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Shopify Atlantic Theme Review: Features, Pricing & Supports

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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With hundreds of themes available in the Shopify theme store, selecting your first Shopify theme or switching to another can be a daunting experience if you don’t fully understand the theme design, features, functionalities, pricing, and other options.

AVADA blog’s mission is to make eCommerce better for everyone, and to this day, we’ve helped thousands of Shopify merchants turn what into a full-scale and successful business. A part of our mission is to ensure you can find the best Shopify themes available, which allows your store to be aesthetically attractive and have the best look to attract more buyers.

All Shopify themes come with an extensive list of modifications that you can make without knowing about coding. However, getting familiar with a theme is never easy—especially when you’re already busy building an eCommerce empire.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a complete review of one of the most popular Shopify themes - the Atlantic theme for Shopify, including key features, setup, performance, customization, pricing, and advanced functionalities options. Let’s see if Atlantic is the right theme for your Shopify store.

What is the Atlantic theme?

What is the Atlantic theme?
What is the Atlantic theme?

The Atlantic theme is a classic Shopify theme built by Pixel Union that has stood the test of time. With this flexible theme, you can build your business and help the store grow thanks to visitors’ aesthetic design and convenience.

On the Shopify theme store, the Atlantic theme has 174 reviews, out of which 168 reviews are positive and only 5 of them are negative. On the official theme site on the Pixel Union website, the theme has 74 reviews, which are mostly positive.

Despite being a several-year-old theme, the Atlantic theme for Shopify still has constant updates. The last update for the theme was in February 2021, which means just last month.

Many Shopify stores have trusted the Atlantic theme to have the best designs for their stores, such as Tomorrow’s Concrete, MANDRN, Nakin Skincare, Vintouch Italy, and many more.

On the Shopify store theme, users can find four versions of the Atlantic theme; all included for just a one-time purchase:

  • Organic
  • Light
  • Modern
  • Chic

Each version has a different style for the theme, which can suit a wide range of stores and industries. This makes the Atlantic theme popular among Shopify store owners since people can adjust the theme to match their brand easily.

The Atlantic theme features review

The Atlantic theme features review
The Atlantic theme features review

For any store owners who like a combination of glamour with a minimalist look, the Atlantic theme for Shopify is the option you should indeed check out. This Shopify theme is trendy, powerful, flexible, and highly user-friendly.

It has a striking hero image area and versatile typography for every version, which are sure to grab visitors’ attention. Also, the theme’s revamped collection pages and mega-navigation guide them to the perfect products. Just through a glance, the Atlantic theme can create a strong, wow, and memorable impact on everyone who visits your online store.

Not just that, with the Atlantic theme for Shopify, you can easily add a full-width engaging video, image, or slider to your homepage. The layouts are optimized to display large images, making the Atlantic theme an ideal choice for any brand.

Nevertheless, the distinct look of the Atlantic theme can boost conversions for Shopify stores, which every store owner strives for.

The design and the mesmerizing look of the theme are one thing, but there are other features that come along with the theme that you can put into practice. The Atlantic theme works with a large number of products as well, but keeping things simple while focusing on a few products is more suitable.

The Atlantic theme for Shopify comes with four stunning styles, helping you tailor the look and feel of your online store. On the theme’s page, you can see the demos of the Chic, Modern, Light, and Organic styles in action. It shouldn’t be difficult to set up an eCommerce store with this theme since you have so many variations.

Let’s see the components that make the Atlantic theme an ideal choice for many Shopify stores:

Atlantic Theme Typography

Atlantic Theme Typography

In a competitive eCommerce environment, it is obvious you want your website to be distinctive. Typography is one of the best ways to create that unique look for your store.

The font combinations you choose can create a lasting impact on your visitors. Typography considerably influences how consumers perceive your website. It also helps build a visual hierarchy of your store that ensures the user’s reading experience as well as walking through the site as your intention.

Understanding this importance of typography, the Atlantic theme comes with many hand-picked fonts for your store. You can change fonts for your website’s body, heading, and accent text.

The blogging functionality of the Atlantic theme gives you the flexibility to choose and display your latest blog posts right on the homepage. You can also easily include the latest content from your Instagram page on Shopify homepage, giving you a convenient way to share your brand’s activities with visitors.

Atlantic Theme Homepage

Atlantic Theme Homepage
Atlantic Theme Homepage

The hero image or slider plays an important role to convey the first impression with your visitors. Each style of the Atlantic theme does this very well by displaying the large image clearly and combining it with efficient buttons and texts.

After the hero image, the Atlantic theme includes some featured products, a short introduction for the brand, a blog section, a social media section, a newsletter section, a social proof section, and a footer section for essential company information.

Of course, you can customize these elements to perfect the look and feel of your online store. With all the features, the homepage of the Atlantic theme gives a clear overview of your brand and conveys information that can turn visitors into customers.

