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Hiring Professionals For Website Building: Our Expert Guide

February 20, 2024
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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

Whether launching a new venture or updating your website, hiring a professional can make a significant difference. This post will guide you through this process with all the options, key considerations, and practical tips.

Hiring Professionals For Website Building

Why Should You Seek Help From An Expert To Build Your Website?

Building a website is more than choosing a template selection then adding your content or products, it represents your brand’s digital strategy, serving as the initial point of interaction with users. Here are compelling reasons to seek professional help:

  • Professional Design and Functionality: Experts bring a high level of professionalism to website design, ensuring it’s not only visually appealing but also functional and user-friendly.
  • Customization: Professionals can tailor your website to meet specific business needs and preferences, offering custom solutions that stand out.
  • Technical Expertise: Experts have the technical know-how to implement advanced features, optimize site speed, and ensure your website is secure against potential threats.
  • SEO Optimization: A professional can optimize your website for search engines, improving your online visibility and attracting more traffic.
  • Time-Saving: Building a website can be time-consuming. Hiring an expert frees up your time so you can focus on other important aspects of your business.
  • Future Scalability: An expertly built website can easily be scaled and updated as your business grows, avoiding the need for a complete overhaul later.
  • Support and Maintenance: Professionals offer ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring your website remains up-to-date with the latest web standards and technologies.

Overall, hiring an expert to build your website ensures that it meets professional standards, providing a solid foundation for your online presence and business growth.

Key Considerations Before Hiring A Website Builder Expert

Key Considerations Before Hiring A Website Builder Expert

Before diving into the hiring process, it’s essential to consider these key factors:

Defining Your Website Goals and Objectives

Clearly address the purpose of your website. Are you selling products, providing information, or promoting services? Defining your goals helps in communicating your vision to the website builder.

Identifying Target Audience and User Experience Requirements

Knowing your target audience’s demographics, preferences, and behaviors is key to designing a user-friendly website with an engaging experience. Understanding your audience’s needs enables you to develop a site that offers a positive and intuitive experience, specifically designed for them.

Budget and Project Timeline

Determine how much you’re willing to spend and when you need the website to be completed. Having a clear budget and timeline helps in selecting a professional who can work within your constraints and prevents potential delays or cost overruns.

Hiring Options: Freelancers vs. Agencies

Hiring Options: Freelancers vs. Agencies

Pros And Cons

Pros– Often more cost-effective than agencies.– Comprehensive services from a team of experts.
– Flexible and adaptable to changing project scopes.– Access to a wider range of skills and resources.
– Direct communication with the person working on your project.– Can handle larger projects and deliver a full suite of services.
– Can be more innovative due to diverse experiences.– More structured processes and project management.
Cons– May be juggling multiple clients, affecting availability and focus.– Typically more expensive than hiring freelancers.
– Limited to their skill set and resources.– Communication may go through account managers, not the developers.
– Might not be able to handle large-scale projects single-handedly.– Possible lack of flexibility due to structured processes.
– Risk of project discontinuity if the freelancer is unavailable.– The personal touch might be less compared to a solo freelancer.

When To Hire A Freelancer And When To Hire An Agency

Freelancers are the go-to for smaller, budget-conscious projects needing specialized skills or a personal touch. They are also ideal for projects that can benefit from quick decisions and a singular focus.

On the other hand, agencies offer a full-service solution for more complex, larger-scale projects that demand a comprehensive range of services and a team of experts with varied skill sets. For businesses looking for a one-stop shop to handle all their web development needs with a higher budget, agencies present a robust option.

Where To Find And How To Evaluate Website Builder Candidates

  • Platform’s Expert/Partner Marketplaces: Many website-building platforms offer directories of certified or recommended experts and agencies. These marketplaces are great starting points to find professionals with proven expertise in specific platforms.
  • Platforms like Upwork, LinkedIn, etc.: Freelance platforms such as Upwork and professional networks like LinkedIn are excellent resources for finding website builders. They allow you to search for candidates based on skills, experience, and other criteria.
  • Recommendations from Friends, Partners, etc.: Referrals from your network can be invaluable. Friends, business partners, or industry contacts may recommend website builders they’ve successfully worked with, offering a level of trust and validation.

How to evaluate their expertise:

  • Examine the portfolios of potential candidates to assess the quality and diversity of their previous work. Look for projects similar to your needs.
  • Schedule interviews to discuss your project in detail. Assess their communication skills, responsiveness, and how well they understand your vision.

Tips For Working With Website Building Professionals/ Agencies

Tips For Working With Website Building Professionals or Agencies
  1. Clear Communication: Clearly communicate your goals, expectations, and any specific requirements. Regular communication ensures everyone is on the same page.
  2. Feedback and Collaboration: Provide constructive feedback during the development process. Collaboration between you and the professional leads to a more satisfactory end result.
  3. Agree on Timelines and Milestones: Establish clear timelines and milestones to track the progress of the project. This helps in managing expectations and ensures the project stays on track.
  4. Understand the Contract: Before starting the project, ensure you understand the terms of the contract, including payment schedules, deliverables, and any additional costs.

Bottom Line

Hiring a website-building professional is an investment in the success of your online presence. Whether you choose a freelancer or an agency, the key is to align their expertise with your goals. By carefully considering your needs, thoroughly evaluating candidates, and maintaining open communication, you can navigate the process smoothly and achieve a website that meets your expectations.


The cost of hiring a website designer varies based on factors such as their experience, the complexity of the project, and geographic location. Freelancers may charge per hour or per project, while agencies often have fixed or hourly rates. Website Builder Expert estimates that the cost to design a website is $30 to $80 per hour, while the cost to actually develop the website is $100 to $180 per hour. It's advisable to get quotes and discuss the scope of work before making a decision.

Platforms like Upwork, Toptal, and Fiverr are popular for hiring freelance web designers. Additionally, professional networking sites like LinkedIn and specialized platforms like Dribbble and Behance can be valuable resources for finding experienced designers.

The time required to build a website depends on its complexity, features, and the proficiency of the website builder. Simple websites may take a few weeks, while more complex projects can extend to several months. Clear communication and realistic timelines help in managing expectations.

If you have the technical skills and time to dedicate to learning website design, doing it yourself is a viable option. However, hiring a professional ensures a polished and functional website without the learning curve. Assess your priorities, timeline, and budget before making a decision.

Web designers may use website builders, especially when working with clients who prefer an easy-to-manage platform. However, many web designers also rely on coding to create custom solutions. It ultimately depends on the project requirements and the designer's preferred tools and expertise.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.