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19+ Best Landing Page Builders (FREE + Paid) in 2024

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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Landing page is the first page on the web that is designed to be concise and elegant. It plays a vital role in any online business created to optimize conversion rates. Conversions here can be purchases, customer information, document downloads, application settings, event participation, reservations, or any other marketing goals.

You can’t just post blog posts to your website every week hoping to catch the new business trends. Landing pages are one of the best options when it comes to effectively collecting customers’ email addresses for email marketing.

Because of the importance of a landing page, you certainly want to build it perfectly. Therefore, Avado recommends you Best Free & Paid Landing Page Builders.

What is a landing page builder?

What is a landing page builder?
What is a landing page builder?

As mentioned at the beginning, the landing page helps you a lot in optimizing your conversions. When you want to sell a product successfully, what is needed is a story, beautiful images, and lots of useful information.

However, when you are running performance marketing campaigns like Google Ads or Facebook Ads, a simpler page with fewer elements is what you need. An indispensable element is the one optimized to encourage users to act as registration, clicks, downloads a PDF, or more. This is exactly where landing page builders appear.

Landing page builders often allow users to build the page using drag-and-drop easily. In other words, you can customize and move elements to meet your requirements. Thanks to this, marketers will be able to freely create special experiences to attract visitors and turn them into potential customers.

In particular, the best landing page builders will provide you with countless eye-catching templates to choose from. Therefore, you will easily find the style you want instead of having to start from scratch with your page.

Best Dedicated landing page builders

In this section, Avado will discuss the pros, cons, and prices of dedicated landing page builders. In particular, we point out the features, templates, availability, and all the things you need to know about them so you can compare and choose the one that’s suitable for your website.

1. Unbounce



  • Useful for marketing companies

  • Mobile design

  • Best A / B testing options among these tools

  • 125+ beautiful templates to choose from

  • Flexible editor

  • Full-featured

  • Support users well through many information channels: Video tutorial; Email; Forum - always active; Help Center; Online chat; Phone support

  • Unbounce Convertibles (popups)


  • The price is not cheap

  • Not a tool for beginners

  • Slight learning curve

For those who are well versed in marketing, Unbounce Landing Page Builder is definitely a familiar name. The most special feature that Unbounce Landing Page Builder software owns is the ability to combine and adapt with Wordpress, this allows users to design their landing pages according to their own uses.

Unbounce provides a beautiful and powerful landing page builder, ideal for startups, small businesses, and marketing agencies looking to stay ahead of the competition. With Unbounce, you can quickly create mobile-friendly landing pages without the help of a developer or an IT department. If you’re an entrepreneur, this means you can easily check out concepts, pricing models, or even branding. The best part is that Unbounce integrates with some of the most popular marketing tools on the market, so you can maximize your efficiency with minimal effort.


Unbounce's price
Unbounce's price

However, as we see in the picture, Unbounce is not a cheap option. In each package with different prices, the features will be upgraded and more optimized. In other words, you pay more to have more with Unbounce. There is nothing wrong with that and you absolutely can choose the most suitable package to suit your needs.

2. HubSpot



  • Perform A / B Testing

  • Optimize content based on location and characteristics

  • Insert images and links

  • Allow you to add CTA

  • Load landing page fastly

  • Integrates with most other tools and platforms

  • Connect with Hubspot CRM

  • Tracking metrics through Google Analytics


  • You need to be a HubSpot customer to get started

  • Templates may be a bit basic

  • Limited features on the cheapest package

One of the most preferred providers of digital marketing solutions for small and large businesses. Hubspot is a brand that helps companies automate their marketing activities by providing a variety of tools, including always designing and creating landing pages.

Hubspot users can choose to set their landing page on Hubspot as they like. Hubspot provides a full range of tools, focusing on many different areas of the marketing campaign.

The purpose of a landing page is designed to generate conversions. And creativity can play an important role in those transitions. Hubspot offers great customization capabilities that you cannot ignore. With Hubspot’s landing page, you can track analytics via Google Analytics. Moreover, you also have access and collect data at Hubspot’s tool.

