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10 Best Website Visitor Tracking Tools To Understand Visitors’ Behavior

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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As website traffic is the number of users accessing your blog, it is your website’s backbone. Nobody reads, taps, signs up or sells without traffic.

You may review your traffic every day, of course, but do you know what to look for? Or how to monitor your rivals’ website traffic?

Let us discuss why and how your traffic is measured and enhanced by some of website visitor tracking tools that you contend with in search results.

Data analysist
Data collected from website visitor tracking tools may help to develop good strategy

What is website traffic?

And like road traffic refers to the number of vehicles on the road, web traffic refers to the number of Internet visitors who travel to a specific website. Each individual signing into a website is documented as a visitor, beginning and finishing, thanks to communications from behind the scenes between a consumer’s computer and the website itself.

Every page on your website still has online traffic, but if you own a one-page site or a 50-page site, each traffic on that page is set independently of the other sites.

For eg, Alice tries to log in to the website of her hair salon to try to arrange a forthcoming appointment. Alice is treated not only on the homepage as part of the site traffic, but also on the scheduling page that she accesses after a click on the related connection page. In comparison to all other web traffic, Alice’s activities will be compiled in a database to display the web traffic obtained from the site owner. This makes it easier to see how many people you visit (or are not) because you know how famous your site is.

What is website visitor tracking?

website visitor
Website visitor

The users who access your website must not be a mystery.

You should definitely peek at the screen of your Google Analytics, but don’t you want to see who is behind the page view? Who are they, where they live, and, most critically, can you follow it up if they are a possible lead?

The website visitor tracking tools used to monitor visits to your web pages expose details that are not readily accessible on analytics systems such as Google Analytics. You will access business names and contact details for the company’s main staff so that sales and marketing departments can develop detailed consumer accounts.

In turn, that gives you the ammunition you need to generate and convert higher quality leads.


  • Marketing departments provide knowledge to create a better approach. You will see what their top opportunities are like and discover which traffic channels carry more optimal clients to the website, produce more current traffic leads, and introduce more comprehensive ABM promotions.
  • Sales teams are provided company names of customers shopping so that they can find a warm way to find the goods or services they are already searching for. This eliminates the need for coercive advertising strategies (such as cold telephones) and slows their time finding their leads. Instead, they are more resource-effective and will rely on leads that increase sales.

(And the reality is that businesses with sales and marketing departments cooperating have 36% higher retention of consumers and a 38% higher profit rate.)

For your business, what does that mean?

Well, the marketing staff will deliver quality leads without growing advertising spending. By tailoring your sales department input plan, you would just need to optimize your campaign strategies and concentrate further on channels taking your ideal consumers to the platform.

This would continue to reduce the difference between the 2% of website users who migrate and the 98% who do not.

10 best website visitor tracking softwares for your website

1. Crazyegg

Crazyegg is a website visitor tracking tool to evaluate visitor behaviour to support websites boost UX and eventually maximize rates of return and transformation.

Crazyegg is renowned for his heat mapping software and session recordings, the cornerstones of the study of the website. I appreciate much more, though, that Crazyegg often enables consumers to perform A/B experiments that help them enhance their website design and user experience.

Crazyegg’s primary purpose is to make websites realize how their users navigate the page and how long they spend on it. The tool frequently aims to recognize and fix any flaws so that guests may become regular customers.

Crazyegg offers you useful feedback through visual reports, individual session recordings, and other resources to help you improve the platform.

Crazyegg is also available for incorporation with other systems, such as Drupal, Google Tag Manager, Joomla, and many others, which create additional value.

Key features

  • Heatmaps and scroll maps—heatmaps and scrollmaps help customers to watch the user behavior, where you are scrolling, how frequently you show, how you interpret the CTAs, and more.
  • Instant reports—digital heat chart and scroll charts to help grasp consumer behaviour. Instant reporting.
  • Session recording — user session tracking for easier understanding of action patterns. screen recording.
  • A/B Research — placed the heat maps and archives on the test with knowledge and observations.
  • Demo dashboard— future buyers will access a Crazyegg dashboard demo edition to see how the whole interface functions.
confetti report of crazyegg
Confetti report of crazyegg

Prices and plans

Following a 30-day free trial duration, organizations may apply for one of the five current paying plans. Each package has its own unique features so that consumers can pick the one that better suits their company.

