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Minion Shopify Theme: Best Theme For Pet Stores

June 26, 2024
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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

In this article, we will thoroughly explore the Minion theme, delving into its distinctive design features and the range of functionalities it offers to elevate your store.

Key Takeaways

  • The Minion Shopify Theme is specifically tailored to stores specializing in joyous products such as pets, kids & toys, fashion, games & electronics, custom products, and more. 
  • Key features of the Minion theme support pet industry merchants, including customizable sections, visual storytelling options, conversion-focused elements, omnichannel selling support, and improved navigation for an exceptional shopping experience.

An Overview Of The Minion Shopify Theme

shopify minion theme

Minion is a clean and minimal Shopify theme with premium features that boost conversions. It is designed by Softali and is ideal for stores selling joyful products like pets, kids & toys, fashion, games & electronics, and custom items.

The Minion theme exudes a contemporary vibe with its elegant typography, stylish layouts, and vibrant color schemes. It provides a professional and polished look to your Shopify store, capturing the attention of visitors and instilling confidence in your brand.

This highly customizable theme offers over 25 flexible elements, making it easy to create custom pages. With its cheerful typography and versatile design options, Minion can be configured to suit various product types effortlessly.

Some key features of the Minion Shopify Theme include customizable options, conversion-focused elements, omnichannel support, visual storytelling, and easy navigation.

You can explore the Minion Shopify Theme styles and demo stores on the official Shopify Theme Store page.

How Much Does The Minion Theme Shopify Cost?

The theme is priced at $250 for a one-time payment. You can use the Minion Theme Shopify free download for an unlimited time to evaluate its suitability for your business thoroughly. You only need to pay when you decide to publish it.

Who Is Shopify Minion Theme For?

The Shopify Minion Theme is well-suited for

  • High-volume Shopify pet stores with multiple physical locations.
  • Wholesalers or dropshippers selling household goods or kid toys
  • Gaming and electronics stores that need to set up online stores quickly
  • Shopify Y2K clothing, street style, swimsuit, or underwear retailers.
  • Middle-end skincare or beauty products businesses.

Where To Purchase The Minion Shopify Theme?

To purchase the Minion Shopify Theme, you have two convenient options:

  • Shopify Theme Store: This is the recommended destination for buying themes for your Shopify store. You can easily access the Shopify Theme Store directly from your Shopify admin dashboard or through the Shopify website. It offers a wide range of themes, including the Minion theme, to choose from.
shopify minion theme
  • Softali’s Website: You can also find the Minion theme on the developer – Softali’s website. Simply click the “Try theme” button, which will redirect you to the theme’s page in the Shopify Theme Store. From there, you can proceed with the purchase.

Purchasing the Minion Shopify Theme from either of these sources ensures a seamless buying experience and guarantees that you have access to the latest version of the theme with ongoing support and updates.

Shopify Theme Minion: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Unique design layouts and conversion-friendly features
  • Full compatibility with Online Store 2.0
  • Excellent performance in navigation, mobile responsiveness, and page loading speeds
  • Moderately price and offers excellent value for moneyUnlimited free trial
  • Does not include features like a Countdown timer, Sales notifications, Image hotspots, Promo tiles & popups.

5 Presets of Shopify Minion Theme

The Minion Shopify Theme offers five distinct preset styles to choose from, each suited for different types of businesses:


shopify minion theme

The Vertical preset of the Shopify Minion theme exudes a modern and sleek vibe. Its clean lines, structured layout, and ample white space create a professional and sophisticated appearance for your store.

This theme style is particularly suitable for Pets, Kids & Toys, and Fashion businesses. It enhances the presentation of adorable pet products, trendy children’s toys, and street-style clothing, showcasing them elegantly and visually appealingly.


shopify minion theme

The Tiles preset brings a creative and artistic touch to your store. With its mosaic-inspired design and unique layout, it offers a visually captivating experience for your customers. 

This is ideal for Pets, Fashion, Games & Electronics, and Custom Products businesses. It allows you to showcase pet food and toys, trendy fashion items, highlight the latest gaming gadgets, and display customized products with artistic flair, creating an engaging and visually stimulating store environment.


shopify minion theme

The Classic preset embodies timeless elegance and sophistication. With refined typography, balanced layouts, and a touch of luxury, it creates a sense of prestige for your store. 

It is well-suited for Pets, Fashion, and Custom Products businesses. It enhances the presentation of pet accessories, high-end fashion items, and personalized products, adding an aura of elegance and exclusivity to your store.


shopify minion theme

The Red theme style exudes energy and excitement. With its bold color palette and dynamic design elements, it grabs attention and creates a vibrant atmosphere for your store. 

This preset suits businesses in the Kids & Toys, Games & Electronics, and Fashion industries. It adds a sense of playfulness to children’s toys, creates a lively ambiance for gaming products, and infuses a bold and eye-catching look to fashion items, making your store stand out.


shopify minion theme

The White preset style of the Minion theme offers a clean and minimalist aesthetic. Its simplicity and clarity allow your products to take center stage in your store. 

It is versatile and suitable for many businesses, including Pets, Kids & Toys, Fashion, Games & Electronics. It provides a fresh and uncluttered look, enabling your products to shine and ensuring a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

5 Outstanding Features Of Shopify Minion Theme 

High Customization Option

The high customization option is essential for businesses in the Pets, Kids & Toys, Fashion, Games & Electronics, and Custom Products industries. With 26 custom sections and 5 conversion-optimized templates, the Minion theme provides extensive flexibility to tailor your store’s appearance and functionality. The easy-to-use and drag-and-drop interface allows you to customize elements effortlessly without needing coding knowledge. 