More than just a tracking/testing service, Hubspot landing pages offer highly customizable components. Help you customize each page to suit the needs of customers. Hubspot allows you to design replacement segments for the “persona” (customer profile) you have created. This helps increase interactivity and higher conversion rates.


You can start with the Starter pack with a starting price of £42/mo. However, to have full access, you need to spend £655 /mo to sign up for the Professional plan.

We find that the price is quite expensive for the first time using this application. However, larger companies and organizations will see the value of this application. In addition to smart customer segmentation, Hubspot also offers a drag and drop landing page builder and form builder.

3. SendinBlue



  • Provides basic separation testing

  • Intuitive editor

  • Simple email automation workflow

  • A / B testing

  • Provide live chat application for your website

  • Affordable price


  • You must be a SendinBlue customer to start using

  • Only available on Premium

  • The support options are quite not good

Created in 2012, SendinBlue is a newcomer in the industry. Its main goal is to bring “advanced” email marketing features to small and medium businesses. Such features were previously reserved for large companies only.

Obviously, SendinBlue doesn’t simply copy other email marketing tools. It also has some features of its own and tries to innovate. Today, it is becoming an admirable landing page builder with super-smooth drag-and-drop functionality.

SendinBlue provides basic split testing, visual editor, multi-user support, and more. SendinBlue has over 70 email templates - not the largest collection but they are great. All the templates in the library are designed to look professional and of course, all of them are mobile-friendly.

Getting started at SendinBlue is one of the smoothest introductory processes available.

The only annoying thing is that your account needs to be manually reviewed for it to be verified. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes, but it can take up to a whole day.

Clear and intuitive user interface. There was no way I had trouble finding what I was looking for. In particular, I think that SendinBlue provides the best form of generator because it’s simple and even gives you full control over the form’s design.


  Number of emails per month Number of subscribers Multi-user account Automation Segment Analysis Price
Free 9.000 Unlimited No Yes Yes Basic 0$
Lite 40.000 Unlimited No Yes Yes Basic 25$
Essential 60.000 Unlimited No Yes Yes Full 39$
Premium 120.000 or 350.000 Unlimited Yes Yes Yes Full $ 66 and more
Enterprise Custom Unlimited Yes Yes Yes Full Custom

SendinBlue offers five different packages, suitable for businesses of all sizes. You can purchase custom “Enterprise” packages if your list becomes larger. Note that SMS credits are not included in any email package; You must purchase them separately.

Overall, the price of SendinBlue is quite affordable - cheaper than most rivals. The free package is quite generous as it comes with most features (including automation). The main limit is that you can only send 300 emails per day and your email will contain the SendinBlue logo.

4. Instapage



  • Lets you create landing pages super fast

  • Easy integration with third-party applications and solutions

  • A / B Testing

  • Easy campaign management


  • Not as flexible as Unbounce

  • Cheapest package does not have A / B testing

  • No popup options

As its name suggests, Instapage gives you the best speed. It is a service that allows you to build landing pages for online marketing and advertising campaigns easily. Instapage offers features like A / B Testing, managing multiple campaigns, easy page building, and more!

While Instapage allows you to create landing pages in just a few minutes, sometimes additional services are required to properly promote and make the most of your landing pages.

Instapage makes it easy to integrate with third-party applications and solutions. Need to connect with applications like SalesForce, ZOHO Office, Facebook, Google Analytics, Constant Contact, MailChimp, or WuFoo Forms? Do not be afraid, because Instagram has helped you fully integrate! You can automate email, analytics, and more. You can integrate with social media platforms and even other tools like CrazyEgg and ClickTale.


Instapage pricing
Instapage pricing

Compared to Unbounce, Instapage packages are usually a bit cheaper. However, to get more advanced features like heat maps, A/B testing features, and basic personalization tools, you need to pay for the Optimization package (or higher). If you already have other platforms that already have these features, you might want to consider the Core package.

5. Leadpages



  • Flexible editor

  • Analytical features and effective A / B testing

  • Low starting price


  • Cheapest package doesn’t have A / B testing feature

  • There are some chargeable samples

  • Limiting customization

Leadpage is believed to be a brilliant tool to create an awesome landing page in just a few minutes. The site not only looks better, is more professional, but it also helps to maximize the interaction rate. With Leadpage, you can easily control exactly what information is needed and use it for the next work. Furthermore, as its name implies, you can attract a lot of leads from search engines, and leads are also converted into real customers.


