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25+ Push Notification Templates to Get You Started

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What if your app could impact users even when their phones are out of reach or turned off?

What if you could gently remind your users of the latest features, news, or products and eventually build a long-lasting relationship with them?

That’s the power of push notifications.

You can think of push notifications as an app built-in retention extension.

Retention is actually built on delivering value - so your brand stays top of mind and becomes a habitual image of a user’s day.

To fully take advantage of this extension, you need to create a push notification with the following criteria:

  • Having a reason to engage your users
  • Providing real value
  • Sending it at the right time

If you hit all three, your brand will become an indispensable part of your audience’s life.

However, it’s always easier said than done. Sometimes, figuring what to write can stop you from pushing your best foot forward.

That’s why in this guide, we’ve put together 25+ grab-and-go push notification templates for you. Let’s get started!

Using push notification templates for your business

Push notifications make for one of the greatest marketing tools for your business. The thing is, if your users feel like they are being spammed, they don’t think too much before disabling push notifications. Or worse, deleting your app.

A study shows that 43% of phone users will disable push notifications if they receive 2-5 in a week. So, it’s vital to ensure that your push notifications are concise, crisp, personalized, and relevant.

Every time you send a push notification, ask yourself if the recipient will find it useful, if the message length is optimal, and if it’s the right time to send. Only hit the Send button if all three conditions are met. In addition, making use of personalization is also a good idea. This makes your users feel valued. Little things like including their names or using geo-location can go a long way in enhancing customer engagement.

Thanks to push notification templates, customer interaction could be automated. Categorized on the basis of customers’ intent, we give you 25+ ready-to-use templates that can help you communicate constructively with your audiences.

You can use these push notification templates immediately or change a little bit to make them fit your brand.

25+ push notification templates to get you started

Welcome notification templates

As the name suggests, welcome notifications are sent out a short while after users install your app or sign up on your website. These are meant to grab recipients’ attention and make a great first impression.

Studies show that customers who make a purchase within the first 24 hours of signing up are likely to become repeat buyers. Besides, even one single push notification sent during the first 7 days since joining can boost retention rates by as much as 71% over 2 months.

Also, because users have just signed up, they’d probably have a fresh memory of your brand and enjoy interacting with it.

Welcome notification
Welcome notification

To make the most of welcome notifications, you should:

  • Provide an exclusive, irresistible offer valid for new customers’ first purchase
  • Mention how long the offer is valid to create a sense of urgency
  • Get them excited about signing up as well as promise them a great experience

Some welcome notification templates for your reference:


Hi {first_name}! Excited to have you on board with us! Shop at {app_name/website} within 3 hours and avail your exclusive 25% discount by using the code {coupon_code}. Buy now!


Welcome {first_name}! Use {coupon_code} on checkout to get 25% off. Hurry, the offer ends in 3 hours. Shop now!


Hey {first_name}! Create an account and then unlock free shipping for your first three orders. Sign up now!

Order update push notification templates

Order update push notifications are the most straightforward of the lot; they’re sent out every time there’s an update to share with the customer regarding their order. Some cases to send order update push notifications include:

  • Once someone places an order
  • Once the seller confirms the order
  • Once it is out for delivery
  • When it’s been delivered

These timely notifications keep your customers informed about where their orders have reached and how soon they’ll receive them, thus keeping all post-purchase anxiety at bay and excitement intact.

Order update push notification
Order update push notification

To make the most of these push notifications, you should:

  • Deliver them well within time, so it isn’t too late to receive the update
  • Clearly mention the next steps, so customers know what to expect
  • Clearly mention the product name and image in the notification, if possible

Some order update push notification templates for your reference include:


Hey {first_name}! Your {order_number} order has been confirmed by the seller. We will send you a notification once it’s dispatched. Track here: {link}


Hey {first_name}! Your order of {product_name} has shipped! Our carrier partner is winging to your location right this very moment! 🎁 Track here: {link}

Cart abandonment push notification templates

Push notifications work well in reminding customers of their abandoned carts by sending a short, crisp, and personalized message within seconds.

Make sure to time these messages smartly, so they get delivered when the customer is the most active. By doing so, you’ll increase the chances of them checking out your message right after they receive it.

Cart abandonment push notification
Cart abandonment push notification

To make the most of cart abandonment push notifications, you should:

  • Include the name and image of the abandoned item so that customers can recall it immediately
  • Offer an attractive discount, which is valid only for a short period, to encourage quick action

Some cart abandonment push notification templates for your reference include:


Hey {first_name}! Your cart is feeling lonely and abandoned :( Get an additional 15% off if you complete your purchase of {product_name} today!


