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Story Theme Shopify Review: Best Theme For Authentic Storytelling

April 17, 2024
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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

Dive into the distinct world of Story Theme Shopify, enhancing online visibility for physical stores, simplifying setup, and making visual storytelling a breeze.

Key Takeaways

  • Story Theme Shopify amplifies your business’s online presence with its unique emphasis on visually engaging, interactive storytelling.
  • This Shopify theme’s primary focus is on image-centric design and narrative, offering a different and compelling way to showcase your products and brand, especially for physical, quick setup, and visual storytelling stores.

Story Theme Shopify: A Quick Look

Story Theme Shopify revolutionizes online retail with its unique focus on visual storytelling. It’s the ideal choice for brick-and-mortar stores transitioning online, offering an easy setup that saves you from tech-related headaches. The theme uniquely transforms your digital storefront into a vivid narrative, inviting customers into your brand’s distinct journey.

Distinctively, Story Theme Shopify excels in nurturing customer trust. It allows your brand values and commitment to shine through every product listing and customer interaction, as well as the special key features. This theme isn’t just a backdrop for your online store; it’s a different, innovative approach that places your unique brand story at the heart of customer engagement.

Where to Purchase the Story Theme Shopify

You can purchase the Story Theme for Shopify from the Shopify Theme Store. The Story Theme Shopify offers an unlimited free trial, allowing you ample time to customize and fine-tune your unique online storefront

Story Theme’s Pros and Cons


  • Feature-Rich: Story Theme Shopify is packed with a wealth of features that offer considerable flexibility. This allows businesses to adapt the theme to their specific requirements, making it a valuable tool for various sectors.
  • Aesthetic and Professional Design: This theme is commended for its visually appealing design that’s both stylish and professional. Story Theme Shopify’s aesthetic quality adds an extra layer of sophistication to any online storefront.
  • Excellent Support: The support team of Story Theme Shopify has been highly praised for their swift and effective responses. They are proactive in resolving issues and providing valuable advice, which significantly enhances the user experience.
  • Customizability: Story Theme Shopify’s customization options are a standout feature. It offers a variety of templates and unique formatting options, enabling businesses to create a truly personalized online presence.
  • Enhanced Branding: This theme’s design allows for prominent logo placement, enhancing brand visibility. This key makes it easier for businesses to establish their brand identity online.
  • Seamless Integration: Story Theme Shopify smoothly integrates with other apps and extensions. This ensures a streamlined experience for both the store owner and their customers.


  • Upgrade Challenges: Concerns have been raised about Story Theme Shopify’s upgrading process. Some users fear that upgrading to new versions might undo their SEO efforts and impact their site speed.
  • Image Sizing: There’s room for improvement in image manipulation. It’s better for built-in image sizing features within the theme for easier design changes.

Design & Customization

4 Stunning Theme Styles

Bright: Vibrant showcase of positivity

Bright style of Story Theme Shopify infuses your online store with an atmosphere of optimism and vitality. The vibrant color palette combined with strategically placed high-quality images evokes an upbeat vibe that captures your audience’s attention. This cheerful ambiance enhances user interaction, making every visit to your store a delightful experience.


Clean: Simplistic elegance emphasizing products 

Clean style from Story Theme Shopify is a testament to the power of simplicity. This style is all about minimalistic design with plenty of white space, letting your products take center stage. It provides an uncluttered, calm shopping environment that’s easy on the eyes, giving your store a refined, professional look.


Modern: Cutting-edge design for engaging shopping

With the Modern style of this theme, your store takes on a sleek, cutting-edge look that resonates with contemporary shoppers. It leverages the latest design trends to create an engaging, immersive experience. This style uses bold typography and dynamic layouts, transforming your store into a compelling digital platform.


Bold: Visual statement of brand confidence

The bold style of Story Theme Shopify is designed to make a statement. It harnesses strong colors, impactful visuals, and large text to create an arresting presence that’s hard to ignore. This style gives your store a commanding, confident look that’s bound to leave a lasting impression on your customers.


