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Roam Shopify Theme to Transform Your Online Store for Mobile Success

October 19, 2023
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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

The Roam Shopify Theme is your gateway to a visually captivating and user-friendly online store. With its focus on aesthetics and ease of use, Roam will transform your e-commerce presence.

Roam Shopify Theme

Key Takeaways

  • The Roam Shopify Theme significantly boosts a business’s online visibility with its visually captivating design and user-friendly functionalities.
  • It is well-suited for fashion boutiques, art galleries, furniture retailers, specialty food stores, jewelry boutiques, antique shops, home and garden stores, and gift shops. These businesses can leverage Roam’s visually appealing and user-friendly design to showcase their products and captivate their target audiences effectively.

Roam Shopify Theme Overview

The Roam Shopify Theme has a straightforward design focus and a unique approach. The unique approach of Roam lies in its commitment to simplicity and accessibility, making it an excellent choice for modern, mobile-savvy shoppers. It is indeed an uncomplicated, mobile-first theme meticulously optimized for smaller screens.

Roam Shopify Theme

This theme suits various businesses: it’s perfect for physical stores going online, seamlessly merging online and offline sales and brands that need visual storytelling with captivating visuals and product narratives.

Roam Theme’s Pros and Cons


  • Seamless In-Person Integration: Roam is tailor-made for businesses with physical stores. It seamlessly combines your online and offline operations, making it easier to manage both.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: With features like the store locator, you can help your customers find your physical store effortlessly, encouraging foot traffic and local engagement.
  • Quick Setup for Immediate Selling: Roam’s minimal setup steps mean you can have your online store up and running quickly, allowing you to start selling and serving your customers promptly.
  • Efficiency: Roam’s streamlined setup process reduces the time and effort needed to get your online store off the ground, making it an excellent choice for those who want to start selling quickly.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The theme is designed with simplicity, ensuring that even those with limited technical knowledge can navigate and set up their online store efficiently.
  • Product Highlighting: The theme’s image-focused design makes it ideal for businesses that want to emphasize their products’ visual appeal.


  • Cost: While Roam offers various benefits, it comes with a pretty high price tag, which may be a consideration for budget-conscious businesses.
  • Single-Store Limitation: Roam’s non-expiring license is valid for only one store, which might be limiting for businesses with multiple online outlets.

Key Features & Benefits

Color Swatches: Easy color selection for better shopping

Imagine a customer entering your store, drawn to a display of beautifully arranged merchandise. With color swatches at their fingertips, they can effortlessly explore the array of color options available for your products.

The Color Swatches feature of the Roam Shopify Theme empowers physical stores and businesses designed for in-person selling to take their in-store shopping experience to the next level. With color swatches, you’re not just providing a product; you’re offering an interactive and tactile experience.

Roam Shopify Theme

Usage Information: Informed buying and product utility

With the Usage Information feature, customers can quickly access details on how to use the product effectively, its benefits, and any additional insights. This empowers them to make informed buying decisions, reinforcing their trust in your expertise.

Roam Shopify Theme

This efficiency is especially crucial for businesses focused on a rapid online presence. It enables you to provide a rich and informative shopping experience while keeping your setup process hassle-free. Customers can make informed purchases from day one, enhancing their satisfaction and trust in your brand.

The “Recommended Products” feature is your silent sales assistant, working harmoniously with your in-store interactions. As customers explore your physical store, this feature strategically suggests complementary or related products based on their current choices.

This efficiency is a game-changer for businesses looking for an impactful online entrance. You can jumpstart your sales and revenue by immediately providing customers with personalized product suggestions while offering a feature-rich shopping experience. 

Roam Shopify Theme

Product Filtering and Sorting: Faster, more efficient product selection

Your customers can quickly narrow down their choices with the Product Filtering and Sorting feature. Filter by category, price, brand, or any other criteria that matter to them. It’s like having a shopper guiding them through a curated selection based on their preferences.

This efficiency saves time and ensures an online shopping experience is smooth and enjoyable. Whether they’re looking for something specific or simply exploring, this feature provides access to the products that matter most without the hassle.

Roam Shopify Theme

Store Locator: Effortless in-store discovery for higher foot traffic

The “Store Locator” feature is designed to make it incredibly easy for customers to discover your physical stores and visit you. Imagine a customer looking to find your nearest store. With this feature, they can effortlessly locate your physical locations.

It’s like having a digital map that guides them directly to your store’s doorstep. This convenience saves them time and encourages them to step into your store, leading to increased foot traffic.

Roam Shopify Theme

Image zoom –  Closely examine product details

The image zoom feature enables customers to meticulously scrutinize product details, a critical aspect of in-person selling. Thus, customers can make informed decisions when visiting physical stores, having already engaged with the products online through detailed image inspection.

Roam Shopify Theme

Roam Theme Design & Customization

3 Theme Presets


Solo’s design features dynamic layouts, refreshing color palettes, and playful typography. It enhances your store’s appearance by providing a minimalistic backdrop highlighting your product imagery. Its lively design elements add an extra layer of excitement, making your store look and feel energetic.

Roam Shopify Theme


Share’s design incorporates minimalistic layouts, a subdued color palette, and elegant typography. It enhances your store by providing a sleek and understated backdrop that allows your products to shine. Its minimalist design elements create an air of sophistication and refinement, making your store look and feel elegant.

Roam Shopify Theme


Bold layouts, vibrant color schemes, and creative typography characterize society. It enhances your store by providing an eye-catching and imaginative backdrop that captivates visitors. Its innovative design elements add a touch of artistic flair, making your store look and feel visually striking.