Leadpage pricing
Leadpage pricing

So far, Leadpage is the cheapest platform we consider. In particular, it offers great features and more at higher prices. You can choose a template freely as it offers more than 160 free samples. Leadpage gives you an impressive drag-and-drop experience. The Standard package does not have A / B testing. If you already have this testing in another tool, this package is definitely a wise choice that offers great value.

You will experience all the A/B testing features with the Pro package. What’s more, the Advanced package helps you enhance integration with Marketo, Salesforce, and Hubspot. Also, you can create five sub-accounts for customers with this premium plan.

6. GetResponse



  • Full of features

  • Integrated excellent email marketing features

  • A / B testing

  • Super flexible

  • Good analysis and reporting

  • Low starting price


  • You can find the drag and drop editor delayed some times

  • Some features may be hindered

  • Must upgrade in 1000 pageviews

Like many email marketing services, GetResponse has moved from email to landing page building. However, the tool’s landing page builder has a new Autofunnel feature that makes GetResponse a great option for building a standalone landing page and for the entire channel.

First of all, this basic landing page builder tool helps you build custom landing pages with a drag and drop editor, along with hundreds of pre-built landing page templates and A / B testing to optimize your pages.

Now the GetResponse Autofunnel feature also lets you apply the same feature to create a complete filter funnel. You can choose from 30 pre-designed templates for industries and serve a variety of goals. In particular, it’s really worth considering when you care about the price.


As stated in the Pros section of GetResponse, its starting price is quite low, starting at just $15/mo. At this price, you have email marketing, automation, unlimited landing pages, and eCommerce features. Besides the cheap price, there are of course a few things to keep in mind. Although you can create as many landing pages as you want, you will automatically come up with a more expensive plan when more than 1,000 people visit any of your landing pages.

7. Wishpond



  • Unlimited popups, landing pages and social contents

  • Starting at a lower price

  • Prices are not based on the feature but based on the number of leads

  • Basic marketing automation features


  • Limiting customization

  • Not a dedicated landing page tool

  • The editor has nothing like Instapage or Unbounce

Wishpond is not simply a landing page builder. You can use Wishpond to run ads or perform other marketing activities. It offers a wide range of products such as contests, landing pages, pop-up windows, and email marketing. You can create as many of these products as you want because it is unlimited.

However, the number of potential customers will be limited from your Wishpond toolkit each month. You can get up to 1000 potential customers with $ 49 per month. Similarly, up to 1500 leads with $ 99 per month and up to 10,000 leads with $ 199 per month.

You may be wondering if you can go further than that. Definitely yes. For about $ 3,000 per month, you can choose up to 1 million Wishpond leads. Or else, you can call them directly to ask for a custom package.

8. Lander



  • All packages include A / B testing

  • Allow you to edit custom code

  • Rock-bottom starting prices

  • Facebook landing pages


  • Not the most customizable option

  • Not the greatest editor

  • Integration can be hit-and-miss

Lander is best suited for smaller businesses and this is reflected in the price. However, its features are still superior and complete to build an ideal landing page. Packages vary mainly in the amount of traffic you want your landing page to generate.


With the Basic package ($ 16 / mo), it is only great for five thousand visitors. However, you need to remember that this is just traffic to your landing page. Therefore, you need to calculate how much traffic your organic SEO strategy and your PPC will generate. If you want a larger number of visitors such as 50,000, you might consider custom packages.

A very special thing in Lander is that it allows you to customize the code of its landing page templates. This gives you complete control of your pages and faster loading times. Furthermore, every package that Lander offers includes A / B testing and you can take advantage of the dedicated Facebook landing pages.

9. Landingi



  • Solid editor

  • Amazing design features

  • Basic auto features

  • Good analysis

  • Unlimited traffic, landing pages, domains, leads and users


  • Cheapest package without A / B testing

  • Limited integration with the cheapest package

The landing page is a tool to build a landing page through drag and drop. The landing page built by this tool perfectly meets the needs and goals of the business. Not only that, but Landingi can also host landing pages or integrate them into your own website. You can also:

  • Connect with external tools like MailChimp, HubSpot, SalesForce and more

  • See analysis

  • Create A / B split tests

And a standout feature compared to Unbounce and Instapage is Landingi’s lead management tool. This is essentially a small CRM that allows you to see important information about each keyword - such as keywords and time spent on different pages - right on the Landing interface itself.


