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AliExpress Dropshipping For WooCommerce: All You Need To Know

Last updated: May 01, 2024
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Adding AliExpress dropshipping to your WooCommerce store is a particular way to broaden your customer base to hundreds of thousands of people all around the world. AliExpress dropshipping may be connected to your WooCommerce shop with the help of this plugin. You can swiftly import items from AliExpress to your WooCommerce shop with the aid of this plugin and sell them to your customers in a matter of minutes.

Today’s article will show you all you need to know about AliExpress Dropshipping for WooCommerce. The AliExpress registration is a straightforward process that can be completed in a matter of minutes, as detailed further down the article. Applying for a dropshipping workstation is the next step. Afterward, you can quickly install this plugin so that you may operate a robust and diverse dropshipping company. So, let’s dive in!

An overview of AliExpress Dropshipping for WooCommerce

Using dropshipping services to operate your company allows you to grow your business rather than worrying about inventory and delivery. As of now, the AliExpress firm serves more than 35,000 entrepreneurs from more than 120 different countries. When it comes to dropshipping, AliExpress is nothing short of a blessing for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are operating a profitable online company and enjoying their steadily increasing revenue. Dropshipping with AliExpress is also a relatively straightforward process.

AliExpress Dropshipping for WooCommerce

The ability to sell things on AliExpress Dropshipping for WooCommerce is simple, and you don’t even need to have a physical and mortar shop to do so if you don’t want to have large quantities of inventory on hand. Add the items from AliExpress to your shop, establish a price with a markup, accept the order, pay the wholesale cost for that particular product, and the AliExpress seller will ship the order straight to your client. Most drop shippers rely on AliExpress to restock their inventory and send the items to their customers’ addresses.

AliExpress Dropshipping for WooCommerce: All you need to know

Benefits of using AliExpress Dropshipping for WooCommerce

Here are some outstanding benefits you can expect from the AliExpress Dropshipping for WooCommerce:

  • AliExpress Premium Shipping: Product delivery is a critical aspect of every online store’s operation. Customers in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and many other countries may get their orders in as little as 7-14 days, thanks to AliExpress’ premium shipping ePacket delivery option.
  • Make sure you’re selling the most popular items in your business to keep up with your competitors: On AliExpress, new goods surface very immediately. Your sales firm will benefit from using this handy feature since you’ll show what’s popular.

Make sure you're selling the most popular items in your business to keep up with your competitors

  • Reasonable price: Dropshipping with AliExpress is entirely free, so you may save money while making more money. It’s free to join up, so you can try out different items without having to spend a lot of money upfront. A few clicks are all it takes to begin dropshipping and selling AliExpress items at a competitive price and reaping the rewards.

Create an account for buyers on AliExpress

Suppose you want to import items from AliExpress after registering with them. In that case, the API must be compatible with the store, which involves joining the AliExpress Workbench program with the AliExpress buyer account created during the registration process.

You may apply DropShipping Workbench here:

Create an account for buyers on AliExpress

Alternatively, the user may access it from:

  • Sign in to AliExpress.
  • Head to AliExpress Account settings.
  • The DropShipping center may be found in the same area as AliExpress Account settings.

Import products

Another great functionality of this plugin is importing products from AliExpress using an extension in Google Chrome. To activate this feature, follow these steps below:

  • Install the Chrome extension as seen in the image below and restart your browser:
  • You may get the Chrome extension by visiting this page.

Add the extension

  • Having installed the Chrome extension, click on the Enter Shop URL button, which is displayed in the following screenshot:

Enter Shop URL

  • Fill in the Shop URL/Domain and click on the Save button, as seen in the screenshot below:

Select Save

  • As shown in the screenshot below, you will be taken back to the previous page after successfully connecting your store. From here, you can open the Chrome extension and enter the keyword, choose the shipping method, and click Search to search for products on AliExpress, as shown below in the screenshot:

Select Search

  • By entering the keyword for the product you are looking for, you will be routed to AliExpress, where items linked to the keywords will be shown. As demonstrated in the example below, you may add the product you wish to sell on your website by clicking on the (+) icon:

Enter keyword

  • If the product is successfully added to the Woocommerce shop, a successful message of product addition will be sent to the customer.

The popup noti

  • The items that have been uploaded to your shop may be seen by visiting the WooCommerce products area, as shown in the screenshot below:

View items

General configuration

Following the successful creation of your seller account on AliExpress, you can now set up your WooCommerce shop to work with AliExpress by following the easy steps shown below with the assistance of a snapshot of the process. Navigate to the WooCommerce administration panel and pick the CedCommerce option from the left-hand menu bar. Now, choose AliExpress from the dropdown menu to use the AliExpress plugin:

Select AliExpress

Following that, you’ll find the Connect to shop option, as shown in the image below, which is the one-click authorization process for linking your WooCommerce store to AliExpress, as shown below.

