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Flex Shopify Theme for Maximizing Mobile Responsiveness

December 16, 2023
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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

In this article, through a Flex Theme Shopify review, we’ll explore the transformative power of this theme, unlocking the potential to craft a distinctive online storefront that captures your brand’s essence.

Key Takeaways

  • The Flex theme enhances the business’s online presence through dynamic features and customizable options.
  • The Flex theme primarily focuses on empowering entrepreneurs and small business owners to build unique storefronts that effectively showcase their products and engage customers.

A quick look at the Flex Theme Shopify

The Flex Theme Shopify truly sets the Flex Theme apart is its collection of 13 distinctive style variants tailored for various industries.

Shopify themes offer a wide range of design options to help businesses create unique and engaging online stores. Online fashion retailers, electronics stores, home decor sellers, cosmetics and beauty shops, food and beverage businesses, and art and craft stores find a tailored solution in the Flex Theme Shopify.

Indeed, it adapts seamlessly to showcase fashion, highlight product features, create ambiance, enhance product presentation, promote different categories, and showcase creative works.

Where to purchase Flex Theme Shopify

Take advantage of the preview option to envision how your store can seamlessly transition to this dynamic Shopify theme

Flex Theme Shopify

With a demo view, you have the freedom to delve into its features, experiment with customization, and ultimately truly make it your own. 

For just $485, you get complete control of the Shopify Flex theme. This price covers a single store license. But you have the flexibility to transfer it to another store by reaching out to the support team. With your purchase, you’ll receive a ZIP file containing all the built-in styles.

Additionally, a free update of the theme is available after one year, which you can apply manually or opt to use the updater app for automatic updates at an additional cost. Plus, there’s a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Flex Shopify Theme : Pros and Cons


  • User-Friendly Design Selection: This Shopify theme offers a variety of beautiful features and designs to choose from. This allows you to create a professional online store even if you lack coding or technical skills.
  • Shopify-Friendly Creation: Created by a sister concern of Shopify, the Flex theme seamlessly integrates with Shopify. It functions smoothly on various browsers and mobile platforms.
  • Enhanced SEO Customization: This Shopify theme is optimized for SEO, which can increase your store’s online visibility and potentially lead to a higher sales volume.
  • Effortless Setup: Setting up the Flex theme is hassle-free, as it eliminates the need for third-party applications or software. You can easily manage the setup through the built-in settings.
  • Simplified Maintenance: With a one-time fee, this theme includes one year of free support for updates. These updates are delivered via an app, requiring no manual intervention.
  • Versatile Icon Options: This Shopify theme offers multiple options for icons with both images and text in the Icon library. This allows you to enhance different sections of your online store.
  • Layout Flexibility: You have the freedom to choose from various layout structures for web pages. This includes the main menu, header, and footer, enabling you to tailor your store’s appearance to match your branding.
  • Dropdown and Mega menus: This theme offers up to 10 mega menus, each featuring up to 6 columns. Additionally, it includes a versatile drop-down menu that can be used for various purposes
  • Unrestricted Theme Customization: The Flex theme provides the flexibility to make changes to pre-designed Shopify themes. This ensures that your store stands out uniquely.
  • Optimized Speed: This Shopify theme prioritizes speed optimization, ensuring that your store loads quickly and provides a seamless browsing experience.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: The Flex theme comes with a comprehensive 14-day money-back guarantee. This provides you with reassurance in case the theme doesn’t meet your expectations.
  • Responsiveness features: The Out of the Sandbox Flex theme stands out by offering a greater number of half-page components, a feature not commonly found in many paid themes. With just a simple checkbox selection, you can choose to set components as either half-page or full-width. This functionality is crucial for enhancing your site’s responsiveness.
  • Animation & Effects: The Flex theme offers a diverse array of animation and effect options. For instance, the theme provides versatile ways to showcase product images, such as sliders with zoom-in and zoom-out effects or fade slide transitions. Utilizing the Shopify Flex theme, you can craft an intriguing and visually appealing storefront.


  • Support Through Ticket Submission: Currently, the theme’s support is exclusively provided through ticket submission, with responses typically within 24 hours. However, during peak times, such as heavy rushes, responses might take 1 to 2 days. This occasional delay can cause inconvenience for store owners who require immediate issue resolution.
  • Individual Store Setup Requires Separate Licenses: To set up individual stores, separate licenses are needed. If you wish to establish more than one store, each store requires its own license. While Shopify occasionally offers discount schemes, often licenses need to be purchased at the product cost. Despite this, this Shopify theme does come with a 14-day money-back guarantee and one-year free support and updates.
  • Mixed Reviews for Update App: The updates delivered through the Updater app do not boast a high rating on the Shopify app. While this doesn’t compromise the app’s functionality, an improved app experience would be more beneficial.
  • Limited Customer Reviews for New Theme: The recently introduced Flex theme needs an abundance of customer reviews. This can be challenging for potential buyers looking for references to aid in their decision-making process.