Hey {first_name}! You left something behind 🛒. But no need to worry - we’ve saved your {product_name} together with an additional 15% off for easy checkout. Shop now!

Exclusive special offer push notification templates

Based on different customer segments, you may want to run different push notification campaigns to target them specifically with exclusive offers. These will depend on a customer-to-customer basis, and such offers shouldn’t be publicly available.

Exclusive special offer push notification
Exclusive special offer push notification

To make the most of exclusive specific offer push notifications, you should:

  • Emphasize that this is an exclusive offer to make the customer feel valued and special
  • Clearly mention the offer validity
  • Create FOMO (Fear of Missing out) and urgency with your copy

Some exclusive specific offer push notification templates for your reference include:


Hey {first_name}! We know you are a {product_category} freak. You don’t want to miss out on our latest {product_name} collection. Grab them today at 25% off!


Exclusive sale only for you! Get 30% off on {product_name} today! Buy now!

Flash sale push notification templates

Push notifications can be the most effective channel to notify customers about your flash sales that are about to be live only for a short time.

Flash sale push notification
Flash sale push notification

To make the most of flash sale push notifications, you should:

  • Emphasize the period of the flash sale to create a sense of urgency
  • If possible, mention the categories of items on which the sale is applicable
  • Create FOMO via your words and phrases

Some flash-sale push notification templates for your reference include:


It doesn’t get better than this. Our entire {item_name} range is available for 30% off only for 3 hours. Hurry, use the code {coupon_code} during checkout!


Up to 40% off on {product_name}. This special sale is valid only for the next 30 minutes. Don’t hesitate, buy now!

Occasion-based push notification template

Customers’ special occasions are an excellent time to offer them exclusive deals, and this can be done via push notifications.

Occasion-based push notification
Occasion-based push notification

To make the most of occasion-based push notifications, you should:

  • Clearly mention the occasion to avoid any confusion
  • Specify that the recipient means a lot to your company, so you want to contribute towards making their day special
  • Highlight the scope and validity of the offer


Hi {first_name}! Wishing you a happy {occasion_name} from your friends at {company_name}. Use code {coupon_code} in order to avail an additional 15% off on our entire collection until the end of this month. 

Celebratory/Festive push notification template

Such notifications are sent out to offer your customers a special offer in celebration of a particular event or festival. Your customers are looking forward to such celebratory notifications so they can really splurge during the festive season.

Celebratory/Festive push notification
Celebratory/Festive push notification

To make the most of celebratory/festive push notifications, you should:

  • Clearly mention the scope and validity of the offer
  • If you’re offering a deal on a category of items, ensure it’s in line with the festival
  • If possible, use enticing images that align with the festive theme, so your notification easily stands out


Hi {first_name}! Wishing you a happy {occasion_name} from your friends at {company_name}. Use code {coupon_code} in order to avail an additional 15% off on our entire collection until the end of this month. 

Wishlist reminder push notification templates

Customers often wishlist products to revisit them later, or if they’re undecided on whether or not they really need it. However, customers need to be reminded to do so.

Wishlist reminder push notification
Wishlist reminder push notification

To make the most of wishlist reminder push notifications, you should:

  • Give full context so that the notification doesn’t come across as a random recommendation
  • Consider offering a discount to nudge customers into completing the purchase
  • Entice them by highlighting special things about the item(s)


Hi {first_name}! The {item_name} you wishlisted a while ago is one of our most bought items. Buy now with an additional 15% off and amp up any party look. 


Hey {first_name}! Users are raving about this {item_name}, which you wishlisted recently. Check out those reviews and get yours now!

Stock alert push notification templates

Sending stock alert notifications can work effectively to remind your customers once desired products are back in stock.

Stock alert push notification
Stock alert push notification

To make the most of these push notifications, you should:

  • Ensure that your copy creates hype and excitement
  • Clearly mention that the desired product is back in stock
  • Include a clear and straightforward CTA that directly leads to the product page


Hi {first_name}! It’s your lucky day! The {item_name} you had your eyes on is back in stock. Buy it now before it runs out again! {link}


Hi {first_name}! The {item_name} you liked is back in stock. Order now and get free delivery. {link}

Price drop push notification templates

An enormous segment of customers consists of window shoppers and bargain hunters constantly looking for the best deal they can find. They even sign up for multiple price drop alerts, so they’re notified whenever their chosen products are on a good deal.

