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Tips For Choosing High-performing Content Marketing Topics

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Content has long been, is still, and will always be king. Selecting content marketing topics extends beyond just deciding what content to publish. You must decide why you are developing it, who you are making it for, how you intend to promote it, and how it will fit into your entire content marketing plan.

Do you ever wonder what information to generate and publish, or how to select content marketing topics? Do you struggle to maintain a steady flow of ideas?

If you’re wondering how to pick the appropriate content marketing subjects, we have compiled a list of helpful hints for selecting engaging and high-performing content marketing topics that will help you reach your content marketing objectives successfully and nearly flawlessly.

Let’s get started!

High-performing content marketing topics

Define and comprehend your marketing objectives

Choosing appropriate content marketing topics and goals for your content begins with laying a good foundation and having a thorough knowledge of your organization’s goals. You need to identify your content marketing and overall marketing goals since your approach will assist you in achieving those objectives.

High-performing content marketing topics

Identifying your marketing objectives will help you comprehend the broad perspective while establishing your content marketing strategy will assist you in aligning these more specific targets with the big ones. To identify your marketing objectives, consider what you want to achieve. The primary aims of most businesses and brands may be lead acquisition, brand exposure, and increased engagement. Depending on your organization’s goals and needs, you may employ a variety of materials to reach those goals. It can contain blog entries, videos, eBooks, resource links, and social media posts. These might range from expanding your social media followers to developing solid inbound links on your website.

Examine your current analytics

After reviewing the goals of the organization for your content marketing strategy, use analytics to gain a better understanding of what succeeds and what does not when it comes to your content in particular and the audience this material reaches. By far the most exact methods for assessing which subjects work and which do not are analytics.

When it comes to content marketing strategy, analytics may assist guide your decision-making. If you’re ever stumped for themes for your content, go back to your top-performing pieces and put a new twist on an old favorite. There’s nothing wrong with updating and elaborating on a previously covered topic. You might look at an old favorite from a new perspective, perhaps by relating it to a hot subject in your field. You may create a great piece of writing that connects with your readers if you expand on rather than simply replicate another blog article.

High-performing content marketing topics

When brainstorming fresh content ideas, you can also use your social networking site’s insights and statistics to make educated judgments. When you’ve selected your best article postings, look for a common thread within them. Is there a certain sort of material that regularly outperforms the others? Examine the degree of involvement regarding likes and comment threads on all of these posts as well.

Having said that, you should still use caution while reviewing your present metrics. If something is functioning today, it does not guarantee that it will continue to operate in the future. Keep current events and trends in mind since they might have a significant impact on what your intended audience is engaged in at any one time. You must examine statistics, but you should never lose sight of the various elements that may be impacting the figures you see in data analytics.

Determine which content marketing topics are most appealing to your audiences

Another factor to consider when choosing content marketing subjects is how you cover such issues to appeal to your target audience. In terms of analytics, concentrating on your targeted customers may assist so much more since you’ll be looking directly at the individuals who will be enjoying your material, whether they be spectators, readers, or listeners. While your statistics reflect what your intended audience would be like, your target group is precisely what your target group is. By taking the correct approach to the topics you discuss, you may increase the likelihood of your readers discovering the value in your blogs and articles, engaging with your viewpoint, and deciding to support your company. The most crucial thing is to invest in material that addresses or confronts your audience’s unique pain concerns.

When you have two comparable subjects in mind, publish about the one with the higher average social media activity. Inquiring with your target audience is another helpful strategy for selecting the correct content marketing themes. At the end of each day, your customer is the individuals who are interacting with your content. Thus it is critical to understand what sort of material they are looking for.

High-performing content marketing topics

There are several approaches you may take. Setting up a poll or asking a question on any of your social media sites might be as simple as that. Request your subscribers what kind of material they’d like to see and allow for open-ended responses. You may also use your FAQs to generate blog articles. Examining your most frequently discussed concerns from your target group will assist you in selecting the correct themes for your content marketing plan. Even when you think you’ve run out of inspiration and material, FAQs tend to expand in tandem with trends. The FAQs will evolve, shedding light on fresh trends, difficulties, and subjects you may want to address. The customer’s position is shifting, and it’s time to let your audience help shape your content marketing themes plan.

The most crucial thing is to invest in material that answers or tackles your audience’s unique pain concerns. But that’s not all there is to it. Going a level beyond that and ensuring that your tone and voice are in sync with your target audience will ensure even greater outcomes and blog articles that your potential consumers respect and enjoy reading.

Always be creative

Finding new, unexploited themes is the objective of content writers to get SEO pieces to the peak as quickly as possible and maintain ranks for as long as possible. So, when it comes to themes that have been utilized and plundered by too many individuals, it will be tough to defeat competitors that have comparable material if you replicate that content.

Nevertheless, this is also an exceptionally tough task that necessitates a great level of creativity on the part of the writer. How to be innovative based on outdated material, a boring issue, relies on how each person sees the problem and understands the trend. Threading and generating your comments is another popular activity among content authors.

High-performing content marketing topics

Experiment with various concepts

Experimenting might be scary, but it is the only way to learn what works best for your company and what you need to adhere to as you design your future strategy for content marketing and campaigns. Dabbling with new ideas can assist you in brainstorming with themes you would not have considered otherwise - and you may amaze not only yourself but also your readers.

