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Network Solutions Website Builder | 2024 Review

January 02, 2024
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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

In this article, we will explore the features, usability, and performance of the Network Solutions Website Builder, a key player in 2024’s web design landscape.

     Key Takeaways
  • Network Solutions provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and over 150 templates, making it simple for beginners to create a website.
  • Network Solutions provide robust customer support, including phone and live chat, ensuring users can access knowledgeable assistance.

Network Solutions: Pros & Cons


  • Ease of use and user-friendly interface
  • Access to round-the-clock customer support
  • Competitive, transparent pricing structure
  • Enhanced security features with domain lock and DNSSEC
  • One month of free web hosting included
  • Long-term domain registration options up to 100 years


  • Limited creative flexibility with the editor
  • Absence of custom code integration for advanced customization
  • Higher cost compared to leading industry competitors
  • Extra fees for features advertised as included

Network Solutions: Detailed Analysis

Overview of Network Solutions

Overview of Network Solutions
Overview of Network Solutions

Since its inception in 1979 as the first domain registrar, Network Solutions has been a forerunner in the digital world, adapting to the evolving internet landscape. It now offers a range of services, including web hosting, domain services, and an easy-to-use website builder, all designed to meet the diverse needs of online businesses and entrepreneurs. 

How does Network Solutions work?

Network Solutions, known for web hosting and domain name registration, offers an easy start for users. Registering a domain or purchasing hosting is simple and straightforward. The platform’s website builder, featuring an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, is encouraged for use with their hosting services, but it also supports linking to third-party hosts. 

Similar to other site builders, it has a content editing panel for easy content modification, making site publishing just a click away. Network Solutions also offers several attractive features:

  • Free Domain Offer: Network Solutions’ website builder plans come with a free domain for the first year, adding value and convenience for newcomers establishing their online presence.
  • Professional Design Service: For those opting out of DIY site building, Network Solutions provides a professional design service. Their team will create a custom site for you, with ongoing access to site builder tools for future updates, ideal for a hands-off approach to website creation and maintenance.
Professional Design Service
Professional Design Service

Main features

Website Building features

Network Solutions Website Builder offers a suite of features to cater to diverse website-building needs. Here’s a more in-depth look at what it provides:

  • Drag-and-Drop Site Editor: This editor is a core feature of the Network Solutions Website Builder. It allows precise control over where you place text boxes, images, videos, forms, buttons, and even HTML snippets and image sliders on your pages.

The editor’s intuitive nature means you can design your site without coding knowledge. It provides a seamless way to customize your site’s look and feel, down to the font styles and background colors.

Pre-designed blocks
Pre-designed blocks
  • Pre-designed blocks: Network Solutions understands that not everyone has the time or skill to design from scratch. These blocks consist of multiple content elements arranged in a cohesive layout. 

They allow you to build a professional-looking site quickly and efficiently. This feature is particularly helpful for first-time designers who want to ensure their site has a polished look.

  • Professionally Designed Templates: Network Solutions offers over 150 templates tailored to a wide range of industries. These templates set a professional tone for your site right from the start. If you decide to switch templates after starting your design, be prepared to rebuild your site from the ground up.
Professionally Designed Templates
Professionally Designed Templates
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Every website created with Network Solutions automatically adjusts to look perfect on any device. This feature is crucial as more people use mobile devices to browse the internet. 

You can also preview your site’s mobile, tablet, and desktop views as you design. This ensures that your site provides a seamless experience for all visitors.

  • SEO Functionality & Add-Ons: The effectiveness of your site’s SEO will depend on the Network Solutions plan you choose. The basic plan allows you to add meta titles and descriptions to your pages. 

If you opt for an advanced plan, you’ll get features like automatic listing on search engines and directories like Yellow Pages and Yelp. These features are instrumental in boosting your site’s visibility and attracting more traffic.

SEO Functionality & Add-Ons:
SEO Functionality & Add-Ons:
  • Multimedia Integration: You can upload photos, videos, and audio files directly to your site. While the platform limits you to upload one image at a time for galleries, the vast library of over 2 million free stock images from Unsplash compensates for this limitation. HTML code snippets enable the embedding of various file types.
  • Marketing Tools: While Network Solutions might not provide extensive marketing tools, it offers essential features to enhance your site’s outreach. You can link your site to your social media profiles and create a blog. These features, although basic, play a vital role in improving your online visibility and engaging with your audience.

E-commerce features

Network Solutions Website Builder includes several e-commerce features tailored to small and medium-sized businesses looking to expand online. Here’s a detailed breakdown of these features:

  • All-in-One E-commerce Solution: The platform offers an integrated solution that combines essential e-commerce components. These include storefront design, secure order processing, inventory management, and marketing tools. 

It also provides training and support to help you get started and grow your online business.

  • Customizable Storefronts: You can fully customize your online storefront to match your brand’s look and feel. Network Solutions provides mobile-friendly design templates that ensure your store looks great on any device. 

This customization extends to social media integration and SEO marketing tools, helping you reach a wider audience and improve your site’s visibility.

Customizable Storefronts
  • Payment Processing: It integrates with various credit card processing companies, merchant accounts, payment gateways, and PayPal. The platform adheres to the Visa Certified Cardholder Information Security Program and meets all PCI data standards. Importantly, it never stores customer transaction data on the site.
  • Scalability: The hosting and storage options provided by Network Solutions are scalable. This means they can accommodate your business as it grows. However, the platform’s inventory management and shipping tools are relatively basic. 