The two packages that Landingi offers have the main differences between automation, A / B testing, and integration options. They all come with the $ 49 / mo Automate plan.

Best Free landing page builders

The best free landing page builder will power your online advertising strategies, advertise an upcoming webinar, and grow your email list. Through a review of dozens of landing page builders, Avado picked out the best 10 free landing page creators to choose from. Let figure them out now.

1. ConvertKit


ConvertKit is a great tool for you to collect emails and launch your landing page for free. You can easily validate ideas, implement projects, and grow your audience.

With ConvertKit, you can manage everything including what is used to set up hosting, choose themes, install WordPress, add an opt-in form, and request to buy a domain name.

ConvertKit’s free package includes all form building features and landing pages of its paid version, including:

  • Custom domains: you can use yours or one of Convertkit’s ck.page domains.

  • Over 25 eye-catching designs for a variety of uses including e-books, videos, podcasts, products, and more.

  • Stunning photos from Unsplash, which you can use for free.

  • Fully mobile responsive.

  • Provide you with Thank you pages to encourage your audience to take action.

  • Elegant form to gather customers’ information.

After the experience and you’ve got your initial traction, you might consider upgrading to a paid account to take full advantage of ConvertKit’s streaming, integration, and automation. It will be better and easier for you to launch subsequent projects.

2. Ucraft


Ucraft is a website that allows you to create free landing pages. This builder is an ideal choice for online creators, small business owners, and bloggers. Ucraft’s goal is to give users the easiest way to build a clean landing page in just a few minutes.

You can use the drag and drop feature provided by Ucraft to create landing pages easily. Therefore, if you don’t know any code, it doesn’t matter. With the free package, you can choose from 18 pretty templates. If you want more, you might consider upgrading to a $ 10 monthly subscription for an additional 52 samples.

However, everything you have with the free version that Ucraft offers is probably not enough. This is also considered a disadvantage of Ucraft. It lacks forms and some basic integrations generate leads. Furthermore, Ucraft has another limitation that does not allow you to change your template after creating your website. Therefore, once you have chosen a design, you will be stuck with it.

Overall, Ucraft is very easy to use, however, it also has some features that lag behind other options.

3. Carrd


You can take advantage of Carrd to build your landing page for free. Besides, this is a powerful platform that allows you to build and host one-page websites in a simple, easy-to-control way for anything. Many other platforms help you build landing pages, but the biggest difference is simplicity and ease of use without the need for a design expert. In particular, you can create a new site quickly in just a few minutes.

Carrd offers you lots of different templates to get started. You do not even need to create an account until you want to publish your site created. In the process of creating your landing page, you can find the editor super simple. It allows you to add blocks to images, text, forms, videos, and quickly link them. Also, you can arrange items and control the footers and headers.

You can tap on any block and a sidebar opens to let you edit the type of selected element and content. The size of each block will automatically adjust to be responsive to mobile devices. In particular, there is a handy preview button to switch the editor to feedback mode. After all, simply publish your design by selecting Publish.

You may find that the free version of Carrd is ideal for simple portfolio building and click-through landing page creation. It also allows you to create up to 3 sites with the Carrd brand and the .carrd.co URL. Carrd has a major drawback is that its free version does not allow you to add registration or contact form. Therefore, if you want to add a link or contact form, you need to upgrade to the Pro Standard package. In particular, the price of this package is only $ 19 per year, which is indeed a bargain.

4. Launchrock


Unlike other web design tools, LaunchRock does not help users build a whole website. The strength of this tool is to help you create eye-catching landing pages to showcase an upcoming service or product. Users can then update the content for the created Webpage or even share it on social networks to promote. Therefore, this is an ideal tool for businesses or organizations that want to promote a new product and service to the public.