High-performing content marketing topics

Surprising your readers is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to attract their interest and demonstrate to them that you are capable of producing distinctive and original material in an era when everything is pretty monotonous. You don’t even have to accomplish anything spectacular; merely taking a novel perspective on a typical issue will make you distinguish. Furthermore, testing with concepts will enable you to make errors, which will empower you to learn from them and exceed your opponents.

Many individuals believe that a great content strategy entails merely fresh pieces of content. In reality, while modifying your past content may not appear to be the most apparent approach to identifying new themes to generate content for, it is a surprisingly efficient technique.

You will rediscover things that you might have forgotten about by reviewing your previous material. Sometimes the names we employ evolve faster than the concepts they represent. In certain circumstances, it might be economical and beneficial to reframe or repurpose past material in light of new, interesting content subjects. This method not only helps save time but also works well enough for SEO since comparable material competes with itself.

High-performing content marketing topics

Furthermore, previous information that has done very well may simply be updated with fresh results and data to be applicable now - and then published again. Examine your blog content and articles first. You can then go on to other sorts of information you’ve contributed. You may also look at the many platforms where you have posted. Furthermore, you may modify older material from one platform for a different one. In some ways, this will also encourage you to try more.

Using tools for choosing content marketing topics

tools for choosing content marketing topics

Within this regard, there is no greater source of trending subject data than Google Trends. Topics, instead of question-type search inquiries, are the focus here. When you log in to Google Trends via your Google account, the very first thing you will see is featured insights. The highlighted insights section displays hand-picked insights regarding the search volume surrounding current subjects in the selected country. You may get more comprehensive insights, visualized in many ways, by clicking on any of these articles.

Google Keyword Planner

The Google AdWords Keyword Planner is a tool to be used with your AdWords campaigns. It surely is that, but it is also much more. Open AdWords Keyword Planner and follow the steps to create keyword ideas based on the content of your website.

Then, go right to the CSV export function. You’ll now have access to actual monthly search traffic numbers for a vast range of keywords, each of which was added in accordance with the content of your webpage.

tools for choosing content marketing topics

Aside from the keywords themselves, two columns might pique your attention here: Monthly search volume and competition. The two columns will inform you how many people are interested in the different issues related to your business, as well as how much emphasis other AdWords users are focusing on advertising in the same areas. Use this data to generate compelling content that will appeal to as many individuals as possible - and if competition is minimal in the keyword categories you select, that’s a great plus.

Answerthepublic. com

AnswerthePublic. com is a freemium browser-based subject and keyword research tool that enables users to produce content ideas based on commonly discussed questions/queries searched by online users. The tool displays a visually appealing visualization tool of content marketing topics based on the major keywords and topic categories you submitted on their website.

This clever free tool may point you in the direction of hundreds of content ideas by displaying the questions that online users in your nation are asking about a specific topic. Simply go to the Answer The Public site, input your keyword and country, then click the ‘Get Questions’ button to get an eye-catching graphic displaying the most frequently searched inquiries connected to your issue.

tools for choosing content marketing topics

In principle, this will reveal precisely what the general audience wants to understand about your topic. Answer The Public uses Google Search autocomplete recommendations to provide a list of the most popular keywords and how searches related to your term.

There is no need to install the app, customers can export their findings as a CSV file, and the service is completely free! Another intriguing Response The Public function, found under ‘See existing reports,’ is a report repository that allows you to see the findings made by others who utilized the tool earlier than you. This tool offers an intriguing view into the themes that other content creators are researching - a new method to identify trending issues in the content business while staying ahead of the trends.

The Semrush Tool

Semrush can evaluate over 16 billion keywords. It will provide you with popular subjects in your sector, but it offers much more. It will also provide you with suggestions on how to enhance your SEO.

tools for choosing content marketing topics

This tool provides you with relevant terms organized by popularity as well as an estimated search volume. This is a comprehensive premium keyword tool that you may use to discover trends and common searches on your specific topic. Create blog article ideas using these keywords.


tools for choosing content marketing topics

Hubspot is a fully-featured marketing, sales, and CRM package that offers you all of the tools you need to produce relevant content, optimize it, and ensure it targets the proper audience. It is also regarded as the most sophisticated marketing automation system in the business. HubSpot has several features, most of which are free to test. These include a robust form designer, group chats and chatbots, popup features, and a fully-featured WordPress marketing plugin. In addition to these tools, HubSpot offers a world-class CMS that enables you to organize everything under a free CRM.


tools for choosing content marketing topics

Ahrefs is a robust SEO tool with the ability to generate detailed performance data. It allows you to follow the ranks of your keywords, examine the keywords and traffic of your rivals, and much more. Ahrefs has several helpful statistics, such as “top pages”, which helps you examine the most valuable pages on a website, and “content gaps,” which shows you what rivals rank for that you do not.


tools for choosing content marketing topics

Simply enter a topic or phrase, and the tool would provide you with not only the number of searches and complexity rating but also a big list of similar keyword suggestions. Moving ahead with blog post subjects will be much easy from here on out.


tools for choosing content marketing topics

Buzzsumo is a social media listening tool that may assist you in locating the most shared material in your industry. This premium tool’s functionality alone may give a lot of information about how effectively the title kinds, layouts, and content formats operate.

Final thought

Content marketing is essential in today’s digital environment since it is what people share, connect with, and engage with. In today’s technological world, those items are priceless for any organization.

Overall, mapping out and selecting the ideal content marketing topics necessitates strategic preparation. Learn what content works best and what your customer is most interested in. Developing and executing a successful content marketing plan requires selecting the correct content marketing subjects.

When it comes to picking themes for your content marketing, use the advice in this post to get you begun and on the right track.

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