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Shopify Label Theme: Best For Fashion, Music & Books

June 28, 2024
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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

Looking for a clean and modern Shopify theme to showcase your brand? Look no further than Label, a versatile theme designed for fashion, music, and lifestyle brands. With its minimalist aesthetic, customizable sections, and focus on visual storytelling, the Label Shopify theme helps me create a unique and engaging online store that reflects your brand’s personality.

In this article, we will review all you need to know about the Label theme: definition, pricing, ratings & review, and features.

Avada’s Verdict
  • Flexibility customize
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • User-friendly interface
  • Great tech support service
  • Engaging product showcase
  • Available for digital products
  • Extensive customization options
  • Eye-catching design: bold and contemporary
  • No live chat support
  • Advanced customization limited
  • High price for some store owners
Rating: 4.95/5⭐
Best For
Small to medium-sized businesses in the fashion, lifestyle, and creative industries seeking a minimalist and customizable design

Label Theme Shopify: A Brief Overview

Label is a premium Shopify theme designed to provide customers an exceptional online shopping experience. Its contemporary and bold design lends itself well to these sectors, providing customers with a visually appealing and engaging shopping experience.

The theme provides a comprehensive set of powerful features tailored to meet the specific needs of merchants in the music, fashion, and book industries, such as Lookbooks, Image Galleries, Rich Product Information, Product Reviews, Product Galleries, Support for Digital Products, etc. 

Label Shopify Theme Pricing

The Shopify Label theme is available for a one-time payment of 320 USD. Upon purchase, merchants receive lifetime access to the theme, along with all future updates and ongoing support from the developers.

The Label Shopify theme offers an unlimited free trial, which means you can fully explore and evaluate the theme to see if it meets your needs and expectations before making any financial commitment. You only need to pay for the theme when you are ready to publish it. This allows you to make an informed decision about whether the theme suits your store.

Label Shopify Theme Pricing

Where To Purchase The Label Shopify Theme?

The Shopify Theme Store is a great place to start when you’re looking for a theme for your Shopify store. You can access the store directly from your Shopify admin dashboard or the Shopify website. 

If you’re interested in the Label theme, you can also find it on the developer’s website. Simply click on the “Preview theme” button, and you’ll be redirected to the theme’s page in the Shopify Theme Store.

PageSpeed Score

According to PageSpeed Insights, the Label Shopify theme demonstrates strong performance with a score of 78. It excels in accessibility (92), follows best practices (96), and boasts perfect SEO optimization (100).

PageSpeed Score

These results suggest that the Label theme is the best choice option, balancing performance with accessibility and best practices, particularly for businesses specializing in organic search traffic.

Label Theme’s Features That Will Benefit Your Shopify Store

Fully support for digital products

Music and book stores often sell digital products like albums, tracks, and e-books. The Label theme fully supports these digital offerings. It features a complete audio player with a tracklist on the product page, allowing customers to easily preview and enjoy music samples before purchasing.

Additionally, the theme allows stores to showcase product-engaging videos in a full-width layout, engaging customers further with visual content. This makes the shopping experience more interactive and immersive. Plus, you can easily add tracks to enhance your product displays.


The Lookbook feature in the Label theme is a powerful tool that enables fashion stores to showcase their products in an enticing and visually captivating manner. It allows merchants to curate curated collections with customizable layouts, providing an immersive shopping experience for customers.


Customers can easily navigate the Lookbook layouts, exploring different feature gallery pages or sections with interactive and seamless navigation. Each item displayed within the Lookbook can be linked to its respective product page, enabling customers to click on the products they are interested in, learn more, or easily make a purchase.

Image Galleries

The Label theme’s Image Galleries feature enhances the visual appeal of fashion, music, and bookstores by showcasing high-quality images in an interactive and organized manner. 

  • High-Resolution Display: The Image Galleries in the Label Theme showcase products with sharp and attractive high-resolution images.
  • Product Linking: Each image can link directly to its product page, streamlining the customer journey and making it easy to explore and purchase.
  • Visual Storytelling: Merchants can use Image Galleries to share brand stories, product narratives, or behind-the-scenes glimpses to attract customers.

Rich Product Information

Rich Product Information

The Label Shopify theme prioritizes a rich customer experience with detailed product information features. Merchants can provide comprehensive descriptions, educating customers on product features and benefits.

Moreover, bookstores can showcase author bios and book summaries, while all stores can categorize products by genre. This enhanced information empowers customers to make informed decisions and find exactly what they want.

Product Reviews

Product Reviews

The Label theme’s Product Reviews feature is a powerful tool for building trust and boosting sales. Customers can leave ratings and detailed feedback about their purchases, giving valuable insights to the store and potential buyers.

This user-generated content helps shoppers make informed decisions, as they can easily see star ratings and read reviews from others who have already bought the product.

Add to Cart

When customers find a product they like, they can simply click the “Add to Cart” button and instantly add the item to their shopping cart. Moreover, the theme displays a clear notification confirming the addition, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Add to Cart
Recommended products

Recommended products feature suggests related or complementary products to customers while they browse, encouraging them to explore more of the store’s offerings. Moreover, the feature can be customized to align with the store’s branding and merchandising strategy, ensuring every visitor’s seamless and personalized shopping experience.

