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Honey Shopify Theme Review 2024: Perfect For Toys, Handmade & Pet Products?

June 27, 2024
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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

If you’re searching for a Shopify theme that exudes warmth, creativity, and a touch of nostalgia, the Honey Shopify theme, with its colorful palette, playful typography, and customizable layouts, could be the perfect match!

Let’s explore its features, customization options, and why it’s considered a top choice for businesses selling toys, handmade goods, and pet products!

Avada’s Verdict
  • Extensive customization options
  • Lots of advanced and unique features
  • Stellar performance
  • Unlimited free trial
  • 4 presets included
  • Ease of use and setup
  • High price
  • Customization requires lots of time and effort
  • Problems with some elements on the mobile version
Rating: 4.1/5⭐
Best For
Businesses offer gifts and specialty items; Pet, Handmade, and Toy stores

Honey Shopify Theme: An Overview

Honey Shopify Theme: An Overview

Honey is a premium Shopify theme with a charming, engaging design packed with advanced features. It uses high-quality images and plenty of white space to really make your products shine. Plus, interactive elements make shopping more enjoyable for your customers.

It includes a “Shop the Look”, product bundling features, and a bunch of promotional tools, enhancing the shopping experience, especially for those with small to medium-sized product ranges.

Honey Shopify Theme: 7 Key Features

Bundles & Upsells

The Shopify Honey theme stands out for its unique ability to seamlessly incorporate product bundling, upselling, and gift-wrapping options directly into the theme without requiring additional apps.

Imagine a pet store using the Honey theme on Shopify. They could bundle a handmade dog toy with a matching collar and leash, offering a discount on the set. As the customer adds the bundle to their cart, an upsell prompt could appear suggesting a personalized engraved name tag for the collar. Finally, the store could offer gift wrapping during checkout, making the bundle a perfect present for a pet lover.

bundle complementary products honey shopify theme

How this feature can be helpful for Shopify merchants

  • Cost-Effectiveness: With these features built into the theme, merchants save money by not having to purchase additional apps.
  • Increased Average Order Value: Bundling complementary products encourages customers to purchase multiple items together, thus increasing the average order value.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Gift wrapping adds convenience for customers and makes their purchases feel more special, leading to increased satisfaction and potential repeat business.

The “Recommended Products” section in the Honey Shopify Theme is a clever feature that suggests items based on what a customer has been browsing or adding to their cart.

This feature can be strategically placed on product pages, cart pages, or even the homepage.

cross selling honey shopify theme

How this feature can be helpful for Shopify merchants

  • Increased Sales: By suggesting relevant products, you encourage customers to add more items to their cart, increasing your average order value and overall sales.
  • Personalized Shopping: By tailoring recommendations to individual customers based on their behavior and preferences, you make customers feel understood. This can lead to higher engagement, repeat visits, and lasting loyalty.

Shop The Look

One thing I love about the Honey Shopify theme is that it allows you to create virtual collections of products that complement each other, much like a physical store would with mannequins or styled displays. You can showcase these collections right on your homepage with a beautiful lifestyle image and handy buttons for each product.

This makes it super easy for customers to learn more about each product and add it straight to their cart without navigating away from the page. It’s a great way to showcase multiple products at once and create an immersive shopping experience.

shop the look honey shopify theme

How this feature can be helpful for Shopify merchants:

  • Enhanced User Engagement: The “Shop the Look” feature creates a more interactive, engaging, and enjoyable shopping experience.
  • Increased Time on Site: The visual appeal of curated lookbooks can encourage customers to spend more time on your site, exploring different looks and potentially adding more items to their cart.

Quick Buy

The Quick Buy feature in the Honey theme is a real game-changer. It lets customers view product details and add items to their cart straight from the homepage or product list. No need to visit a separate page; everything’s available with a quick interaction.

Quick Buy Shopify honey theme

How this feature can be helpful for Shopify merchants:

  • Improved User Experience: It’s simple: the easier you make shopping, the more likely customers will buy. Plus, with a smoother experience, fewer shoppers leave out of frustration.
  • Increased Engagement and Conversion: The ease and speed of Quick Buy encourage customers to explore more products, potentially leading to increased engagement and higher conversion rates.

Trust Badges

The Honey Theme goes above and beyond with trust badges. It lets you choose from pre-made designs or even create your own, making sure they match your brand and resonate with your audience. This customization allows you to really highlight the things that matter to your customers, whether it’s payment security, easy returns, or other assurances.

These badges aren’t just for looks, though. They offer real benefits for your online business.

trust badges feature

How this feature can be helpful for Shopify merchants:

  • Improve Brand Perception: Trust badges create a professional image for your brand, making it appear more established and reputable.
  • Increase Conversions: When customers feel secure about their purchase, they are more likely to complete their order.

Video Header

The Shopify Honey theme has a video header feature that really grabs attention. It lets merchants put engaging videos, like promotional videos, brand stories, or product demos, right at the top of their homepage. These videos autoplay when someone visits the site, making a strong first impression.

