Shopify Editions Theme Review: Features, Pricing & Supports

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Updated: February 28, 2021


Shopify Editions Theme Review: Features, Pricing & Supports

The Shopify theme store provides many options for merchants to dress up their online store. However, you may get caught up in the market searching for a perfect theme, while not fully understanding the theme design, functionality, features, and other options.

In this series, I would like to help you find the most suitable Shopify themes for your business by reviewing all the most popular themes on the store, whether paid or free. After reading, I hope you can find a perfect theme that makes your store visually appealing and optimized for conversion.

In this article, let’s have a comprehensive look at the Editions theme for Shopify - a popular paid option that is trusted by many store owners worldwide. You will have all you need to know about the theme, then you can decide to purchase or switch to it or not.

Let’s see if the Editions theme is the right choice for your Shopify store!

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What is the Editions theme for Shopify?

What is the Editions theme for Shopify?
What is the Editions theme for Shopify?

The Editions theme for Shopify is a clean and simple theme made by Pixel Union that can let your products shine. It is easy to work with and can customize perfectly to whatever product you’re selling.

On the Shopify theme store, the Editions theme has 55 reviews, of which 96% of them are positive reviews. In detail, there are 53 satisfied reviews and only 2 unsatisfied reviews. On the Pixel Union website, the theme has 34 reviews, all of which are also positive.

Although being a several-year-old theme, the Editions theme still has constant updates, with its last update by Pixel Union being in February 2021, which is just one month ago.

The Editions theme is used by many Shopify stores, including well-known names like Hazlewood, Hare & Wilde, SouthWood, or Blackjack Wax

On the Shopify store theme, users can find three versions of the Editions theme, which are:

  • Light

  • Sping

  • Modern

With just a one-time purchase, you can own all of these three styles, making the Editions theme a 3-in-1 option. Each version has a distinctive style that can fit a wide range of industries and businesses, so buyers can adjust the theme to meet their brand’s style.

The Editions Shopify theme features review

The Editions Shopify theme features review
The Editions Shopify theme features review

The Editions theme for Shopify has an elegant look and a retro vibe, perfect for any store owner looking for this kind of style. The look itself is timeless, flexible, and user-friendly.

With a reduced size for the hero image and sophisticated typography, the Editions theme creates a unique impression for your online store which can grab visitors’ attention. Just through a glance, visitors can feel a memorable brand that has a strong impact on anyone browning through the website.

Think of the Editions theme as visiting a familiar local store, only online. That said, it can also pull off the luxury look for jewelry stores too.

Not just that, you can easily add many elements to your Shopify store with the Editions theme. A full-width image, video, or slider on your homepage would be ideal for telling your brand story while guiding visitors to check out the products.

The mesmerizing feeling of the Editions theme is suitable to showcase a small number of products. If you have a dynamic brand that sells many advanced technology products, this theme may not be the best choice.

With three versions available: Light, Spring, and Modern, the Editions theme can help you tailor the look of your Shopify business. You can see all these versions’ demo on the Shopify theme store and see how they work for your brand. Personally, I would recommend this theme for physical products that have a bit of a retro vibe - think of products like coffee, furniture, jewelry, leather shoes, watches, accessories, antiques, and more. Products like smartphones, cars, or too modern items may not be suitable.

That is enough for an introduction; let’s see the components that make the Editions theme ideal for a Shopify store:


Shopify Editions theme Typography

Typography is one of the best ways to make your Shopify store distinctive on the market. The font combinations you choose would create a lasting impact on your visitors because it shows your brand’s personality.

Typography also considerably influences how visitors perceive your website. It builds a visual hierarchy of your store’s content that ensures a good reading experience as well as guiding visitors through the site as your intention.

For the style of the Editions theme, a serif typeface is often used for headings. If you don’t know, a serif typeface has a small line or stroke attached to the end of a larger stroke in a letter, which creates a traditional look and feel.

Of course, you can change the fonts with the Editions theme for your website’s heading, body, and accent text. If your brand’s font is available in the Shopify font library or, you can use it in the Editions theme. If it is not, you will need to edit your theme’s code to apply a new typeface.

The blogging functionality of the Editions theme gives you the ability to choose and display your latest blog posts on the homepage. The way the theme displays fonts also help to convey your content better and make a pleasing reading experience. In my opinion, this theme has one of the best typeface combinations for blog readers.


Shopify Editions theme Homepage

The hero image plays an essential role in conveying the first impression of your brand. Each style of the Editions theme does this very well by displaying a large hero image and keeping the image centered enough in order to focus the visitors’ eyes.

Comparing this style of hero image to other common very large images of other Shopify themes, the Editions theme has the advantage to stand out more. If you have visited thousands of websites with a very large hero image, then a website with a more centered approach would definitely catch your attention.

