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Modules Shopify Theme for Unlocking Scalability and Customization

October 18, 2023
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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

In this article, we’ll delve deep into the intricacies and advantages of the Modules Shopify theme.

Key Takeaways

  • The Modules Shopify theme significantly amplifies a business’s online presence with its modular design, tailored for high-volume transactions and visual brand storytelling.
  • This theme is especially suited for businesses focused on visual products, high transaction rates, and those looking for quick setup solutions.

Modules Shopify Theme Overview

Modules Shopify Theme

The Modules Shopify theme is centered around a modular design, a groundbreaking approach that offers unparalleled opportunities for deep customization. The theme is equipped with succinct yet powerful features: vibrant color swatches, a real-time stock counter, an expansive mega menu, a user-friendly sticky header, and a convenient back-to-top button. 

It’s meticulously crafted to cater to high-volume stores that experience a surge in transactions. Additionally, brands aiming to weave a narrative through images will find its visual storytelling capabilities invaluable. And for businesses racing against time, the theme guarantees a breezy and prompt setup.

Modules Theme’s Pros and Cons


  • Various Customization Options: The Modules Shopify theme delves deep into personalization. Merchants can manipulate layout structures, choose from an extensive palette of colors, and select from a diverse range of font styles. This granularity ensures that brands can make their storefronts distinct, aligning with specific branding guidelines and visual preferences.
  • Built-in Blog: The theme seamlessly integrates a blogging platform. This is invaluable for merchants aiming to establish their store as a knowledge hub, create organic traffic through SEO-rich content, and engage audiences with regular updates about products, industry news, or brand stories.
  • Modern Design: The theme’s aesthetics are grounded in modern design principles. It automatically adjusts to varying screen sizes (responsive), offers a clean and uncluttered visual landscape (minimalist), and structures information logically for easy navigation (rational and practical).
  • Excellent Support Team: Facing an issue? The theme’s dedicated support team is reputed for its quick turnaround time, ensuring that merchants face minimal disruptions. Their expertise covers not just theme-specific queries but often extends to broader Shopify operational challenges.
  • User-Friendly Instructions: Every feature of the Modules theme is accompanied by detailed documentation. These guidelines are designed to handhold merchants through the setup process, breaking down each step with clarity and ensuring a hassle-free launch.
  • Unlimited Free Trial: Before any financial commitment, merchants can explore every nook and cranny of the theme. This trial allows them to gauge the theme’s alignment with their store’s needs, ensuring there are no surprises post-purchase.


  • Potential Overwhelm: The range of customization options, while empowering, can be daunting for those unfamiliar with e-commerce platforms. Merchants might find themselves spending more time initially, navigating through the plethora of choices.
  • Regular Updates Needed: As with most sophisticated digital tools, the Modules theme evolves rapidly. Merchants will need to stay proactive about installing updates to leverage new features and ensure compatibility with the latest e-commerce trends.

Key Features & Benefits

Product filtering and sorting

Modules Shopify Theme

With an overwhelming number of products in an online store, customers can easily get lost. The product filtering and sorting feature equips them with the tools to narrow down their search based on criteria like price, popularity, ratings, and more. By offering multiple filtering options, the theme ensures that shoppers find what they’re looking for in the shortest time possible.

This feature enhances the user experience by simplifying product discovery. As a result, it can lead to increased sales because customers can find and purchase their desired items more efficiently. 

Multilingual and Multi-Currency Support

Modules Shopify Theme

One of the standout features of the Modules Shopify theme is its robust support for multiple languages and currencies. Recognizing the importance of catering to a global audience, the theme offers integrated language support for English, Nederlands, and Gaeilge. Moreover, to ensure seamless transactions regardless of the user’s location, the theme facilitates payments in various currencies. Some notable mentions include Denmark’s DKK kr., Finland’s EUR €, Czechia’s CZK Kč, and Canada’s CAD $.

Being able to communicate in the language of your audience not only enhances user experience but also builds trust. Furthermore, by allowing transactions in the native currency of 28 different countries/regions, businesses can tap into broader markets with ease. This removes any potential payment barriers, ensuring a smooth checkout process, and can lead to an uptick in global sales.