Launchrock, however, has a rather confusing, but usable landing page design. Once registered, you can create a new website in Launchrock simply and easily. The setup wizard lets you choose whether you launch a service, product, event, or mobile app. Plus, you can add a name and choose a template for it. However, it seems you will need to add a custom block of code if you need to insert anything more complicated. This is quite annoying, but you can remove it by upgrading to a more advanced version.

You can experience the free plan that Launchrock offers, however, they do not list any information on their pricing page about what is included. I tried the free version experience and didn’t find anything restricted except for the missing content blocks that I mentioned. Launchrock even allows me to connect a custom domain to my website and track analytics, which most landing page builders don’t provide.

In my opinion, Launchrock is a good candidate if you are looking to build a simple landing page with a tight schedule. Although some other options will be a little easier to use.

5. Landbot


Landbot, a service that creates landing pages based on chatbots. They place their product in the center of the landing page. Visitors are welcomed by a friendly bot, with emoticons and GIFs. This chatbot encourages them to provide information in the chat format, instead of through a traditional form.

Landbot uses chatbots to guide you to create just in a blink of an eye account. It allows you to choose between Elegant or Casual styles for your landing page and customize the colors to meet your requirement. Once you’ve created your page, you can get the link to share or embed your chatbot on an existing site for direct access to the site. Furthermore, you can use the drag and drop builder to arrange blocks and send messages or remind customers to visit with questions. In particular, emails from potential customers are automatically collected.

With the free version that Landbot offers, you have up to 30 blocks in each bot and 100 conversations per month. In addition, you can integrate Zapier to automatically add leads to your existing CRM or email service provider. Plus, Google Analytics is also a useful feature that can be integrated to track the success of your landing page.

To upgrade to a premium plan, you need to start from € 30 per month and unlock unlimited chat and additional integration. In particular, in this package, the brand Landbot will be removed from your site if you want. Landbot is truly an awesome option for you to learn more about your audience and give them a better experience.

6. Landen


Landen is a good choice for starters who want to create a landing page or website in a hurry. To ensure fast speed, Landen provides a step-by-step landing page questionnaire. Furthermore, this helps you create a page that matches your preference. Landen allows you to choose to create a campaign landing page (to collect potential customers), an idea validation landing page (for fully existing items that don’t yet fully exist), or a full website. In particular, this powerful tool will suggest content blocks you should add to improve efficiency.

You can easily edit the style and content of the pre-designed block option component by clicking on each component. For the free version, the templates provided will be limited. However, they bring you flexible enough to make your design unique and eye-catching, also look amazing on every device.

The free version of Landen will be the best suit for those who have an upcoming product or service. It helps users to create interesting and professional Upcoming Sites. In particular, it can collect user emails and allow you to export them manually from within the Landen app.

With the free plan, you won’t experience integration with your email service provider. However, you can start with the cheapest Startup package for $ 29 per month. You will be able to remove brand Landen from your pages, enable custom exemptions, and unlock email integration.

Generally, despite some limitations in the free package, Landen is still a strong candidate for you to launch new services or products.

7. Google Sites

Google Sites
Google Sites

Actually, Google Sites does not belong to this list. In terms of technology, it is not a landing page builder. However, with the interface that Google Sites has recently updated, it turns out to be one of the greatest ways to set up lead generation landing pages. Plus, it’s totally free.

You can take advantage of Google Sites to create landing pages quickly. In particular, it allows you to collaborate with other Google users to design landing pages and quickly embed maps, calendars, spreadsheets, and other design elements.

Once your landing page is completed, you can publish it completely for free if you use G Suite for your business. Furthermore, you are allowed to associate your custom domain name.

The only downside of Google Sites is the lack of familiar features from other landing page builders. For example, a variety of integrations, templates, and other tools are not available (although you can solve some barriers by integrating Zapier of Google Forms). However, if you only need a quick way to generate leads, Google Sites is a tool you can’t ignore.

8. ConvertFlow


Besides the same features as the other landing page builders on this list, ConvertFlow stands out with a few useful and smart additions. It provides you an extremely easy to use and powerful landing page editor.