13 Flex Shopify Theme Styles


Get ready to infuse your store with an air of fun and boldness – that’s the essence of the Fresh style. This style boasts a vivid and diverse color palette that demands attention. Its distinctive product page layout places product photos front and center, perfect for fashion, beauty, and children’s products.

flex theme  fresh style

With Fresh, your Shopify store emanates a sense of dynamic energy, captivating visitors with its lively color scheme and product-focused design. Whether you’re in the realm of fashion, beauty, or child-centric products, Fresh elevates your store’s aesthetic with its vibrant personality.


This style is a fusion of vibrant energy and refined charm in Wink. The blend of bright and pastel colors creates an engaging palette that immediately captures attention. This style radiates a modern and youthful aura, making it a perfect fit for products that align with current trends and cater to the preferences of the younger generation.

flex theme  wink style

Wink enhances your store’s look by harmonizing bold and soft hues. It adds a playful sophistication to your offerings. The dynamic blend of colors not only reflects contemporary tastes but also offers a canvas for a diverse range of products, from stylish eyewear and hip clothing to inventive gadgets. 


Nourish style is an embodiment of effectiveness, embracing a straightforward yet impactful design. Nourish’s essence lies in its ability to amplify your imagery and text, allowing them to take center stage. Through the utilization of single solid colors, it empowers images and text to stand out in a striking manner.

flex theme nourish style

Nourish’s impact on your store’s look is profound. Focusing on strong, solitary hues, ensures your content emerges with clarity and distinction. This style serves as an ideal backdrop for various niches, including food stores, beauty, technology, and fashion. Consequently, Nourish uplifts your store’s identity by creating an atmosphere of boldness, where images and text become captivating focal points. 


Step into a world of elegance with Luxe. This style radiates sophistication and a touch of luxury. Luxe’s design is all about spaciousness and carefully crafted typography, creating a refined backdrop that’s a perfect match for high-end products. From fashion, style, and beauty, to jewelry, Luxe offers a platform that effortlessly complements these premium offerings.

flex theme shopify luxe style

Luxe transforms your store’s look with an air of sophistication. Its design resonates with upscale products. The beauty of Luxe lies in its versatility – it’s equally suitable for handcrafted goods, gourmet food, and anything that thrives on an elegant and clean appearance. 


Enter to the world of Moda, where dynamic design meets accessibility. This style leverages Flex’s vertical navigation feature, coupling it with a delightful interplay of solid grey boxes and vibrant contrasting colors. The resulting look is tailor-made for trendy fashion items, radiating an essence of contemporary chic.

flex theme shopify moda style

Moda seamlessly transforms your store’s look with a touch of flair. The color scheme and design perfectly align with trendy fashion pieces, creating a harmonious backdrop that complements your products. Beyond fashion, Moda also serves as an excellent stage to showcase baby products, vintage treasures, tech gadgets, and playful gizmos. 


Emporium is designed to complement vast product collections. This Shopify theme is your go-to solution for stores with an extensive array of offerings. Certainly, its standout feature is the active search option, seamlessly integrated to enable effortless exploration across a diverse range of products.

flex theme shopify emporium style

Emporium enriches your store’s look by facilitating a seamless shopping experience. The active search empowers your customers to navigate through your expansive collection with ease. This Flex Shopify theme finds its perfect application in various niches, including handmade goods, fashion items, home decor, and furniture. 

Whether you’re showcasing your unique creations or an array of fashionable choices, Emporium enhances your store’s identity.


This Flex Shopify theme, like a canvas, utilizes Flex’s vertical navigation to deliver a distinct browsing experience. In addition, the color coordination in sophisticated rose and beige lends a touch of glamour to the theme, creating an enchanting backdrop that’s impossible to overlook.

flex theme shopify studio style

The exquisite color palette elevates the aesthetics of your Shopify store, adding a dash of elegance. This style is perfectly suited for showcasing printed frames, high-end beauty products, and exquisite handicrafts. Similarly, the harmonious blend of design and color captivates visitors, creating an engaging atmosphere that’s equally alluring for shoppers and enthusiasts alike. 