  • 24 dollars a month The Simple Package involves data monitoring for pages of up to 30,000 page visits per month and 100 videos. The number of websites you want to track is not restricted and all recordings are kept for three months. You get an infinite amount of A/B tests with this plan.
  • 49 dollars a month The Regular Package includes all the essential policies and more. Traffic can be monitored on a variety of limitless pages of up to 75,000 page views per month. It is feasible to produce up to 500 recordings and preserve them for a year. You may also do unrestricted A/B checking and editing.
  • 99 dollars a month The Plus Package enables consumers to track events on an unrestricted collection of websites of up to 150,000 page views each month. It is necessary to produce up to 1000 tapes, which are kept for 2 years. The amount of A/B checks and user edits is not restricted.
  • 249 dollars a month The Pro Package is suitable for bigger businesses with up to 500,000 page views a month to monitor traffic on all their pages. It is possible to produce up to 5,000 recordings and their shelf period is 2 years. Priority assistance is also available to consumers of each plan.
  • Price depending on specifications Crazyegg often provides a customized plan for those who only need more. This package helps you to pick any range of Crazyegg choices and resources.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is the world's most robust data research tool with about 30 million websites utilizing it actively. It can be considered as one of the best website visitor tracking tool.

Google Analytics is by far the largest and for good cause online analytics tool in the world. It provides free and paid resources for websites which can use them in turn to get a more in-depth view of their clients and their behaviour. Google Analytics will offer a complete perspective independent of the sector, whether leisure, healthcare, shopping or some other, of how the clients interact with and what is effectively enforced.

Google Analytics provides a free plan that is great for SMEs. The free package comes with helpful functionality covering all areas of data analytics, monitoring, data storage and maintenance, incorporation and more. However, a paying premium edition named Google Analytics 360 is now usable, which is suitable for big companies who require all that the Google Marketing App has to give.

Google Analytics utilizes specialized machine intelligence to support consumers in several areas. You may, for example, calculate conversions, review the best sessions on your platform, and move them to smart targets using the data produced from research. Smart Targets enable you manage offers, advertising and the platform to ensure optimum conversion. Through the processing of artificial intelligence, you will gain details about which apps will most definitely convert in their next sessions.

There are many different levels of data manipulation, tracking, and filtering, such as funnel review, segmentation, dashboard monitoring and several more means of making the most out of the knowledge that is obtained.

Key features

  • Absolute visibility into results — get a summary of your business’ performance and address all your questions about the details.
  • Reporting — generate different information about how consumers communicate with the platform and software.
  • Different data entry points and organizational software – you can quickly display, configure and segment the data using data filtering and editing tools.
  • Data management and user access control – Google Analytics facilitates simple import of data from third-party providers and user access control at the maximum stage.
  • Implementation of results — you will apply the conclusions to customize the site and software thanks to the analysis resources that provide you with useful details.
  • Google Analytics integrates well for other Google solutions. Simple incorporation.

Prices and plans

Google Analytics is mainly a free tool for all, although there is a premium edition with many more functionality and features for experienced users.


Google Analytics is a free app for anyone providing many resources, including data import, URL builders, various integration solutions and more.

Analytics 360 Google
  • 150,000 dollars yearly The paying package encompasses all the free scheme functions as well as non-sampled papers, exports of BigQuery, data-driven assignments and several other ways of monitoring.

3. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb employs various methodologies to provide consumers a greater knowledge of their clients through its approach to data processing, selection, and website visitor tracking.

SimilarWeb is an unusual data analytics tool that collects data from hundreds of various sources on the results, traffic, and other facets of a website and integrates it into a single dataset.

The business-specific data kit helps consumers to obtain unique visibility into the actions of prospective customers and tourists and to carry out the most detailed review of their app or website.

The specialist mathematics and other data scientists from SimilarWeb process the data into machine-learning algorithms to generate forecast trends and predictions for potential consumer acquisitions.

SimilarWeb’s website offers consumers the ability to see the industry’s latest developments and plans for improving sales performance and profits. SimilarWeb’s website analytics software often determines how successful the consumer acquisition of the market is in order for you to create necessary adjustments to see what practices should be implemented and when more adjustments can be created.

