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Proven Pre-purchase Email Templates For eCommerce

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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With all the new social media tools, many business owners seem to forget that email is still one of the most prominent channels to drive revenue today. Because emails still remain a universal and flexible messaging medium. It is simple and direct in the approach with continual adaptation among an ever-changing market. In the garden of social networks, emails remain more transcendent than ever.

So, you may be surprised to know that many prospects already have the intention to buy from the first visit, they just need the right kind of nurturing. Which is why a carefully planned pre-purchase email series is essential to take them through the funnel and convert them into new customers. Even with visitors who don’t have buying intentions yet, a good pre-purchase email can leave a good lasting impression on your company.

This article will show you the secret to unlocking the ‘sign up momentum’ of a new subscriber and make the best out of the critical first emails. The best pre-purchase email templates will introduce your prospects to your business and products in an effective way to capitalize on their interest. And all you have to do is put your company’s name into the templates.

Pre-purchase email introduction

Most customers have some kinds of consideration before purchasing, with 92%of visitors not even ready to buy.

Classic marketing says that sales begin with awareness. And awareness begins even before the customer signs up with content marketing, social media, and advertising. After that, the next critical step is engagement - which your pre-purchase emails will serve for.

The goal of pre-purchase emails is to convince customers to make that first purchase. In order to do that, you need to nurture the potential buyers, teach them a bit about your products, and help them make the buying decisions more easily. This requires a solid strategy and a series of emails that can subsequently convince the consumers.

In short, your pre-purchase email series will be a set of emails that aim to nurture prospects and lead them through the funnel. Our email templates from the app AVADA Email Marketing can help you do that, and I will introduce you to them right away.

Pre-purchase email templates to get a high conversion rate

Pre-purchase email templates to get a high conversion rate
Pre-purchase email templates to get a high conversion rate

In this section, I will show you some pre-purchase email templates that you can use to get a high conversion rate. You only need to fill in the required fields to turn the template into your company’s email. If you want to edit the email in an editor with more selection, head to AVADA Email Marketing like in the instructions above, the templates are all there!.

#1. The first welcome email for a new subscriber

The first welcome email
The first welcome email

Purpose: Send welcome emails for new subscribers who haven’t bought on your website. The email will confirm the subscription, thank for the sign-up, communicate about your company’s story and value, as well as asking the reader to follow your social media accounts.

When to send: Immediately to a new subscriber

Subject line: Thanks for joining 
Preview text: We are excited to have you on !

Hi  👋,

We are so excited to have you on board with ! 🥳🥳🥳

[Tell a bit about your brand/products here]

Be the first one who gets access to our new arrivals, special offers, and information that we may send you anytime.


Enjoy your moments on  and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

P/S: Wanna see our latest items? Don’t forget to follow our Instagram page at [INSTAGRAM LINK] and Facebook at [FACEBOOK LINK]

#2. The product promotion email

The product promotion email
The product promotion email

Purpose: Select one product/collection to promote. The email will prove how your product is beneficial for your audiences and provide them enough product information to attract them to click!

When to send: 2 days after the welcome email at 9AM

Subject line: We have just what you are looking for!

Preview text: Find the coolest new [product name] at 

Hello , 

It has been a couple of days since my last email so I wanna do a quick follow-up with you.

There are many customers emails me and ask for these items:

[PRODUCTS or COLLECTION YOU WANT TO PROMOTE, you can add product images, price, and link]

So I think you may also be interested in this. Here are absolutely stunning benefits using these products, you can name it:


Wow, that's it! If any works for you, don't hesitate to click on the item you like most and contact us anytime if you have any questions!

#3. The discount offer email

The discount offer email
The discount offer email

Purpose: Offer new subscribers a coupon code to convert them purchase on your store after they get to know more about you!

When to send: 3 days after the welcome email at 9AM

Subject line: Our thank you gift to you

Preview text: Use this for your next purchase to save a lot

Hi ,

I hope everything is good from your end. As a sincere appreciation to you for being our member,  gives you an exclusive discount. 🎁

Let's use this coupon code in your next purchase to get 10% OFF:

You must hurry up! 👉 This is a one-time offer that’s only valid for 48 hours. 

#4. The last-chance email

The last-chance email
The last-chance email

Purpose: Last reminder about the discount code if the subscriber hasn’t redeemed the code or purchased after the discount offer email.

When to send: 1 days after the discount offer email at 9AM

Subject line: Your discount ends TODAY

Preview text: Only 24 hours left, use your code right now

How are you doing ?

This is my last email to remind you that your coupon is gonna expire TODAY. 😱

Do not let this sweet deal go away, no chance to regret! 😰

Here I still save it for you:


P.S: Remember this code expires in the next 24 hours, no coming back! Enjoy your shopping!

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Final words

Nurturing your online store’s prospects through these proven pre-purchase email templates will improve your conversion rate exponentially. By creating personalized and automated email sequences, you can connect with subscribers and quickly convert them into buyers.

If you need assistance with creating a pre-purchase email series for your business, contact us here and we will show you how to do it with AVADA Email Marketing. Whether you are welcoming new subscribers or sending them new offers, our app can help you drive major conversions that would have been left behind without email marketing.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.