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How to Write a Good Product Description that Sell?

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Most buyers nowadays decide to buy something based on the product photo; meanwhile, the product description is there is help them fill in the gaps to decide whether or not the product is the right choice for them. One recent eCommerce study found that 20 percent of purchase failures are potentially a result of missing or giving unclear product information in the description. So, what would happen if you have a well-written product description?

The right product description will be more likely to have the power to appeal to more customers through your sales funnel. A product description allows you to inject creativity and product advantages so that your brand can have more chances to convert the casual browser. If you can succeed in using the product description to educate customers on the critical values of your shop, the unique proposition, as well as an offer to bring them a solution for their problem, then you will get more sales, lower refund rates, and build customer trust.

So, in this How To Write A Product Description That Actually Converts? article today, we will go through the reasons why you need a product description, ways to write it, and also some product description examples for you to learn from. Let’s get started!

What is a product description?

A product description is defined as a marketing copy that tells the origin of a product and the reason for it to be worth purchasing. A product description is created to offer customers enough and crucial information that describes the features and the advantages that the product can bring to them, then compel them to want to buy the product immediately.

What is a product description?
What is a product description?

Great product descriptions need to augment your product pages by selling your products to real people, not merely describing your products. However, some entrepreneurs and marketers alike are likely to make this common mistake while writing product descriptions.


Why is product description important?

To answer this question, I have to say that product descriptions may or may not be important in every other aspect of your website. As each website has a different layout, personality, and style that require you to use a different product description template for it.

For example, you just need to sort out bullet point descriptions for some stores’ products to convert best. Simultaneously, some need a lengthy paragraph or even a combination of bullet points and a paragraph. Also, some websites can convert if there is no copy at all. Some A/B split test tool can help you decide what format works best for you, just like Google Optimize, for example.

The picture below is a great example of a product description example with no copy:

Why is product description important?
Why is product description important?

Now, let’s dive into the reason why you should have product descriptions in your store. In terms of SEO, if you own optimized product descriptions, they can help you boost your search engine optimization when you add specific keywords. As a result, you can help improve your chances of ranking high on Google. If you don’t include product descriptions, maybe you still can optimize your images for keywords; however, your product page might not show up high in search results as they lack content.

In addition to that, product descriptions are also able to educate your customer on the product because they provide supplemental product information, which the picture only can not handle. For instance, when deciding to buy a laptop, you might not choose right away by looking at the picture alone. Instead, you would scroll down to read about the laptop’s specifications as well as the features. Fashion businesses can also do the same thing, as some people might be allergic to certain fabrics and want to know the material of the clothing you are selling in your store.

So, when you provide the key product information for your customers to review, then you will be able to prevent a build-up of customer service inquiries. The product description also can help customers know whether that specific product is suitable for them; consequently, your store can have lower return rates. In some cases, a product description can actually make a customer laugh so that the bond between your brand and customer can also be boosted.

How to write a product description that sells?

To write a product description that can deliver, you will have to write copy that can convince customers to buy. As yourself, then answer some questions like What problem does your product handle? What does your customer obtain from trying your product? What makes your products different from others on the market?

So here are 10 tips for you to write a product description that sells right away!

Picking the right words

Certain words and phrases in the product description can express an emotional response in a natural way for people; at the same time, they can increase your sales. So, it’s recommended that you carefully select the words and phrases so that you can easily convince your customers to dive in and buy your goods.

According to David Ogilvy, the 20 most impactable words that are: | Suddenly | Now | Introducing | Magic | Hurry | Sensational | |:——–:|:———-:|:———–:|:—–:|:————-:|:———–:| | Miracle | Announcing | Amazing | Quick | Revolutionary | and more. |

If you use these keywords, then I’m pretty sure that your reader will be captivated and convinced to take action and buy your products. According to Unbounce, there are also some words and phrases that you should avoid using in your product description because the words might be inaccurate when you call your product revolutionary. These words are:

| Market-leading | Breakthrough | Innovative | Stunning | Ultimate | and more. | |—————-|————–|————|———-|———-|———–|

It’s important to have a product description that describes the product and can convey these elements. More specifically, you can only say a product is free when it is not deceptive, and say an item to have the highest quality when you don’t receive any complaints about the product quality. For example, if some people can see the material in your product is thinner than they saw on the description, you can mention that in your part to avoid drastically impacting sales. If your customers can receive the honest expectation of the item before getting it, maybe your customer even prefers thinner fabrics on summer days.