For example, a pet store using the Minion theme can create custom sections for showcasing different pet products, customize templates to highlight new arrivals, and easily rearrange elements to match their branding. 

Optimized For Visual Storytelling

shopify minion theme

Visual storytelling is crucial for engaging customers in pet and related industries. The Minion theme excels in this area with high-resolution image and video support, animation effects, and infinite scroll. These features enable businesses to create captivating product displays, share inspiring stories through visuals, and engage customers through interactive scrolling experiences. 

For instance, a pet toy store using the Minion theme can showcase adorable pet images and videos, incorporate playful animations, and create an engaging scrolling experience that entices customers to explore the product range.


shopify minion theme

The conversion-focused features of the Minion theme benefit businesses in the pet industry and other sectors by driving sales and increasing customer engagement. The quick view feature lets customers preview product details without leaving the current page, streamlining the purchasing process. Recommended product suggestions based on customer preferences enhance cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

For example, a pet grooming store using the Minion theme can enable quick view for customers to easily access detailed product information and recommend complementary pet care products during checkout.

Support Omni Channel Selling

Omnichannel selling is crucial for businesses in the pet industry and other related sectors to provide a seamless shopping experience across multiple channels. The Minion theme supports this with features such as in-store pickups, a stock counter to display product availability, and social media buttons for easy sharing. 

This feature allows businesses to offer convenient options for customers to collect their purchases, provide real-time stock updates, and encourage social media engagement. 

For instance, a pet supply store using the Minion theme can enable in-store pickups for customers to collect their orders, display stock availability for popular pet items, and include social media buttons to start catching customers’ attention on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

Easy Navigation

Easy navigation is essential for improving the user experience and helping customers find what they need efficiently. The Minion theme offers features such as collection page navigation, a mega menu for organized categorization, and product filtering and sorting options. 

These features allow businesses to create intuitive navigation systems, making it easier for customers to browse and discover products. 

For example, a pet apparel store using the Minion theme can utilize collection page navigation to segment products by pet size or type, implement a mega menu to categorize products by pet category, and enable product filtering and sorting options for customers to find the perfect pet outfit quickly.

How To Customize the Shopify Minion Theme

Add the Shopify Minion theme free download to your library

  • Visit the Shopify Minion theme‘s page on the Shopify theme store
  • Click Try theme
  • The theme will be listed in your library. Now, click Customize.
Add minion shopify theme to your theme library

Choosing to work with a preset style

When you start customizing, Minion will automatically open up the editor for the first preset, which is “Vertical”. But if you like another one of the 5 presets, here’s what you do:

  • Open the theme settings by clicking the gear icon or pressing Ctrl + 2.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click Theme style.
  • Now, choose the preset style you like to work with
Choosing to work with a preset style Shopify Minion theme

Customize the Header

  • Choose your Menu type and Categories
  • Add your logo
  • Edit the color, font, width, and icons on the Menu
  • Create an announcement bar
Customize the Header Shopify minion theme

Customize the Banners Collage

  • Choose the collage layout, change slide frequency, color, animation
  • Add images to your collage
  • Change the heading, subheading, description
Customizing the Banners Collage Shopify minion theme

Customize your Collections

  • Adjust the layout and the number of products shown.
  • Customize the product display for better visibility.
  • Add collections to each tab and change the headings and subheadings accordingly.
  • Enable the “Add to Cart” button and badges for products (Sale, Sold Out, New, etc.)
Customize Your Collections Shopify Minion theme

The Shopify Minion theme offers tons of ways to customize your store’s homepage. I’ve walked you through some basic sections, but there’s still a lot more to explore. Take your time to experiment and tweak different elements until you create a homepage that perfectly reflects your brand.

3 Successful Stores Using Shopify Minion Theme

OYO Intimate Skincare 

shopify minion theme

OYO Skincare is a reputable brand that provides exceptional skincare products that promote healthy and radiant skin. Their commitment to using natural ingredients and sustainable practices sets them apart. 

To elevate their customer experience and enhance their online store appearance, OYO Skincare turned to the Shopify Minion theme. The Minion theme’s sleek and modern design complemented the brand’s minimalist approach and provided a visually appealing and seamless shopping experience for customers visiting their website. 

With its responsive layout and intuitive navigation, the Minion theme ensured that customers could easily browse through OYO Skincare’s product offerings, find the information they needed, and easily make purchases.

Marknet Technology

shopify minion theme

MarkNet Technology is a well-established company founded in 1990 that delivers top-quality portable mobile computing solutions. 

The Tiles preset of the Shopify Minion theme enhances MArknet Technology’s store appearance and improves the shopping experience. With its creative design and unique layout, it captivates customers visually. The preset enables easy navigation to product categories, simplifies product search, and streamlines the buying process, making it convenient for customers to find and purchase desired items.

Pottery Supplies

shopify minion theme

Ulster Ceramics  Pottery Supplies is a reputable company with a rich history spanning 50 years in the ceramic industry. With their extensive knowledge and expertise, they have become a trusted source for pottery supplies.  At Ulster Ceramics, they take pride in our diverse inventory, which includes a wide range of clays, glazes, tools, machinery, kilns, and kiln accessories.

The Vertical preset of the Shopify Minion theme significantly enhances Pottery Supplies’ store appearance, perfectly reflecting their commitment to quality and first-class service. With its modern and sleek design, clean lines, structured layout, and ample white space, the preset gives the store a professional and sophisticated look. 

Ending Words

The Minion Shopify Theme is a top choice for businesses in the pet industry. Its visually stunning design and robust features empower merchants to create a compelling online presence that attracts customers and drives sales. Whether you’re just starting your pet business or looking to revamp your existing store, the Minion Shopify Theme offers the tools and aesthetics you need to succeed in the competitive pet industry.

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