Customization Options

The Story Shopify theme provides Shopify merchants with various customization options to fine-tune their online store.

In the following section, we’ll walk through the steps to modify select elements within the Story theme.

The Story theme provides simple tools to craft a striking and memorable logo for your brand. Here are the steps:

Designing a logo

Step 1: Access theme customization settings from your dashboard.

Step 2: Navigate to the “Logo” section and click on it.

Step 3: You will have various options to modify your logo, including uploading your own image or using the Story Shopify theme’s built-in logo maker.

Step 4: Once you are satisfied with your logo customization, click the “Save” button to apply the changes. Your new logo will now be displayed on your online store.

Fine-tuning the main menu is as straightforward as designing your logo within the Shopify Story theme editor.

Adding menu in the Shopify Story theme

Step 1: Access theme customization settings and navigate to the “Header” section.

Step 2: In the right column. Locate the option for the Main Menu and click on it.

Step 3: You will see the menu already created or you can create a new menu by clicking Create Menu.

Step 4: You will then be redirected to the page to add menu items. From there, you can customize the menu according to your wishes.

Step 5: Once you have made the desired changes, give it a name and click on the “Save” button to update your Main menu. Go back to the theme customization page and select the menu you just created

Key Features of the Story Theme Shopify

Image Zoom: Close-Up Inspection of Products

Image Zoom feature of the Story Theme Shopify is like a magnifying glass for your products. It offers customers an up-close-and-personal view of your items, bringing minute details into sharp focus and making the shopping experience feel almost tactile.


Easier Navigation Across the Board

Powerful Filtering System

Powerful Filtering System

With the Story Shopify theme, navigating your online store becomes effortless, thanks to its advanced filtering system. Rather than navigating through countless options, shoppers can swiftly hone in on what they want, be it a distinct fabric, color, or size.

Advanced Search

The Story theme boasts a smart search that suggests products in real-time as users input queries. Moreover, even with misspellings, its clever algorithm directs shoppers to the intended item.

Ingredients or Nutritional Information: In-depth Product Data Provision

Showcasing transparency, the Ingredients or Nutritional Information feature from Story Theme Shopify provides customers with insightful data about your products. Whether it’s the composition of a beauty product or the nutritional breakdown of a snack, this feature equips customers with vital knowledge before making a purchase.


Stock counter: Encouragement of quick purchase decisions

The Stock Counter feature instills a sense of urgency in shoppers. Displaying the remaining quantity of an item nudges customers to make a prompt decision, thereby potentially accelerating sales.

Recently viewed: Shortcut to past product interests

The Recently Viewed feature from Story Theme Shopify is like a breadcrumb trail of your customers’ browsing history. It offers customers a swift way to revisit items they’ve shown interest in, saving them time and enhancing their shopping experience.

Color Swatches: Interactive selection of color variants

The Color Swatches feature of Story Theme Shopify brings your product’s varied color options to life. It lets customers visualize different color variants of your products, allowing them to select their favorite with confidence and ease.


Enhanced Visual Interaction with Lookbooks


The Shopify Story theme includes a Lookbooks feature that showcases curated product collections in a visually appealing manner. This not only elevates the shopping experience but also guides shoppers towards trending and recommended items.

Trust Building Perk

Details section

The Story Shopify theme includes a built-in Details section that provides shoppers with comprehensive product information, aiding informed purchasing decisions.

This clarity not only boosts the store’s credibility but also reduces potential returns by setting clear expectations.

Seamless Checkout Experience

Cart Notes

Cart Notes

The Story Shopify theme incorporates cart notes at checkout, enabling shoppers to provide specific order-related instructions or comments. This is particularly beneficial for customers with special requests, ensuring their unique needs are communicated and addressed.

Sliding Cart

Sliding cart feature

The Story theme comes with a sliding cart feature that allows shoppers to easily view and edit items in their cart without leaving the product page.

When a shopper adds an item to the cart, a small window slides out from the edge of the screen, providing a quick overview of the items currently in the cart.

Who Is Story Theme Shopify for?