Glow takes advantage of Flex’s sidebar navigation, creating a dynamic browsing experience. The allure of Glow lies in its vibrant color palette, designed to enhance the visual appeal of beauty products that rely on imagery effects at the top of the screen.

glow style

Glow transforms your store’s look with a touch of luminosity. The vivid and captivating colors radiate energy, creating an atmosphere of visual allure. This style is tailor-made for beauty products that thrive on imagery effects, perfectly aligning with your need to captivate and engage your audience. Therefore, with Glow, your store’s identity emanates a vibrant charm that’s impossible to ignore. 

Trending is a style that echoes the feel of social media feeds. This Flex Shopify theme introduces an engaging browsing experience that resonates with the way we interact on our favorite platforms. Trending caters to the younger generation’s tastes, making it a perfect match for clothing and accessories that align with contemporary trends.

trending style

Trending reinvents your store’s look with a dash of dynamism. Its design creates a captivating visual journey akin to navigating social media posts. With gradients of boxes and sections, Trending forms a compelling backdrop that’s tailor-made for displaying a wide array of products. From jewelry and tech items to B2B offerings, Trending breathes life into your store’s visual narrative. 


Lives up to its name, Swagger stands out with confidence and vibrancy. As the moniker suggests, Swagger embodies a sense of bigness, boldness, and fun. This Flex Shopify theme brings an element of edginess, making it a perfect fit for products that exude attitude, such as shoes, tech gadgets, emerging product lines, and items designed for kids.

swagger style

Swagger’s design radiates confidence and vivacity, creating an engaging backdrop that complements your products’ distinctiveness. As a result, with Swagger, your store’s identity embraces the sense of being a standout destination for trendy offerings. 


Techno style boasts a striking dominance of bold blue and violet colors, creating a captivating dark and elegant aesthetic. Techno’s design resonates with a sense of modernity and class, making it an ideal choice for showcasing a variety of high-end products.

techno style

Techno’s color scheme forms a harmonious backdrop that’s perfectly suited for sophisticated products. Whether it’s technology-related goods, high-fashion items, gourmet delicacies, or even high-end artwork, Techno provides a platform that effortlessly complements these premium offerings. This style also caters to emerging product niches, such as CBD and vaping. 


Flora is a style that encapsulates the essence of natural beauty. Imagine strolling through a lush garden or marveling at blooming flowers – that’s the feeling Flora’s design evokes. With a harmonious blend of colors and imagery, Flora crafts an atmosphere as vibrant as nature, catering to a wide variety of products.

flora style

Flora breathes new life into your store’s look with a touch of natural charm. Its design seamlessly weaves together soothing color palettes and captivating imagery, immersing visitors in a world of visual delight. This style is a perfect match for products that celebrate the outdoors, from botanical prints and gardening essentials to wellness products.


Experience the simplicity and adaptability of Bloom, a style that stands as a versatile and expansive option. Bloom’s design is straightforward and solid, providing a canvas that caters to various products. With oversized product photos as the default setting, Bloom becomes an excellent choice for showcasing intricate items accompanied by high-quality photography.

bloom style

Bloom elevates your store’s look with an essence of elegance and practicality. Its design accentuates your products, allowing their details to shine through with prominence. The fusion of a search bar with traditional navigation enhances user experience, making Bloom an ideal fit for medium to large-sized stores. 

Key Features of the Flex Shopify Theme

  • CSS Customizations: Harness the power of CSS customizations, a coding component that defines styling and overall webpage appearance. Through the Theme Editor, you can seamlessly incorporate CSS tweaks, elevating your site’s visual appeal and cohesiveness.
  • Variety of Header and Footer Styles: Choose from a diverse selection of four header styles – Classic, Centered, Search Focus, and Vertical. Each style offers adjustable alignments and the option to implement custom CSS. Furthermore, the Flex Theme extends its versatility to the footer, offering four distinct styles achievable through content blocks. 
  • Diverse Product Page Layouts: Tailor your product pages to match your specific merchandise and branding with three distinct layouts. Opt for the Classic layout, exuding timeless elegance that befits a wide range of products. Alternatively, select the Image Scrolling layout, perfect for dynamically showcasing your products through a visually engaging scrolling experience. Lastly, the Section layout provides versatility, enabling you to arrange content blocks.
flex theme shopify key features
  • Mega Menus and Drop-downs: Elevate your shop’s navigation with the inclusion of up to 10 mega menus, each boasting the potential for up to 6 columns. This feature expands your navigation options significantly.
  • Comprehensive Icon Library: The Flex theme offers an extensive icon library that enhances your site’s visual appeal and functionality. Seamlessly integrate icons into specific elements across your website, providing visual cues and enhancing user engagement. The library includes a diverse array of built-in options, giving you the creative freedom to enhance your site’s aesthetics.
  • Theme Help Center: This resource provides you with a comprehensive overview of all the features and functionalities the Flex Theme has to offer.