SimilarWeb provides different options based on what you choose to do. If it is the development of your company by marketing solutions or the acquaintance of your competition and industry in general so that you can make the right competitive choices or actually improve your business, SimilarWeb gives you a solution.

Key features

  • Traffic and experience tracking — allows you to see how your corporate fares are versus the competition and how long your guests stay on your platform, site images, etc.
  • SEO and PPC — provide you with statistics on your organic and paying keywords and how much traffic they generate.
  • Affiliate traffic - lets you see which affiliates push your rivals to find new affiliates for your organization.
  • Marketing strategy — compares multiple data from the marketing channel to refine the marketing techniques.
  • Funnel analysis – allows you to learn more about funnel leakage and performance metrics which remind you of which marketing channels deliver the highest conversion rates.

Prices and plans

SimilarWeb has a trial package that helps you to try the service before upgrading to the premium product and quitting the network even further.


The SimilarWeb free plan provides you with three months of online traffic statistics, followed by a month of mobile app data and five results per metric.

  • Price on demand Unlimited performance per metric for businesses needing a full platform edition, up to 28 months of mobile app data, links to global and country-related data, keyword analysis and many more.

The price of the paid package depends on your services, the company’s scale and several other considerations. What is normally a five-figure price is charged monthly. You need to call SimilarWeb customer service for precise information and costs.

4. Clicky

Clicky is a platform for website visitor tracking that enables website owners to control the behavior on their websites in real time using a clear user interface.

Clicky is a data monitoring tool that has been in existence for more than 13 years, allowing websites and company owners at all times to track online activities. It is also defined as a simple to use alternative to Google Analytics with all the same functionality but much simpler data views.

Clicky is a really easy application to use, perhaps one of the key explanations that it is tracked by more than 1.2million sites. Users first need to open an account to start using Clicky. Then you have an administration site key along with a monitoring code that needs to be manually inserted in the company template, or you may use a Clicky plugin. After this phase has been done, website visitors are monitored.

Clicky is here to log every visit to your blog, plus every visitor’s position where the tourists were listed, how much time they spent on your website, what kind of acts they reported, and even heat maps for each person visiting. Anything in real time.

To give its consumers ample personalized choices and a simple summary of all on their pages, Clicky utilizes widgets and dashboards.

Where Clicky does the best work, website owners get a massive amount of on-site analytics in real time. In addition, thanks to its state-of-the-art security mechanisms, no bots and referent spam are available. You may also use heat maps in real time by visitor, website or segment.

Clicky provides a free and premium edition, and the distinction between these is seen in the amount of pages that you will follow and the availability of special features. The positive news is that all new customers immediately get a 21-day free paid feature preview on up to 3 domains and up to 1 million visits to all pages.

Key features

  • API — Analytical API facilitates fast retrieval, interpretation and storing in many formats of website results.
  • Bounce rate — Clicky’s bounce rate shows just how long a guest stayed with extra precision on your web.
  • Content reports — users receive comprehensive information on the website’s most popular sites, content downloads based on video and audio events.
  • Heatmaps — heatmaps display where people on your web select.
  • Twitter Analytics — you will watch any reference of your username, page, or something else on Twitter with this analytical method.

Prices and plans

Clicky offers many paying and one free plans. Subscriptions should be charged regularly or annually, which can contribute to further savings. Note that once authenticated, all new customers would immediately offer a free 21-day trial for premium features.


With the free plan, you can log up to 3,000 regular visits to a single website. Unfortunately, there is no free plan for paid packages, heatmaps and uptime tracking.

  • 9.99 dollars a month
  • 119.99 dollars a year Up to 10 websites have been monitored with a total of 30,000 regular visits. This plan incorporates both regular and luxury functionality.
Pro +
  • 14.99 dollars a month
  • 119.99 dollars a year Up to 10 websites with up to 30,000 average daily visitors have been registered. This package involves premium characteristics, heatmaps and tracking of uptime.
Pro Platinum
  • 19.99 dollars a month
  • 159.99 dollars a year For a limit of 100,000 regular visits, consumers can monitor up to 30 websites. This package provides premium functionality, heatmaps and uptime surveillance.