After the hero image, the Editions theme’s homepage often includes some featured products, a blog section, a newsletter section, a category section, and a footer section that tells your company’s story or necessary information about shipping, addresses, social media accounts, etc.

Naturally, you can customize these elements to perfect the look and feel of your online store. The Editions theme’s homepage gives a clear sense of your brand and displaying product information so visitors can quickly purchase.

Another notable element that can be added to your homepage with the Editions theme for Shopify is the quick shopping feature that lets buyers quickly add a product to cart or purchase right from the homepage. Pixel Union has this feature for most of their themes, so visitors can conveniently view more product information and buy at a click of a button.

Shopify Editions theme Header

A necessary part of your website that helps visitors navigate through the site is the header, which lets visitors access almost every page in one place. The header is often always visible on every page of the website, so it is a helpful feature for browsers.

With the Editions theme for Shopify, your header would have mega menus so visitors can check out more products and categories just by hovering their mouse over the “Shop” button.

The theme also includes a customizable live search function, cart, and account view. The search option is my favorite since buyers can quickly look for items based on keywords. If you add another app that lets visitors view the search results by images, it would be fantastic.

Product page

Shopify Editions theme Product page
Product page

The product pages are necessary to increase your conversion rate and help visitors view the item information before checking out.

On the product browsing page, the Editions theme also has a quick shop feature - which reduces the time and steps a visitor needs to add a product to the cart or purchase one in fewer steps. This feature makes the Editions theme a well-made theme for conversion.

The theme also has many features that optimize the shopping experience, such as the rolling navigator, the mini cart, the quantity indicator, and more.

The main product page of the Editions theme is still as elegant as the whole website. It shows the images in a slider to save space, and you can add the review section under the product description. In addition, you can display the item’s price, size, quantity, variations, description, add to cart button, and more.

Similar items

While scrolling down, buyers can see a section of similar items - which helps cross-sell and increase the order value of each consumer.


Search Engine Optimization is essential for any business if they want to beat the competitors at the starting point. When consumers perform a simple search query, optimized pages would have the top spots in the search results. The Editions theme for Shopify allows you to make all the modifications you want to optimize your website and have higher rankings.

Also, you can make necessary adjustments if they are necessary to optimize your website’s performance. You can change the theme’s color scheme, fonts, logo size, and many other parts of your webpage to make a smooth browsing experience.

Great visuals and neat organization of the Editions theme ensure that visitors would spend more time browsing your website. This increases the retention rate, which also positively affects SEO rankings.


A slow site speed would negatively affect your conversion rate and vice versa. Fortunately, Pixel Union optimizes their theme very well so the Editions theme has a relatively high speed thanks to its simple design and reduced image sizes.

Therefore, your audience should be satisfied with a super-fast loading experience if you install the Editions theme for Shopify.

Besides, the Editions theme also has a mobile-friendly design - which readjusts the website’s layouts, photo sizes, and font sizes to suit your visitors’ devices.

The Editions theme’s pricing

For three styles, the Editions theme’s pricing is $100.00 USD, which is affordable for almost every eCommerce business. Of course, before buying the theme, you need to have a Shopify store in the first place.

If you’ve found the Editions theme suitable for your store, all you gotta do is buy the theme from the Shopify theme store and apply it to your website through the admin homepage. You can customize the theme and switch versions from this homepage as well.

The Editions theme’s support

The Editions theme's support
The Editions theme's support

When installing the Editions theme for Shopify, you can access all the necessary knowledge in the Pixel Union Help Center. As the image above suggests, you can browse theme topics and see if there is an answer to your problem.

Also, you can join a Merchant Collective community created by Pixel Union and Out Of The Sandbox - which is a place for merchants to show support for other concerns and share helpful resources to learn together.

If you still can’t find desired answers, you can submit a support request to Pixel Union’s technical support - who is available Monday to Friday 9 AM - 5 PM. However, be aware that they do not offer support for modification after purchasing or any changes made by a third party application.

Pixel Union team also has an agency team that will help you build a new custom theme for your online store, showing your brand’s characteristics in the best way possible.

Final words

Before we get to the conclusion, let’s once again see all of the Editions theme’s notable features:

  • Customizable layout
  • Built-in styles and color palettes
  • Free customer support
  • Free theme updates
  • Drop-down navigation support
  • Modular design
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Social media icons
  • Integrated social feeds
  • Search engine optimization

The Editions theme for Shopify is a fantastic choice for any store owners who want their website to have a great visual and high performance. If you are a business with a retro vibe or looking for a classic look, this theme can work wonders. You can customize features, upload high quality images, and create a high-converting shopping experience.

Have you known which themes to use for your Shopify store? Share your choice in the comments section, and if you want more features for your online business, make sure to check out other apps made by AVADA!

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