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Content Marketing Ideas to Boost eCommerce New Year’s Sales

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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Content Marketing Ideas to Boost eCommerce New Year’s Sales

The new year is all about fresh starts. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to promote eCommerce content marketing ideas effectively. With 2022 winding down and 2023 right around the corner, a potent content marketing strategy may do wonders to create the enthusiasm your eCommerce business needs to kick-start the New Year.

Online stores can foster relationships with their customers, express the value of their brands, and increase sales throughout the holiday season with the appropriate New Year content marketing strategy. That is to say, content marketers have a ton of fresh ideas they may attempt to boost sales for eCommerce businesses as the new year ushers in new aspirations and resolutions. This time of year offers the ideal opportunity to get an advantage over your rivals.

What follows in this article are some practical content marketing ideas you can use to skyrocket your eCommerce store’s revenue in the New Year season.

Let’s dive in!

How content marketing helps increase holiday sales

A distinctive digital marketing tactic in the inbound marketing toolkit is content marketing. It assists marketers in reaching their target audience with their brand message, goods, or services. Holiday marketing is taking particular actions across a variety of marketing platforms to promote services and products that can boost a company’s sales over the holiday season.

Among the ways content marketing improves customer traffic and raises revenue are:

  • Build and enhance brand awareness
  • Attract targeted customers to your online business.
  • Personalize buyer experiences to promote customer engagement.
  • Provide crucial information while nurturing leads
  • Amplify website traffic, produce more prospects, and increase sales

Content marketing, in all of its forms, may help you achieve your eCommerce sales objectives by generating leads. However, in order to accomplish these, you must use an implementation strategy or the finest content marketing techniques created to support the long-term objectives of your eCommerce business. Another thing to keep in mind is that early New Year marketing is essential to capitalize on the target audience’s buying excitement and give campaigns adequate time to run efficiently.

If you own an eCommerce store and are unsure how to enhance your New Year’s content marketing strategy in 2023, don’t worry - we have your back! Continue reading to explore some practical content marketing ideas for your online business to boost New Year’s sales.

Effective content marketing ideas for eCommerce stores to boost New Year’s Sales

Sending out a well-crafted New Year Email

Outstanding email marketing campaigns are a fantastic method to reach consumers and increase revenue in the New Year season. Sending an email to your cherished customers and wishing them happiness is the best method to bring in the New Year when it comes to holiday content marketing ideas.

One of the best ways to show your audience that you value and care about them is with a well-written and well-designed New Year’s email with enticing subject lines, customize the relationship between the client and the business and solve subscriber pain issues. Writing a piece that details how your company performed in the previous year and your expectations for the upcoming one is also one of the top New Year email marketing ideas. You may also include a code or discount voucher that is valid for a short time if you want to sweeten the deal a little. To make your consumers feel more special, it’s also crucial to emphasize that it’s an exclusive deal! Keep in mind that the goal is to personalize the email as much as you can.

On New Year’s Day, most people’s inboxes are often overflowing. therefore it’s advised that you send the email earlier—one or two weeks before—to demonstrate that you prioritize your consumers. Additionally, it increases your chances of getting seen and improves consumer interaction. You may benefit from email marketing in this way.

To develop professional-looking New Year’s emails, you may use email marketing solutions like AVA Email Marketing, SMS, Pop up. Remember to put your target audience’s contact information and dynamic content tailored to each receiver to the emails you send more personalized.

Be outstanding with innovative ideas and new themes

Having landing pages with a New Year’s theme is significant since it may draw customers in and persuade them to make a purchase. These landing pages are excellent for marketing throughout the holiday season by changing the website’s backdrop, social network icons, footer, sidebars, forms, buttons, and navigation to reflect a festive theme and color palette. Additionally, this is a fantastic method to advertise hot seasonal items. To make these landing pages more appealing and engaging for clients, you may include festive decorations like background images, social media icons, footers, sidebars, and forms.

Another excellent strategy to communicate your message and make it stand out is coming up with a fantastic approach to differentiate your message and make it stand out rather than borrowing tired, overused holiday marketing concepts. During the holidays, we see the same kinds of commercials with the same themes so frequently. The best course of action in this situation would be to contribute something novel yet relevant. Don’t be scared to make a surprising move.

Make use of the effectiveness of New Year’s offers Pop-ups

Numerous eCommerce companies work on unique New Year’s content marketing offers and deals in hopes of catching customers’ attention. By integrating clever pop-ups, you can ensure that your visitors see that offer. Online retailers benefit from seasonal sales because they make customers feel more privileged when they purchase items that are only accessible during that season.

Using website pop-ups is one of the greatest strategies to advertise such goods. Pop-up ads for the New Year get a lot of attention. This is due to the fact that they encourage clients to immerse themselves in the New Year’s celebration by showcasing the products they may buy. Popups have the potential to raise conversion rates and improve customer retention when utilized properly. You need eye-catching promotional pop-ups to take advantage of your holiday visitors during this busy shopping season.

Incentivization of user-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is an additional content marketing technique for eCommerce that is particularly successful since it frequently features actual customers using your products and helps business owners better understand their consumer personas. User-generated content refers to the idea of rewarding consumers for producing high-quality material that is tied to a brand. It might be helpful for companies looking for new ways to market their goods or services over the New Year season.

Users are encouraged to generate material that supports brands through UGC incentivization, which gives them free visibility and enables the company to obtain unique, authentic content without spending any money. Real customers demonstrating the distinctiveness of your goods or services is the best strategy to attract new customers. To include UGC in your entire marketing strategy over the holidays, you need to come up with novel and interesting approaches. To make your eCommerce business stand out over the holiday, experiment with new formats for customer testimonials and comments. UGC platforms like Billo make it easy to discover, manage and amplify authentic user content to boost engagement and conversions this holiday season.

Repurpose your content on various platforms

It may be challenging to attract customers’ attention around the New Year holidays, but if you can plan ahead and make sure your content is available and active across several platforms, you will have the best chance of reaching them. By repurposing your material, you may get more use out of it and improve its distribution. For optimum impact, consider repurposing your content while you are thinking about your content development strategy. For the best chance of being seen, create brief, interesting, and individualized content. Then, have fun reusing it across platforms.

Make your content search engine organic friendly

Businesses may post pertinent material on websites that can reach a wider audience and improve their chances of being viewed. Additionally, copywriting and website content assist visitors in finding the information they want while researching a particular company or item. Any eCommerce store wishing to boost its performance throughout the New Year season must invest in SEO at this time.

Your content strategy is a measured effort that results in effective content marketing strategies by fusing information, expertise, and creativity. So, let’s utilize it to the fullest. Additionally, the success of your material depends on online traffic. Before releasing your content, remember to SEO-optimize it. Utilize calls-to-action in addition to converting site visitors into leads and paying clients. As previously said, content marketing is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Therefore, eCommerce marketers should utilize a variety of content kinds to influence readers to buy their products.


The new year is almost approaching. So, your content marketing efforts should match the festive spirit of the most lovely time of the year. The goal of content marketing is to grow and solidify consumer connections. The moment the consumer plans to read, listen to, or watch your material is frequently the last stage of content engagement.

Leverage your content to advertise your items, promote your services, raise brand recognition, and share customer success stories about how you helped people have better, more fulfilling experiences. Sales will come when you’ve finished with it. You have fantastic chances in the new year to strengthen customer loyalty to your brand and increase sales during the festive season and all year long.

Let’s revitalize the content marketing for your online store to soar this New Year’s sales!

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.