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Avada Rebranding: Reveals Our New Logo and Brand Identity

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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December 2022 marks the milestone when Avada unveiled our brand refresh and got a new identity. With a more substantial commitment to making eCommerce better, Avada has rebranded our logo and changed our visual assets with a fresh new modern look.

With this first significant rebranding, Avada continues our mission to help millions of online businesses increase their revenue while establishing our ambition to be a leading eCommerce solution supplier.

About Avada

Since our inception in 2014, Avada has been one of the top Shopify partners, with the mission to develop new apps to solve business problems and help our customers grow revenues. Over 70 thousand happy customers have praised our product’s responsive, secure, and individualized technical assistance.

Customer satisfaction is Avada’s overarching objective and is achieved through a committed team that makes up Avada. With that in mind, throughout our 8 years in the eCommerce industry, we have seamlessly innovated products to maximize their efficacy and provide consumers with service that meets the 5-star level. Stay updated with the latest technologies we ceaselessly learn and develop ourselves to catch up with the digital world.

Since then, we have grown, and this is the time for Avada to update our professional profile. Our brand’s visual identity, including our logo, has been modified to better represent who we are right now and our exciting future.

Avada Rebranding - A fresh new modern look

The multi-cloud brand mark of Avada, which appeared in front of the work mark “avada” in the company’s previous primary logo, has served as its illustrative mark for the last eight years. This is consistent with Avada’s dedication to our purpose and core principles.

However, as we recognize the values and significance of a strong brand image, Avada has decided to begin a makeover of the brand identity and adopt a new style. Our brand’s new look unifies our team and products into a unique mark that communicates trust and refinement in a fun, spirited manner. We have picked a new logo and visual asset that are cutting-edge, feature essential components that communicate our objective and are faithful to our well-established reputation.

We drew inspiration for the Avada brand emblem from the picture of the spotlight on the stage or during significant events. To effectively communicate our message, we made major changes to our font and its size. At Avada, we work hard and are dedicated to providing our clients with solid service while seamlessly creating solutions to address challenges in the eCommerce industry.

The brandmark and wordmark are the two key elements that make up Avada’s signature. Avada’s brandmark, embodying our brand personality, is adaptable in usage and crucial to raising brand recognition. The stylized, colorful spotlight that makes up the Avada brandmark has been combined to create a brand-new, distinctive symbol. The wordmark “avada” is instantly recognizable and delivers information about the brand’s name clearly and flexibly. It is written in lowercase with an improved font and blue color, re-establishing a new sense of the bright future with a modern and friendly look to the brand.

Navy blue, Cerulean, Bittersweet, Cherokee, White, and Deep black are the six hues used in the logo, which combine to create the impression of a stylized spotlight and create a fresh and distinctive emblem. This resurrected brand is simple to recognize while yet emphasizing modernity.

New visual assets

Along with the new logo, a set of typefaces, color schemes, and palettes is also completely updated to better match the orientation and industry. These significant changes will be shown on Avada’s Shopify apps, our websites, social media sites, and anywhere our brand appears.

The psychological effects of color on customers’ moods are crucial in audience recognition. Accordingly, a color palette system including a primary color palette, secondary color palette, and complementary colors has been carefully selected to match the brand spirit and ensure attractiveness to customers and partners. There are also modifications to the primary font and visual system to fit the brand personality and culture. Now that we have rebranded, it is clear from looking at it what Avada is, dispelling any uncertainty that may have been among other company models.

What changed? What stays?

With this new breath of fresh air, Avada hopes to communicate our identity, mission, and principles we uphold to our staff members, clients, and partners around the world. The visual design unveiled today serves as a platform for more effectively communicating the functions of the product. As we embarked on refreshing Avada’s look, we wanted it to represent the things that matter most to us as a company: Offering the best eCommerce solutions and helping our customers grow their revenues.

Our core values and mission remain the same, despite the fact that Avada has undergone a significant brand makeover. Behind the new look, we remain the same organization and staff, committed to giving our customers the most innovative products and services. The same fantastic crew, same fantastic service, same fantastic products, our logo, and brand identity are the only things that have altered. The same level of professionalism you have come to expect will continue to be offered, or even better, as part of our rebranding efforts. As we continue to innovate and improve our products to keep up with the digital world, we will have the capacity to provide our consumers with greater value.

The characteristics that made us who we are are still there in Avada, but we will continue to advance. We are proud to present a better-looking Avada but also remain a dedicated friend and trustworthy companion to our loyal customers and business partners.

Our website, social media accounts, and other platforms will all continue to fully feature Avada’s updated brand identity. We will keep working to ensure that Avada has a consistent new appearance everywhere we go and that our clients are aware of these changes. We hope you love our new brand identity and are as excited as we are!

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Avada SEO Suite ultimate checklist

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Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.