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Icon Shopify Theme: A Detailed Review

June 24, 2024
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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

Looking for a Shopify theme that’s as unique and eye-catching as your brand? The Icon theme might just be your perfect match, with its bold design, versatile features, and focus on visual storytelling. Don’t settle for a generic storefront – discover how Icon can transform your online presence and elevate your customer experience.

Avada’s Verdict
  • Ease of Use
  • Custom Widgets
  • Speed & Mobile Optimization
  • Multiple Sections
  • Diverse Styles
  • Reliable Support
  • Expensive Price
  • Support Concerns
  • User Experience
  • The lack of built-in features
Rating: 4.9/5⭐
Best For
Retailers, Ecommerce stores, Online shops, Boutiques, Fashion brands, Jewellery stores, Gift shops, Home decor stores

What is the Icon Shopify Theme?

The Shopify Icon theme is a top pick for many store owners due to its modern and distinctive design for various stores. Emphasizing visuals, the Icon theme is ideal for brands with select products they wish to showcase attractively. Plus, its drag-and-drop feature makes custom page creation effortless.

icon shopify theme

The Icon theme by Shopify is a product of We Are Underground, a seasoned developer of Shopify themes. With eight themes under their belt, the Icon theme stands out as one of their top creations. Thanks to the We Are Underground team, Shopify themes offer extensive customization options to tailor the design to your brand.

icon shopify theme

Theme Features

Smart Filters

Smart filters in the Icon theme empower customers to effortlessly narrow down their product search based on specific criteria like size, color, price, or brand. By enabling shoppers to quickly find exactly what they’re looking for, this feature significantly enhances the overall user experience.

Smart Filters

This improved navigation translates to higher customer satisfaction, increased engagement, and a greater likelihood of completing a purchase, ultimately boosting sales for your Shopify store.

Product availability

The Icon theme’s pickup availability feature bridges your physical and online store, allowing customers to order online and pick up in-store. This is particularly crucial for stores selling precious products like jewelry items or boutiques since customers need to check the product availability regularly before purchasing. 

icon shopify theme

Displayed with the product details, this function supports online purchases and in-store visits, offering flexibility for your customers. For example, jewelry store customers can check the availability of their wanted necklaces, order online, and come to the store to pick them up directly or command a shipment to their home.

Quick View

The Icon theme introduces a “Quick View” option, enabling customers to inspect products without navigating away from their current page. Found in the product listing’s corner, this feature showcases the product in a pop-up window. This is a valuable function for several types of shops like Gift shops, Home decor stores, or fashion brands, as these stores want to display the authentic images of their products to clients at convenience.

icon shopify theme

From there, customers can directly add items to their cart, explore product variations, and see all images. Many eCommerce stores choose the Icon theme due to the benefits of the Quick View/ Shop Modal function, which helps increase sales rates and optimize purchase transactions.

Parallax Scrolling Images

Elevate your site aesthetics with the Icon theme’s parallax scrolling image feature. This effect causes banner images to move more slowly than surrounding content, producing a layered visual experience. It’s ideal for spotlighting key visuals or text, ensuring they capture and retain your audience’s attention. 

icon shopify theme

This function is particularly appropriate for dropshipping & eCommerce stores since these businesses want to optimize clients’ service experience on their platforms. With highlighted visuals and images, these stores will likely attract more customers to their platforms.

Match with major Shopify features

A standout feature of the Icon Theme is its compatibility with key Shopify functionalities. It effortlessly supports product variants, multiple languages and even offers automatic currency conversion. Shopify merchants and dropshippers will benefit the most from this feature. They can optimize the operation of their Shopify stores simply by using these support features.

icon shopify theme

Plus, with frequent updates introducing new features and refinements, your store will always stay current and optimized. 

Responsive design

A highlight of the Icon Theme is its responsive design. This ensures your store appears consistently well on all devices, whether desktops or mobile phones. There’s no stress about missing out on sales due to display issues on mobile devices. This consistent presentation is especially vital for sectors like Fashion, Home Decor, and Jewelry, where product display consistency across devices is key.

icon shopify theme


The Icon Shopify theme comes with a one-time price of $280, offering unlimited free trials for users to test it out before committing. This pricing falls within the mid-range for paid Shopify themes, making it a relatively affordable option for those seeking a visually appealing and feature-rich theme.


While there are cheaper alternatives available, Icon’s unique design elements and advanced functionality justify its price point for businesses looking to create a standout online store.

User Reviews and Testimonials

The Shopify Icon theme has received 348 reviews as per the latest update in June 2024, of which the majority are positive (93% of reviews are positive). Most customers are pleased with what the theme can offer to their online stores. Below are some of users’ latest comments and reviews towards the Icon Shopify Theme.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Positive feedback:

  • “Icon’s clean, modern design makes our products look amazing and draws customers in.”
  • “The customization options are endless, allowing us to create a truly unique brand experience.”
  • “We’ve seen a significant increase in sales since switching to Icon, thanks to its user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation.

