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Paper Shopify Theme: The most comprehensive reviews

February 14, 2024
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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

This article will evaluate the ins and outs of the Paper Shopify Theme, which has emerged as the speed-optimized solution for modern e-commerce enterprises.

Key Takeaways

  • The Paper Shopify Theme stands out for its aesthetic designs and remarkable versatility, accommodating various product niches and industries. Whether you’re in fashion, home decor, electronics, or wellness, this theme provides a seamless platform to showcase your products.
  • One of its standout features is its adaptability to various inventory sizes, making it an excellent choice for stores with diverse product ranges. Whether you have a compact selection or a comprehensive catalog, the Paper Shopify Theme ensures your customers a smooth and engaging shopping experience.

Paper Shopify Theme: An Overview

paper shopify theme overview

The Paper Shopify Theme is a premium solution designed for merchants who want to showcase their products both aesthetically and efficiently. Priced at $320 USD, it combines modern flair with exceptional functionality, promising a return on investment that goes beyond aesthetics.

What sets the Shopify Paper theme apart is its remarkable versatility. It caters to various industries, from fashion, jewelry, arts and crafts, electronics, mobile phones, automotive, and equipment.

However, the Paper Shopify theme isn’t just about looks. It offers over 35 adaptable design elements and various functionalities like cart notes, in-store pickups, mega menus, age verifier, and countdown timers to enhance user engagement, ensure regulatory compliance, and boost sales.

If you’re intrigued by the Paper Shopify theme, explore our comprehensive review below to discover how it can revolutionize your online store. 

Where to Buy Shopify Paper Theme?

Here are 2 ways to buy Paper Shopify themes:

  • Official Shopify Theme Store: You can access this store directly from your Shopify admin dashboard and purchase the Shopify theme Paper or ones that suit your brand and business needs.
  • Developer’s Website: You can visit Brickspace Lab. However, You will be redirected to Shopify’s store to purchase the theme.

User Experience & Feedback

user experience and feedback paper shopify theme

The Paper Theme has a 100% positive rating based on four reviews. Customers love its ease of use, helpful templates, and the many built-in features that save them from needing extra apps or customizations. Moreover, the theme’s versatility and rich features stand out, helping users manage their online stores effectively.

Many have also highlighted the excellent support from the theme developer’s team, noting their quick help with issues and their openness to feedback. This shows the developer’s dedication to ensuring users have a great experience.

However, one user felt that while the theme itself works well, the support could be improved.

For instance, a luxury brand might opt for a minimalist, clean header, while a children’s toy store might go for something more vibrant and fun-filled. Or, a store running a limited-time sale might want to prominently feature it in the header, ensuring every visitor sees it right away.

Shopify Paper Theme: Pros & Cons

Here’s an in-depth look at its advantages and limitations:

Aesthetically pleasing design, ensuring focus on products and content.Lack of features compared to other Shopify themes like image hotspots and before/after image sliders 
Over 35+ flexible sections and five pre-built templates for precise alignment with your brand identity.No live chat support
Blazing-fast page loading speeds enhance user experience.
Features like countdown timers, promo sections, and potent product filters to drive sales.
Unlimited FREE trial

Shopify Paper Theme: Key Features & Benefits

Let’s dive deep into its key features and unravel the benefits it offers to its merchants.

Optimized For Performance

paper shopify theme

The Paper Shopify Theme stands out with its extraordinary loading time with a 99% performance score. The theme also prides itself on a Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) of 0.00, ensuring no unexpected layout shifts while browsing.

Furthermore, superior page-loading speeds translate to a stellar user experience. In the e-commerce world, even a millisecond delay can affect conversions. With its impeccable speed, the Paper Shopify Theme ensures that potential customers face no lags, elevating their shopping experience.

Easy Set Up To Get Your Store Run Quickly

  • Section group support
paper shopify theme

Customization is key to standing out. The Paper Shopify theme understands this need, introducing its revolutionary “Section Group Support” feature. Moreover, this dynamic tool offers unprecedented flexibility, allowing merchants to truly make their online store a reflection of their brand identity.

The Section Group Support feature primarily lets store owners remove or inject any section, thus enabling the creation of tailored layouts in both the header and footer of their store. Think of it as having building blocks; each section can be added or removed, giving you the power to design your storefront’s entry and exit points.

