11 Best Filter and Search Apps for Shopify

Updated: July 16, 2021


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11 Best Filter and Search Apps for Shopify
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When it comes to selling online, store owners need to concern multiple things ranging from products, price, marketing strategies to the industry, competitors, etc. In order to build up a strong customer base, they have to take care of the shopping experience of customers, which includes the way visitors find products on their sites. Filter and Search apps enable merchants to bring about the ease of shopping for customers.

Based on the searching criteria and keywords, filter and search apps limit the products’ products on a page. This is essential for building an online store in the long run. In this post, we are going to review 11 best filter and search apps for Shopify as well as guide you on how to use these apps successfully.

Let’s follow us to the end to get the final decision for your business!

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What are Filter and Search apps for Shopify?

What are Filter and Search apps for Shopify?

The mechanism of Filter and Search apps for Shopify is using the searching criteria of customers and keywords or tags to limit the items and product categories displayed on a page. That means a customer enters in the keywords of items he wants, then the system checks these keywords and displays a list of all relevant items for customers to choose from.

The importance of filter and search apps is becoming higher day by day. This is because nowaday’s priority is customer’s experience which decides the success of your store. Researches reveal that over 70% of visitors will leave a website if they can find what they want within 15 seconds. Therefore, the best online store provides the quickest and most relevant searching results for customers. However, not every business can develop their sites well to offer this ease of shopping. That’s why they need to rely on filter and search apps to enhance the searching experience on their Shopify stores.

Thanks to these apps, not only customers but also merchants can take benefit. You can also create personalized browsing experiences for different customer groups.

11 Best Filter and Search apps for Shopify users

Smart Product Filter & Search

Smart Product Filter & Search is the first filter and search app we want to introduce. This one is suitable for those businesses having a large database of products, which is hard for customers to navigate and waste time in finding the right product. Thanks to Smart Product Filter & Search, you are enabled to filter your products via multiple options ranging from variant, size, price to color, tag, brand, discount, or collection. Besides, the app allows you to group tags to make a special filter. You can even rely on color swatches to create one. The app is really smart since you can choose to turn in the autocomplete mode, suggestion, or autocorrect to help your customers find what they want more quickly.

Highlight features

  • Category filter solution to let you filter items by volume, scale, color, name, brand, set, etc.
  • Filter solution collection to let customers find the correct commodity using a sidebar filter.
  • Smart search and search suggestions help make the finding process quicker.
  • Ability to group products together to make special filters
  • Ability to set a fixed order for the filters
  • Ability to choose the number of tags


The price starts from only $9 per month. You can also make use of its free trial lasting for 21 days. However, additional fees can be added.


Smart Product Filter & Search gets 4.8/5 for the rating with 468 reviews.

Product Filter & Search

Product Filter & Search from Sparq is a filter and search app helping you improve the searching process and save much time. With Product filter and search, you have the opportunity to approach a man-made intelligence so that the results displayed to customers are more relevant and personalized. Also, in the long run, if you have the plan to dig into customers’ behaviors, shopping routines, search queries to create more relevant content, you can rely on its advanced analytics. What’s most noticeable, the support team of the app is so careful and dedicated, which makes sure all your problems are solved.

Highlight features

  • Man-made intelligence: the system is featured with industry-driving moment search, autocorrections, diverts, and more so that the search results are not only quick but also relevant.
  • Collection filters: Customers can refine the pursuit by value, assortment, attribute, and more.
  • Advanced analytics to help you understand customers’ behavior, search queries as well as improve AOV.
  • Ability to customize filters using tags or meta-filters thanks to Smart dynamic filter
  • Customers can use synonyms to find items they want


The pricing is $9 per month. There is also a free trial lasting 14 days for you to try.


The app gets 4.8/5 with 160 reviews.

3. Instant Search & Quick Filter

Instant Search & Quick Filter

Instant Search & Quick Filter has supported many stores out there thanks to its advanced technology with a reasonable price. You can create product filters based on titles, descriptions, product types, brands, SKUs, prices, or variants with the app. What’s more, the speed of displaying search result is very fast, which increase the shopping experience of your customers. Also, the app offers insightful analytics helping you know more about customers and then create more relevant content for them.

Highlight features

  • Filtering and searching results are quick to render
  • Ability to add filters for multiple product options
  • Search results are displayed instantly
  • A quick search to increase the sales Multiple filters: tags, rating, price, collections, vendor, type, color, size, and more.
  • Filters for unlimited collections
  • Availability filtering


The price is only $9 per month but the free trial lasts just 5 days.


Instant Search & Quick Filter’s rating is 4.8/5.

Instant Search+

Instant Search+ is one of the most high-rated apps since customers can approach multiple features with a free plan. Being easy to use and set up, you can easily attract more customers to your store and boost sales. There are many noticeable plus points for Instant Search+ such as cross-sell, upsell, you said, autocorrect, using synonyms, or visual scan. What’s more, you can bring about a perfect shopping experience for your customers with sets, merchandising, personalization, reviews, and so on. Additionally, the search is fully loaded, so you can get more AOV visitors.

