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Gem Shopify Theme: A Tailored Design For Jewelery Brands

November 07, 2023
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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

In this article, we will delve into the Gem Shopify Theme, a bespoke design solution crafted specifically for jewelry brands looking to dazzle online.

Key Takeaways

  • Gem Shopify Theme offers a sleek and elegant design, creating a sophisticated and visually appealing online vibe for your store.
  • Its customizable features, high-quality imagery support, and user-friendly layout make it a top choice, especially for jewelry brands looking to showcase their precious pieces effectively.

Gem Shopify Theme: An Overview

Gem Shopify Theme: An Overview

The Gem Shopify Theme is a premium offering designed specifically for jewelry brands looking to establish an elegant and tailored online presence. At $380 USD, the theme serves as the perfect canvas for jewelry brands, offering a visually stunning and opulent backdrop that complements the exquisite craftsmanship of their products. 

Additionally, Gem offers various practical features that enhance the customer experience. These include a store locator, which is particularly valuable for brands with physical locations, an age verifier to ensure compliance with age-restricted products, a countdown timer for creating a sense of urgency in promotions, and color swatches for showcasing jewelry variations in a visually appealing manner.

To delve deeper into the intricate details and functionalities of the Gem Shopify Theme, we invite you to read our comprehensive review below.

Pros & Cons

Fast and personalized customer supportTheme can be slow and laggy
Mobile-first design for better user experienceLimited customization options
Free and unlimited trialLack of timely updates since release
Three presets with stunning designPotentially impacted by third-party apps/customizations
Built for conversion and long-term success
Non-expiring license for single-store use
Speed-optimized for fast page loading
Free lifetime updates for theme

Gem Shopify Theme: Key Features & Benefits

Stunning Visual Storytelling Capability

  • Media with text
Media with text

For jewelry brands, presenting products beautifully is key. The feature shines by pairing stunning images or videos with clear text, allowing brands to craft a distinct look and feel. They can play with various layouts, fonts, and styles to connect with their audience.

This feature enables jewelry brands to weave a captivating story around their products and heritage. 

Consider a luxury jewelry brand showcasing its new diamond necklace line. They can use close-up shots to highlight fine details and add descriptions of the materials and design inspiration. This mix of vivid imagery and detailed storytelling not only grabs attention but also emphasizes the product’s worth.

  • Flexible product media
Flexible product media

The theme supports many media types. Jewelry merchants can not only display high-resolution images but also incorporate videos, 360-degree product views, and even interactive animations. 

This flexibility empowers merchants to convey the intricate details and craftsmanship of their jewelry in ways that static images alone cannot achieve. 

For instance, they can provide customers with a closer look at the sparkle and shine of a diamond ring through a high-definition video or allow customers to virtually rotate a piece to appreciate its beauty from every angle.

Sales Booting With Conversion Features

  • Quick Buy
Quick Buy

The Quick Buy feature in the Gem Theme streamlines the purchasing process, offering customers a swift and hassle-free way to complete their transactions with just one click. This is especially advantageous for jewelry stores where quick decision-making is common.

This feature reduces the steps to purchase, which is perfect for when a customer falls in love with a piece of jewelry. Instead of multiple clicks to add an item to the cart and then check out, Quick Buy simplifies it to a single action. They see a piece they must have, click “Quick Buy,” and are taken directly to a simplified checkout page.

For jewelers, this means potentially more sales and satisfied customers who appreciate the convenience, enhancing the overall shopping experience and customer satisfaction.

  • Countdown

Imagine a jewelry brand that specializes in engagement rings. To celebrate the holiday season, they decided to offer a limited-time discount on their engagement ring collection. Using the Gem Theme’s Countdown feature, they set up a timer that prominently displays the days, hours, minutes, and seconds remaining until the end of the sale. 

By displaying a countdown timer for a limited-time offer, the theme effectively nudges potential customers to make a purchase decision sooner rather than later. This can lead to increased conversion rates and higher sales, particularly during peak shopping seasons or promotional events.

  • Shop the Look
Shop the Look

The Gem Shopify Theme’s “Shop the Look” feature is designed to enhance the online jewelry shopping experience. It allows customers to see how individual pieces, like necklaces and earrings, look together, which is especially helpful when they’re shopping for special occasions. For example, someone looking for bridal jewelry can easily see how a necklace pairs with matching earrings and a bracelet, helping them picture the full ensemble.

This feature also streamlines the buying process. Shoppers can add a whole set to their cart with one click, saving time and encouraging the purchase of multiple items at once. This can lead to a higher average sale per customer, as buyers may add a full set rather than just a single item.

Advanced Accordion

  • Detailed information
Detailed information

The “Detail Information” feature lists all the fine points, from size and weight to the type of materials used. This wealth of detail boosts customer trust and clarity about what they’re buying.

Beyond just specs, the feature allows for rich product stories. Merchants can weave narratives around their items, focusing on what makes them special.