Custom pricing as per requirements. The personalized package helps you to track up to 1,000 websites with up to 20 million visitors a day. The price of this program depends on certain variables, but for more information you may need to contact the customer support.

5. Matomo

Matomo is a web analytics application that allows its users maximum power of all knowledge created on their website and website visitor tracking.

Matomo is already a website monitoring tool in more than 190 countries and has more than one million daily customers. It is a valuable way to chart the whole experience of your consumers on your website.

One of Matomo’s main sales sources is that it’s not just a website abundant in functionality but it’s also that Matomo offers consumers 100 percent access management and complete possession and security of all confidential data. This ensures that no third actors can ever view the personal details, since all information is processed on your database through a Matomo on-site solution. And if you prefer the Matomo cloud, you will always remain the sole owner of the information, and Matomo will never offer the information to any third party.

Matomo analytics complies with the most rigorous regulations on privacy, for example GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA and PECR, meaning that you do not care about legal problems. Matomo is also a user-friendly tool with many customization options which enable you to tailor the platform’s functions to your company’s needs.

Matomo’s comprehensive website analytics package provides custom reports, event monitoring, and a variety of other tools which lead to better conversion rates, such as heatmaps, funnel analysis, session logging, A/B checking, etc.

Key features

  • Last visitor monitoring – this function helps users to completely view the background of the activities of tourists to the website, their venue, devices they use, their browser, the time spent on the website, the visitor entry and exit trends, etc.
  • Session records — session recordings enable consumers to access their website from a visitor’s standpoint and replicate experiences and see, for example, how many clicks are necessary to get to a certain part of the website.
  • Multi-attribution models — offers an assessment of the performance of marketing networks.
  • Google Analytics upload — import historical data into Matomo from Google Analytics.
  • Roll-up reporting —Roll-up reporting aggregates multi-site and smartphone data into a unified database.
  • SEO keywords — SEO efforts maximized with the best keywords.
  • Heatmaps – discover how far most people scroll down the list, when they press, and more.

Prices and plans

Per newly enrolled customer has a 21-day free trial period so that you can try Matomo until you decide for the payment plan. The price of the paying plans often depends on the format and monthly traffic of the network (page views start from 50,000 to 50 million and more). The more functions and the monthly visits to your website(s), the higher the price.

Cloud hosting Essential plan
  • 19 dollars a month Ethical data analytics, fantastic for three web accounts, three staff members and six months of raw knowledge preservation.
Company Cloud Hosting Plan
  • 29 dollars a month Web analytics ethics, good with 30 blogs, 30 staff members and 24 months of raw data preservation.
Enterprise Cloud Hosting Plan
  • Price on demand This plan involves custom constraints and characteristics.
On-premise Matomo
  • Download free This package helps you to free self-host Matomo research with paying special bonus functionality.
WordPress Matomo
  • Gratuitous With free premium functionality and no storage limitations, the WordPress plan is free to use.

6. Finteza

Finteza is a cloud analytics solution that delivers automated real-time website visitor tracking.

Finteza provides a full web analytics system that allows companies to develop a greater understanding of customer behaviour and to more effectively handle advertisement campaigns. Finteza lets websites solve any of the main online traffic measurement challenges.

As an example of how Finteza helps, a bot detector detects bad traffic and distinguishes possible bots and scammers, so the knowledge is focused on actual data only.

You may also configure the funnels for conversion and build funnels for any desired page, source, UTM tag, etc. You’ll provide a thorough behavioral study of the audience at any point with these customization tools.

Finteza often offers comprehensive reports of your audience features, beginning with their system form and style, without compromising the privacy of your domain, provider, IP, browser, geographic position or language.

Last but not least, Finteza does not sample the data, so that all findings are correct and analyzed.

Key features

  • Audience research on 15 metrics — root visits, UTM parameters, page addresses, etc.
  • Detailed real-time monitoring — detailed tourist analytics can be obtained in real time.
  • No bot traffic — a bot detector detects and identifies the origins in bad traffic.
  • Analytics of the website – track traffic on the page and analyze data.
  • Customized revenue funnels – consumers can display their details in the shape of a funnel to see where changes can be accomplished.