However, honesty does not mean that you write down all of your product flaws but featuring its strengths. So, remember to emphasize on the look of the product when you are telling customers about it. There is also a way for this, which is using words that help your buyers imagine themselves utilizing your product. Then, make them part of your product’s story. In some cases, keeping it casual can also make your product description stand out.

Be specific about your product

This is one important aspect, but it is often forgotten. When you don’t know which words to put in your product description, you are more likely to add some bland words like “excellent product quality”. By adding some phrases like this one, then you will become less persuasive when you have your potential customers see your product description and will start thinking like “Yeah, of course”.

Look at the description of Zappos shoe as an example; they don’t describe the quality of their shoes as excellent or good. Meanwhile, they introduce every technical detail to prove the shoes’ benefit. There are no bullet points that describe the “excellent quality” of the product directly, but each of them will make you see and understand what the product can bring to you.

Be specific about your product
Be specific about your product

Overall, add product details and be more specific while describing your goods to add your brand’s credibility. The product details will help you sell your product. At the same time, just avoid adding too many technical details in your product descriptions.

Provide specific proof

Suggestions can be really helpful when your web visitors can not decide to buy which product because they will look for these suggestions to get the idea. Usually, people will trust and choose an item with the highest number of positive reviews on the website. So, providing them proof is really important.

If you keep adding some superlative adjectives, your product might sound insincere, so you must give clear proof of why your product is the best choice for them. For instance, the Kindle Paperwhite product of Amazon was described as the world’s most advanced e-reader. Then, they use the word patented to make the reader impress that Kindle Paperwhite is something special. Also, Amazon quoted some figures showing the percentages and proved why the Paperwhite has better contrast and brilliant resolution, as well as many benefits.

Provide specific proof
Provide specific proof

If you think you have the best product for people to sell, just prove it by providing specific proof of why this is the case. Additionally, you should also tone your product copy down, or even quote a customer who says your product is the best thing they’ve ever used in case you have.

Stir your readers’ imagination

There was scientific research that proved people would have more desire to buy and own a product when they can hold it in their hands. In your online selling case, when your web visitors are unable to hold your products, you should really make them feel that way about yours. I agree that you can use large, crystal clear pictures or videos to help you with this, but there is also a trick in writing descriptions that stirs your readers’ imagination and helps them see how it would be like to own your product.

Let’s take a look at how brand Think Geek brings the visitors’ imagination to life description of their grilling multi-tool.

There is a person who is the hero of every BBQ or family cookout and that is the Grill Master. We always looked up to our Mom or Dad as they tended the grill and looked forward to the day when we could be in charge of charring the meat stuff and searing delicious slices of fresh pineapple. Now that we’re adults, it’s finally our turn and technology has smiled upon us, giving us a tool that is destined to impress.

You can try to reach your sentence (or paragraph) by thinking and explaining how your reader will feel when using your product, this is a great way to practice this copywriting technique with the word imagine.

Include some mini-stories

When mini-stories are included in your product description, it seems like there will be lower rational barriers against persuasion techniques. There is a description from a UK-based Laithwaites brand that sells wine, and they often add short stories about winemakers.

The Dauré family owns one of the Roussillon’s top properties, the Château de Jau. Around the dinner table one Christmas they agreed it was time to spread their wings and look to new wine horizons. The womenfolk (Las Niñas) fancied Chile and won out in the end, achieving their dream when they established an estate in the Apalta Valley of Colchagua. The terroir is excellent and close neighbors of the Chilean star Montes winery.

Include some mini-stories
Include some mini-stories

If you want to try on this method to tell a story about your products, you can ask yourself some questions:

  • What inspired creating the product?
  • Who is producing the item?
  • What hindrances did you need to overcome to get the product thrives?
  • How was the product checked?

Define your target audiences

It is unavoidable that there is always a huge crowd of purchasers in your mind; meanwhile, a good product description is required to address your target audience directly and personally. Again, this method encourages you to imagine you are the buyer, ask yourself, and answer questions as if you’re having a conversation with them. Now, you can define by asking yourself some questions:

  • What kind of humor does he or she appreciate (if any)?
  • What words does he use? What words does he hate?
  • Is he okay with words like sucky and crappy?
  • What questions does he ask that you should answer?
Define your target audiences
Define your target audiences

This Think Geek brand had the product description of an LED Flashlight.