Mega Menu

Modules Shopify Theme

The Modules Shopify theme incorporates a robust mega menu that’s a powerhouse of organized information. It goes beyond simple dropdown lists. Merchants can structure multi-column layouts, embed high-resolution images of product categories, and even slot in short descriptions or promotional banners right within the dropdown interface.

The immediacy of detailed information at the hover of a mouse ensures customers spend less time searching and more time discovering products. This kind of ease in navigation leads to increased session durations, lowered bounce rates, and potentially, higher sales conversions. For merchants, it’s also an avenue to strategically spotlight sales, promotions, or new arrivals.

Product Videos

Modules Shopify Theme

Recognizing the limitations of static images, the Modules Shopify theme supports product video integration. Merchants can embed product demonstration videos, 360-degree view clips, or any other relevant visual content directly on the product page, enhancing the descriptive quality of their listings.

Videos offer a dynamic way for customers to engage with products. They can see the product in action, understand its size, functionality, and get a feel that static images might not provide. This richer content format can significantly reduce customer hesitation, leading to improved conversion rates. For merchants, it’s a way to stand out from competitors and offer an enriched browsing experience.

Color swatches

In the Modules Shopify theme, color swatches are intricately designed to reflect product variations in high-definition. When choosing a color variant for a product, users won’t just see a generic blue or red dot. Instead, they’ll witness finely-detailed swatches that display gradient shifts, patterns, or even textures relevant to the specific product variant.

Modules Shopify Theme

For customers, this means a more accurate visual representation of what they’re about to purchase, which can drastically reduce the uncertainty often associated with online shopping. For store owners, the tangible benefits translate to fewer returns due to mismatched expectations, higher customer satisfaction rates, and increased trust in the brand’s online representation.

Stock counter

The stock counter in the Modules Shopify theme isn’t just a number showing available inventory. It’s an interactive tool that updates in real-time. When a customer is viewing a product, the counter indicates the exact number of items left in stock. If the stock is low, it can also trigger urgency-driven prompts, subtly encouraging the shopper to make a purchase decision.

For the customer, this provides clarity about product availability and can hasten their decision-making process, especially if the stock is limited. For the merchant, it’s a subtle marketing tool, creating a sense of urgency and possibly leading to quicker sales conversions. Additionally, it aids in inventory management, ensuring transparency between the merchant and the buyer regarding product availability.

Cart notes

Modules Shopify Theme

The cart notes feature allows customers to add specific notes or instructions regarding their order directly within their shopping cart. Whether it’s a special packaging request, a desired delivery date, or any other particular note, customers can communicate their needs directly through the cart interface before proceeding to checkout.

For customers, this feature offers a personalized shopping experience. They feel heard and can specify their requirements without having to reach out through other communication channels. For merchants, it provides valuable insights into customer preferences and needs, aiding in better service delivery and fostering stronger customer relationships.

Modules Theme Design & Customization

2 Theme Presets


Autumn‘s design strongly resonates with nature’s embrace. Its color palette highlights amber and taupe shades, reminiscent of crisp fallen leaves. Muted grays and soft whites contrast these, reflecting misty autumn mornings. Minimalist icons and modern typography add a contemporary touch to its nostalgic aura.

Modules Shopify Theme

The Autumn style positions products in a way that they almost appear as natural extensions of the theme itself. The strategic use of whitespace allows for products to breathe. The subtle animations, like the gentle hover transitions, provide an interactive edge. These design choices create an environment where products aren’t just displayed; they’re showcased. 


The Sky style of the Modules Shopify theme emanates a modern and professional aura. Its neutral color scheme, predominantly featuring shades of grays and blues, is reminiscent of a clear, expansive skyline. The design is crisp, with sharp edges and streamlined graphics. It gives a sense of precision, aligning perfectly with technical and cutting-edge products.

Modules Shopify Theme

Sky’s design, with its professional demeanor, aligns impeccably with stores offering technical products. The neutral palette acts as a canvas, allowing product features and specifications to take the forefront. This clarity in presentation reduces distractions and guides the visitor’s focus squarely on the product. Its modern layout, paired with subtle animations, offers an intuitive browsing experience.