How this feature can be helpful for Shopify merchants:

  • Showcase Products in Action: Merchants can demonstrate their products in use, highlighting features and benefits in a way that static images and descriptions can’t match. This can help customers better understand and appreciate the products.
  • Professional Presentation: A well-crafted video header can give the store a more professional and polished appearance, enhancing the overall credibility and trustworthiness of the brand.

Customizable Products

I’ve seen how the Shopify Honey theme can really come in handy for businesses offering customizable products. It has a built-in feature that lets customers personalize items by adding engravings, monograms, their own files, choosing colors, or adding special messages – all without needing extra apps. This is a great way to make your products more unique and appealing to customers.

How this feature can be helpful for Shopify merchants:

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction: Personalized products can enhance customer satisfaction as they feel they are getting something tailored specifically to their needs or preferences.
  • Competitiveness: Offering customization options makes products more appealing to customers who want unique, personalized items. This can differentiate a store from competitors and attract more buyers.

Shopify Honey Theme’s Pricing

The Shopify Honey theme is a premium theme with a one-time payment of $390 USD.

You can try out the Honey theme for free with your own products, brand colors, and customizations for an UNLIMITED time. If you decide to publish the theme to your live store, you’ll be charged a one-time fee of $390 USD. This fee also includes support and all future updates from the developer.

User Experience & Feedback

User Experience and Feedback

Based on what I’ve seen, the reviews for the Honey Theme on Shopify are a bit mixed.

Some customers really like the way it looks and how customizable it is. However, there are some complaints, too, with the customization options not being as much as they expected.

Here are some of the reviews:

Bark & Purr – “I’m so glad I chose this theme. We revamped our website with Honey and are thrilled with its functionality and the incredible support. The documentation is thorough, and whenever we’ve faced a challenge, they’ve provided swift assistance. Since switching to Honey, our eCommerce sales have also increased!”

The Pet Palace – “Thank you Archer Commerce! Fantastic theme! As a newcomer to Shopify, I conducted extensive research before choosing a theme. I finally decided on Honey, and it has proven to be an excellent choice. The theme boasts a ton of modern features that most theme developers haven’t thought of, is incredibly user-friendly, and the support I’ve received has been outstanding whenever I’ve had questions.”

Bee Enriched – “This theme looks good on desktop but lacks mobile compatibility. Hero banner and dropdown menus malfunction on mobile. It doesn’t support mobile picture uploads and fails to disable hero image heading text on mobile. Brave browser isn’t supported. Disappointed with the purchase; willing to update review if mobile issues are resolved.”

Planner boutique – “I can’t believe that I purchased this theme only to discover how NOT customizable it is. I tried it on my store, but what I didn’t check before purchasing it (since this is 2024. and I unfortunately “assumed”), that in none of the sections you can not add blocks such as subheading, or additional text or image… The sections are made of 3 blocks only – header, text and button – and that’s it.”

4 Presets of Honey Shopify Theme


paws website

The Paws preset showcases a sleek and modern design, emphasizing top-notch photos and fonts. This luxurious feel aligns well with its upscale pet or fashion products. Various fonts further elevate the site’s elegant touch. Overall, the design looks appealing and enhances the user’s shopping experience.


treasure website presets

The Treasure preset has a simple and elegant design with a focus on high-quality photography and typography. The overall vibe is one of warmth and nostalgia, which is perfect for a store selling toys.



The Noteable preset is perfect for stationery shops, bookstores, or any online store that wants a sophisticated and minimalist look. It has a clean, uncluttered layout that’s easy on the eyes, with a neutral color palette and subtle accents that highlight key elements without being overwhelming.


shopify honey theme maravella preset

Maravella is a recently added preset of the Honey Shopify theme. It uses color accents strategically to highlight important areas like call-to-action buttons and promotional banners, making sure they stand out without being overwhelming.

The bright colors and eye-catching design elements create a really engaging and stylish shopping experience. The layout is thoughtfully designed to showcase products beautifully, with big, high-resolution images that immediately grab your attention. It is perfect for fashion boutiques, lifestyle brands, or any online store that wants to make a bold statement.

Customizing The Honey Shopify Theme

The Honey Shopify theme offers many customization options, allowing you to tailor your online store to suit your brand’s unique identity. Here is how to add and start customizing it.

How to add Shopify Honey theme to your store

  • Log in to your Shopify admin dashboard.
  • In the left-hand menu, select “Online Store” and click “Themes.”
  • In the Themes section, scroll down to the “More themes” option and click on it.
  • Use the search bar for “Honey Shopify Theme” by Archer Commerce.
  • Once you find it, click on “Add Honey Theme”.
  • After adding the Honey theme, you’ll be directed to the customization panel.
  • Here, you can personalize various elements, including the logo, mega menu, slideshow, and more.

