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One’s Shopify App: One Of The Best AI-Powered Email Marketing Tool in 2024

February 22, 2024
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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

In this review, we delve into the potential of One’s Shopify App, exploring whether it stands as the pinnacle solution for supercharging your email marketing campaigns as a cornerstone for e-commerce success.

Key Takeaways

  • The One’s AI: Upsell—SMS—Email Marketing app offers robust AI-powered features, streamlining email, SMS marketing, and pop-ups to enhance customer engagement and drive conversions.
  • With seamless integration, customizable templates, and round-the-clock support, this app caters to users of varying expertise, aiding in personalized and effective marketing campaigns.

One’s AI: Upsell—SMS—Email Marketing App Overview

One’s AI: Upsell—SMS—Email Marketing App emerges as a transformative force for Shopify merchants. Leveraging the prowess of artificial intelligence, this all-in-one solution aims to redefine how businesses interact with their customer base.

One’s AI: Upsell—SMS—Email Marketing App Overview

Its core strength lies in recovering abandoned carts, driving sales, fostering loyalty, and facilitating subscriber growth through a multifaceted marketing approach. By unifying email and SMS marketing strategies, One’s AI empowers merchants with diverse tools, including one-page checkout upsells, pop-ups, discounts, rewards, analytics, and A/B testing. 

The app seamlessly integrates within the Shopify ecosystem, offering compatibility with optional tools like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, SMS Bump, Postscript, and Shopify Forms. Its adaptability across different tiers of Shopify stores, catering to both Shopify Plus and Basic, further solidifies its position as a versatile, scalable, and automated marketing solution. 

Pros and Cons

Let’s dive into the upsides and downsides that define the experience of using this comprehensive marketing solution


  • Affordable pricing plans
  • AI-powered personalization
  • Automated upselling
  • Customer behavior tracking
  • Email campaign optimization
  • Seamless Shopify integration
  • Responsive customer support
  • Multilingual support (28 languages)


  • Hidden costs with a large customer base
  • The learning curve for advanced features
  • Limited features on the free plan

Who Is The AI: Upsell—SMS—Email Marketing App Best For?

From our standpoint, the AI: Upsell—SMS—Email Marketing App is ideal for:

  • Beginners or experienced merchants who want a tool that unifies email and SMS marketing with various tools at reasonable prices.
  • Small to mid-sized e-commerce businesses seeking to elevate their marketing strategies through advanced, AI-powered tactics.
  • Businesses aim to scale faster through comprehensive marketing strategies.
  • Shopify merchants who want to optimize their marketing funnel with a comprehensive and user-friendly app.
  • Businesses offering a variety of products, including fashion and apparel, tech and gadgets, consumer goods, and lifestyle products.

The One’s Shopify App: Detailed Review

Now, we will deeply explore the intricate capabilities of One’s Shopify App, which opens a gateway to a multifaceted array of tools tailored to redefine the landscape of eCommerce marketing.


The plans for One’s Shopify App offer four options catering to businesses of various sizes and needs, with a free plan and a 10-day free trial for those seeking to explore its functionalities.

  • Free Plan: The free tier is an entry point, allowing businesses to start with essential features, providing access to all apps and 2 active campaigns, with support and a limit of 50 active customer profiles, and encouraging an upgrade as the business grows.
  • Starter Plan ($6/month): This plan extends the features to 5 active campaigns, offering the same support, profile limit, and app access, making it suitable for small businesses with slightly increased campaign requirements.
  • Basic Plan ($9/month): At a slightly higher cost, this plan expands the scope to 20 active campaigns, providing an option to remove branding, which might be appealing for businesses seeking a more professional presentation.
  • Pro Plan ($12/month): Offering the most comprehensive features, this plan allows for 50 active campaigns, removable branding, and A/B testing, catering to more established businesses or those with more extensive marketing needs.

However, businesses might encounter additional charges if they exceed the active customer profile limits or require functionalities beyond the scope of their subscribed plan.


Automated Email/SMS marketing 

Undoubtedly, the app’s core functions are powerfully automated email and SMS marketing tasks, incorporating features for cart recovery and integration with popular platforms like SMSBump, Klaviyo, MailChimp, and more than 10 others.

Automated Email/SMS marketing 

An established online retailer can utilize this tool to automatically recover abandoned carts, employing personalized SMS or email messages with various stunning pre-templates to re-engage potential lost sales and strengthen customer loyalty. This automation aids in reclaiming lost opportunities while enhancing customer relationships through personalized communication.

AI Chatbot for Content Creation

Utilizing AI, this feature incorporates a chatbot that dynamically crafts product descriptions and emails and provides translation services. 

Any online store expanding globally could leverage this tool to efficiently adapt its product descriptions and communications for diverse international markets. The AI-driven writing function streamlines content creation, proving advantageous for businesses seeking automation and scalability in their communication efforts.

One-click checkout page with recommendations

The app enables a streamlined and simplified one-click checkout process with additional functionalities for cross-selling, up-selling, or personalized product recommendations.