Story Theme Shopify is a great idea for:

  • Artisanal Product Sellers: Those selling unique, handcrafted goods can use this theme to tell the story of their products, allowing the charm of their craftsmanship to shine through.
  • Culinary Innovators: For food entrepreneurs, the Ingredients or Nutritional Information feature of Story Theme Shopify becomes a valuable tool, enabling them to share the unique health benefits and components of their culinary innovations.
  • Outdoor Equipment Retailers: For those in the business of selling outdoor gear or sports equipment, the Image Zoom feature of Story Theme Shopify provides an opportunity to highlight product durability and design, reassuring customers about the product quality.
  • Lifestyle Brand Curators: For lifestyle brand owners, the Advanced Search and Recently Viewed features of Story Theme Shopify help to curate and suggest products aligned with customer interests, thereby enhancing the shopping experience and reinforcing the brand identity.
  • Eco-friendly Product Promoters: For those championing sustainable products, the Story Theme Shopify allows them to tell their green story, building trust and community around the shared value of sustainability.
  • Vintage Collectors: For curators of vintage items, the Story Theme Shopify brings a visual storytelling aspect that highlights the history and uniqueness of each artifact, creating a unique shopping experience.
  • Independent Bookstores: For owners of independent bookshops, the Advanced Search feature of this theme makes it easy for customers to find specific books, authors, or genres, enhancing the user experience and capturing the cozy feel of physical bookstores.
  • Home Decor Specialists: For those specializing in home decor, the Image Zoom and Color Swatches features enable customers to visualize how different items would fit into their living spaces, thus helping them make confident purchase decisions.
  • Wellness and Yoga Supplies: For wellness entrepreneurs, the Story Theme Shopify helps communicate the calming and tranquil vibe of their products, while the Ingredients or Nutritional Information feature offers transparency about organic or natural ingredients used.

Shopify Story Theme Examples: Top 3 Online Stores Using the Story Theme

Autel Robotics


Autel Robotics leverages Story Theme Shopify to highlight the sophistication and advanced technology of its drone products. This theme’s features, such as Image Zoom, offer detailed views of the drones, while the Color Swatches present different product variants, ultimately creating a visually appealing and interactive online store that mimics the in-person buying experience.



Story Theme Shopify lends ergonofis an aesthetic edge to showcase their ergonomic furniture. With the use of high-resolution imagery, the theme enhances the natural textures and sleek design of their products. Furthermore, the Advanced Search feature helps customers easily navigate through their diverse product portfolio, ensuring a smooth shopping experience.

Active Witness


Active Witness uses Story Theme Shopify to visually communicate their commitment to security solutions. The theme’s emphasis on visual storytelling helps highlight the sleek design and advanced features of their surveillance products. The clean and modern design of the theme perfectly mirrors the high-tech, reliable image of the brand, reinforcing customer trust.

The Bottom Line

Transform your digital storefront into a captivating narrative with Story Theme Shopify, a dynamic platform that seamlessly fuses interactive features with a visually arresting design, enhancing your brand’s appeal and bolstering customer engagement.

Shopify Story Theme Review: FAQs

Can I customize the Shopify Story Theme to fit my brand?

Yes, the Story Theme offers extensive customization options. You can tweak elements like the logo, mega menu, and slideshow, among others, to make the theme resonate with your brand’s identity.

Is it easy to navigate products with the Story Theme?

Certainly! The theme has been designed with user navigation in mind. Features like mega menus, enhanced search capabilities, and powerful filtering ensure that customers can effortlessly browse through your product collections.

Are there any specific businesses the Story Theme is best suited for?

While the theme can be tailored to suit a variety of businesses, its maximum potential is realized when the brand has a visual or narrative aspect.

How do users rate their experience with the Shopify Story Theme?

The majority of users have expressed satisfaction with the theme, praising its intuitive design, robust features, and the elegant aesthetics it offers. While some newbies mention a learning curve, the theme’s benefits, as reflected in reviews, seem to outweigh the initial familiarization time.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.