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Zipify One Click Upsell Review - A complete upselling solution for your Shopify store

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By Sam Nguyen

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Zipify One Click Upsell Review - A complete upselling solution for your Shopify store

It is possible to upsell clients after they’ve already purchased from you to get them to spend even more money with you. Even though Shopify companies have a plethora of upselling apps at their disposal, it’s important to pick one that provides for maximum customization while also not requesting payment information more than once.

Once a customer has placed an item in their shopping cart and entered their payment information, Zipify’s OneClickUpsell allows you to create bespoke upsell and down-sell offer pages. Let’s see if the company’s claims of instantaneous revenue growth of 10-15 percent are true.

What is Upselling?


Upselling is a frequent tactic used to persuade or persuade a customer to spend more than they originally meant by giving upgrades or add-ons that increase the value of their first purchase. For both the corporation and the client, the add-on or upgrade is a more profitable option.

A sales strategy known as “upselling” entails presenting clients with the option of purchasing a more expensive version of the product they are presently purchasing. Simply said, the goal is to get customers to spend more money than they intended to. When worded this way, it may appear ethically questionable, but it isn’t. If you’re willing to pay a little extra, you’ll get a superior product that your customers will appreciate more.

What are the benefits of using upsells in your Shopify Stores?

For your online store, you can’t merely rely on a steady flow of new clients. We’re confident that you, as the owner of an eCommerce company, are aware of the additional costs associated with acquiring new customers. Getting a new customer is far more expensive than keeping an existing one. This is when the necessity of upselling comes into play.

Increasing average order value

Upselling is a well-known method of raising the average order value of an online store. In this approach, you provide clients with either a more expensive tier or a different version of the same product. In the world of selling, upselling and cross-selling (providing additional products that are often related to the original one) are commonly seen together in the same product category.

Increase order value

There is now a greater demand for advertising because everyone selling that product is vying for the same customer base. You can’t make a profit with your current ad strategy, so you’ll need to implement upsells. Increasing your average order value would allow you to spend more on advertising, while your competitors have ceased selling the goods because they’re not generating a profit.

No wasted money to attract new customers

As a bonus, you don’t have to spend a dime on the transaction because you’re selling to an already-satisfied consumer. For every $40 spent on a product, you’ll only have to pay for the goods and delivery with an upsell because you won’t have to find a new customer first. So it’s all about making money.

Zipify One-Click Upsell Overview

Zipify One-Click Upsell Overview

Ezra Firestone, a well-known e-commerce marketer, designed Zipify One-Click Upsell or Zipify OCU. Online retailers utilize it to improve the average order value and upsell their clients during the purchasing process. With this software, you can create unique pages for post-purchase upselling of products in your Shopify Store.

This app’s unique selling point is the upsell, which occurs after the original payment has been made. The product your buyer originally desired will be purchased using the normal Shopify process (Product page, customer info, shipping, payment). When you have Zipify OCU installed, you have the option to position your upsell page directly before the thank you page, so that your customers don’t have to go to the thank you page after they’ve purchased something.

If you want to increase sales without disrupting the customer’s purchase process, this strategy is for you. In addition to the post-purchase feature, it also provides one-click upsells. Customers will see a “One-Time Offer” and be able to purchase it directly from that page, bypassing the product page and the shopping cart.

Key Features and Functions of Zipify One Click Upsell

Simple-to-use Page Builder

The software provides you with a pre-built offer page that has been proven to increase conversions, but you can then utilize the app’s super-simple page builder to customize it to your specific needs. Creating upsell and down-sell pages is a breeze with the app’s user-friendly drag-and-drop editor. You have the option of customizing the title and description, as well as the discounted prices, for each upsell or down-sell offer page. Additionally, you have the option of customizing the colors on the offer pages to match your website’s overall design scheme.

Unlimited pre-and post-purchase upsells

Unlimited pre-and post-purchase upsells

This means you can upsell without worrying about increasing the price because you won’t be paid based on the number of people who see your offers. Zipify’s OneClickUpsell feature enables users to design customizable post-purchase upsell funnels for their eCommerce products.