In particular, you can take advantage of many landing page templates that ConvertFlow provides. Each template has a unique design to suit different needs. You can embed your form on other websites. Or else, host the landing page directly on their platform. You can style and edit content with just one click. Furthermore, you can customize the view on different devices to ensure your landing page is responsive.

Typically, users will have to fill out long email forms. However, with ConvertFlow, you only need to split the samples into the first two pages with easy-to-answer questions and the second page with the remaining sample fields. Thanks to this, users will feel more comfortable without having to experience long forms. This leads to more subscribers.

In the free version, ConvertFlow limits the number of unique site visitors per month to 500. You can exceed this limit quickly if your business grows. In this case, you have to upgrade to their cheapest paid plan, starting at $ 39 per month. Similar to other builders, when you use a paid plan, custom domains are unlocked and you can remove ConvertFlow’s brand from your landing page. With helpful features and clever additions, this landing page builder is definitely hard to go past.

9. Grapedrop


Grapedrop is believed to be a unique landing page builder because of its most flexible feature sets and powerful editor.

Grapedrop offers many responsive and eye-catching landing page designs. With this amazing builder, you have complete control over the page design. After you have chosen the right template, you can take advantage of the editor with options ranging from distance to CSS transition with options to customize every element practically. Because it is very flexible, it can be a little harder to use than other tools. However, Grapedrop provides templates that help you get started easily and quickly. In particular, to find stock photos for your design, you can search Unsplash directly. Especially, all models look awesome on mobile devices.

The common drawbacks of most landing page builders also appear at Grapedrop. Therefore, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan to take full advantage. You can eliminate most of those restrictions for as little as $ 4.90 per month with the Basic plan.

If you’re looking for a powerful tool that allows you to adjust each pixel in your landing page design, Grapedrop is the answer.

10. Readymag


With Readymag, you get more than just a free landing page builder. You can create a landing page easily with a few taps. Readymag’s target audience is people with little experience in designing websites and online business owners. Therefore, everything is adjusted to match these objects to ensure the best experience.

You need to register for an account to get detailed instructions on how to use this tool and landing page design process. You are provided with more than two dozen cool and new templates. In particular, you can take advantage of custom fonts from the integrated Adobe Typekit to create unique landing pages.

Readymag offers 10 spacious pages for you with the free package. This is quite a lot to launch landing pages for your next project. In case you want to experience more advanced features like integrating Google Analytics or adding a custom domain, you’ll need to upgrade to the Creator package for $16 per month.

Who should use a landing page builder?

Although a landing page builder has many benefits, not everyone needs it. What you need to consider when running a business is to spend money wisely. Therefore, if a landing page tool is not necessary, you may not need to spend money or effort to use it. To help you consider and make a decision, here’s the content about who should use a landing page builder.

Who should use a landing page builder?
Who should use a landing page builder?

Business people selling ticket items higher than $ 1,000

Are you selling something expensive like consulting services? If so, does it require a lot of testimonials, proofs, and feature explanations? This is when you need to consider landing page software. Because your site will need to display a lot of content, so your homepage will be super long. This creates a non-intuitive look for your website and creates a bad user experience. If you are selling high ticket items, it would be better to make the sales page look really strong. In particular, with a landing page tool, you can take advantage of A/B testing to maximize performance on your site.

Marketers and entrepreneurs run performance marketing campaigns

If you are running Google Ads or Facebook Ads, you need a landing page builder. Thanks to it, you can reduce your acquisition costs down to a profitable figure and run a quick test.

Entrepreneurs, marketers and product managers who love A/B test

Usually, tools that provide A / B testing for enterprises like Optimizely are super expensive. Therefore, if you want to value propositions, test calls-to-action, or modern features, a landing page builder is the cheapest option.

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When it comes to online advertising and marketing, landing pages are often used to assess the mood of the target audience as well as to promote a certain product or service. Therefore, owning a good landing page builder can be extremely convenient in promoting products and services on the internet, simply because it takes away the landing page’s problems. From creation to publication to analysis and tracking, an ideal builder manages it all.

These are the best landing page builders that Avado has compiled and analyzed the good and bad points of each. Besides, there are available paid and free types so you can choose a landing page builder that best suits your website.

If you are planning to set up a landing page for your next advertising campaign, don’t hesitate to download one of these.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.