How to Add This Theme to Your Shopify Store

Follow these steps to ensure a smooth addition:

  1. Visit the Modules Theme Store: Navigate to the Modules Shopify Theme Store at this link.
  2. Review Styles: On the theme’s detail page, you’ll notice two distinct styles: Autumn and Sky. Preview each style by clicking on “View Demo” to ascertain which one aligns with your brand’s aesthetic.
  3. Purchase or Try: After deciding on a style, you can opt to buy the theme or initiate a trial run. Click on the relevant button – either ‘Buy Theme’ or ‘Start with this theme for free’.
  4. Install the Theme: Post-purchase or trial selection, you’ll be prompted to install the theme to your store. Click ‘Install’ to integrate it seamlessly.
  5. Customize as Needed: Once installed, navigate to the ‘Themes’ section in your Shopify admin panel. Click on ‘Customize’ next to the Modules theme. This allows you to adjust various elements, ensuring the theme aligns perfectly with your brand identity and preferences.
  6. Publish: After customizing, ensure you hit ‘Publish’ to make the theme live on your store.

How Mobile Responsive is Modules Shopify Theme?

Modules Shopify Theme

Let’s dissect the mobile-centric offerings of the Modules Shopify theme:

  • Modular Layout Adjustments: Each module in the theme is meticulously designed. For smaller screens, it rearranges, ensuring no horizontal scrolling or distorted images.
  • Intuitive Touch Interactions: User experience is elevated with optimized touch controls. Dropdowns expand with a gentle tap, and sliders move seamlessly with swipes, without any jerky transitions.
  • Image Optimization Techniques: The Modules theme utilizes lazy loading. This means product images only load when they’re about to be viewed, ensuring speedy page load times even on 3G networks.
  • Strategically Placed Mobile Features: Mobile shopping essentials, like product search and cart access, are always within thumb’s reach. They’re anchored prominently for immediate access.

The theme’s adaptability isn’t just limited to devices:

  • Extensive Browser Profiling: Beyond just mainstream browsers, the Modules theme is vetted on less common ones too. It ensures uniformity from Chrome to lesser-used browsers like Brave.
  • Safeguarding Legacy Browser Users: Not everyone updates their browser. Recognizing this, the theme offers a streamlined version for older browsers. It ensures they don’t miss out on crucial functionalities.
  • Adaptive Feature Rendering: If a browser lacks support for a theme feature, the Modules theme adjusts. It might render an alternative or guide the user to update their browser.

How Good is Modules Shopify Theme’s UX?

Crafting a navigational path unique to the Modules Shopify theme:

  • Modular Navigation Design: The Modules theme is aptly named for its modular approach to design. The navigation follows this ethos, allowing retailers to structure their menu based on modules, facilitating quicker updates and changes.
  • Dynamic Drop-downs: As an extension of its modular design, the theme supports dynamic drop-downs. Categories can effortlessly expand to reveal sub-categories, all in a fluid, responsive design.
  • Focus on Visual Storytelling: Navigation isn’t just about menus. The Modules theme emphasizes images to guide users, offering a visual journey through product collections.
Modules Shopify Theme
  • Quick-Access Floating Button: This theme includes a unique floating button, ensuring key pages or offers are just a click away, no matter where the user might be on the site.

The Modules Shopify theme ensures visitors stay engaged:

  • Modular Content Blocks: Be it promotional videos, blogs, or product showcases, the theme supports diverse content blocks. Retailers can switch, replace, or update them as per ongoing promotions or trends.
  • Image-First Design: Recognizing the trend of visual storytelling, the theme provides an image-first design. It ensures the visuals of products capture users, leading to deeper engagement.
  • Quick Setup Pop-ups: New offers or essential notifications can be presented as pop-ups. Thanks to the theme’s quick setup feature, launching these pop-ups is a breeze.
  • Engagement through Scalability: High-volume stores require dynamic features. The Modules theme offers real-time stock counters, ensuring users are prompted to make purchase decisions, enhancing engagement.