Moreover, the Gem Theme gives merchants the tools to add important purchase details like warranty information, size guides, and care tips. This is invaluable for items that require extra buyer education. 

  • Customizable collapsible tabs
Customizable collapsible tabs

The “Detail Information” feature streamlines the shopping experience on merchant websites by organizing information clearly and reducing clutter. This leads to faster page loads, helping customers find what they need quickly. A clutter-free page also keeps visitors on the site longer, reducing the chance they’ll leave without buying.

  • Multiple columns of text and images
Multiple columns of text and images

The multi-column text feature helps merchants neatly structure their content, making it both attractive and easy to digest. Merchants can display product details, prices, and key selling points side by side. For example, a fashion retailer can line up sizes, colors, and materials, allowing customers to quickly scan through essential information, leading to well-informed decisions.

Adding images to these columns also boosts the website’s visual appeal. For instance, a home decor shop can pair high-quality images of furniture with descriptions, helping customers visualize the products in their own spaces. This thoughtful layout, combining text and visuals, not only breaks up the monotony of information but also provides a comprehensive shopping view, enhancing the overall customer experience.

  • Call-to-actions

The Gem Theme’s incorporation of CTAs within the multiple columns of text ensures that these prompts are seamlessly integrated into the content flow. For instance, an online fitness equipment store can place CTAs like “Add to Cart” or “Get Started Today” strategically next to product descriptions and images. 

Design & Customization 


  • Garnet

The “Garnet” preset of the Gem Theme offers a sleek and modern look for websites, featuring a palette of deep reds and maroons that suggest luxury and excitement. 

The careful balance of intense and soft colors in the Garnet preset ensures that websites are welcoming and not overpowering. The theme’s color choices work together to create an inviting and luxurious digital space.

The typography within Garnet is carefully selected to enhance the theme’s elegant feel. Headings and titles use classic, refined fonts, while body text is presented in clear, contemporary fonts for easy reading. This mix not only adds to the site’s charm but also aids in customer engagement.

Industries that thrive on conveying passion and luxury, such as high-end fashion retailers, upscale restaurants, boutique hotels, or exclusive event organizers, will find the Garnet preset particularly appealing. It’s designed to leave a lasting impression, ensuring that a brand’s digital presence is as compelling and memorable as its products or services.



The Emerald preset of the Gem Theme offers an opulent and polished design ideal for luxury and jewelry businesses. It uses a rich green color palette that mirrors the esteemed emerald stone, known for its exclusivity and richness, setting a luxurious tone for the website.

This color choice creates an ambiance of grandeur and is smartly paired with clean whites and crisp typography, striking a balance between elegance and readability. The layout prioritizes clarity, emphasizing high-definition images that spotlight jewelry with stunning clarity, capturing the intricacies and sparkle of each piece.

The fonts are selected for their readability and flair, adding to the sophisticated presentation without sacrificing user experience. Jewelry and luxury item retailers will find the Emerald preset a perfect backdrop for their online presence, as it echoes the luxury and status of their offerings. The theme’s deep green hues resonate with the notions of wealth and refinement, thus aligning seamlessly with high-end brands looking to project an image of prestige and allure.



The “Obsidian” preset in the Gem Theme delivers a modern and sophisticated look, ideal for high-end jewelry and luxury brands. It combines stark blacks with crisp whites to create a bold contrast that speaks of elegance and exclusivity. The dominant black theme gives off a classic vibe, perfect for showcasing premium products.

In this preset, the fonts are sleek and contemporary, enhancing readability and complementing the site’s luxurious feel. This ensures that customer attention is drawn to the product details and imagery.

The Obsidian layout focuses on presenting jewelry with clarity. Large, detailed images are central, allowing customers to appreciate the fine details. Product listings are neatly organized, enabling easy navigation and exploration of the collection. The design’s simplicity and structure guide customers smoothly from browsing to purchasing.

Detailing Customization Options 

Customizing the Logo:

Customizing the Logo
  • Log in to your Shopify admin panel.
  • From the dashboard, go to “Online Store” and select “Themes.”
  • Find the theme you want to customize and click “Customize.”
  • In the left-hand sidebar, click on “Header” or “Header and Navigation,” depending on your theme’s layout.
  • Look for the option to upload or change your logo. This might be labeled as “Logo,” “Header Logo,” or something similar.
  • Click on the “Change” or “Upload” button, and then you can upload your logo image from your computer.
  • You can usually adjust the size and placement of the logo using the customization tools provided.
  • Once you’re satisfied with the changes, make sure to click “Save” or “Publish” to apply the new logo to your store.

Customizing the Mega Menu:

Customizing the Mega Menu
  • Return to the Shopify admin panel and access your theme customization.
  • In the customization menu, look for “Navigation” or “Menu” options. Click on it.
  • If your theme supports mega menus, you should see options for creating or customizing a mega menu.
  • You can typically add menu items, categories, and subcategories and choose the layout and style of your mega menu.
  • You can also add images, descriptions, and links to make the menu more engaging.
  • After making changes, be sure to save your customizations.