Negative feedback:

  • “While the theme is beautiful, it can be a bit slow to load on mobile devices.”
  • “Some of the more advanced features require coding knowledge to fully utilize.”
  • “The price point is a bit high, but it’s worth it for the quality and support you receive.”

Preset Options

The Shopify Icon theme, with its harmonious color blend, offers a unique allure for standout eCommerce sites. Its user-friendly blocks allow easy addition of images, products, and videos, simplifying the design process for store owners.

Presets are ready-made designs within a theme that offer various visual styles. The Icon Shopify theme has 4 presets/ styles in total. Each one combines design and emotion to fit different brand vibes and stories. Those four presets include:

  • Dolce
  • Christian
  • Yves
  • Vera


This style boasts a warm color scheme, a full-width header, and a promo banner. It loads swiftly, making it a top pick for fashion-centric stores.


Dolce’s minimalist design and focus on product imagery create an elegant backdrop for showcasing clothing collections, allowing customers to envision how the garments would look on them. Its clean layout and intuitive navigation contribute to a seamless shopping experience, encouraging customers to explore the store’s offerings and make purchases.


Christian offers a minimalist, modern touch with a dark palette and bold fonts. Key attributes include a dual promo banner and a sticky header.


Christian’s sophisticated aesthetic, featuring bold typography and dramatic visuals, exudes exclusivity and prestige. This preset helps luxury brands create an online presence that aligns with their brand identity, attracting discerning customers who appreciate quality and craftsmanship.


Emphasizing products through white space and contrasting visuals, Yves is perfect for a monochrome store ambiance, incorporating all the features of the Icon theme.


Yves’ clean lines, ample white space, and subtle animations create a visually calming and sophisticated atmosphere. This preset is perfect for brands that want to let their products speak for themselves, offering a distraction-free browsing experience that focuses on product quality and design.


With a vibrant mix of colors, Vera is best for stores with a concise product range to avoid a crowded appearance.


Vera’s playful use of color, patterns, and typography infuses a sense of energy and excitement into the store. This preset is well-suited for brands targeting a younger demographic or those selling products with a fun and lively vibe. The eye-catching visuals and interactive elements can help create a memorable and engaging shopping experience.

How to Customize the Theme

1. How to add this Theme to your Store

Follow the instructions below to help you add the Icon Shopify Theme to your online store:

  • Step 1: Proceed to the Shopify theme market, where you can search for the Icon theme, click “Try theme” for trial, or “Buy theme” to get the theme for permanent. Remember to follow the payment prompts strictly. 
icon shopify theme
  • Step 2: At your Shopify admin dashboard → click “Online Store” → Choose “Themes” → Select the “Icon” theme. You can either choose to Buy or Customize it in the trial process.
icon shopify theme
  • Step 3:  Once you click on the Customize option, you are able to change colors, fonts, layouts, and additional functionality like Image gallery, Slideshow, collection list, etc. 
icon shopify theme
  • Step 4: Click the Save button to finish the design process. Remember that if you publish the store using the Icon theme, you will have to purchase it for $280. So be aware of that.

2. How to customize the store using the Icon Shopify theme:

Customizing your logo in the header area:

icon shopify theme
  • Step 1: At your store designing screen → view the “Sections” area on your left dashboard.
  • Step 2: Next, click on the “Headers” section → View the “Header Logo” option at the right bar
  • Step 3: Now, explore options to change your logo – either upload an image or use the built-in logo maker. Select your wanted option by clicking on the “Select” button.
  • Step 4: After finalizing your logo, hit “Save”. Your updated logo will then appear on your online store.

Customize the Slideshow image:

  • Step 1: At the “Sections” area→ View the “Template” → Slideshow → Slide image
icon shopify theme
  • Step 2: Choose your wanted image in the “Desktop image” area on the right navigation bar. You can choose either free images or upload your own image.
icon shopify theme
  • Step 3: Hit the “Save” button to finish the whole process.
icon shopify theme

Who is the Theme Best For?

The Icon theme by Shopify is tailored for stores handling numerous transactions, mainly catering to dropshippers and small businesses aiming for image-rich storytelling.

Moreover, the Icon Shopify Theme caters to those striving for a polished brand appearance. It provides extensive customization, from backgrounds and menus to overall site layout. Some types of business categories that would benefit most from the Icon Theme include:

  • Retailers: Icon’s versatile design accommodates a wide range of products and brand aesthetics, making it suitable for various retail businesses.
  • Ecommerce stores: Icon’s user-friendly interface and streamlined checkout process enhance the online shopping experience, leading to increased conversions.
  • Online shops: Icon’s emphasis on high-quality visuals and product showcases makes it ideal for online shops looking to attract and engage customers.
  • Boutiques: Icon’s elegant and minimalist design complements the unique and curated nature of boutique stores, creating a sophisticated online presence.
  • Fashion brands: Icon’s focus on visual storytelling and product presentation makes it a perfect fit for fashion brands looking to showcase their collections in a stylish and impactful way.
  • Jewellery stores: Icon’s clean layout and zoom functionality allow jewelry stores to display their intricate pieces in stunning detail, enticing customers with their craftsmanship.
  • Gift shops: Icon’s versatile design and customization options make it easy to create a festive and inviting atmosphere for gift shops, appealing to a wide range of shoppers.
  • Home decor stores: Icon’s emphasis on visual aesthetics and product showcases is perfect for home decor stores, allowing them to highlight the beauty and functionality of their products.