Another notable element that can be added to your homepage with the Atlantic theme for Shopify is the featured products grid that displays product links, images, and prices from your items in the catalog. Right from the homepage, your visitors can add a product to the cart, which is extremely convenient.

Atlantic Theme Header

Atlantic Theme Header
Atlantic Theme Header

Being one of the most favorite Shopify themes made by Pixel Union, the Atlantic theme is designed to serve many visitors. A necessary feature that helps visitors navigate through your online store is the header, which appears on every page of your website.

Mega menus (an upgrade version of your drop-down menus) of the Atlantic are a popular feature for your header that you can use on the Shopify store. You can easily encourage your visitors to check out more of your products and website content by using this feature.

Besides, the Shopify Atlantic theme’s header includes a customizable live search function so visitors can quickly search for products as well.

The Shopify theme Atlantic also helps you reach out to visitors without complex coding by providing social icons that allow shoppers to connect on channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. You can include these social icons in the footer section, along with the refund policy, About us, and shipping policy, as all of this is essential for shoppers to understand your business.

Atlantic Theme Product page

Atlantic Theme Product page
Atlantic Theme Product page

The product pages are an essential part of the conversion process, helping visitors quickly view the items and checkout.

On the browsing pages, you can enable the quick shop feature, which helps streamline the process of adding a product to the shopping cart and let customers buy more in less time. This feature makes the Atlantic theme for Shopify one of the best-converting themes.

The theme also features many tools to help customers during their shopping experience. These include the mini cart, the rolling meganav, the sumptuous product pages, the quick-shop feature, and many others.

Atlantic Theme Product page
Atlantic Theme Product page

The main product pages are much like other Shopify themes, which show product images in an elegant way and let you show price, size, quantity, description, size guide, buy buttons, and more to create a seamless shopping experience. As shown in the image above, you can email the seller and share the product as well.

Atlantic Theme Product page
Atlantic Theme Product page

When scrolling down, buyers will find a cross-sell product section, which recommends items that the buyer may also like. This feature of the Atlantic theme helps increase the average order value of a customer and the overall revenue.

Atlantic Theme Speed

One of the most negative influences on the conversion rate is slow site speed.

Auditing the Atlantic theme for Shopify shows that it has the 8th ranking for speed among other Shopify Themes. Therefore, your audience should get a super-fast loading experience if you install the Atlantic Shopify theme.

Besides, the Shopify Atlantic theme examples also show that modifications can be done to suit a mobile device. It readjusts the site’s navigation panels, font size, and photo size to suit your customer’s electronics.

Atlantic Theme SEO

Shopify Atlantic theme is a great way to set up your store with a simple theme that has covered all the basics for most online stores. On the Atlantic theme’s product page, you can make adjustments if you think any customization is necessary to optimize the performance. You can change your online store’s logo size, color scheme, fonts, and many parts of your webpage to suit your needs.

If you are in a competitive business environment, Search engine optimization is vital for your business. A simple search query by consumers should show your website among the top results, and they can visit your store. The Atlantic theme allows you to make all the necessary modifications to optimize your website for higher rankings.

Also, the Atlantic theme’s incredible visuals and neat organization ensure that your customers would be satisfied with your products and services. This increases the retention rate of your website, which also positively influences SEO rankings.

The Atlantic theme’s pricing

For four styles, the Atlantic theme’s pricing is $180.00 USD, which is highly affordable for any eCommerce business. Of course, before purchasing, you would need to have a Shopify store of your own.

If you’ve found the Atlantic theme suitable for your store among all Shopify themes available, all you gotta do is buy the theme and apply it to your store quickly within the admin homepage.

The Atlantic theme’s support

The Atlantic theme's support
The Atlantic theme's support

When installing the Atlantic theme for Shopify, you receive full support from Pixel Union Help Center - which provides all the necessary knowledge in their knowledge center. You can browse theme topics and see if your problem already has an answer.

Also, you can join The Merchant Collective community - which is a place for Shopify merchants to show support for each other’s stores and share many helpful resources,

If you still can’t find the answer to your question, you can submit a support request to Pixel Union, whose technical support is available Monday to Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM Pacific Time. However, be aware that they don’t support 3rd-party apps and custom code, nor do they offer support for modification after purchasing.

If you want to customize your Atlantic theme as a project, you can contact the agency team of Pixel Union to build a new online experience that your customers would love.


The Atlantic theme is a perfect pick for Shopify store owners who want to have great visuals that improve their conversion rate. The theme allows Shopify merchants to upload quality pictures, customize features, and create a shopping experience that is essential for their success.

Suppose you have chosen the Atlantic theme for your Shopify store. In that case, you can add more features for your store with AVADA’s apps - which extend the functionality of your eCommerce business in email marketing, social proof, SEO, and more.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.