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Incredible giveaways and knowledge sharing at Shopify Philippines Meetup

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Sam Thomas Updated: September 01, 2023


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Virtual Shopify Philippines Meetup is coming soon. That is an excellent chance for you to meet and learn from Shopify experts. Presenting in this event, AVADA will have some special gifts for you. Now, follow me and explore the world of gifts!

Giveaway Proofo - Social Proof app

As we introduce, the meetup is for all entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about business and look for useful tactics to grow their brand exponentially. Here are the hints about our super cool giveway.

What you can get?

Do you believe that you can get free subscriptions for Social Proof- one of the most effective sales booster app?

Believe me! That is true!

Becoming a participant of Shopify Philippines Meetup, you get a great chance to receive one year-free subscription of our Social Proof app. During the meeting, we will deliver ten one-free subscriptions.

How can you get?

Please register from the following link: https://septemberphilippinesshopify.splashthat.com and grab the opportunity to own a sales booster tool for free!

Why should you get this app?

PROOFO: Sales Pop, Photo Review by AVADA Commerce is a great app that can support the store to boost conversions by displaying live sales notifications on the store frontend.

More specifically, it assists stores in showing real-time purchases, which will lead customers to the feeling of missing out on your product. In addition, this application also helps you to grow the trust of customers. Thanks to the display of sales notification popups, customers would feel that your store is busy daily with purchases occurring continuously.

There are a lot of stunning features such as Stock-Left notice, Photo Review,etc., waiting for you to explore.

Topic talk

The psychology behind customer’ purchase decision-Sales boost secret

Participating this event as a speaker, our Marketing Manger-Summer Nguyen will talk about an interesting topic that helps you answer the question “What drives customers to make an order?” and “How to use psychological factors to convince customers buying more?”

Among many psychological factors, Social Proof is the one that we will mainly discuss Social Proof is not a new tactic. However, using this method creatively is a different story. In this talk show, we want to bring you a whole new viewpoint that may change your business dramatically. Our expert will share the hard-won experience with Social Proof.

Here are some key points that you will get

  • What is Social Proof?
    • Definitions of trust signals/social proof
    • Examples of social proof in real life and on an online store
  • How Social Proof influences consumer behavior
    • Important roles of social proof in consumer buying process
    • Noticeable statistics of the effectiveness of social proof
    • Trust signals & customer demographics
  • How to use Social Proofo to increase conversion rates?
    • Tailoring trust signals to your customers
    • The ways to establish social proof
    • Example

Just relax at home, get the best advice from our expert, and have chances to share and learn more from Shopify fellow.

Want to get your friends involved? We encourage you to share the link with your friends, families, and colleagues.

Thank you so much for your great interest. We are excited to see you at the upcoming event!

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