Roam Shopify Theme

How to Add Roam Shopify Theme to Your Shopify Store

Adding the Roam Shopify Theme to your Shopify store is a simple process. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Access the Shopify Theme Store: Begin by visiting the Shopify Theme Store. You can do this directly from your Shopify admin dashboard.
  2. Search for the “Roam” Theme: Inside the Theme Store, use the search bar to find the “Roam” theme among the available options.
  3. Explore: Once you’ve located the “Roam” theme, click on it to learn more. You’ll have the chance to preview different styles like “Solo,” “Share,” and “Social.” If you’re satisfied with its appearance, click the “Try  Theme” option.
  4. Install the Theme: After purchasing the theme, you’ll be redirected to your Shopify dashboard. Go to the ‘Online Store’ section and select ‘Themes.’ Here, you’ll find the option to upload a theme. Choose the “Roam” theme file you’ve just acquired.
  5. Customize the “Roam” Theme: Once the theme is uploaded, click the ‘Customize’ button next to the “Roam” theme. This will open the theme customization panel, where you can adjust settings to match your preferences.
  6. Publish & Purchase the Theme: After making all the desired customizations to align with your brand, it’s time to make the “Roam” theme live in your store. Click on ‘Actions’ and select ‘Publish’ to set the “Roam” theme as your active theme. At this stage, remember you’ll be required to purchase the theme. 
  7. Review and Launch: Take a final look before officially launching your store with the new “Roam” theme. Ensure that everything appears as intended and that all functionalities work correctly. Once satisfied, your online store is ready to welcome visitors with the fresh and appealing “Roam” theme.

Review the Mobile Responsiveness of the Roam Theme

The Roam Theme employs an adaptive design approach. This means that the layout, images, and content dynamically adjust to fit the screen size of the user’s device. Whether a small smartphone screen or a larger tablet display, the theme ensures that your online store looks and functions optimally.

Thanks to intuitive, touch-friendly menus and buttons, mobile users can easily navigate your store. The theme’s responsive design guarantees customers the ability to browse products, add them to the cart, and complete the checkout process without issues.

Roam Shopify Theme

The theme’s mobile version retains the same visual appeal as its desktop counterpart. Product images are displayed beautifully, and the overall aesthetics remain engaging, ensuring customers are captivated by your products on any device.

Does the Roam Theme Deliver a Good User Experience?

Yes, it does. The Roam theme is engineered for quick loading times. This is crucial in today’s fast-paced online environment, as slow-loading pages can deter visitors. Faster loading speeds provide a smoother shopping experience, encouraging customers to explore further.

Plus, Roam offers intuitive navigation features, such as clear menus, categorization, and easy-to-find search functionality. Customers can effortlessly browse products, reducing bounce rates and increasing time spent on your site.

Where to purchase Roam Shopify theme

You can easily purchase the Roam Shopify theme from the Shopify Theme Store. Take the opportunity to discover its capabilities and how it can enhance the look of your online store.

The best part is that Roam provides an unlimited free trial, allowing you plenty of time to customize it to your preferences and ensure it aligns perfectly with your online business.

Who Is Roam Shopify Theme for?

  • Fashion Boutique: A high-end fashion boutique with physical stores that want to extend their reach online. They can showcase their latest clothing collections and accessories and create an immersive visual experience for fashion-conscious customers.
  • Art Gallery: Art galleries looking to showcase their art pieces, exhibitions, and artists in an engaging and visually stunning manner. Roam can help art enthusiasts explore and appreciate art from the comfort of their homes.
  • Furniture Showroom: Stores specializing in furniture and home decor can use Roam to present their products in a way that allows customers to visualize how the pieces would fit into their living spaces. This is particularly beneficial for businesses with both physical and online presence.
  • Specialty Food Store: Businesses offering unique gourmet foods, artisanal products, or specialty ingredients can use Roam to create an enticing online storefront. They can highlight their product offerings with captivating images and quick setups to cater to food enthusiasts.
  • Jewelry Boutique: High-end jewelry stores can utilize Roam’s visual storytelling capabilities to showcase their exquisite jewelry collections. The theme’s quick setup ensures a swift online presence for this type of business.
  • Antique Shop: Antique shops can create an alluring online gallery of their unique and valuable antique items. Roam’s visual emphasis and quick setup can help them attract collectors and history enthusiasts.

FAQs: Roam Shopify Theme

Are there any additional costs associated with the Roam Theme?

While the theme may have a purchase price, there are no ongoing fees for using the Roam Theme. It comes with an unlimited free trial, and you only pay once if you decide to publish the theme on your store.

Is the Roam Theme compatible with various web browsers?

The Roam Theme undergoes cross-browser testing to ensure compatibility with popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge, providing a consistent user experience.

Can I customize the Roam Theme to match my brand’s identity?

Yes, the Roam Theme offers extensive customization options. You can adjust colors, fonts, layouts, and more to align the theme with your brand’s unique identity.

Can I effectively showcase product images with the Roam Theme?

Yes, the Roam Theme is designed with visual storytelling in mind. It offers features that enable you to showcase product images effectively, making it ideal for businesses that rely on visually-appealing displays.

Is there a trial period for the Roam Theme?

Yes, the Roam Theme offers an unlimited free trial period. You can explore its features and customize it to your liking before purchasing.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Roam Shopify Theme offers businesses a visually captivating and mobile-responsive platform, enhancing the bottom line by attracting and engaging customers effectively.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.