Connect to store

Following your selection of the connect to store option, you will be led to a page where you will be required to sign in using your AliExpress login credentials, as seen in the picture below:


As soon as you have successfully completed all of the procedures listed above, you will be taken to a website showing information about the business, as seen in the screenshot:

Connect to store successfully

Global settings

Under the global settings option, you may choose the status of a product when it is created in your WooCommerce shop, such as whether you want to generate the product in the publish or draft stage. A price markup option is also available, which acts as a default price setting for goods not included in the filter markup function when the filter markup feature was enabled. This functionality allows you to do the following tasks:

  • Select the status of your post.
  • Configuration of the price markup. The global settings page will appear, as illustrated in the picture below:

The global settings

It is possible to configure the choose post status and price markup settings under the global settings option. As seen in the illustration.

Select post status and price markup setting

After clicking on the pick post status dropdown, you will be able to choose between publishing a product in your shop or creating a draft product in your store, as seen in the example below:

Select post status

Product management

You may browse all of the trending items on AliExpress in a specific category by selecting the from the dropdown box of AliExpress types and afterward selecting the filter, as shown below:

Click the filter

Once the items from AliExpress have been shown, you may take the following actions:

  • Take a look at Aliexpress.
  • Instantaneous import of a product.
  • Products Imported in Bulk.

View of the product on AliExpress: As seen in the picture below, the screen shows the product list.

The product list appears

The product may be seen on AliExpress as shown in the image below:

View the product on AliExpress

Import product: Immediately import a specific product by selecting Import items from the dropdown menu (as seen in the screenshot below).

Click on Import products

Following the successful import of the product into your WooCommerce shop, a success notification of the product imported can be visible, as seen in the screenshot:

Success notice of product imported

Bulk operation: Choose the checkboxes next to the goods you want to purchase in Bulk. The Bulk operation field may be selected from the dropdown menu adjacent to the Bulk operation area, and then the Apply button can be chosen, as seen in the screenshot:

Click on the Apply button

Filters feature

In your WooCommerce shop, you may filter out the products from AliExpress based on the categories and keywords you use. Finding an effect on your WooCommerce shop will become much simpler with the help of this feature. It is possible to apply special price markup - rules for each product when using a sophisticated pricing markup formula. It is possible to do the following tasks with this feature:

  • Adding filter
  • Editing filter
  • Deleting filter

Add filter: Filtering may be done in many ways. In this case, the filter page appears, as seen in the following screenshot:

The filter page appears

Then, as seen below, choose the Add filter button from the dropdown menu:

Then click on the Add filter button

You will be taken to a screen where you must fill in the required information, as seen in the following image:

  • You may input the product’s name in the “name” part of the form.
  • Enter the keyword name to make it easier to find products.
  • Choose a pricing range for your product from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose the most relevant category for the product and the vendor rating for that category. Create markup rules to boost profit margin by raising it by a percentage or by a fixed amount in the price markup configuration.

Set up the markup rules

By selecting see products from the action tab, you may see all associated items with a particular filter.

View products

Upon clicking on the View Products button, the administrator will be able to see the items that correspond to the specific filter as shown in the screenshot:

See the products of that particular filter

Edit Filter: By selecting the EDIT tab in the picture below, you will be able to make changes or improvements to the information entered into the filters.

Click on the EDIT tab

Delete filter: To remove a product from the list, click on the delete button. This will result in the removal of the product’s filter from the store’s inventory.

Click on delete

AliExpress Scheduler

Last but not least, you can also customize the AliExpress Scheduler. By automating the synchronization of pricing and stock from AliExpress to your WooCommerce shop, the plugin can take care of the price and stock of the items in your store. – You may customize the period for automation to meet your specific requirements. The scheduling page looks in the manner seen in the image below:

The scheduler page appears

When you have selected the appropriate choice from the selection box, be sure to save your changes by following the steps listed below:

Save changes

And that’s all you need to know about this awesome dropshipping plugin!


With AliExpress, you can effortlessly dropship. Instant import of AliExpress items and automatic synchronization of pricing and stock with the Dropshipping for WooCommerce plugin. You’re not the only one taking advantage of the dropshipping business model, as other shops are doing the same. As a result of dropshipping, you may sell goods without having to stock them, and a third-party supplier will ship the order to the customer on your behalf.

We hope this short article about all you need to know about the AliExpress Dropshipping for WooCommerce will help you expand your business in this new field of eCommerce. To help you get up and running with the plugin, a dedicated account manager will be assigned to your account when you buy it. So, don’t hesitate to try the plugin’s demo and decide on an appropriate subscription for your online store.

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