When compared to email marketing, push notifications are an excellent channel to send price drop alerts, as they’re likely to be read in real-time and thus can motivate quick action.

Price drop push notification
Price drop push notification

To make the most of price drop push notifications, you should:

  • Make the amount or percentage decrease the hero of the copy
  • Create FOMO by specifying that this deal won’t last so long
  • Trigger the push notification as soon as the price drops to give customers enough time


Hi {first_name}! The {item_name} you had your eyes on is now 20% off. Grab them now before it runs out of stock. 


Price drop alert: Hey {first_name}, there’s a 20% off on {item_name} valid only for the next 3 hours. Hurry!

Retargeting push notification templates

Many potential customers might just browse your store, search for some products, wishlist them, and drop them off. You need to meaningfully engage with this segment.

You could showcase their previously viewed items, nudge them with an exclusive discount code, or just remind them of what they’re missing out on to get them clicking.

Retargeting push notification
Retargeting push notification

To make the most of retargeting push notifications, you should:

  • Ensure that all of your communication is highly personalized so that you don’t keep shooting in the dark
  • Refer to where the customer dropped off, so you can motivate them to pick up from there
  • Incentivize them to revisit your store and check out your offerings


Hey {first_name}! You visited us one week ago, but we haven’t seen you since. Keep exploring our {product_range} and buy them at an additional 10% off, valid only for 3 hours. 


Been a while, {first_name}! Reward yourself with {product_name} at 20% off now with code: {coupon_code}

Trivia push notification template

Not every push notification is meant to be directly salesly or conversion-oriented. You can use them to boost engagement with your loyal customer base.

Trivia push notification
Trivia push notification

To make the most of trivia push notifications, you should:

  • Use customer data to personalize trivia points, so they interest your customers
  • Ensure you include a clear CTA to guide the audience to the desired action
  • Keep it short, interesting, fun, and extremely quirky


That was fabulous, right? {event_name} was absolutely divine today! Well worth a celebration. Come join us, {first_name}! 

Product recommendation push notification template

Product recommendation significantly contributes towards promoting repeat purchases and customer loyalty. These can be based on customers’ browsing history, interests, demographics, preferences, and so on.

Product recommendation push notification
Product recommendation push notification

To make the most of these push notifications, you should:

  • Make them as personal as possible
  • Limit the number of notifications, as you might risk frustrating the customer


Hi {first_name}! Here’s {item_name} that you will look dapper in. We have got limited stock on your size. Try them out now!

Feedback reminder push notification template

Timely feedback is vital, and push notifications are the easiest way to ask for it. Every time someone makes a purchase, you ought to know how the experience was. This helps you not only find areas to improve but also predict whether a customer is likely to stick with your business in the future.

Feedback reminder push notification
Feedback reminder push notification

To make the most of feedback reminder push notifications, you should:

  • Ask customers how the experience with your brand was
  • If possible, offer them an incentive for leaving a review


Enjoyed your food? Rate your order right now and let us know how it was!

Content promotion push notification template

You can also use push notifications in order to promote your unique content and improve its organic reach. These could be detailed blogs, how-to videos, inspiring lookbooks, scannable listicles, and others that are likely to attract your customers.

Content promotion push notification
Content promotion push notification

To make the most of these push notifications, you should:

  • Only share content that is really captivating and hard to ignore
  • Avoid writing long, boring copy trying to explain the content piece in detail
  • Keep it simple, short, and crisp


You’ll love this, {first_name}! We’re excited to share our {content_piece}. We bet you will find something lovely that is just right for you!

Weather-based notification template

As you already collect geographic and demographic data from your visitors, you can personalize push notifications according to their location and the weather conditions they’re in. such personalized notifications will make your customers feel valued and cared for.

Weather-based push notification
Weather-based push notification

To make the most of weather-based notifications, you should:

  • Suggest a relevant item for the weather conditions
  • Include an image for clarity
  • Give a clear CTA that leads to your category page


Hi {first_name}! It’s getting {weather_description}. Time to try on a new {item_name} and treat yourself to some {season_name} self-love. Check it out now!

The bottom line

The above 25+ templates are a great starting point for you to run a push notification campaign. Don’t forget that each company is unique, and no template is set in stone.

Also, you should A/B test and experiment with your copy, image, timing, audience segments, etc., to finally collect enough data that tells you what works. Thanks for reading and happy sending!

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.