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Momentum Shopify Theme: The Comprehensive Review Guide

November 29, 2023
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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

In this article, we’ll review the Momentum Shopify Theme, a solution that promises to bring your online store a fresh and captivating look.

Key Takeaways

  • The Momentum Shopify Theme has modern aesthetics and elements that make creating an engaging storefront easy, while its robust functionality ensures seamless customer experiences.
  • This theme is ideal for businesses such as dropshippers seeking efficiency, high-volume stores handling many transactions, and those prioritizing visual storytelling through images to effectively convey their brand’s narrative.

Momentum Shopify Theme Overview

The Momentum Shopify Theme is about making your products shine, emphasizing a user-friendly layout that showcases high-quality images and ensures easy navigation for your customers.

Unlike traditional themes, Momentum doesn’t just make your store look good; it’s designed to provide detailed product information. This intelligent design focus aims to empower your customers with comprehensive insights about your offerings, ultimately boosting your store’s conversion rates.

Momentum Shopify Theme

Here are some key features that set it apart:

  • Color Swatches: This feature allows your customers to easily see and select their preferred product colors, making the shopping process more intuitive.
  • In-Menu Promos: Highlight your special offers and deals with in-menu promos, ensuring that customers notice your promotions right from the menu.
  • Mega Menu: The mega menu offers a streamlined and organized way for customers to navigate your store, helping them find what they need effortlessly.
  • Sticky Header: The sticky header keeps essential information accessible as customers scroll, ensuring critical details are always at their fingertips.
  • Product reviews: Allow customers to share their opinions and experiences with a product, providing valuable feedback to potential buyers.

Who Might Benefit from the Momentum Shopify Theme?

  • Dropshippers: If you’re a dropshipper looking for a theme that streamlines inventory management and order processing, the Momentum Shopify Theme is tailored specifically for you. Its integration with dropshipping apps makes running your business smoother.
  • High-Volume Stores: Stores that handle many transactions quickly need a theme that can keep up with the demand. Momentum is optimized for speed and performance, ensuring a seamless shopping experience even during busy periods.
  • Visual Storytellers: For those who rely on visuals to tell their brand’s story, the Momentum Shopify Theme is designed to showcase images effectively. It provides a visually appealing platform to captivate your audience and create a lasting impression.

Momentum Theme’s Pros and Cons


  • Highly Responsive Design: The Momentum Theme ensures your online store looks great on all devices. It’s pixel-perfect and scores impressively with a near-perfect 0.02 on CLS. This means your customers will have a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience, which is essential for dropshippers.
  • Conversion-Friendly Design: Whether selling products directly or through dropshipping, the Momentum Theme is designed with all the modern tools needed to boost your sales. It’s like having a sales assistant in your online store.
  • Supports Impactful Visuals: For dropshippers, showcasing your products effectively is vital. The Momentum Theme supports large and compelling visuals, making your products attractive to potential buyers.
  • Powerful Product Discovery Features: Mega menu, filters, sorters, enhanced search, and other features are a dream come true for dropshippers. They help your customers easily find the products they want, ultimately saving time and improving their shopping experience.


  • Design Fine-Tuning: While it’s highly responsive, some dropshippers might find that they need to do a bit of fine-tuning when it comes to design layouts and typography to align with their brand.
  • Pricing Consideration: Some may find the pricing a tad high for what the theme offers, so weighing the cost against the benefits is essential.

Key Features & Benefits

Color Swatches

Color swatches – visual representations of product color options – enable customers to choose their preferred color variant effortlessly. This user-friendly feature enhances the shopping experience by reducing confusion and cart abandonment, ultimately increasing conversion rates.

Particularly beneficial for high-volume stores with extensive product catalogs, color swatches streamline the presentation of different variants, making it easier for customers to find their desired products and improving overall satisfaction.

Momentum Shopify Theme

Mega Menu

A mega menu is an expansive and well-structured navigation menu offering various product categories and choices when users interact.

It simplifies product discovery, improving the shopping experience for customers and potentially increasing sales. For high-volume stores with extensive product catalogs, mega menus streamline navigation, reduce bounce rates, and enhance overall user satisfaction.

Momentum Shopify Theme

In-menu Promos

In-menu promos are a valuable feature that allows you to showcase special offers and promotions directly within your website’s menu.

This user-friendly feature benefits dropshippers and high-volume stores by increasing the visibility of these promotions, encouraging more customers to take advantage of the deals, and ultimately driving higher conversions and sales.

Momentum Shopify Theme

Product Reviews

Product reviews allow customers to share their opinions and experiences with a product through star ratings and written feedback, fostering trust and credibility.

For dropshippers, positive reviews can boost sales by providing authentic endorsements of product quality. High-volume stores benefit from reviews by offering valuable insights to customers, reducing uncertainty, and enhancing the shopping experience.

Momentum Shopify Theme

A sticky header is a website design element that keeps the header, containing essential navigation links and information, fixed at the top of the screen as users scroll down the page.

