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A Comprehensive Look At YouTube’s User Statistics

Last updated: September 12, 2023
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In this comprehensive blog post, we delve deep into YouTube’s user statistics, shedding light on how many people have made YouTube a part of their daily lives.

Youtube Key Statistics

Youtube Key Statistics
  • Launched in 2005, YouTube boasts a jaw-dropping 2.70 billion active users in 2023.
  • YouTube Premium, the premium subscription service, has attracted a substantial user base of 80 million subscribers in 2023. These users relish an ad-free experience, exclusive content, and the added benefit of YouTube Music.
  • 52% of Internet Users Access YouTube Monthly
  • Advertising remains a cornerstone of YouTube’s revenue model. In 2023, the platform has amassed a staggering $14.358 billion through advertising alone.
  • India leads with 467 million YouTube users, followed by the USA with 247 million.
  • Males represent 53.9% of YouTube users, while females account for 46.1%.
  • T-Series, an Indian label, has the most subscribers on YouTube, totaling 247 million.
  • Mr. Beast topped the 2022 earnings chart for YouTubers with $54 million.
  • Most YouTube users fall in the 25-34 age bracket.
  • YouTube removed the dislike button in 2021.
  • YouTube’s 2018 Rewind video held the record for the most dislikes at 20.8 million before the button’s removal.

In-depth YouTube Statistics

YouTube Monthly Active Users

As of 2023, YouTube boasts an astounding 2.70 billion Monthly Active Users.

This figure is a testament to the platform’s universal appeal and its status as an integral part of the online lives of billions. Let’s break down this statistic further:

YouTube’s journey from its inception in 2005, when it had a mere 200 million users, to its current 2.70 billion MAUs showcases its remarkable evolution. Year after year, it has continued to expand its user base, making it a global phenomenon. 

Here is a table showing the growth in YouTube’s monthly active users from 2010 to 2023:

YearMonthly Active Users
2010200 million
2011500 million
2012700 million
20131 billion
20141.1 billion
20151.3 billion
20161.5 billion
20171.6 billion
20181.8 billion
20192 billion
20202.3 billion
20212.5 billion
20222.68 billion
20232.70 billion

YouTube Daily Active Users

YouTube Daily Active Users

YouTube has over 122 million daily active users (DAUs) as of 2023. This means that over 122 million people visit YouTube every day to watch videos, upload videos, or create content.

The number of YouTube’s daily active users (DAUs) has been growing steadily over the years. In 2010, there were only 4 million DAUs. By 2023, this number has grown to over 122 million.

The United States plays a significant role. Approximately 62% of YouTube users in the U.S.A. access the platform daily, equating to a staggering 153.14 million people.

Daily users consume an astonishing 1 billion hours of videos on YouTube daily. 

Content creators contribute to YouTube’s dynamic ecosystem by uploading 500 hours of video content every minute. This continuous stream of fresh content ensures that there’s always something new and engaging for daily users to discover.

YouTube Users Statistics

By Country

YouTube Users Statistics

India has the most YouTube users, boasting a staggering 467 million users. This impressive number underscores YouTube’s immense popularity in the Indian subcontinent, where it is a primary source of entertainment, education, and information.

In second place, the United States stands tall with 247 million YouTube users. The country’s significant user base reflects YouTube’s widespread adoption in a mature digital market.

Beyond these two giants, YouTube’s global reach extends to numerous countries. Other countries with a large number of YouTube users include:

  • Indonesia (190 million)
  • Brazil (150 million)
  • Russia (110 million)
  • China (100 million)
  • Japan (75 million)
  • Mexico (65 million)
  • Germany (55 million)
  • United Kingdom (50 million)

YouTube is currently prohibited in six countries:

  • China (though it’s accessible in Hong Kong and Macau)
  • Eritrea
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Turkmenistan
  • South Sudan

Despite the ongoing Russia-Ukraine War, YouTube remains accessible in Russia.

By Device

Mobile devices account for the majority of YouTube views, with 87.7% of all views coming from mobile devices. The most popular mobile devices for watching YouTube are smartphones and tablets.

By Gender and Age

YouTube users are more likely to be male than female. According to Statista, 53.9% of YouTube users are male, while 46.1% are female. Most YouTube users are also young adults, with 25-34-year-olds the largest age group (20.7%).

Here’s a breakdown of YouTube users by age and gender

Age GroupMaleFemale
18 to 248.5%6%
25 to 3411.6%8.6%
35 to 449%7.5%
45 to 546.2%5.7%
55 to 644.4%4.5%
Above 654.3%5.4%

YouTube Premium Subscribers

YouTube Premium Subscribers

YouTube Premium, formerly known as YouTube Red, underwent a rebranding in 2018. This transformation aimed to offer users more than just an ad-free experience, expanding into the realm of music with access to YouTube Music.

As of 2023, there are over 80 million YouTube Premium subscribers worldwide. This number is growing rapidly and is expected to reach 128 million by 2023.