Overall, the Icon Theme suits many businesses, especially those keen on spotlighting their offerings. It’s a top choice for creating a distinctive and memorable customer shopping journey.

Where to Buy?

Users can either approach the Icon Shopify Theme through the Shopify Theme market or the official We Are Underground website.  The current price to own this theme is $280 for permanent. You can customize the theme using the trial period before making the purchase decision.

Where to Buy?

Note: Purchasing the Icon theme from unofficial sources risks receiving an unsupported, outdated, or potentially harmful version, voiding any support or updates from the developers.

Examples of Websites using the Theme

A variety of stores and websites use Shopify Icon Theme for now (view full list). Most of them come from the United States. Here are some examples in details:

Must Love Travel Clothing

This store thrives on its globetrotter spirit, and the Icon Shopify Theme enhances its travel-centric identity. With the theme’s strong emphasis on imagery, Must Love Travel Clothing efficiently showcases exotic destinations and the clothing best suited for them. The clear, visual storytelling approach, courtesy of Icon, invites wanderlust-filled customers to explore and shop with ease, enhancing their user experience.

icon shopify theme


BRYS exudes modern elegance, and with the Icon Theme’s features, this brand’s premium offerings come to the forefront. The theme’s layout accentuates BRYS’s sophisticated products, ensuring they capture attention immediately. The seamless navigation, a hallmark of Icon, complements BRYS’s ethos of effortless luxury, resulting in increased customer engagement.

icon shopify theme

Thread Box

The Icon Shopify Theme offers the perfect canvas for a store like Thread Box, which emphasizes eclectic and trendy fashion. The theme’s focus on detailed visuals allows Thread Box to highlight the nuances of their apparel, from texture to color. This rich visual experience, coupled with the theme’s user-friendly design, ensures customers delve deep into the world of Thread Box, enhancing potential sales.

icon shopify theme

Saltwater Luxe

Saltwater Luxe finds its digital mirror in the Icon Shopify Theme, capturing the breezy, free-spirited essence of beach life. Icon’s emphasis on wide, picturesque layouts allows Saltwater Luxe to immerse visitors in coastal vibes. This immersion, fostered by the theme, not only showcases their apparel in the best light but also cements the brand’s identity, leading to better brand recall and customer loyalty.

icon shopify theme

4 Tips to Get the Most Out of the Theme

  • Optimize Images for Speed: High-quality visuals are Icon’s forte, but large image files can slow down your site. Compress your images before uploading them, ensuring a fast-loading and visually stunning store that won’t frustrate visitors.
  • Leverage Storytelling Features: Icon is designed for visual storytelling. Use its unique features like lookbooks, image hotspots, and product videos to create a narrative around your brand and products. This can captivate customers and encourage them to explore your store further.
  • Optimize for Mobile: A significant portion of online traffic comes from mobile devices. Test your Icon theme on different screen sizes to ensure responsiveness and a seamless browsing experience for mobile users. This not only improves user satisfaction but also boosts your SEO rankings.
  • Enhance SEO with Structured Data: Icon supports structured data, which can help search engines understand your content better and improve your visibility in search results. Take advantage of this feature by adding structured data to your product pages, blog posts, and other content, providing search engines with valuable information about your brand and offerings.


The Icon Shopify Theme is designed primarily for visual storytelling. It’s ideal for stores with a smaller product range but wants to showcase each item prominently. Its image-focused design makes it perfect for brands prioritizing aesthetics and immersive visuals.
Absolutely! The Icon Theme is fully mobile-optimized, ensuring that your online store looks and functions seamlessly across all device types, from desktops to smartphones.
The Icon Theme offers a high degree of customization. From its wide range of presets to specific features like parallax scrolling images, sticky headers, and more, store owners can tweak the theme to align perfectly with their brand’s aesthetics and functionality needs.
While the Icon Theme provides a range of features, some specific integrations, like certain social media channels, might require third-party Shopify apps. However, it’s designed to work smoothly with most popular Shopify apps.
Yes, when you purchase the Icon Shopify Theme, it typically comes with customer support. However, the extent and duration of this support might vary based on where you purchase the theme from, so always check the specifics before buying.


So, there you have it – the Icon Shopify theme, a versatile and visually stunning option for your online store. Whether you’re selling trendy fashion items, exquisite jewelry, or stylish home decor, Icon can help you create a digital storefront that truly reflects your brand’s unique personality.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.