  • Minimal setup steps
paper shopify theme

The Paper Shopify theme is great for merchants wanting a simple way to set up their online stores. It’s easier than other themes, which often need lots of customization. This saves merchants time and effort. With fewer setup steps, they can focus on other important parts of their business, like products and marketing.

For example, a jewelry store owner using the theme can quickly add products, set prices, and manage payments. They don’t need to be tech experts. This quick setup means they can spend more time on their product collection and marketing to their customers.

Optimized Checkout Cart For Higher Conversion

  • Cart editing
cart editing

This feature lets users easily change their shopping carts. They can add, remove, or adjust item quantities with a few clicks. Its simple design means everyone can use it, regardless of tech skills.

For shop owners, the Cart Editing feature has many benefits. It helps reduce the number of customers who abandon their carts. Shoppers love the ease of making last-minute changes, leading to more sales. Plus, it enhances customer service. If a shopper wants to change the quantity or remove an item, it’s quick and hassle-free, which improves customer relationships.

Imagine a customer shopping for home decor. They add some throw pillows to their cart but later decide to get more to match their room. With Cart Editing, they can easily change the quantity without any complications. This simple process pleases the customer and gives a good impression of the online store.

  • Checkbox upsells
paper shopify theme

Checkbox Upsells smoothly fit into the shopping process. As customers shop, checkboxes show them related items to consider. This feature helps customers discover more products and aids in upselling.

This benefits store owners by boosting their sales. When customers see related add-ons during checkout, they often buy more, raising the total sale amount.

For instance, think of someone buying a laptop online. As they add it to their cart, a Checkbox Upsell recommends a laptop case, wireless mouse, and extended warranty. The customer, seeing the value in the bundled offer, adds them. This increases the sale for the merchant and makes shopping easier for the customer by showing them related items.

  • Progress bar
progress bar

The progress bar is a visual representation that appears in the cart or at the top of the website. Additionally, as customers add items to their cart, the bar fills up, showing them how close they are to reaching the minimum purchase amount required for free shipping. It provides real-time feedback, informing customers about the exact amount they need to add to their cart to get the free shipping offer.

Consider a customer shopping for home decor. They have items worth $40 in their cart, and the free shipping threshold is $50. The progress bar indicates they’re $10 away from unlocking free shipping. Seeing this, they might decide to add a small decor piece or accessory to their cart to avail of the offer, thereby increasing their overall spend.

  • Share cart
share cart

This feature lets customers share their shopping cart with friends and family using a unique link. They can share this link on social media, email, or messaging apps.

For store owners, this is a big plus. It boosts customer engagement and spreads brand awareness. When shoppers share their carts, it can attract new customers through referrals. Also, people trust recommendations from those they know.

Imagine someone shopping for home decor. They find items they think a friend would love. With the Share cart feature, they can send a link to that friend. The friend can then see and buy those items directly. This not only builds customer loyalty but also increases sales.

Support For Multiple Languages

support for multiple languages

With this feature, you can seamlessly translate your entire online store into different languages, ensuring that customers from diverse linguistic backgrounds can easily navigate your website. This not only enhances the accessibility of your store but also has the potential to significantly boost your international sales. 

For instance, imagine you run a fashion and clothing store and decide to expand into European markets. Using the multilingual support of the Paper Shopify theme, you can easily translate product descriptions, checkout pages, and customer support information into French, German, Spanish, and other languages, providing a tailored shopping experience for customers in each region. This makes your store more inviting and demonstrates a commitment to serving a global clientele, ultimately driving more sales and customer satisfaction.

Designed For Stores That Do In-person Selling

  • In-store pickups
in-store pickups

This feature lets customers order online and pick up their purchases at the store. It combines the best of online and in-person shopping for those who want both convenience and immediacy.

For store owners, this offers several advantages. It boosts customer satisfaction by offering flexibility in how they get their items. Moreover, in-store pickups can increase store visits, exposing customers to more products. This can lead to a stronger bond between the customer and the brand.

For example, consider a shopper looking at clothes online. At checkout, they see the ‘In-store Pickup’ option. Wanting to try before buying, they choose this method. The next day, they visit the store, try on the clothes, and leave happy with their perfect fit. This positive experience can lead to them coming back and recommending the store to others.