One of the primary benefits of YouTube Premium is the freedom from advertisements that interrupt the viewing experience. This feature allows users to enjoy content seamlessly, uninterrupted by commercials.

The number of YouTube premium users is as follows:

YearNumber Of YouTube Premium Subscribers
20151.5 million
20163 million
20172.8 million
201810 million
201918 million
202030 million
202150 million
202280 million

YouTube Revenue Statistics 

Over the past four years, YouTube’s revenue has grown by more than 30%.

In the first half of 2023 alone, YouTube reported a revenue of $14.358 billion.

In 2021, the platform brought in $28.8 billion, marking a 46% rise from the 2020 revenue figures.

Here’s a summary of YouTube’s annual revenue from 2010 to 2023:

2010$800 million
2011$1.3 billion
2012$1.7 billion
2013$3.1 billion
2014$4.2 billion
2015$5.5 billion
2016$6.7 billion
2017$8.1 billion
2018$11.1 billion
2019$15.1 billion
2020$19.7 billion
2021$28.8 billion
2022$29.24 billion
2023 (As of Q2)$14.358 billion

Youtube In-app Purchase Revenue By Region

In June 2023, the United States led in YouTube in-app purchase revenue, earning over $35 million from mobile devices. Japan came in second with $20.31 million, followed by South Korea at $8.65 million.

Here’s a representation of the countries leading in YouTube in-app purchases for 2023:

CountryYoutube IAP Revenue
United States$35.3
South Korea$8.65
United Kingdom$2.45

YouTube’s Rank Among Social Media

YouTube is the world’s second most popular social media platform after Facebook. As of January 2023, YouTube has over 2.7 billion monthly active users. YouTube is a video-sharing platform, while other social media platforms are primarily text-based.

Here is a ranking of the top 10 social media platforms in the world by number of active users:

  • Facebook: 2.96 billion
  • YouTube: 2.7 billion
  • Instagram: 2.3 billion
  • WhatsApp: 2 billion
  • WeChat: 1.67 billion
  • TikTok: 1 billion
  • Snapchat: 750 million
  • Douyin: 715 million
  • Sina Weibo: 573 million
  • Twitter: 406 million

YouTube Usage Statistics

In 2023, YouTube continues to cater to a diverse range of devices, each offering unique advantages to users:

By Device

  • Mobile: YouTube’s usage on mobile devices remains a prominent feature of its user engagement. An astonishing 87.7% of all YouTube views come from mobile devices. This dominance highlights the platform’s mobile-friendly design and its alignment with the preferences of today’s on-the-go digital consumers.
  • Desktop: Desktop computers account for 12.3% of YouTube views.
  • Smart TVs: YouTube’s accessibility extends beyond mobile devices. In a testament to its adaptability, more than 450 million hours of content are viewed on Smart TVs. This statistic underscores the platform’s versatility, as users can seamlessly transition from watching on their mobile phones to enjoying content on a larger screen in the comfort of their homes.
  • Game consoles: Game consoles account for 0.2% of YouTube views.
  • Other devices: Other devices, such as streaming devices and Blu-ray players, account for the remaining 0.1% of YouTube views.

YouTube’s Android app, in particular, has witnessed immense popularity, with more than 10 billion downloads to date. This mobile app’s ubiquity enhances users’ ability to access content conveniently, reinforcing YouTube’s status as a go-to source for entertainment and information on the go.

Here are some other interesting YouTube usage statistics by device:

  • The average YouTube user watches 1 hour and 22 minutes daily on their mobile device.
  • The average YouTube user watches 42 minutes of video on their desktop computer daily.
  • The average YouTube user watches 10 minutes of video on their smart TV daily.
  • The average YouTube user watches 5 minutes of video on their game console daily.

YouTube Penetration Statistics

In 2023, the Netherlands leads in YouTube penetration, boasting a rate of 94.9%. Despite India and the USA having the highest number of YouTube users, their penetration rates are comparatively lower. India’s YouTube penetration is 37%, and the USA’s is 79.3%. Globally, YouTube’s penetration rate is 37.6%.

YouTube’s Penetration Rate is as follows:

CountryYouTube Penetration Rate
South Korea94%
New Zealand93.8%
United Kingdom92.1%
Saudi Arabia90.5%

YouTube Shorts Statistics

YouTube Shorts Statistics

YouTube Shorts, introduced as a competitor to platforms like TikTok, has quickly made its mark in the world of short-form video content. In 2023, YouTube Shorts statistics underscore its rapid growth and the enthusiastic response it has received from users and content creators:

  • Launch and Expansion: YouTube Shorts was initially launched in India and later rolled out to the United States and 26 other nations. This strategic approach allowed YouTube to test and refine the platform before expanding its availability.
  • 50 Billion Daily Views: One of the most remarkable achievements of YouTube Shorts in 2023 is the platform surpassing 50 billion daily views. This impressive milestone highlights the platform’s popularity and its ability to capture users’ attention with bite-sized, engaging content.
  • Content-Length Variation: YouTube Shorts initially allowed users to create videos with a maximum duration of 15 seconds. However, as it expanded globally, this time limit was extended to 60 seconds. This flexibility accommodates a wider range of creative possibilities for content creators.
  • A Generous Investment: To encourage content creation on YouTube Shorts, the platform announced a $100 million fund dedicated to Shorts creators. This fund served as an incentive for creators to produce high-quality, engaging short-form videos.