It enhances user experience by providing easy access to important site features, potentially leading to increased conversion rates and improving overall site usability, which is particularly valuable for stores with extensive product catalogs.

momentum shopify theme

Momentum Theme Design & Customization

2 Momentum Theme Presets


Wake theme design exudes a sense of freshness and modernity. It’s characterized by clean lines, elegant typography, and a minimalist color palette that creates a visually soothing and uncluttered shopping environment.

This theme style enhances your store’s aesthetics by making it appear sleek and contemporary. It’s the ideal choice if you want your store to convey a sense of simplicity and sophistication, which can appeal to a wide range of customers.



Fuel theme design brings a vibrant and energetic vibe to your store. It’s all about bold and dynamic design choices featuring vivid colors, eye-catching graphics, and striking typography.

This theme style enhances your store by making it visually stimulating and attention-grabbing. It’s perfect if you want your store to stand out and create a lasting impression.

Momentum Shopify Theme

The Fuel theme design is meticulously crafted to capture your brand’s spirit and inject excitement into the shopping experience. It is especially appealing to those looking to create a unique and memorable online store.

How to Add This Theme to Your Shopify Store

Boosting your Shopify store’s appearance with the Momentum Shopify Theme can give it a more impressive online presence. If you’ve chosen this theme, follow these simple steps to add it:

Step 1: Log in to Your Shopify Admin: Start by logging in to your Shopify admin panel.

log in to shopify admin

Step 2: Go to Settings: In the left panel, click “Settings,” then select “Sales channels“.

go to settings

Step 3: Access Online Store Settings: On the “Sales channels” page, you’ll see “Online store“. Click on it.

Step 4: Visit the Theme Store: Next, click the “Visit Theme Store” button.

visit theme store

Step 5: Buy Your Theme: Inside the “Theme Library” section, locate the Enterprise Shopify Theme. Click the “Buy” button next to its name to purchase.

buy your theme

Remember, while the theme enhances your store’s look, the theme developer will provide any extra support or updates. If you want to customize it but aren’t familiar with web development, consider getting assistance from a Shopify expert.

How Mobile Responsive Is Momentum Shopify Theme?

When choosing a Shopify theme like Momentum, one must consider two aspects that can significantly impact your online store’s success: mobile responsiveness and browser compatibility.

Mobile Responsiveness:

  • Importance of Mobile Optimization: A mobile-responsive theme ensures your online store looks and functions flawlessly on these devices. It’s vital because a poor mobile experience can lead to lost sales and frustrated customers.
  • Momentum’s Mobile-Friendly Design: Furthermore, it has been meticulously designed to adapt seamlessly to various screen sizes, providing an optimal shopping experience for your mobile customers. This means your product listings, images, and checkout process will all be user-friendly on mobile devices.

Browser Compatibility:

  • Ensuring Compatibility Across Browsers: Your customers use different web browsers to access your online store. These may include Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and more. Browser compatibility ensures that your store functions consistently, regardless of your customers’ browsers. 
  • Momentum’s Exceptional Browser Compatibility: Momentum goes the extra mile regarding browser compatibility. It has undergone extensive testing to ensure it works seamlessly across all major browsers. Whether your customers prefer Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, they can explore your online store without glitches.

The Momentum Shopify Theme shines regarding mobile responsiveness and browser compatibility. It provides a smooth shopping experience on mobile devices and ensures your store functions reliably on all popular web browsers.

Is Momentum Theme Easy to Use for Customers?

Whether through interactive product displays, smooth scrolling, or easy-to-access product categories, Momentum ensures a positive and engaging user experience. Here’s how:

  • Simplified Navigation: The Momentum Shopify Theme is built with user-friendliness in mind. Its intuitive and straightforward navigation ensures visitors can easily explore your online store.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: Momentum offers a range of user-friendly features to keep visitors engaged. These features are designed to captivate your audience and encourage them to interact with your store.

Customer Review 

Momentum Shopify Theme

Overall Rating: Momentum Shopify Theme has received a 60% positive rating based on user reviews, with a total of 5 reviews.

User Reviews:

  • Powerful and Fast: Users have praised the theme for its power and speed. They particularly appreciate the use of product metadata, which makes it easy to highlight key product features. Unlike previous theme transitions that often led to a drop in conversions, switching to Momentum didn’t negatively affect sales.
  • Continuous Improvement: While there are still some aspects they would like to see enhanced, they have found workarounds for those issues. Overall, it’s considered a great theme, though some users mention that certain sections could be made more dynamic.
  • Ease of Use and Functionality: Users find the theme super easy to use, with a simple setup process. They appreciate the abundance of sections available, which are not only plentiful but also attractive. The multi-collection section is highlighted to allow customers to compare products easily.

Where to purchase Momentum Shopify theme

You can easily purchase the Momentum Shopify theme on the Shopify Theme Store. Take a moment to discover its possibilities and how it can enhance the look of your online store.

The fantastic news is that Momentum provides an unlimited free trial, allowing you plenty of time to customize it according to your preferences and ensure it’s an ideal match for your online business.

Who Is Momentum Shopify Theme for?