Prices and plans

Any new customer earns a 30-day free Finteza preview. They will then pick a paying package.

Paying plan
  • 25 dollars per 100,000 single users a month The paying dashboard and application analytics package is $25 a month, with an installed in bot tracker, 15 forms of public reports and event-based revenue funnels.

7. Woopra

Woopra is an insights tool that allows organizations to reach their consumers across various points of interaction.

Woopra is more about knowing website visitor tracking from the moment they “put foot” on your platform. This lets businesses evaluate their actions and gradually attract and maintain guests and turn them into loyal consumers.

Woopra utilizes patented technologies to educate you of specific clients, dubbed “personal profiles,” so any user to the site will see the whole consumer journey.

Woopra provides a number of integrations for over 50 different systems, such as Salesforce, Zendesk and several others to evaluate and improve consumer interactions.

Key features

  • Real-time advanced analytics — Woopra utilizes personalized reports, segmentation frameworks and other real-time reporting systems.
  • Consumer profiles — and customer has a personalized profile of details, including email, live chat and interactions at the desk.
  • Third-party collaboration – over 50 one-click integrations are required to unify all consumer details.
  • Take notice of all things on the consumer path, from entry pages to conversions and departure pages.
  • AppConnect — Consumer data from multiple channels is obtained to allow the automation of marketing and convergence of social media.

Prices and plans

With Woopra, there are three main plans and each package comes with a range of different features.


The Key Package is a free plan of 500k activities every month and a preservation of data for 90 days. All the key elements are present, but premium elements, including behavioral segmentation, are not available.

  • 999 dollars a month The Pro package provides 5 million steps every month, 24 months preservation of records, premium service and sophisticated premium analytics software.

You will get over 50 million activities a month, more than 2 years of data protection, special help and more in your company.

8. Chartbeat

Chartbeat is a website developed for website visitor tracking for publishers and related organizations.

Chartbeat helps businesses to create a loyal loyalty network with the aid of real time and historical data collection from many sources.

Chartbeat has collaborated with over 60,000 advertising brands and works internationally in more than 60 countries. Chartbeat has learned to gage their market worth and learn what sort of writing and video material holds readers informed through Chartbeat’s dashboards, monitoring structures, headline experiments and other optimization methods.

Key features

  • Efficient dashboard — Chartbeat’s real-time dashboard enables marketers to see how customers access their content and the type of behaviors they perform on the web.
  • The historic dashboard offers a long-term viewpoint on the behaviors of your audience, such as page visits, average working minutes and more.
  • Automated reporting — reports including faults and visualizations are submitted regularly via email.
  • Display headers — the heads-up display is a function that places traffic and other details directly on the home screen or home page in real time.
  • Headline Testing — Testing headline is a function which measures the most popular types of titles in order to get people to click on and read content online.

Prices and plans

Chartbeat provides three separate plans: Standard, Plus and Luxury. Each of these plans has a range of different features.

  • Price on demand The simple plan includes common functionality, such as the heads-up view, real time reports and dashboards, but excludes unique features such as specialized questions and headline checks.
  • Price on demand The Plus package provides all the same functionality as the standard plan, plus only one premium feature can be preferred by consumers. For more pricing details, you have to contact the customer support because it depends on the range of features.
  • Price on demand The Premium package is the main graphics plan which includes all the regular functionality, as well as all three premium options - headline checks, advanced questions and multi-site views.

9. Hotjar

Hotjar is a relatively recent technique in web analytics and has proved beneficial to advertisers and businesses in their attempts to get a better view about how consumers function on their websites and website visitor tracking.

Hotjar integrates numerous computational methods and features in a single solution effectively with various input tools.

It uses a variety of various mechanisms, such as heat maps and guest recordings, to track the user behavior. Hotjar still utilizes polling, surveys and other forms to provide useful customer reviews.

Your publicity, research, UX and CRO departments will make the requisite amendments to boost UX and conversions with such a comprehensive set of data.

Hotjar does not restrict how many individuals can use the portal on your team. Both the functions are indeed perfectly available on the desktop and smartphone.