YouTube Channel Statistics

YouTube Channel Statistics

YouTube is a platform for user-generated content and is home to numerous channels that have 

achieved immense success in terms of subscribers and revenue. 

Top YouTube Channels With The Most Subscribers

In 2023, there are more than 51 million channels on YouTube. 

T-series leads as the channel with the most subscribers, totaling 217 million. When considering individual YouTubers, PewDiePie stands out with an impressive 111 million subscribers. 

Within the entertainment sector, SET India reigns supreme with 133 million subscribers. Among music artist channels, the K-pop group Blackpink is at the forefront, boasting 74.2 million subscribers.

This table shows you the most followed YouTube Channels as of 2023:

ChannelLink to their YouTube ChannelSubscribers
T-SeriesYouTube Channel Link247 million
MrBeastYouTube Channel Link176 million
Cocomelon Nursery RhymesYouTube Channel Link163 million
SET IndiaYouTube Channel Link161 million
Kids Diana ShowYouTube Channel Link113 million
PewDiePieYouTube Channel Link111 million
Like NastyaYouTube Channel Link106 million
Vlad and NikiYouTube Channel Link100 million
Zee Music CompanyYouTube Channel Link98.1 million
W.W.E.YouTube Channel Link96.7 million
BlackpinkYouTube Channel Link90.7 million
Goldmines Telefilms Pvt LtdYouTube Channel Link88 million
Sony SABYouTube Channel Link84.3 million
5-Minute CraftsYouTube Channel Link80.2 million
BANGTANTVYouTube Channel Link76.1 million
HYBE LABELSYouTube Channel Link72.3 million
Justin BieberYouTube Channel Link71.7 million
Zee TVYouTube Channel Link71.5 million
PinkfongYouTube Channel Link68.9 million
Canal KondZillaYouTube Channel Link66.6 million

Top Youtubers With The Most Revenue

  1. Mr. Beast: Mr. Beast’s impressive content not only attracts subscribers but also generates substantial revenue. In 2022, he earned a staggering $54 million, solidifying his position as the highest-earning YouTuber.
  2. Jake Paul: Jake Paul, known for his boxing matches and engaging content, earned a notable $45 million in 2022. His ventures beyond YouTube have contributed significantly to his earnings.
  3. Markiplier: Markiplier, a popular gaming content creator, earned $38 million in 2022. His engaging and often humorous gameplay videos have resonated with millions of viewers.
  4. Rhett and Link: Rhett and Link, the creators of the popular show “Good Mythical Morning,” earned $30 million in 2022. Their unique blend of humor and creativity has garnered a dedicated fanbase.
  5. Unspeakable: Unspeakable, known for his Minecraft content, earned $28.6 million in 2022. His gaming adventures and challenges continue to attract a substantial audience.

Additional YouTube Facts and Insights

Beyond the core statistics, YouTube boasts a wealth of intriguing facts and insights that shed light on its impact and evolution in 2023:

  • Small Business Utilization: Surprisingly, only 9% of small businesses in the United States utilize YouTube as part of their video marketing strategy. This statistic indicates a significant untapped market for small businesses to leverage YouTube’s vast audience and promotional capabilities.
  • Challenges for Content Creators: Approximately 30% of YouTubers face difficulties in areas such as identifying the ideal time to post, implementing effective YouTube SEO, and finding relevant hashtags. These challenges highlight the platform’s competitive nature of content creation and the need for strategic planning.
  • Video Removal Reasons: YouTube enforces content policies to maintain a safe and engaging environment. 34% of videos removed from YouTube are due to child safety concerns, underlining the platform’s commitment to protecting young viewers. An additional 5% are removed for reasons related to spam, misleading content, or other forms of violations.
  • Anticipated Growth: A remarkable 66% of respondents in a Statista survey anticipate an increase in their YouTube usage. This statistic reflects the platform’s enduring appeal and the likelihood of continued growth in user engagement.

These additional facts and insights provide a deeper understanding of YouTube’s multifaceted presence in the digital landscape. They also underscore the opportunities and challenges content creators, businesses, and users encounter on the platform.

Bottom Line

YouTube’s 2023 user statistics reveal a platform that continues to redefine online video consumption. With billions of users, staggering revenue figures, and a diverse user base, YouTube remains an indispensable part of the digital landscape. As businesses, creators, and users alike continue to flock to YouTube, it’s evident that the platform’s influence will only continue to grow in the years to come. Stay tuned for more updates on YouTube’s ever-evolving landscape.

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