Who Is Flex Shopify Theme for?

  • Aspiring Fashion Entrepreneurs: If you’re stepping into the realm of online fashion retail, the Flex Theme Shopify is your runway to success. With its extensive customization options, it’s engineered to showcase clothes, shoes, and accessories elegantly. It’s a tailor-made solution, ensuring your fashion business shines with captivating displays that leave a lasting impact.
  • Electronics Store Owners: For proprietors of electronics stores, this Flex Shopify theme is a tech-savvy match. Indeed, its sleek and intuitive design impeccably highlights the distinctive features of each electronic device. Seamlessly merging form and function, it appeals to customers seeking cutting-edge products, enhancing your electronic store’s prowess.
  • Home Decor and Furniture Sellers: Elevate your home decor and furniture store with the Flex Theme’s customizable layouts. Craft the perfect ambiance that complements your products, enabling shoppers to envision them in their spaces. This Flex Shopify theme is a design powerhouse, transforming your online store into a canvas of aesthetic possibilities.
  • Cosmetics and Beauty Retailers: Beauty mavens, meet your digital ally. The Flex Theme Shopify enhances the presentation of beauty products, a haven for cosmetics and beauty stores. Its aesthetic allure draws customers in, making their shopping experience as enchanting as your products. Your Shopify store becomes a captivating reflection of your brand’s elegance.
  • Food and Beverage Businesses: If you’re in the business of culinary delights, the Flex Theme’s customization is your secret ingredient. Whether selling wine or groceries, it empowers you to spotlight different categories and promotions. This Flex Shopify theme is a delectable blend of style and function, making your offerings even more tempting.
  • Art and Craft Store Owners: Fuel your artistic passion with the Flex Theme Shopify. Tailored for visual splendor, it transforms your store into a curated art gallery. With high-quality image showcases it resonates with art enthusiasts seeking unique creations. Your Shopify store becomes an online sanctuary for those captivated by creativity.

Flex Shopify Theme Examples: Top 3 Online Stores Using the Flex Theme

Sakura Bloom

sakura bloom

With Sakura Bloom as our guide, this theme masterfully blends design and functionality to create an immersive visual journey. As a baby and kids store, Sakura Bloom’s site showcases the theme’s adaptability, effortlessly harmonizing aesthetics and practicality. 

From meticulously curated homepage layouts to elegantly designed product pages, the Flex theme’s customizable features enable Sakura Bloom to infuse their store with a playful yet sophisticated atmosphere. Indeed, delve into how the Shopify Flex theme transforms the visual experience, inviting customers to explore and engage with a captivating range of baby slings and carriers.

SFMOMA Museum Store

sfmoma museum store

The SFMOMA Museum Store, powered by this Flex Shopify theme, captures the essence of artistic diversity engagingly and practically. The Shopify Flex theme’s adaptability takes center stage with a product range that spans housewares, books, contemporary jewelry & accessories, and unique gifts. 

From thoughtfully arranged homepage layouts to elegantly designed product pages, the theme empowers SFMOMA Museum Store to harmonize vibrant imagery, nuanced color palettes, and clear typography. This culminates in an online store that mirrors the artistic spirit of the museum itself while delivering an exceptional shopping experience.

Boosted USA

Boosted USA

Boosted USA‘s online store, powered by the Shopify Flex theme, captures the essence of sports and recreation in a vibrant and practical manner. With a focus on sports and recreational products, the Flex theme’s versatility shines. 

From carefully curated homepage arrangements to intuitively designed product pages, the theme empowers Boosted USA to fuse dynamic imagery, impactful color schemes, and clear typography. This results in an Shopify store that captures the thrill of sports and recreational pursuits while providing an exceptional shopping experience.

Flex Shopify Theme: The Bottom Line

With the Flex Theme Shopify, you can effortlessly enhance your online presence. Empower your business to stand out, engage customers, and achieve success through tailored visual experiences. Elevate your store today with Flex theme Shopify!

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.