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Label Theme Shopify: User Reviews and Testimonials

  • Ratings: 5/5
  • Total reviews: 66

According to the Shopify theme store, the Label Shopify theme received 100% positive feedback . Users praise its clean aesthetic, user-friendly customization options, and focus on showcasing products in the best possible light.

Moreover, through the unlimited free trial, I can experience all the features of the theme, such as adding lightning-fast audio, lookbook layouts, product slideshows, or key information on products. So amazing. I highly recommend using the theme!

Label Theme Shopify: User Reviews and Testimonials

Let’s look at the highlighted customer’s feedback:

  • Great theme. A perfect fit for those who want a clean stylish website. Brilliant customer service as well!” – Bianca Jeswant.
  • We purchased the theme for a bookstore that we’re migrating from bc, and I must say, the layout design, customizations, and the underlying codebase is fantastic. The customer support we received has been outstanding so far as well.” – Dorrance Bookstore.
  • I like this theme because not only were we able to do most customizations we wanted but support was very responsive to one change we were struggling with for our client. Additionally we had a suggestion for an addition to their roadmap and they added it for a future release. Because of this I would rate their response as outstanding.” – Scooter Pie Music.

3 Presets of Shopify Label Theme


The Fashion preset of the Shopify Label theme has a trendy vibe, perfect for fashion-forward businesses. It looks clean and modern, showcasing high-resolution images, sleek typography, and sophisticated full-width layouts. 

With options for the lookbook and gallery pages, product image slideshows on grid items, and complete-the-look upsell on product pages, the Fashion preset enhances the shopping experience for customers, enticing them to explore and make fashionable purchases.


The Music preset has a dynamic and artistic vibe tailored for music industry businesses. It features bold colors, striking fonts, and seamless integration of audio and video elements. The layout is designed to highlight music albums, artists, and performances, creating an engaging platform for music enthusiasts. 

With a fully-fledged audio player and tracklist on product pages or product videos in a full-width layout, the Music preset enhances the way music stores present their offerings, inviting customers to explore and experience the world of music.


The Book preset exudes a classic and scholarly vibe, ideal for book industry businesses. It features a modern, clean design, emphasizing high-resolution images and elegant full-width layouts. 

The color palette and typography create a refined ambiance, setting the stage for the latest book releases and authors to shine. Integration options for the lookbook and gallery pages, product image slideshows on grid items, and complete-the-look upsell on product pages enhance how bookstores present their literary offerings, providing a delightful experience for book enthusiasts and readers.

Who Is Shopify Label Theme For?

As its robust features and compelling designs, the theme is best suited for:

  • Music stores, record shops, concert venues, music labels, and any businesses in the music industry aim to create a captivating online platform for music lovers.
  • Bookstores, independent bookshops, academic institutions, literary publishers, ebooks, and any businesses in the book industry looking to create a clean and modern online presence for book lovers.
  • Fashion boutiques, clothing stores, accessory retailers, shoe shops, and any businesses in the fashion industry seeking a visually stunning and contemporary online presence.

Label Shopify Theme: Customer Support

The Label Shopify Theme offers multiple channels for customer support to assist merchants with their inquiries and concerns. Here’s an overview of the support channels provided by the theme:

  • Documentation: The theme provides comprehensive documentation that covers various aspects of theme installation, configuration, and customization. Merchants can refer to the documentation for step-by-step guides and solutions to common issues.
  • FAQs Pages: The theme incorporates frequently asked questions (FAQs) pages to address common queries and concerns. Merchants can quickly access important information and troubleshoot common issues through these pages.
  • Feedback Portal: Merchants can contact the theme’s support team through a Feedback Portal by filling out a support form. This allows merchants to submit specific inquiries or technical problems, and the support team will respond to these requests.

The theme has no live chat support, but the developer theme aims to respond within 24 hours. You can request new features, vote on existing feature requests, and customize your theme via Label theme’s feedback portal.

3 Successful Stores Built With Shopify Label Theme

Kollekted By

The website of Kollekted By exudes an elegant and sophisticated design, perfectly complementing its carefully curated interior products. The interface is visually captivating, featuring high-quality images of furniture, lighting, and objects that reflect the brand’s commitment to quality and durability.

Kollekted By

The Mega Menu feature improves the browsing experience, providing easy access to various product categories and helping customers find exactly what they want.


The website of L.Dre immerses visitors in the softly soothing world of the emerging music producer. The interface exudes a calming, easy-to-navigate design that complements L.Dre’s lo-fi beats and bass-heavy rhythms. The color scheme and graphics reflect the artist’s style, creating a cohesive and visually appealing experience.

Upon arriving at the homepage, visitors are greeted with an embedded audio player, allowing them to indulge in L.Dre’s music creations immediately. The layout also features behind-the-scenes photos and snapshots of L.Dre’s music-making journey, enabling fans to connect with the artist personally.


The website of Saltwater embraces the celebration of inner confidence and beauty. The interface features a welcoming and inclusive design, showcasing diverse models confidently wearing Saltwater’s swimsuits. The color palette and layout create a positive and empowering atmosphere.


The homepage presents a captivating swimsuit collection display that highlights the brand’s commitment to embracing individual beauty. The Lookbook feature creatively showcases different swimsuit styles, allowing visitors to envision themselves wearing the swimwear and feeling fabulous.

Ending Words

That’s all you need to know about Shopify Label Theme. You can “Try theme” to see how it fits your store, payment requirements only when you publish it. Try the theme now!

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.