Highlight features

  • Advanced search app with plugins, cross-sell, upsell, autocomplete, you said, autocorrect, synonyms, visual scan.
  • Collection filter to present in an optimal order
  • Ability to optimize collections, search results, or products
  • Insightful analytics to help you get to know your customers better
  • Ability to create a landing page
  • SKU search
  • Multiple filters including size, color, variant, tags, price, vendor, brand, inventory, etc.


A free plan is available.


The app is high-rated with 4.9/5 with 688 reviews.

5. TURBO Product Filter

TURBO Product Filter

TURBO Product Filter is a multi-purpose app which not only helps you in product filtering and searching but also QuickView, Badges, or Stick Cart. That’s also why this app is not specialized for those who are finding a filter and search app. However, if you just need an app helping you with basic demands. This app can fulfill all your needs. There are also many filters, including collection, type, vendor, variant, color, size, material, price, tags, etc. Customers coming to your online store can search for the products they want to buy from any collection page. One noticeable point of the TURBO Product Filter is that customers don’t need to click on “Enter” or something to display the searching results, but they will appear right when customers start typing away. If you want an app to improve your store, you can look at this since you can have even four more apps in only one package.

Highlight features

  • Not just filtering and searching but also QuickView, Badges, and Stick Cart
  • Multi-check product filter, which is powerful to help you attract customers
  • Two modes of product filter, which are vertical and horizontal
  • Customers can search for what they want on the collection page, so the process is faster and instant.
  • Live search right as the customers enter what they want
  • Searching via products, collections, types, vendors, or SKUs
  • Quick navigation to product preview with main images of the products


The pricing ranges from $4.8 per month. You can also use its free trial which lasts 7 days.


3.9/5 for rating. Most complaints come from the support team.

Simile - Smart Visual Search

Do you remember the search tool based on the image of someone on Google? This is perfect for those who can’t describe what they want by words. If you also want this tool to be applied to your online store, Simile - Smart Visual Search is for you. This is also the most highlight feature of the app, allowing you to filter out products that are not related and then display the most relevant results. For example, your customers want to buy a dress that they have seen on Facebook, they can screenshot it can find whether it is offered in your store or not. If yes, the result will appear right away; customers easily fall for it and decide to buy. Also, the app is so easy to use and goes along with a professional support team.

Highlight features

  • Customers can use photos to search for what they want in your store via the powerful visual search
  • Customers can upload their images or use visually similar product images from your store.
  • Automatically update without intervention
  • Collection filters for easy navigation
  • Search results are displayed instantly
  • Insightful analytics dashboard to know more about customers


A free plan is available.


Simile - Smart Visual Search gets 4.1/5 for rating.

7. Power Tools Suite

Power Tools Suite

Power Tools Suite gives you a chance to get all the Power Tools Apps in one package. In fact, this app is a ten-in-one app bundle with powerful functionalities. If you are looking for an app that offers unfair advantages but is easy to use, Power Tools Suite is for you. You can have all of them solve each of your limitations, which helps you save more time and effort. With all these features, the price is still affordable. You can even have a live demo to try it before buying. That’s why this app is high-rated with all five-star reviews.

Highlight features

  • Filter menu to filter products via color, size, price, and more.
  • Trending products: Ability to display your best-selling products first.
  • Sort selector: Customers can choose the way they sort collections.
  • Auto collection: collections for each product type and brand are automatically created.
  • Sold out products: Easily and automatically get rid of out-of-stock items from collection pages.
  • Smart delete: Ability to un-delete or auto-delete.
  • Sort orders: Ability to choose the fixed sort orders.
  • Random sort order: The collections are always fresh since the order is changed once an hour randomly.
  • Bulk edit tags: You can handle the process of editing tags in bulk without doing it one by one.


Power Tools Suite starts from $15.99 per month with a free trial of 14 days.


The app gets 5/5 with nearly 200 reviews on Shopify.

8. Product Lookup Form

Product Lookup Form

Product Lookup Form is a filter and search app allowing you to make use of custom filters with the help of its flexible form builder. That means you are enabled to add a form with some supported filter criteria and display it for your customers. The system will be in charge of filtering the products after your customers submit the form. In this form, customers will be asked what they are finding from your store. The questionnaire is placed on the store page, which is easy to see. This app is perfect for those who want to save time to fulfill other tasks. In this way, they can increase the sales better. Also, you are enabled to customize not only the forms but also the results page.

Highlight features

  • Display questionnaire to let customers enter what they want and give them a list of relevant results.
  • Ability to publish or unpublish any of your forms
  • Easily customize the forms and results page
  • Filter products by price, brand, vendor, type, stock status, tags, etc.
  • Ability to customize layouts of forms
  • Ability to customize elements of forms
  • Ability to save customer searches


A free plan is offered.