Do you know what’s sucky about regular flashlights? They only come in two colors: white or that yellowish-white that reminds us of the teeth of an avid coffee drinker. What fun is that kind of flashlight? We’ll answer that: NO FUN AT ALL. Do you know what is fun? Using the Multi-Color LED Flashlight to cast a sickly green glow over your face while telling a zombie story around a campfire. No campfire? Make a fake one with the orange light!

Package your descriptions with scannable design

A well-designed well can also appeal to web visitors to read your product descriptions. If you have a clear, scannable design for the packaging of your product descriptions, then this will make it easier to makes them easier to read for visitors, at the same time, more appealing to potential customers.

Here are some areas to focus on when designing yours:

  • Attract your web visitor with headlines;
  • Utilize easy-to-scan bullet points;
  • Add a lot of white space to be more visible;
  • Increase your font size to boost readability;

Split test your descriptions

Your product descriptions will certainly need split testing for their different formats, lengths, words, and so on. When you split test your product descriptions, then you can have the optimized chance to enhance your conversion rate.

Specifically, each aspect of your website will need or will not need product descriptions. Also, every website has a different layout, features, and style which may need a variable product description template. Bullet point descriptions might be a great choice for a product, meanwhile, a long paragraph or a mix of bullet points and a paragraph can be great for others. So, you can make use of split testing to choose the relevant one. Google Optimize is a good A/B test tool to decide what format works best for you. You can try different versions and ideas, if that doesn’t work, just keep A/B testing until you find something that does.

Focus on features and benefits

What are your customers’ buying motivations and concerns? Sure, they are the benefits and features that they can get from using your products. So, it would be best if you dictate the characteristics or benefits you list in your product descriptions.

Let’s take a look at an example from Gillette’s brand on Amazon. When you first read this description, you can see that it could have just said this item was a precision trimmer, but reading about the added benefit is helpful if you purchase it in case you are struggling with edging. Will this Gillette give you a smoother, better shave? Yes, the description also tells right there. That will help them sell.

Focus on features and benefits
Focus on features and benefits

So, just make sure that you list the features and benefits that will entice your target audience while writing descriptions, in order to do this, keep in mind the things below:

  • Pick the three highest value features and put them in, and you don’t have to list all benefits of your features.
  • Describe the benefits of these features and what they can actually do when you bring to the table.
  • Explain how it will help the buyers solve a problem.
  • Last but not least, just keep your buyer personas in mind while doing this because when you know they are buying for fit or comfort, then you can go to the point when you tell them your product has fit and comfort.

Optimize for search engines

The words you use don’t just for only holding sway over the buyer, but they are also crucial for SEO. According to some selling experts who work with Amazon, when you place keywords in product descriptions, especially in bullet points can boost your search rankings.

The simplest way to optimize your product descriptions for search engines is to utilize the On-Page SEO Checker tool on your store when you want to use keywords relevant to your product. For instance, if you sell makeup brushes, some specific phrases like ‘unicorn makeup brush’ or ‘mermaid makeup brush’ will be recommended.

Ideally, using the same keywords in your meta descriptions as you do in your product descriptions can be really effective. Shopify also suggests the places for us to add your keywords in:

  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • ALT tags
  • A page’s body content (product descriptions)

10 best product description examples for you to learn

1. ModCloth


Product Description: It’d be easy to credit this ivory jacket with making your ensemble radiant, but the reality is that your own charisma glimmers as gloriously as its silver-and-white scalloped beading! Delighted with short sleeves and delicate mesh material, this ModCloth exclusive merely mirrors your own magnificence.

What we can learn from it: ModCloth is a great product description example to look at. There are only two sentences, which make the product description short and sweet. Also, there are the product details that have scannable bullet points. The first line is about complimenting the buyer with the word ‘glimmering charisma’. The second sentence also complements the customer with the item by using words like ‘delighted’, ‘delicate’, ‘magnificence’, ‘radiance’, and ‘glimmer’ to capture attention while being positive descriptors.