Upselling has never been so simple thanks to a single button. A single click is all that is required of customers who have supplied their credit card information for your post-purchase offer.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile, tablet and desktop devices can all use Zipify OneClickUpsell without a hitch. Everyone has a smartphone these days. Buying a product on Facebook is now as easy as clicking on an ad and completing the transaction on your smartphone. You don’t want to be caught off guard if it happens.

Split Testing

You may conduct as many split tests as you want to improve your upsells with the Zipify OneClickUpsell software. In this way, you may iteratively refine your approach based on what you learn from your clients and what doesn’t. To conduct a split test, you are given two options:

  • Same Item: The same product can be tested against itself in a different page design to discover which one performs better in a split testing scenario.
  • Different items: This allows you to split test various products in one upsell funnel position to see which one will yield the best results.

Interactive data display

Your upsell offers are more likely to be successful if you have access to a comprehensive data dashboard. That means that you can keep track of everything from your best-selling products to customer acquisition funnels and anything else involved in a buyer’s journey.

Customer Support

Zipify features an OneClickUpsell support center that includes tutorials and documentation. You can also use the live chat feature on their website to get in touch with the company directly. Zipify doesn’t give any indication of how long it will take them to respond.

It is plainly stated in the company’s Terms of Service. Customers can expect a response from the company within one business day, but they do not guarantee or promise that they will receive one. Zipify’s uptime is likewise not guaranteed.

How to start using Zipify One Click Upsell

Step 1: Integrate Zipify with your Shopify store

For your first step, search for and download the OCU App by Zipify from the Shopify app store, then connect it to your Shopify store.

Integrate Zipify

A free 14-day trial is available at Shopify.com, and all you need is an email address to get started. The best part is that you don’t need a credit card to use this. You must first provide your email address to begin your free trial. Upon entering your email address and clicking “Get started,” you’ll be asked for your store name, a password, and other information about your company, such as its name and location (name, address, phone number, etc.).

Check your email for a confirmation message once you’ve completed the registration procedure and set up payment, shipping, and theme options, as well as added domain names.

Step 2: Create a brand-new funnel

Add new funnel

A customized experience is created using funnels in OCU by Zipify. The upsell and down-sell pages in these funnels are readily designed using a drag-and-drop builder. A funnel can be divided into several stages, each devoted to a specific product or service.

Each funnel necessitates the addition of an upsell tag, which you’ll have to design yourself. These tags link the products of your store to various funnels. In Shopify, these upsell funnels are incorporated into the platform as hidden collections. Select a product, then collections, from the Shopify admin page.

A new offer page or a copy of an existing offer page can be used to upsell or down-sell products for each funnel you establish.

Step 3: Add an Offer

Add new offer

Next, you can vary the order in which clients see offers in an upsell funnel by adjusting the priority of the offer page. Carts containing products that trigger several funnels might employ funnel priority. It is at this point that the most important funnel in the system is started.

Step 4: Create an upsell page

An upsell page has been developed as a result of this process. Linking it to the primary product, which will then activate the upsell funnel, is the next step. Add the appropriate upsell tag on the trigger page to accomplish this. The upsell funnels can be turned on or off at any time, depending on your preference.

With Zipify’s OCU, you may offer your consumers as many as three upsells and two down sells. Customers will be offered three upsell options as long as they continue to accept upsells. First and second upsell offers would be declined, resulting in a down-sell offer being given. Customers who reject the first and second down-sell offers will instead be taken back to the order confirmation page.

Zipify One Click Upsell - Integrations (?)

It is possible to use OneClickUpsell with all of the most popular e-commerce services such as Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.net.

Ziplify Once Click Upsell

Zipify One Click Upsell - Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans

It is possible to subscribe to Zipify’s OneClickUpsell on a monthly or annual basis. As of this writing, there are two options: a $47 monthly option and a $399.99 annual one. Zipify keeps 1.5 percent of all upsell revenue in addition to the monthly subscription fee.

Free trials are not available. When you select a plan and input your payment information, you are immediately charged. However, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered by the manufacturer.

A free trial, even for a few days, would have been ideal because clients could get some time to check out the tool and see if it matches their business needs even though the fees are more inexpensive than other online upsell solutions.