Product Lookup Form gets 4.6/5 for rating.

9. Filter Menu by Power Tools

Filter Menu by Power Tools

Filter Menu by Power Tools is not only a filter and search app to boost your sales but also a smooth navigation system to improve the experience of customers. Based on a belief that customers are not patient and likely to buy products from stores making shopping easier, this app brings about helpful product filterings to get more deals. Also, you are enabled to customize a channel menu as you wish. What’s more, all these features require no coding skills. With just one click, you can install and get started with the app.

Highlight features

  • Based on the design and store navigation of Amazon and eBay to bring about a professional shopping experience and then increase the sales
  • The built-in tag sync feature makes the process of filtering and maintaining filters fully automatic.
  • FIlter options are flexible with filters of color, size, variants, type, brand, price, collection, or tag.


The app is $14.99 per month with a 14-day free trial.


The app gets 4.9/5 with 144 reviews on Shopify.

10. Live Search & Smart Filters

Live Search & Smart Filters

Live Search and Smart Filters is well-known for the instant search which gives results in real-time. These results can also be improved with the help of product filtering. Another advantage of Live Search and Smart Search is their ease of use. You don’t need to spend money hiring any experts since all the processes can be done easily and quickly. The app also provides you with analytics like monthly search records, daily search keywords, or landing pages. Additionally, this app’s free trial lasts 30 days, suitable for you to check everything you want before paying for it.

Highlight features

  • Smart filtering
  • Live search with search results appear as entering
  • Instant search to ease the product filtering on a Shopify store
  • Unlimited number of Shopify products, pages, collections, or blogs
  • Smart product and collection filter to improve the product navigation
  • The search suggestions


The app is $3.99 per month. The free trial of this lasts nearly 1 month.


The app gets 4.8/5 with 169 reviews on Shopify.

11. Zoomy Product Filters

Zoomy Product Filters

Zoomy Product Filters is the last app we want to recommend today. It allows you to create your own filter dropdowns. That means you will assign the tags in your products and customers can limit the display of the search results based on brand, color, size, and more. The most noticeable point of Zoomy Product Filter is its ease of use. Also, the speed of search results displayed is speed, which is essential to bring about a great shopping experience for customers.

Highlight features

  • Tags are the most important to filter products
  • The speed to display products is fast and without delays
  • Ability to create dropdowns on your site
  • Instruction video to help you install and use the app
  • Customers have a platform to optimize their own search


The app costs $2.99 per month with a 7-day free trial


The app gets 5/5 in Shopify but not many customers send a review for it. The most advantage they compliment about the app is its ease of use.

How to use Shopify Filter and Search apps successfully?

How to use Shopify Filter and Search apps successfully?

There are multiple apps out there suitable for different levels of business. However, choosing a good app is not enough. Business owners should know how to use them well. Here are some best practices to use Shopify Filter and Search apps successfully:

Remember to insert filters

Especially when it comes to those stores with various variants, for example, your business offers dresses, but there are nearly 40 dress items with different sizes, colors, prices, or styles. Therefore, customers can find products they want better only when you add filters and cut short the search. However, if you offer one brand, one vendor, or limited products, you should not set up the filters since your items will be more highlighted.

Simple filter names

The simpler and more understandable your filter names are, the more your customers want to interact with your store. Keep them with simple terms so that visitors can find them easily and familiarly. For instance, use Brands instead of vendors.

Localize the filter name

To increase the sales more, you need to plan to sell internationally. Therefore, to let your customers feel more familiar and understand the items, you should add local languages for your international customers. This will make sure a smooth experience for your customers. As a visitor from France for example, which will store you choose to stay in and interact with? The one with English only or the one with an addition of French?

Usually update your variants

When searching to buy a product from your store, customers will feel disappointed if they find the products they want are not available. Therefore, you should check and update your store very often to get rid of the variant from your search filter completely whenever there is a certain variant out of stock.

Make it mobile responsive

Most customers are shopping online with their mobile phones. If you don’t optimize the features available on your store for mobile, you are preventing your customers from approaching your items. When choosing a filter and search app for your store, remember to pick the ones with instantly mobile responsive search and filter widgets. In this way, your filter will work well when your customers are using mobile phones.


As you can see, filter and search apps for Shopify stores are undeniably essential for any business. To bring about the best shopping experience for your customer and increase sales as much as possible, you need to let your customers get what they want more quickly and correctly.

Each app has its pros and cons. You should understand what your business needs before considering and choosing the best filter and search app for yourself. Hopefully, we have given you enough information about each app, helping you easily make up your mind. If you want us to review other apps or want to ask a question, be free to leave a comment in the section below. Remember to share this post with your friends and visit us for more.

Good luck with your online store!

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