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AVADA & Langshop: Partnership Announcement

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Sam Thomas Updated: October 01, 2023


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AVADA is excited to inform that Langshop has become our partner. Langshop is a privately-owned technology company focusing on eCommerce solutions, especially providing the best translation solution for Shopify stores. Following the common mission, we are trying our best to help our clients grow their business every day.

What is this partnership for?

Collaborating with Langshop, we want to bring more opportunities and innovative solutions for online merchants to grow their online business. Mageplaza and Langshop are all dedicated to the E-commerce community’s benefits by contributing optimal and straightforward solutions with customer-centric support. Also, through the partnership, both Mageplaza and Langshop mutually benefit by exchanging experiences and innovative solutions related to Shopify and many other fields to improve each other’s products and services.

Starting the partnership, we integrate Langshop to PDF Invoice app. After the integration, users can easily translate PDF Invoice app content to their desired language. Amazingly, 241 languages for translation are supported!

Get to know Langshop


Lanshop is one of the well-known translation solution providers in Shopify. Langshop has proven its capabilities to help online businesses use other apps conveniently and reach their business target. The delicate support team and customer service are willing to help customers make their products’ best use. There are more than 2000 operations working with LangShop. That is really impressive!

Outstanding products and services

Langshop app: provides several types of content translation:

  • Auto translation
  • Manual editing and translation
  • Pro translation
  • Agency translation
  • Note, that you can translate ALL types of the content including checkout, notifications, navigation, 3rd-party apps content, etc.
  • LangShop provides 241 languages and 80+ currencies for its users.

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AVADA Commerce
AVADA Commerce

Being established in 6/2019, AVADA COMMERCE is one of the leading e-commerce solution providers specializing in providing saas solutions to enhance online merchant operations worldwide. Recently, AVADA has launched various apps with stunning features and leading-edge technologies for their growing customers. Being proud to be a trusted app provider for thousands of online stores on multiple platforms, AVADA offers many a wide range of free apps and a valuable source of eCommerce knowledge.

Outstanding products and services

AVADA provides apps covering a wide variety of fields

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Look forward to our next projects!

We’ll take this opportunity to add more value to what we deliver to customers and contribute more to the Shopify community. We’re glad if our customers become a part of this partnership and anticipate our AVADA and Langshop future projects.

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