One-click checkout page with recommendations

A store with an extensive product catalog might use this to implement a seamless checkout process and strategically showcase complementary or upgraded products to customers during the purchase journey, thereby increasing the average order value and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Sales-boosting Pop-up prompts

This function initiates sales-oriented pop-up windows, including prompts for email subscriptions and discount spin wheels. 

Sales-boosting Pop-up prompts

E-commerce brands, from small to established, can employ these pop-ups to encourage visitor subscriptions to newsletters or participation in spin-the-wheel discount games. This expands their subscriber base, encourages immediate purchases, and fosters higher customer engagement.

A/B Testing

The A/B Test Coupon Codes feature within the app facilitates the comparison and testing of various coupon code promotions, such as “Buy X Get Y” or “Buy One Get One.” This functionality is strategically designed to align with specific events like Black Friday or Halloween, enabling businesses to fine-tune their promotional strategies. 

It’s especially valuable for seasoned marketers aiming to adopt data-driven approaches to optimize their tactics for distinct sales events and campaigns.

Ratings and Customer Reviews

With a significant number of 2,461 customer reviews, the app still maintains an impressive overall rating of 4.9. The positive feedback remarkably overwhelms the negative ones.

Ratings and Customer Reviews

Merchants widely praise this app for 

  • A versatile and feature-rich toolkit that encompasses vital elements such as upselling, cross-selling, pop-ups, email, and SMS marketing
  • Dedicated customer service, user-friendly interface, and substantial positive impact on sales and customer engagement 
  • Accessibility of a free plan, automation capabilities, and extensive customization options 
  • Effectiveness in tasks such as cart recovery and setting up marketing campaigns. 

On the other hand, some users may encounter bad experiences in:

  • Operational challenges and limitations, such as the post-purchase upsell feature
  • Hidden cost where lack of clarity in pricing for higher customer counts
  • A suspicious influx of potentially fake accounts following the integration of the app with their Shopify stores

The developer is upgrading and improving day by day to recover the existing issues from several merchants.

One’s Shopify App Integration: Step-by-step Guide

Why should you integrate with One’s AI: Upsell—SMS—Email Marketing App?

From the feature reviewed above, you may catch the prospective side of the AI: Upsell—SMS—Email Marketing app. To make it more obvious, here is what you could gain and receive when being a user of the app:

Why should you integrate with One’s AI: Upsell—SMS—Email Marketing App

Enhanced marketing capabilities: The integration allows users to access a broad array of advanced marketing tools, empowering them to execute sophisticated strategies. By highlighting those features, the analysis might emphasize how these tools significantly contribute to improved customer engagement and increased sales.

Efficiency and time-saving: Integrating the app streamlines marketing tasks, resulting in greater efficiency and time-saving. This can be highlighted by discussing how automation and centralized management of various marketing components within the Shopify ecosystem simplify operations for users, potentially reducing manual effort and resource investment.

Seamless utilization of the Shopify ecosystem: Exploring the benefits of integrating within the existing Shopify framework is key. The analysis might underscore the advantages of utilizing the app in conjunction with Shopify’s data and operations, emphasizing how this integration harmonizes the user experience and optimizes the use of available data within the Shopify platform.

Personalization and targeted marketing: The integration might enable enhanced personalization and targeted marketing efforts, a critical point in the analysis. By utilizing the app’s capabilities, users can tailor marketing strategies based on customer behavior, preferences, and past interactions, ultimately leading to more effective and targeted campaigns.

Competitive edge: Lastly, the analysis might highlight how the integration provides users with a competitive advantage, enabling them to stay ahead in the market by offering better-targeted and more effective marketing campaigns compared to competitors who may not be utilizing similar integrations.

How to integrate

Integrating the AI: Upsell—SMS—Email Marketing app into your Shopify store involves a series of steps to ensure a seamless connection. Here’s a general guide on how this integration can typically be achieved:

  1. Access the Shopify app store: Login to your Shopify account, visit the Shopify app store, and search for the “AI: Upsell—SMS—Email Marketing” app.
  2. Install the app: Click on the app and select “Add app” to begin the installation process.
  3. Authorize access: The app might request permission to access your Shopify store. Authorize these permissions to enable the app to function effectively.
  4. Setup and configuration: Once installed, the app may guide you through a setup process. This might involve creating an account, configuring settings, and customizing features based on your business needs.
  5. Connect to Shopify data: The app may require integration with your Shopify store data. This could involve syncing customer information, order history, and product details to effectively utilize the app’s features.
  6. Utilize features: Once integrated, explore the app’s dashboard to access and activate its various functionalities. 
  7. Testing and optimization: Test the integrated features to ensure they are functioning correctly. Optimize settings based on your preferences and test-run the marketing campaigns or upselling strategies to ensure they align with your business objectives.
  8. Customer support: In case of any issues or questions during the integration process, the app might offer customer support or assistance. Utilize these resources for any further guidance or troubleshooting.

