Pro with Shopify Payments and POS Lite
    • Special offer: 20% discount without Shopify Payments and POS Pro or Lite
    • Regular offer: 89 USD per month
  4. QuickBooks Desktop Connector App and Stocky App
    • Special offer: Free with Shopify Payments and POS Pro, POS Lite, or without POS Pro or Lite
    • Regular offer: Stocky app is available only to POS Pro users
  5. Shopify Tap & Chip Reader
    • Special offer: Free with code with Shopify Payments and POS Pro
    • Special offer: 49 USD with Shopify Payments and POS Lite or without Shopify Payments and POS Pro or Lite
    • Regular offer: 49 USD
  6. Additional Hardware
    • Special offer: 50% discount from QuickBooks collection with Shopify Payments and POS Pro
    • Special offer: Full price on all items in store with Shopify Payments and POS Lite or without Shopify Payments and POS Pro or Lite
    • Regular offer: Full price on all items in store
  7. Ecommerce Basic Plan Monthly Subscription
    • Special offer: Free for 3 years with Shopify Payments and POS Pro, POS Lite, or without POS Pro or Lite
    • Regular offer: 39 USD per month
  8. Ecommerce Shopify or Advanced Monthly Subscription
    • Special offer: 50% discount with Shopify Payments and POS Pro, POS Lite, or without Shopify Payments and POS Pro or Lite
    • Regular offer: 105 USD per month for Shopify plan or 399 USD per month for Advanced plan

Grow your customer base and sell in-person effectively with Shopify POS, and unlock top-tier tools with Shopify POS Pro, from seamless checkout experience to powerful apps to advanced reporting. Start your free trial now.

Hardware Compatibility

In many cases, your existing QuickBooks Point of Sale hardware will be compatible with Shopify. However, certain hardware components, like barcode scanners, may need to be replaced to ensure compatibility with Shopify’s iPad or Android device-based registers. The back office can still run on a PC without any hiccups.

Migrating from QuickBooks POS to Shopify POS

Migrating from QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) to Shopify POS involves several steps, as below.

Step 1: Export your QuickBooks Desktop POS data

Step 2: Acquire Your Stocky API Key

Step 3: Import QuickBooks Desktop POS Data to Shopify

Step 4: Match QuickBooks Locations to Shopify Locations

Step 5: Start Migration

Step 6: Integrate Your Accounting Data with Shopify

Step 7: Inform your Customers about the migration

For those of you who are considering making the switch, we’ve previously detailed the steps on ‘how to migrate from QuickBooks Desktop POS to Shopify POS’, which you can refer to for a thorough guide on the process.”

Types of data you can migrate from QuickBooks POS to Shopify POS

Here is the list of QuickBooks data types that can be migrated to Shopify:

  • Customer Data: Can be migrated to Customer data in Shopify.
  • Inventory: Can be migrated to Products in Shopify.
  • Inventory Style Grid: Can be migrated to Product variants or options in Shopify.
  • Vendors: Can be migrated to Vendor or supplier data in Shopify.
  • Stores (POS) or Classes (QuickBooks Desktop): Can be migrated to Locations in Shopify.
  • Item Number or UPC: Can be migrated to Barcodes in Shopify.
  • Customer Note: Can be migrated to Customer Note in Shopify.

Other types of data such as product images, sales orders, and purchase orders can’t be migrated to Shopify POS.

What Services Will No Longer Be Available After the Discontinuation of QuickBooks POS?

With the discontinuation of QuickBooks POS, several services will be affected. Here are the key services that will no longer be available:

  • QuickBooks Point of Sale Payments
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale Gift Card Service
  • Mobile Sync
  • Store Exchange
  • E-commerce integration with Webgility
  • Support Plans, including Live Support (phone, email, chat)
  • Vendor Lookup Service
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale software.

Note: If you have purchased QuickBooks POS within the last 60 days, there is a 60-day return option for the software. It’s crucial to act promptly if you wish to pursue a refund within this eligible time frame.

QuickBooks Desktop POS Discontinuation: Writer’s Perspective

Software trends today are leaning towards Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud-based functionality, which highlights certain shortcomings of QuickBooks Desktop POS. Consequently, QuickBooks has made the strategic decision to discontinue its Desktop POS and shift its focus to QuickBooks Online, a cloud-based POS system.

Here are some of the notable flaws associated with QuickBooks POS:

  • Lack of seamless integration with QuickBooks Online, requiring the use of third-party applications, which can result in additional costs.
  • Limited online capabilities.
  • Restrictions for multi-store users.

QuickBooks Desktop POS Migration: FAQs

Does Shopify POS sync with QuickBooks Desktop Financial Software?

Absolutely! Shopify provides a tailor-made integration that allows your data to seamlessly sync with QuickBooks Desktop Financial software.

Will My QuickBooks Point of Sale Hardware work with Shopify?

While the QuickBooks Point of Sale cash drawer is compatible with Shopify POS, you will need to purchase all other hardware from Shopify. Shopify offers discounts on a selected range of hardware designed specifically for Shopify POS. Moreover, customers receive a complimentary card reader upon purchasing Shopify POS and setting up Shopify Payments.

Will there be any support to help me transition to Shopify POS?

Certainly! Shopify supplies free migration tools to assist you in importing your QuickBooks Point of Sale customers, vendors, and inventory lists into Shopify’s software. Additionally, premium onboarding assistance and round-the-clock support are provided to ensure a smooth transition.

What are the benefits of migrating to Shopify POS?

Migrating to Shopify’s Point of Sale and Payments solution offers numerous advantages, including integration with QuickBooks Desktop Financial software, multi-channel selling, remote access, enhanced reporting, a contemporary user interface, popular payment methods, and exclusive offers.

Final Thoughts

That’s everything you need to know about QuickBooks Desktop Migration. QuickBooks’ decision to partner with Shopify provides an opportunity to explore a new and robust retail point-of-sale solution. Shopify offers integration with QuickBooks Desktop, ensuring a seamless transition for businesses already relying on QuickBooks for their financial management.

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