Pros and Cons of Zipify One-Click Upsell


  • Increasing the profitability of your store.
  • Zipify’s blog with full of lessons, advice, and helpful tips.
  • A 30-day refund policy
  • Creating funnels and Upsell/Downsell combinations is virtually limitless.
  • Use of email marketing as a tool


  • There will be no trial.
  • There are a lot of third-party apps
  • A credit card is required.
  • Every time an upsell is made, Zipify gets 1.5% of the total revenue.

Some Zipify alternatives to diversify your upselling options

Candy Rack - One Click Upsell

4000+ retailers rely on the upsell and cross-sell tool Candy Rack — One Click Upsell. After a customer presses the “Add to Cart” button on a product page, a pop-up with upsell offers appears. Candy Rack enables companies to provide both product and service upsells. ‘ An additional feature of the app is an AI-Powered Smart Auto-Upsell, which suggests products based on the Shopify Product Recommendation API that is likely to be of interest to users. Also, because it operates on autopilot, you don’t have to spend your time manually crafting upsell offers


One of the strongest players in this field is CartHook, which has demonstrated success. Numerous significant Shopify brands use it, making it a prominent platform for Shopify upsells. Customers are more likely to make more purchases when they have gained trust and involvement with your business, according to the second guideline in consumer psychology. With CartHook, store owners may build up one-click upsell sequences following a purchase, similar to Zipify OCU.

The drag-and-drop interface of CartHook makes it easy to create landing pages for offers that convert. With Carthook’s full HTML and CSS, you may customize your store pages to your heart’s content if you’re so inclined.


ReConvert is a powerful upsell solution for Shopify that can help you retain customers. There are a lot of great upsell apps out there, but ReConvert may be just what you’re searching for. It concentrates on post-purchase upsells and can help you develop and customize gorgeous Thank You pages.

ReConvert is a good choice if you’re on a limited budget or just starting and want the most bang for your buck. It provides a free plan that allows the platform to handle up to 50 orders a month for free. You don’t have to keep track of time constraints like 7-day or 14-day free trials because this 50 order limit resets every month.

Some upselling techniques to leverage your Shopify business

Keep a maximum Price Margin

It’s essential that when upselling, you keep a price margin in mind for the greatest amount of money that you’re going to charge a customer. Suppose a consumer is purchasing a $200 item, and an upsell of $350 is being offered to that buyer. Ideally, your profit margin should not exceed 50% of the customer’s initial purchase price. In addition, don’t always try for the greatest margin possible. Rather than simply seeking to maximize earnings, it’s critical to upsell while maintaining relevance.

Bundle Products and Sell Them Together

Bundle Products

The most effective upselling strategy is to provide a package rather than an upgrade or a new product to your customers. If you don’t make strategic bundles, no one will buy them, so make sure you do. Instead of merely upselling a single product, the offer packages everything together into a single deal. Customers are receiving a great price, and your business is making more money! It’s a two-way street.

Offer multiple options

It’s pointless to try to upsell your customers with a single offer. Instead, you should make an effort to upsell your customers on additional services. It is advisable to use a combination of upselling and cross-selling to maximize income generation. There are many ways you can upsell and cross-sell products on the product page.

Add Optional Popups and Recommendation Options

Adding recommendation choices and popups to your business is a great way to increase your store’s upselling potential. You can now add suggestion widgets to your e-commerce store with almost any app.

Shoppers are more likely to buy more items when they see product recommendations at the bottom of the page or on the side. All of this, of course, depends on the usefulness of the products in question

Offer Free Delivery

Second, make it as easy as possible for customers to upgrade their subscriptions. The best method to achieve this is to offer free shipping and incentives for the upsell. You can remind customers that they must spend a certain amount before they are eligible for free delivery, and then upsell them something to get them to that amount.

At the top of this page, the customer is reminded that they aren’t quite there yet in their quest for free shipping. Just how important is this in persuading a customer to purchase more?

Final Words

When it comes to testing out upsell pages on your website, Zipify is an excellent starting point. In comparison to other upsell tools, this one is a lot cheaper. However, because it lacks advanced functionality and priority support, it is not ideal for major eCommerce stores.

Zipify OCU is best suited for Shopify stores that are already generating sales and are looking to boost their AOV. Given the 30-day money-back guarantee and the necessity for data-driven decisions, it’s worth giving it a shot for at least a month.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.