  • Stock counter
stock counter

This feature offers real-time updates on product stock levels. As soon as an item is bought, its availability count changes instantly, so customers always know how many are left.

Merchants gain a lot from this. It builds trust since customers see accurate stock information, leading to informed purchases and fewer out-of-stock disappointments. Also, the Stock Counter helps store owners understand which items are popular. They can decide when to restock or drop products, aligning their inventory with what customers want.

Imagine a fashion store. If a customer sees there are only a few units of a dress left, they might buy it sooner. It also stops them from finding out at checkout that the item is unavailable.

  • Store locator
store locator

This feature lets merchants add and manage their store locations online, showing addresses, contact details, and operating hours. In other words, customers can quickly find the nearest store, improving their shopping journey. Plus, merchants can customize the Store Locator’s look to match their brand.

This tool has big advantages for store owners. It connects online and in-store shopping, guiding customers to physical locations and boosting store visits. It also offers customers choice and convenience, strengthening their bond with the brand.

For example, a clothing store can list its locations and operating details online. An online shopper can then easily choose which store to visit. This makes shopping easier for the customer and encourages them to engage more with the brand.

Design & Customization 



pull preset paper shopify theme

The “Pull” preset in the Paper Shopify theme boasts a clean and inviting visual layout, primarily characterized by its harmonious use of calming blue tones. The color scheme exudes a sense of trust and reliability, making it particularly appealing for businesses in the pet care industry.


pastel preset paper shopify theme

The “Pastel” preset in the Paper Shopify theme offers a soft and delicate visual aesthetic characterized by light violet hues. Indeed, this palette evokes a sense of tranquility and elegance, creating a visually pleasing atmosphere for the online store. The combination of subdued tones lends a gentle touch to the overall look, which can be particularly appealing for businesses in the house furniture industry.


play preset paper shopify theme

A vibrant and playful visual appeal characterizes the “Play” preset in the Paper Shopify theme. The color scheme prominently features shades of orange, which exude a cheerful and energetic vibe. This choice of color not only catches the eye but also conveys a sense of excitement and creativity. The typography is straightforward and easy to read, maintaining a clean and organized layout.

This preset is particularly well-suited for businesses in the toy industry or those offering products targeted towards children. 


poster preset paper shopify theme

The “Poster” preset in the Paper Shopify theme exudes a clean and minimalist visual appeal. The predominant color scheme is a subdued, elegant grey, which imparts a sense of sophistication and modernity. Additionally, the layout is well-organized, with a clear emphasis on product presentation and navigation. The use of ample whitespace creates a balanced and uncluttered look, allowing the products to stand out effectively.

This preset is particularly suitable for businesses in the fashion and accessories industry. 


Part preset paper shopify theme

The “Part” preset within the Paper Shopify theme offers a refined and structured design. By focusing on clear navigation, it ensures that visitors can effortlessly explore the site and locate their desired products or information. Above all, with a tasteful color palette that leans into muted whites and greys, the preset establishes an ambiance of elegance and reliability. 

Given its professional and systematic design, the “Part” preset stands as a perfect fit for industries that demand precision and clear presentation. Whether it’s for businesses in home improvement, hardware tools, electrical components, or flooring solutions.

Detailing Customization Options 

Let’s explore how to customize two common elements: the logo and slideshow for the Shopify Paper theme.

Customizing the Logo:

  • From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes.
  • Click Customize next to your theme.
  • Click on the Header in the left sidebar.
  • In the Logo section, click on Select Image to upload your desired logo. Adjust the custom logo width if necessary.
  • Click Save.
paper shopify theme detailing customization options

How to add the Shopify Paper theme to your store

  1. Go to the Shopify Theme Store.
  2. In the search bar, type “Paper” and find the Paper theme.
  3. Click on the theme and select the desired preset (e.g., Pull, Pastel, Play, etc.).
  4. Click on Add Theme.
  5. The theme will be added to your Shopify admin under Online Store > Themes.
  6. You can now customize the theme according to your needs.
  7. Once satisfied, you can pay for the theme to publish it on your Shopify store.