If you’re considering the Momentum Shopify Theme for your online store, it’s essential to understand who can benefit most from its features and capabilities. Here’s a closer look at the specific target audiences that Momentum is designed to cater to:

  • Outdoor Adventure Gear Store:
    • Products: Camping equipment, hiking gear, outdoor clothing, and accessories.
    • Why Momentum: This theme can help you create a visually appealing website to showcase the beauty of outdoor adventures. By using stunning images of landscapes and adventurers using your products, you can tell a compelling visual story that captivates your audience.
  • Artisanal Jewelry Shop:
    • Products: Handcrafted jewelry made from unique materials like semi-precious stones, metals, and wood.
    • Why Momentum: The theme’s focus on visual storytelling can be used to highlight the craftsmanship behind each piece of jewelry. You can create a narrative around the creation process and the stories behind the materials used.
  • Organic Skincare and Beauty Products:
    • Products: Natural and organic skincare, cosmetics, and beauty products.
    • Why Momentum: This theme’s ability to create an immersive shopping experience can help you showcase the benefits of using organic and natural beauty products through visually engaging content and product images.
  • Vintage and Retro Fashion Boutique:
    • Products: Vintage clothing, accessories, and retro-inspired fashion items.
    • Why Momentum: You can use this theme to transport customers to different eras with visually striking imagery and storytelling. Highlight the history and uniqueness of each vintage item.
  • Pet Accessories and Supplies Store:
    • Products: Pet toys, grooming products, and accessories for dogs, cats, and other pets.
    • Why Momentum: Create an emotional connection with pet owners by showcasing adorable pet photos and videos. Use the theme to emphasize the quality and benefits of your pet products.
  • Art Prints and Home Decor Store:
    • Products: Art prints, wall decor, and home accessories.
    • Why Momentum: Utilize the theme’s visual storytelling capabilities to display art prints in various home settings. Show customers how your products can transform their living spaces.
  • Fitness Equipment and Apparel Shop:
    • Products: Gym equipment, workout clothing, and fitness accessories.
    • Why Momentum: Use the theme to inspire customers with images of active lifestyles and fitness journeys. Highlight the performance and quality of your fitness products.
  • Gourmet Food and Beverage Store:
    • Products: Specialty foods, artisanal beverages, and gourmet kitchen items.
    • Why Momentum: Tell the story of the culinary artisans and the unique flavors of your products through visually captivating content. Make customers hungry for your offerings.
  • Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Brand:
    • Products: Sustainable clothing, eco-friendly accessories, and ethically produced fashion items.
    • Why Momentum: Use the theme to showcase your commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. Share the stories of the artisans and the positive impact of choosing sustainable fashion.
  • Tech Gadgets and Electronics Retailer:
    • Products: Innovative tech gadgets, electronics, and accessories.
    • Why Momentum: Create an immersive tech experience by showcasing cutting-edge products and their practical applications. Use visuals to demonstrate how your gadgets can improve customers’ lives.

Shopify Momentum Theme Examples: Top 3 Online Stores Using the Momentum Theme

Industry: Carwash and Detailing Tools

detail link

Detail link, in the business of carwash and detailing tools, has skillfully utilized the Momentum Theme to elevate its online store’s visual experience.

Consequently, with the help of this theme, they have created an enticing and user-friendly platform for customers. Furthermore, visitors can easily navigate various products, including interior and exterior detailing products, coatings, supplies, and even access detail training resources.

Truck Master Parts

Industry: Automotive Parts

truck master parts

Truck Master Parts, specializing in automotive parts, has leveraged the Momentum Theme to transform its online presence.

With this theme, they’ve designed a visually captivating store that aligns seamlessly with their brand. The theme’s versatile features have significantly enhanced the overall shopping experience for their customers. It has made it effortless for them to find and purchase the right truck parts.


Industry: Electric Scooters and E-Bikes


Rhyde, a retailer offering electric scooters and e-bikes, has utilized the Momentum Theme to enhance the visual experience of their online store.

Notably, the theme’s support for visual storytelling has allowed Rhyde to present its products engagingly and attractively. As a result, customers can easily explore their range of electric scooters and e-bikes, making informed purchasing decisions.

Consequently, the Momentum Theme has been instrumental in elevating Rhyde’s brand identity and driving sales in the electric mobility industry.

FAQs: Momentum Shopify Theme

The Momentum Shopify Theme is a carefully crafted design template created for online stores hosted on the Shopify platform. It serves as the visual foundation of your online storefront, determining how it looks and functions.
Acquiring the Momentum Theme for your Shopify store is a straightforward process. You can find and purchase it in the Shopify Theme Store, where you can access a range of themes designed to enhance your online presence.
Yes, absolutely! The Momentum Theme offers customization options, allowing you to tailor it to your brand’s unique style and identity. You can modify various aspects of the theme, such as colors, fonts, and layouts, to create a store that aligns perfectly with your brand’s visual identity.
The suitability of the Momentum Theme depends on your specific eCommerce needs. It could be an excellent choice if you fall into one of the target audiences mentioned earlier: dropshippers, high-volume stores, or those who emphasize visual storytelling.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Momentum Shopify Theme is a top choice for your online store, whether you’re a dropshipper, run a high-volume store, or focus on visual storytelling. It combines style and functionality to enhance your brand and boost eCommerce success.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.