Customizing the Logo:

  • Navigate to your Shopify admin panel and select “Online Store” from the left-hand menu.
  • Click on “Customize” next to the Honey theme.
  • In the customization panel, go to the “Header” section.
  • Click on “Logo” and upload your desired logo image.
  • Adjust the size, alignment, and spacing to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Click “Save” to apply the changes.

Tip: Choose a logo that resonates with your brand’s identity and complements the overall aesthetic of your store.

customizing the logo

Preview and Publish:

  • Before publishing, you can preview your store’s look with the Honey theme by clicking on the eye icon in the top right corner
  • Once satisfied, you have to make a payment to “Publish” and make the Honey theme live on your store.

Honey Theme Shopify Is Best For

The Shopify Honey Theme excels for:

  • Businesses offer gifts & specialty items
  • Pet stores or service provider
  • Toy stores
  • Solopreneurs selling handmade goods
  • Fashion and clothing stores that emphasize visuals

Where to Buy The Honey Theme Shopify

Here are 2 ways to buy Honey Shopify themes:

  • Official Shopify Theme Store: You can access this store directly from your Shopify admin dashboard and purchase the Shopify theme Paper or ones that suit your brand and business needs.
  • Developer’s Website: You can visit Archer Commerce. However, You will be redirected to Shopify’s store to purchase the theme.

3 Successful Stores With The Shopify Theme Honey

Ella Reign

ella reign store

Ella Reign, based in Montana, uses the Honey Shopify Theme to create a captivating online store for women’s fall fashion. Their curated selection includes clothing, footwear, and accessories tailored to their fashion-forward audience.

Specifically, one of the secrets to Ella Reign’s success is their effective use of the Honey theme’s features. They utilize shoppable images and quick view options, making it easy for customers to browse and buy the latest fall trends. This ensures a smooth and pleasant shopping journey.

Furthermore, thanks to the Honey theme’s customization options, they seamlessly blend their local identity with their brand, setting them apart in the market.

Tänka Kids

tänka kids store

Tänka Kids offers a range of personalized gifts for babies and children, targeting Spanish-speaking customers. Furthermore, their diverse product range ensures a memorable gifting experience.

To showcase their offerings effectively, Tänka Kids uses the Honey theme. Its design and layout features help them present their gifts in a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate manner.

They also use their homepage to highlight timely promotions, like the “Tänka Days” sale, encouraging customers to make purchases while saving money. This approach benefits both sales and customer appreciation.


recyco store

Recyco, a store focused on eco-friendly products, uses the Honey theme Shopify to showcase its dedication to sustainability. It effectively captures Recyco’s eco-friendly mission.

Furthermore, the theme aids Recyco in displaying their products in a clean and appealing way. The various dishcloth designs are presented clearly, ensuring customers a pleasant and informative shopping journey.

3 Shopify Honey Theme Alternatives You Should Check Out


The Shopify Handmade theme, particularly in its “Dusty Brown” style, is absolutely perfect for showcasing artisan craftsmanship. Its warm, earthy design creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere that really appeals to customers who love handmade goods and unique products. The rich, neutral colors give it a sense of authenticity that’s just right for these kinds of items.


Shopify Masonry theme

The “Dragonfly” style of the Shopify Masonry theme employs a vibrant and dynamic color palette with bold accents that draw attention to key areas without overwhelming the overall design. The grid layout allows for a visually interesting display of products, with varying image sizes and placements that create a sense of movement and energy. This approach effectively highlights individual items and enhances the overall shopping experience by making the site lively and engaging.


Shopify pipeline theme light preset

The Shopify Pipeline theme‘s Light preset employs a minimalist approach, ensuring products take center stage without distractions. The use of white space is strategic, providing a clean and airy feel that enhances the visual appeal of the products. This design is particularly effective for showcasing high-quality images and detailed product shots, essential for fashion, lifestyle, and beauty brands.

Bottom Line

The Honey Shopify Theme is a powerful tool tailored for niche stores, offering a seamless blend of swift setup and unmatched flexibility. Its adaptability caters to various industries, including pets, handmade goods, toys, fashion, and custom products.

Honey Shopify Theme: FAQs

The Honey theme offers extensive customization options without the need for custom code. You can tailor elements like the logo, color scheme, and fonts to align with your brand’s unique identity. If you want more advanced customization, consider hiring a developer or a Shopify Expert to help you with it.
Absolutely! The Honey theme seamlessly integrates with various Shopify apps, allowing you to expand functionality and add specialized features to your store as needed.
Yes, the Honey theme is designed for easy setup, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes. The intuitive interface and detailed documentation simplify the process, ensuring a smooth transition to your new storefront.
Yes, the Honey theme is designed for easy setup, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes. The intuitive interface and detailed documentation simplify the process, ensuring a smooth transition to your new storefront.
Absolutely, the Honey theme offers an unlimited free trial. You can explore its features, customize your store, and ensure it meets your requirements before making a decision.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.