2. Naked Wines

Naked Wines
Naked Wines

Product Description: Theoretically, it makes no sense at all. Practically it’s just scrumptious!

  • Who’da thought it… a big dollop of gutsy Shiraz can be brought to life by a tiny smidgeon of peachy pure Viognier.
  • Big, rich, ripe bramble and damson fruit with lashings of oak are given a soft, silky finish by the addition of the Viognier with its hint of white peach acting as the perfect foil to the peppery undertones.
  • Angel-funding helped Stephen to buy the grapes, so it’s incredible quality for a very reasonable price… no wonder 91% of you would happily buy it again!

What we can learn from it: Naked Wines’s product description has three bulleted points, which is scannable. They have shown their creativity by using checkmarks to helps customers have a more positive connection to the wine. Also, they have a casual writing style with phrases like ‘who’da thought it…’ When they mentioned ‘91% of you would happily buy it again!’, they have also gained trust from customers.

3. Oransi


Product Description:

  • Clean the air of Allergies, Dust, Asthma, Bacteria, Pollen, Mold Spores, Pet Dander
  • Rated #1 in Only Comprehensive University Study for the Performance You Need
  • Room air purifier removes 99%+ of Airborne Particles
  • Best for Bedroom, Office, Living Room, Basement
  • Lightweight and Easy to Move
  • Activated carbon filter for light odors and gases
  • For smoke removal you are better going with the EJ air purifier
  • Max also available in 220V/50 for international markets
  • What’s included: 1 Max HEPA Air Purifier / 1 Complete set of filters / User’s Manual.

What we can learn from it: Oransi has successfully laid out the product’s key information right in the product description with the easy-to-read bullet point format. Additionally, this brand also offers a very useful Q&A section to answer some basic questions about the product directly from the Oransi store owners.

4. Game Bibs

Game Bibs
Game Bibs

Product Description: Cheer on your favorite red and white team in eye-popping style with these red & white striped game bib overalls! Each pair is made of 100 percent cotton for a comfortable, breathable fit regardless of the weather and includes easily adjustable shoulder straps for fans with long torsos. Whether you’re on rickety bleachers on a Friday night or trying to get on television at the Sunday morning tailgate, our red & white striped game bibs will make you stand out in the crowd and leave an impression. These particular bib overalls are also great as casual Clauswear for any Saint Nicks who might be taking in a game during the holiday offseason!

What we can learn from it: Game Bibs didn’t focus much on fabric composition of their colorful merch. Meanwhile, they choose to show actual people who are wearing it in their product photos and present helpful use cases in their product descriptions.

5. Model Roundup

Model Roundup
Model Roundup

Product Description: AMT brings back BATMAN’S sleek super-plane, the BATWING, from Tim Burton’s blockbuster 1989 BATMAN film. This secret weapon against crime is fully equipped with plenty of the expected gadgets like its dual Gatling guns and front shears. Its opening canopy reveals more detail like BATMAN’S sighting scope and the Caped Crusader himself in the pilot seat. This release features an updated metal support rod to hold the finished model above its bat-symbol base. All new eye-catching packaging along with updated decals and pictorial assembly guide round out the kit. Joker beware!

What we can learn from it: Model Roundup is a really good example for a niche product description that does a good job by talking to their customers. The description includes specific details and to demonstrate their deep understanding of the Batman canon, then develop the trust and get more new and returning customers.

6. Hillbilly Stills

Hillbilly Stills
Hillbilly Stills

Product Description: At Hillbilly Stills we carry some of the best moonshine stills for sale you will find anywhere and our Turn Key Distillery is certainly no exception. This is the perfect whiskey, rum, and moonshine still kit for the serious distiller. Build time as of right now is 4-6 weeks! The boiler included in this still kit comes with a ball valve drain on the bottom and the top opens to a 3’’ inch neck. The 3’’ pot still easily attaches to the boiler with an included tri-clamp. With the proper permits this moonshine still can make the product of your choice. Whether you’re doing a single run whiskey and rum or a double run for moonshine this still will do the job. Why attempt to build a still yourself when you can purchase your very own professional-grade still from Hillbilly Stills that functions as well as it looks? We welcome micro distiller businesses or the most demanding craft distillers to try our moonshine still. You will love this setup, we guarantee.