Customer Review 

The Modules Shopify theme has garnered significant attention within the e-commerce community, reflected in the glowing user reviews and ratings it has received. Here’s a concise summary of what customers are saying:

  • Customization at Its Best: Many users rave about the theme’s diverse customization capabilities, from layout tweaks to color palette changes. The flexibility it offers allows brands to create a unique online presence effortlessly.
  • A Blogger’s Delight: Store owners who understand the power of content marketing appreciate the theme’s built-in blog feature. This makes content management and engagement more streamlined.
  • Modern Design Resonates: A consistent piece of praise from customers revolves around the theme’s contemporary design. The minimalist yet practical approach not only makes the site look good but ensures efficient usability.
  • Efficiency and Support: Quick setups have been a hit, especially for businesses keen on rapid launches. Additionally, the support team’s excellence doesn’t go unnoticed, with many users highlighting their prompt responses and solutions.
  • Mobile-First Approach Wins: In today’s mobile-centric world, the theme’s responsiveness is a boon. Customers note that their stores look impeccable across devices, enhancing their brand image and user experience.

Where to purchase Modules Shopify theme

To purchase the Modules Shopify theme, navigate to the official Shopify Theme Store.

The theme offers an unlimited free trial, allowing you to fully explore its features and determine if it’s the right fit for your store. Should you decide to go live with it, the price stands at $200 USD. Investing in the Modules theme ensures you’re opting for quality, responsiveness, and a user-centric design to elevate your e-commerce experience.

Who Is Modules Shopify Theme for?

The Modules Shopify theme caters to a diverse array of e-commerce needs. Let’s explore its suitability for different niches:

  • Bag Stores: Bags often have intricate patterns and unique materials. The theme emphasizes high-resolution imagery, allowing potential customers to zoom in and appreciate the craftsmanship, material quality, and design nuances.
  • Drone Retailers: Drones are technical products that benefit from demonstrative videos. The theme’s “Product videos” feature becomes indispensable, allowing potential buyers to see the drones in action, capturing footage, and demonstrating flight capabilities.
  • Fashion Boutiques: For boutiques, offering a range of colors in apparel is standard. The color swatches feature lets customers preview different color variants, ensuring they choose the hue that resonates with their style preference.
  • Tech Gadgets and Accessories: Technology aficionados often navigate through specific product categories. The mega menu streamlines this navigation, grouping products like “smartwatches”, “headphones”, or “latest releases” for efficient browsing.
  • Handmade Crafts and Artisanal Goods: Such products possess unique tales of their creation. With the theme’s visual storytelling capabilities, sellers can weave narratives around each product, detailing the inspiration, creation process, and the artisan’s story.

FAQs: Modules Shopify theme

What is the primary focus of the Modules Shopify theme?

Answer: The Modules Shopify theme is primarily designed with a modular structure, allowing for deep customization and scalability. Its core strengths lie in catering to high-volume stores, supporting visual brand storytelling with its image-centric design, and ensuring a quick setup process for merchants aiming for a fast launch.

Does the Modules Shopify theme support video integration for products?

Answer: Yes, the Modules Shopify theme allows for product video integration. This feature helps stores provide a more immersive shopping experience, allowing customers to view products in action or from various angles, enhancing their purchase decision process.

Is the Modules Shopify theme mobile-responsive?

Answer: Absolutely! The theme is designed to be fully responsive, ensuring that your store looks and functions seamlessly on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. Mobile responsiveness is essential in today’s e-commerce landscape, given the growing number of mobile shoppers.

How much does the Modules Shopify theme cost?

Answer: The Modules Shopify theme is priced at $200 USD. It’s worth noting that there’s an unlimited free trial available. You’ll only need to pay for the theme if you decide to publish and use it for your live store.

Can I customize the color scheme and fonts on the Modules theme to match my brand?

Answer: Yes, the Modules Shopify theme offers various customization options. You can easily tailor the color palette, fonts, and layout to align perfectly with your brand’s aesthetics, ensuring a cohesive look and feel for your online store.

The Bottom Line

The Modules Shopify Theme truly stands out as a dynamic tool for brands, blending design excellence with functionality. It’s a must-have for businesses aiming for a compelling online storefront.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.