While these might suffice for businesses with a small range of products, they may not meet the needs of a rapidly expanding online store.


Network Solutions Pricing 
Network Solutions Pricing 

There are three plans available: Website, Website + Marketing, and Online Store. Each plan comes with a year’s free domain. The Marketing plan includes SEO features that help increase your website’s search engine visibility. The most extensive plan allows you to manage an online store with an inventory of up to unlimited products.

→ Network Solutions Website Builder Pricing Table:

Plan NameIntroductory PriceAutomatic Search Engine ListingOnline Store
Website $4.95NoNo
Website + Marketing$7.95YesNo
Online Store$9.95YesUnlimited products

Customer support

Network Solutions ensures that users of their website builder can access customer support through various channels. 

Users can reach out for help via phone, email, or live chat. Phone support operates from 7 AM to 12 AM Eastern Time every day. Live chat is available from 8 AM to 11 PM, Monday through Friday.

Network Solutions Customer support
Network Solutions Customer support


Network Solutions Reviews
Network Solutions Reviews

User reviews suggest that the Network Solutions Website Builder excels in customer support. Its staff has been lauded for their patience, helpfulness, and clarity. Issues with email services and technical support are typically resolved efficiently, and the support team is praised for their ability to communicate complex solutions simply. 

However, users express concerns about the platform’s pricing transparency and the lack of advanced features. While customer service is a strong point, there is room for improvement in product offerings and pricing structure clarity.

Network Solutions: Summary

  • Ease of Use: It features a basic drag-and-drop interface and over 150 professional templates, making website creation accessible. However, it lacks mobile editing capabilities, which could hinder on-the-go adjustments.
  • Website Packages: Each package includes a free domain for the first year. While they offer an e-commerce package, it does not include advanced tools that might be necessary for larger online stores.
  • Security and Reliability: The platform ensures security with features like 256-bit data encryption and HTTPS protocols. Users also have access to live expert support for any issues.
  • Customer service: Network Solutions offers extensive customer service. Phone support is available daily from 7 AM to 12 AM ET, and live chat is accessible from 8 AM to 11 PM on weekdays.
  • Platform Integrations: The platform doesn’t offer deep integration with social platforms like Facebook or Instagram and has limited marketing integrations. However, it does support integration with Google Analytics, which is crucial for monitoring website performance.

Competitors of Network Solutions

After testing some of the most popular competitors of Network Solutions within the last 3 years, here are our comparisons between Network Solutions and those rivals.

Network Solutions vs GoDaddy

Network Solutions vs GoDaddy
Network Solutions vs GoDaddy

When comparing Network Solutions Website Builder to GoDaddy, it’s essential to consider various aspects:

  • Domain Services Comparison: Both Network Solutions and GoDaddy offer domain registration services. GoDaddy might be the more cost-effective option for the first year. However, the pricing in the second year and beyond varies, especially when you include domain privacy services.
  • Web Hosting Services: GoDaddy generally offers lower monthly rates compared to Network Solutions. It also provides additional benefits like more storage space and an SSL certificate, which are crucial for security and performance.
  • User Experience: GoDaddy is known for its user-friendly dashboard, which can be a significant advantage for those new to website building and management. This ease of use contrasts with Network Solutions’ site editor’s more basic and limited scope.

→ Verdict: GoDaddy wins.

Network Solutions vs WordPress.com

Network Solutions vs WordPress.com
Network Solutions vs WordPress.com
  • Blogging Platform: WordPress.com is a superior choice for bloggers. It allows users to schedule posts and share them across social media, enhancing engagement and reach.
  • Monetization Features: Unlike Network Solutions, WordPress.com enables blog monetization through ads. This feature is crucial for those looking to earn revenue from their content.

→ Verdict: WordPress.com wins.

Network Solutions vs iPage

Network Solutions vs iPage
Network Solutions vs iPage
  • Cost-Effectiveness: iPage offers a website builder that is similar to Network Solutions but at a lower cost. Its affordability makes it an attractive option for those on a tight budget.
  • SEO and Hosting: SEO tools are standard with iPage, providing better value for users looking to optimize their site. Additionally, its website builder comes free with any hosting plan, unlike Network Solutions.

→ Verdict: iPage wins.


Network Solutions Website Builder is user-friendly with its drag-and-drop interface and various content elements. However, its lack of flexibility and higher cost compared to other builders might be a drawback for some users.
Network Solutions website builder is a tool that allows users to create websites easily. It offers a drag-and-drop interface and over 150 templates, making it possible to build a basic website quickly.
To use the Network Solutions website builder, start by selecting one of the 150+ templates. Then, customize it using the drag-and-drop editor. You can add and rearrange text, images, social media buttons, and contact forms among other elements.
Yes, Network Solutions Website Builder includes e-commerce capabilities. You can set up an online store, manage inventory, process payments securely, and more. However, the features might not be as advanced as those on dedicated e-commerce platforms.
Yes, the platform is suitable for beginners due to its simple drag-and-drop interface and a wide selection of templates. The intuitive design and available customer support make it easy for anyone to build a website without prior experience.

Bottom line

While Network Solutions Website Builder offers ease of use and strong customer support, its higher pricing and limited flexibility compared to competitors might not suit everyone. Ultimately, this platform is a viable option for those starting out or needing a basic website but may fall short for users seeking advanced functionalities and cost-effective solutions.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.