What we can learn from it: Hillbilly Stills has a really informative description that brings the buyers to the imagination of owning their product with statements like, “whether you’re doing a single run whiskey and rum or a double run for moonshine this still will do the job”. All of the bonus items included with the purchase of a product are also mentioned. This will create a big selling point for customers. When products were also associated with multiple usage options in this description so that purchasers can see just how multi-faceted this wine barrel is.

7. Witching Bath Co.

Witching Bath Co.
Witching Bath Co.

Product Description: Selected by House Beautiful Magazine as Best For The Bath. Our award-winning Natural Honey Facial Cleansing Bar is enriched with natural skin nourishing extracts, honey and royal jelly. Remove dirt and impurities from your sensitive skin with our all-natural cleansing bar. Our gentle formula is especially designed to help neutralize skin irritations. This therapeutic blend is great for all skin types, especially sensitive or problematic skin, gentle yet effective. Directions: Wet the bar, lather, massage into facial skin, avoiding the eye area and rinse thoroughly. 3.5 oz. bar

What we can learn from it: Witching Bath Co has this facial cleansing bar product, and they even provide the directions on how to use it in the description. One thing worth going deeper to look at is the grammatical correctness of Witching Bath Co. Again, keep in mind that no one wants to purchase a product from a site when its descriptions are covered in all spelling errors and grammatical flaws.

8. Custom Biogenics

Custom Biogenics
Custom Biogenics

Product Description: Custom BioGenic Systems V5000-AB/C Isothermal Carousel Liquid Nitrogen Freezers offer liquid nitrogen storage temperatures without liquid nitrogen contact. Liquid nitrogen is stored in our patented jacketed space in the wall of the freezer. This technology offers safe dry storage for your samples. With no liquid nitrogen in the storage area the risk of cross contamination and the safety risks associated with the handling of liquid nitrogen are greatly reduced. Our built in carousel can be safely rotated with an external handle, there is no need to reach inside the freezer and our square lid opening won’t restrict access to square racks. All Isothermal Carousel freezers use our time tested and reliable 2301 controller with a dual temperature display, autofill and many additional features. Custom BioGenic Isothermal Carousel Liquid Nitrogen Freezers have an industry best temperature gradient that averages -193°C inside the storage area.

What we can learn from it: Custom Biogenics is a brand that deals in complex, hi-tech cryogenic equipment. So, they know that it iss important to make sure all relevant information is provided in the product description. By describing the product, this compnay has succeeded in providing ample information on this freezer, which has the potential to be a confusing product purchase online.

9. Hot Miami Styles

Hot Miami Styles
Hot Miami Styles

Product Description: YAS GIRL! Walk in this navy velvet set and expect all eyes on you. Designed with a one shoulder unique crop top and fitted capri pants.

What we can learn from it: Hot Miami Styles is a brand that really understands the audience they are targeting. They started their product description with the phrase “Yas Girl!”. As a result, they can really show that they are parts of the Insta-obsessed glitterati that buy for their brand of stylish apparel.

10. The Sausage Maker

The Sausage Maker
The Sausage Maker

Product Description: With the proper ingredients, success comes naturally. Here’s everything you need to make a distinctive tasting sausage stick that will be sure to tingle your taste buds. Comes with complete instructions.

Kit consists of:

  • Dried Sausage Sticks Seasoning
  • InstaCure Powder #1
  • Hickory Liquid Smoke
  • Collagen Casings (19 mm)

What we can learn from it: The Sausage Maker is a great example of a company having fun while being informative and trustworthy. At first, it makes no bones about being the go-to supply for home sausage makers, butchers, and meat enthusiasts. Meanwhile, you can scroll down so that you can see more details on one of their products, the voice of this description is so approachable, funny, and delightfully off-beat. The Sausage Maker


To write a product description, you might share your knowledge about your product, tell people stories, and even delight your web visitors with appealing descriptions. Most of all, just remember to write this with your enthusiasm. To master your product descriptions, this will require creativity and testing. So just try and test our product description template to help you enhance your format. I’m sure that you will soon succeed with product descriptions when you spend some patience with it.

So, this is the end of my How To Write A Product Description That Actually Converts? today, I hope you will gain some useful information after reading it. That’s all! So what about you? Do you have anything to share with us?

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.