Mobile Responsiveness

paper shopify theme mobile responsiveness

The Paper Shopify Theme is meticulously designed to ensure it performs efficiently on various devices and web browsers. Given the evolution of e-commerce, where a significant amount of shopping is done on mobile devices, having a mobile-responsive theme is indispensable. 

The theme provides desktop and mobile previews in five styles, demonstrating its commitment to versatility across devices. Furthermore, themes on the Shopify Theme Store, including Paper, are guaranteed to work with Shopify’s ever-evolving feature set, ensuring compatibility with various browsers.

Who Should Use Paper Shopify Theme?

  • Fashion and apparel boutiques
  • Home decor and interior design stores
  • Jewelry and accessories shops
  • Hardware and tools retailers
  • Art and craft supply stores

3 Successful Stores Using The Shopify Paper Theme


rags apparel

RAGS Apparel, an e-commerce store utilizing the Shopify Paper theme, has carved a niche by offering children stylish and practical clothing. This online boutique showcases a diverse range of products, including drop shoulder tees, joggers, rompers, and sweatshirts, all designed with a keen focus on fashion, comfort, and functionality. 

Furthermore, RAGS Apparel’s unique selling point lies in its innovative approach to children’s fashion, with one-piece clothing items that eliminate the hassle of snaps and ensure a comfortable fit for little ones. The founder’s journey began with selling her kids’ clothing on Instagram, and it evolved into a brand that has garnered recognition from prominent publications like British and American Vogue, along with a memorable appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank. This brand’s remarkable growth and dedication to delivering exceptional children’s apparel embody the essence of RAGS Apparel’s success story.

Newt by elle

newt by elle

Newt by Elle is an e-commerce store specializing in premium skincare products, with a primary focus on facial and body oils. The shop offers a meticulously curated collection of skincare essentials, including their renowned GOLD Facial Oil, VALLEY Perfume Body Oil, and SILK Clay Face Mask. Above all, what sets Newt by Elle apart is its commitment to using 100% natural ingredients in crafting their luxurious products, ensuring that customers experience rejuvenated and radiant skin without compromising quality. 

Additionally, the store was founded by two brothers, Massimo and Louis, and reflects their passion for creating delightful non-alcoholic beverages. With roots in a family of winemakers, they’ve successfully translated their expertise into offering high-quality, non-alcoholic alternatives, making Newt by Elle a go-to destination for those seeking premium skincare and sophisticated alcohol-free options.

No & Low

no & low

No & Low is an online non-alcoholic bottle shop offering an extensive selection of non-alcoholic wines, spirits, aperitifs, and more. What sets No & Low apart is its dedication to providing a convenient platform for individuals who seek the flavors and experience of alcoholic beverages without the presence of alcohol. Moreover, this store caters to customers’ desires for sophisticated and enjoyable non-alcoholic options with a curated collection of premium non-alcoholic products.

Notably, No & Low has garnered recognition for making non-alcoholic drinks more accessible and exciting, with positive reviews and media coverage highlighting their offerings. Founded by Louis and Massimo, two brothers with a deep-rooted passion for exquisite drinks, No & Low represents their commitment to embracing changing drinking habits and ensuring a diverse range of non-alcoholic choices for those seeking an elevated beverage experience.

Bottom Line

In wrapping up, the Paper Shopify Theme emerges as a game-changer for contemporary online retailers. Prioritizing speed optimization ensures a frictionless shopping experience that today’s discerning customers have come to expect.

Shopify Paper Theme: FAQs

While the Paper Theme is versatile and can fit many business models, it’s especially ideal for modern stores that prioritize user experience and speed. Its design is clean and intuitive, making it suitable for various industries, but each business should evaluate if it aligns with its brand and target audience.
The Paper Theme offers a range of customization options to fit your brand’s aesthetics and needs. From color schemes to layout choices and features, you can tweak various elements to ensure your store looks and feels unique.
No, the Paper Theme is designed to be user-friendly. While some basic understanding of Shopify’s platform can be beneficial, you don’t need advanced technical skills to set up or customize the theme. There are also plenty of resources and support available to help you get started.
No. The theme itself doesn’t dictate return policies. However, you can contact the theme’s developer to discuss refunding the theme.
Definitely! There are built-in options to connect and display your social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Pinterest.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.