How to add Shopify Gem theme to your store

How to add Shopify Gem theme to your store

Access the Shopify Theme Store:

  • From your Shopify admin dashboard, click on “Online Store” in the left sidebar.

Choose a Theme:

  • In the Online Store section, click on “Themes.”
  • This will take you to the “Themes” page, where you can explore and choose a new theme for your store.

Browse Themes:

  • You will be presented with a list of available themes. In the search bar, type “Gem theme” or simply scroll through the available themes until you find the Gem theme.

Preview the Gem Theme:

  • Click on the Gem theme to learn more about it.
  • You can preview the theme to see how it looks and explore its features.

Add the Gem Theme:

  • If you are satisfied with the Gem theme and want to add it to your store, click the “Add theme” button.

Customize Your Gem Theme:

  • After adding the theme, you’ll be taken to the theme customization page.
  • Here, you can make various customizations to tailor the theme to your brand and preferences, as the theme offers an unlimited free trial.
  • Customize elements like your logo, colors, fonts, layout, and more.

Publish Your Theme:

  • Once you’ve made the desired customizations, click the “Publish” button to pay for the theme and make it live on your store.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile Responsiveness

The Shopify Gem Theme is designed with mobile responsiveness at its core, ensuring that your jewelry store looks flawless and functions seamlessly on any device. This adaptability means customers can browse and purchase your exquisite pieces with ease, whether they’re using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, providing a consistently excellent shopping experience.

User Experience & Feedback

User Experience & Feedback

The Shopify Gem Theme has garnered mixed reviews, with a total of three on the theme store. 

Some customers expressed concerns about the theme’s speed and lack of updates, noting it has been slow and laggy, and hasn’t received updates in nearly four months. They mentioned that while the customization options are satisfactory, there is room for more. 

In contrast, other users described the theme as “awesome,” praising its video display capabilities and smooth operation. They highlighted the theme’s aesthetic and exceptional customer support, who provided quick and effective custom coding assistance. 

Where to Buy a Shopify Theme

When looking to buy a Shopify theme, you have two straightforward options. 

First, you can explore and purchase themes directly in the Shopify theme store

Additionally, you can visit ArchetypeThemes.com, where you’ll find a selection of their designs specifically for Shopify. 

Shopify Gem Theme Is Best For

  • Fashion brands, clothing boutiques, and apparel retailers 
  • Jewelry stores. It allows jewelers to display their products with clarity and sophistication, enhancing the overall shopping experience.
  • Home decor, furniture, and interior design
  • Cosmetics and beauty companies 
  • Artisanal and handmade product sellers, such as crafters, artists, and artisans

5 Tips To Make The Best Out Of The Shopify Theme Gem

Optimize Product Imagery: Utilize high-quality images for your products. The Gem Theme’s design is visually appealing, so make the most of it by showcasing clear and well-composed product photos. High-resolution images can help customers see the details and quality of your products, ultimately boosting sales.

Customize Your Branding: Tailor the theme to match your brand’s identity. Customize the color scheme, fonts, and logo to ensure your online store aligns with your brand’s aesthetics. Consistent branding across your site can enhance brand recognition and customer trust.

Leverage Mega Menus: Take advantage of the theme’s mega menu feature. Create organized and visually appealing navigation menus to help customers easily find what they’re looking for. Mega menus are especially useful if you have a wide range of product categories.

Mobile Optimization: Ensure that your website is mobile-responsive. Many users browse and shop on their mobile devices, so it’s crucial that your site looks and functions well on smartphones and tablets. Test your site on various devices to guarantee a seamless mobile experience.

Engage with Customers: Utilize built-in features like product reviews, testimonials, and contact forms to engage with your customers. Encourage customers to leave reviews and respond to them promptly. Excellent customer service and feedback can build trust and loyalty.

Bottom Line

With Gem, you can showcase your precious pieces with unparalleled clarity and sophistication, offering customers a captivating online shopping experience. You should try the theme and see how it elevates your store.


Absolutely! While Gem is designed with jewelry brands in mind, its flexibility and customization options make it suitable for various industries and product categories. You can adapt it to showcase fashion items, home decor, cosmetics, and more.
Yes, it is. The Gem Theme is designed to be fully mobile-responsive, ensuring that your website looks and functions seamlessly on various devices, including smartphones and tablets.
Yes, you can. The Gem Theme provides customization options that allow you to tailor the color scheme, fonts, and other design elements to align with your brand’s identity.
Yes, it does. Gem offers features like mega menus for organized navigation and product reviews to build trust and engagement with your customers.
Yes, the theme’s developer, Archetype Themes, typically provides customer support and assistance. You can reach out to their support team for any theme-related queries or issues.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.