Key features

  • Heatmaps — have an image of where the users are clicking on your web, how much they scroll, and several other trends of user activity.
  • Visitor records – you can review actual user videos and explore the web from their point of view, through visitor recordings, and understand more about their experience and how to change it.
  • Conversion funnels - Conversion funnels let you know what points move people away from your website in the conversion phase.
  • Feedback polls — feedback polls encourage users to ask what they want on your platform to do such that their experience can be enhanced.
  • Incoming reviews — the input given provides visitors an ability to have direct feedback on the web.

Prices and plans

Hotjar has unique proposals for all sizes of personal ventures and companies. The simple free plan is the best solution if you are searching for analyzes on a small personal project. However, you can pick one of the paying plans if you want more.


The free plan allows you to gather data on a database with a regular view of up to 2,000 articles. A small amount of features will be open to you and the details will be preserved for just one year.

  • 39 dollars a month The Plus plan is suitable in the early stages of growth for low-traffic locations and industries. The package provides up to 10,000 page visits a day and more features than the free schedule. It provides a money-back policy for 30 days and a free trial for 15 days.
  • Starting at 99 dollars a month Depending on the volume of traffic, the Business Model includes many choices for consumers. For 20,000 page views monthly, the most simple package begins at $99 a month. Both enterprise programs do not include premium features in other plans.
  • The price is focused on individual specifications Agencies and contractors are given the latest innovative options and methods for a particular strategy. The price is calculated according to individual specifications.

10. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a tool that performs website visitor tracking and analyzes user interface and helps consumer engagement on websites.

Mixpanel is a really helpful platform for websites who want to know how their clients and the goods offered on their own website connect so that website owners can properly grasp their customers’ behaviour, recognise current patterns and eventually focus their judgment on the data collection.

Mixpanel is targeted to specific users and is an event-based architecture that integrates user experiences so that you can reach them with relevant messages to increase site activity.

Besides the strong user analyzes, Mixpanel helps users to display easy and detailed traffic notifications and build cohorts, create funnels and much more.

Key features

  • Comportemental analysis — to analyze consumer behaviour in order to understand more about it and how to interpret the offering to enhance it and increase sales rates.
  • Data science — data science models allow websites to forecast users’ behavior, detect improvements and take action accordingly.
  • Research and message — Send direct notifications to individual users and execute A/B checks to enable them to follow such acts.
  • Real-time data access — most device data was ready to be processed in less than a minute.
  • Fast integration with other systems – Mixpanel delivers the strongest performance for integration with more than 30 platforms.

Prices and plans

Mixpanel provides a free plan and various paying options, based on the company style and requirements.


The Free Plan allows 1,000 tracked users unlimited access to all analytics and stores data for 90 days.

  • 89 dollars a month The Development Plan offers all facets of the Free Plan plus much more. Up to 25,000 users can be registered, B2B monitoring software, 12 months data storage, and more.
  • Unique pricing Users get everything from the Growth Plan to the personalized background of data, unrestricted data storage, protection consultations and even live chat help for the consumer plan.

How data from website visitor tracking can help you generate leads?

The monitoring software on your website has many advantages. In specific, you will use this software:

  • See how many people the page has visited
  • Identify can user pages your website has accessed
  • New where users come from (source and geographic location)
  • Track if you have done something with your material
  • Collect details to help you monitor the visitor as a possible lead

The positive news is that these techniques should not invade and violate data security regulations when consumers agree to their details being monitored on your website. You will use this knowledge to generate more buyers and boost revenue for your business. There are 3 things that can be considered as the most important points when working with website visitor tracking softwares that will be described below.

Lead generation

Outbound leads cost 39% more than inbound leads, but advertisers are not shocked to boost their leadership efforts and retain consumers who are supposed to convert.

However, you undoubtedly depend on CRO, content marketing and paying media to produce knowledge from your website. This is a perfect starting point.

But you should introduce the ROI to the mix by applying website user monitoring to each lead generation technique so you can:

  • See the precise company profile for the page, with main information such as market, staff number, position and the names of employees to be targeted.
  • View traditional pre-buy activity and prioritize cultivating new site users with the same behaviour.
  • Tap on your PPC promotions to evaluate businesses and watch precisely what they do on your website.
  • Locate an exact page on your website where the goal lead transforms (or exits).

In brief, you can find high-value future paths via the pipeline with the website monitoring, sync them to your CRM and move them on to sales teams to nurture them.

