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Are you looking for BigCommerce Impact App Reviews or Alternatives? You are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss about Impact reviews, rating, price and its alternatives. Impact app has been developed by Impact with rating: 1.0/5 based on 1.0 reviews. Impact price starts 0.

Impact is an integration of leading solutions to stop ad fraud, enable more confident decisions through media measurement, attribution, and mix ... . read more.

Impact Information

  • Price: 0
  • Rating: 1 - 1.0 / 5
  • Vendor: Impact

Features of Impact

  • Discover global partners and recruit them with automated nurture campaigns
  • Create contracts and pay partners automatically
  • Track partners’ traffic on all your properties, across any device
  • Keep your partners engaged and measure their performance
  • Purge flawed and traffic abnormalities, spend to legitimate partners only

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About Impact

Impact is an integration of leading solutions to stop ad fraud, enable more confident decisions through media measurement, attribution, and mix optimization, and create new performance partnerships, including with influencers and strategic partners.

Impact lets businesses browse a rich partner universe and discover perfectly aligned partners and recruit them with automated nurture campaigns. All of your outreach is automatically tracked as well, so you can save time finding partners while ensuring optimal collaboration. Then contract newcomers and negotiate payout terms to credit them for the incremental value they drive, Impact will automatically settle payments in 70+ currencies. Impact’s Participation Bonuses reward all contributions. You can compensate upper-funnel partners for their contributions, without taking away another partner’s well-earned prize. With Impact, you can accurately track partners across web and app properties and attribute performance, no matter how many devices customers use. You can either plug into Impact APIs, or add its universal tracking tag to your site’s header, then tracking conversions, credit app installing, and identifying users across their devices is never easier. Impact’s cross-device identity graph figures out which devices belong to the same user and links them to help you see the whole picture of your consumers’ behaviors and your partners’ participation. Our proactive messaging and automated workflows keep your partners informed and engaged so that they can get productive quickly. You can drive awareness and revenue with consistent, scaled partner marketing about new products, creative, and incentives. Impact helps you fortify your partnerships by purging affiliate fraud, influencer fraud, and traffic abnormalities, cutting out invalid traffic, and reinvesting in high-quality partnerships. It also monitors that all your partners comply with your guidelines by leveraging layered detection methods to find and flag suspicious sources.

With Impact, you can put your partnership discovery and nurturing process on autopilot, while still seeing the positive incremental results. Impact is really transforming the way enterprises manage and optimize all types of partnerships.