One’s Shopify App Alternatives

There is no doubt that One’s Shopify app has many competitors on the market. While One’s app offers a range of powerful marketing tools and features, exploring alternative options can provide a broader perspective on how different platforms cater to your business’s needs. 

We will walk you through several optional, outstanding choices to refer to.

Avada Email marketing & SMS

Avada Email Marketing, SMS is the solution for merchants seeking visitor conversion and enduring customer bonds. Through omnichannel capabilities like email, SMS, push notifications, and WhatsApp, it facilitates follow-ups and conversions.

Avada Email marketing & SMS
  • Pricing: $0 to $47 per month, with add-on costs that may incurred
  • Rating: 4.9/5 with 1,450 reviews
  • Key features:
    • Automation workflows 
    • Newsletter campaigns 
    • Capturing leads through popups and forms 
    • Multiple email marketing templates
    • Personalization (Segment contacts, Product recommendation, order creation SMS)

Loox Product Reviews & Photos

Loox is a robust app that bolsters brand credibility and sales through visual social proof. It effortlessly gathers authentic photo and video reviews, presenting them in customizable widgets to boost conversions. Its easy interface simplifies social proof marketing, enabling swift referrals and high-converting upsells without site slowdown.

Loox Product Reviews & Photos
  • Pricing: $9.99 to $399.9 per month with 14-day free trial and additional costs
  • Rating: 4.9/5 with 14,532 reviews
  • Key features:
    • Automated review collection
    • Incentivized customer contributions
    • Customizable brand widgets
    • Extended review reach
    • Boosted sales via referrals and upsells

Shopify Email

Shopify’s email tool is designed to streamline commerce-centered connections. Design branded, sales-focused emails swiftly using their intuitive editor. Automated templates ensure timely emails and targeted customer reach. All are managed within Shopify, your trusted platform for seamless campaign creation and monitoring.

Shopify Email
  • Pricing: Free to install, but add-on costs may be incurred.
  • Rating: 3.8/5 from 1,000 reviews
  • Key features:
    • Effortless customer segmentation
    • Versatile email templates
    • Personalized email content
    • Direct purchase encouragement
    • Comprehensive tracking and analytics

Privy ‑ Pop Ups, Email, & SMS

Privy empowers Shopify businesses to expand their contacts, automate marketing, and enhance website conversions. Its user-friendly platform simplifies designing emails, launching popups, and automating texts, freeing up time for business growth. Plus, dedicated support is available every step of the way.

Privy ‑ Pop Ups, Email, & SMS
  • Pricing: $0 to $75 per month with a 15-day free trial. Additional costs may be charged.
  • Rating: 4.6/5 from 24,810 reviews
  • Key features:
    • Intuitive drag-and-drop email editor
    • SMS marketing initiation
    • Diverse popup display options
    • Automated email and SMS campaigns
    • Comprehensive onboarding and support

EcomSend Pop Ups, Email Popups

EcomSend streamlines e-commerce customer acquisition with customizable popups for discounts, expanding email/SMS lists, and retaining leads. Integrated seamlessly with Shopify, it requires no coding and round-the-clock support via chat or email ensures user-friendly assistance.

EcomSend Pop Ups, Email Popups
  • Pricing: Free to use
  • Rating: An absolute 5/5 from 3,677 reviews
  • Key features:
    • Opt-in popups and email sign-up forms
    • Retentive strategies
    • Customizable popup discounts
    • Brand-matching designs
    • Seamless app integration (Klaviyo, Mailchimp, SMSBump, and Privy)

Bottom Line

The One’s AI: Upsell—SMS—Email Marketing app isn’t just an app; it emerges as a robust contender in the realm of AI-powered email marketing tools. Its multifaceted features, from personalized automation to seamless integration, make it a powerful ally for businesses seeking elevated customer engagement and conversions. 

While individual preferences may vary, the app’s comprehensive suite of functionalities and user-friendly approach position it as a compelling choice for those harnessing the power of AI in their email marketing strategies.


The pricing structure is competitive, offering various tiers to accommodate different business sizes. However, when scaling up, the significant hidden cost might be a factor to consider when compared to other tools.
The app typically doesn’t have a fixed limit on the number of pop-ups or forms that can be created and displayed, allowing users to implement multiple forms or pop-ups concurrently.
One’s Shopify App harnesses AI for personalized automation, including targeted emails, customer behavior analysis, and tailored messaging to improve engagement and conversions.
Yes. Users can access detailed insights into metrics such as delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates for their SMS campaigns. This data enables users to assess the effectiveness of their SMS marketing efforts and optimize strategies for improved engagement and conversions.
Yes, the app is compatible with Shopify’s mobile app, allowing users to conveniently monitor and manage campaigns while on the go. This compatibility ensures that users can access and oversee their marketing initiatives, check campaign performance, and make necessary adjustments directly from their mobile devices through the Shopify mobile app, providing flexibility and real-time management capabilities.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.