The greatest thing? This may be achieved even though they do not deliberately fill up a lead capture form on your website (such as an eBook download).

The marketing funnel

Sadly, it is hard to encourage a first-time traveler to convert.

People make a trip until they offer their hard earned cash for a good or service, so you probably have a marketing pipeline that will fuel any lead as it goes through different points.

However, where would the program for website users come into the mix?

marketing funel
Marketing funel

Response: From ‘consciousness’ to ‘conversion.’

Collecting data on the website of your clients at any critical point of the marketing funnel before making an investment ensures you will leverage it to your gain.

Knowing just which businesses progress across the marketing pipeline (in comparison to widespread traffic and conversion rates) will assist you in plugging troubles. You would realize where the prior pathways went, and address certain difficulties so that the whole funnel goes even quicker.

This is how I will use it when I am a B2B SaaS business and I want to learn how people fly from unknown travelers to customers through my website:

  • Awareness: I have just published a new blog post, which drives good traffic through organic search, on my website. However, I want to learn the businesses are looking at it, and so I monitor tourists. Based on the data fed, I can see any visitor’s sector and sector size and construct a more precise profile of company form with the pain of my blog post goals.
  • Consideration: I have developed a landing page describing how my SaaS approach addresses the pain issue mentioned in my blog article. Now I can build an ABM advertisement strategy on LinkedIn, which targets the same companies that watched the first blog post and drives them onto the landing page. Based on my results, I can also construct and target a list of similar companies in the same sector that will provide me with a wide pool of high-value potential opportunities.
  • Conversion: I set personalized feeds and reminders for my visitors’ monitoring tools to submit an e-mail (or slack message) to my sales team at the landing page for each target company. Then they can search the previous website operation, synchronize the data with our CRM and find the best communication guy. It’s just a question of time until we sell!

Regardless of how you utilize the data seen in tourist monitoring, the ultimate development plan is less of an anonymous traffic-based numbers puzzle. You shed a light on customers who already browse your website to use their company for custom campaigns.

This encourages you to coordinate the sales and marketing teams and take each goal successfully down the funnel.

Account-based marketing (ABM)

If you have begun incorporating ABM in your marketing plan, you are still one move ahead.

87% of B2B marketers accepted that ABM produces a better investment return than other marketing activities, and businesses that currently utilize ABM yield 200% greater revenue through their marketing campaigns.

You will use the details in your monitoring report to further boost your ABM campaigns by:

  1. Make your ideal businesses more detailed profiles and target them through ABM promotions focused on the kinds of companies that are visiting main pages on your web.
  2. Assess the latest tactics’ success by recognizing the organizations that browse the web from different initiatives.
  3. Power an ABM strategy to use the data that you gathered on and organization, through many channels such as LinkedIn and display ads.

Let’s assume that you want ABM to start, but you aren’t quite sure who should be your ideal goal. You use user analytics to see the companies visit price and commodity pages on the web site, since these are the pages that consumers click at as they are closer to a conversion.

Every business that visits these pages has a profile and by your ads you start targeting related companies with the same quality (such as sector, company size or location).

You invest two weeks checking the details in your tourist monitoring program. Boom! Boom! You will see which businesses have invested in your initiative and have viewed your website.

You know that your ABM campaign pay off when Company A has visited your price list, so that the decision maker at Company A can meet the sales team via LinkedIn. They already know the material and promotions for which they are aiming so that the sales representatives can personalize their strategy. You also know the material and promotions the goal has been dedicated to, so the sales agents will personalize their strategy.

They then submit a customized pricing package for an organization of their scale and book a tech demo to turn it into a client.


More ad ads flood customers than ever. The outcome? They’re becoming more savvy. You will see an ad plan or a promotional offer a mile away and you would do better than ever to transform them.

So, what’s the response? Next, bring something out of what you’re doing right now.

Website visitor tracking is a revision to how the publicity and sales activities should be interpreted. As a marketer, it makes you appreciate more thoroughly what you are actually doing, as a sales team, so you can carry the customers forward and understand their expectations before they even start touch.

Using this data in our Guide for the refinement of existing marketing plans, offering warm advice and more accurate account marketing initiatives to the sales staff.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.