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Flex Shopify Theme Review 2024: Convert More with Predict Search & Product Filtering

June 27, 2024
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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

Explore Flex, the top Shopify theme, to boost my e-commerce store’s look and function. It offers flexible customization, modern design, and smooth integration. These features help captivate my audience and improve their shopping experience. Plus, it lets me create a store that reflects your brand and easily increases engagement and sales.

Start using the Flex theme today and see my business grow!

Avada’s Verdict
  • Hassle-free setup
  • Versatile icon options
  • Beautiful designs & features
  • Seamless Shopify integration
  • Enhanced SEO optimization
  • Unrestricted theme customization
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Diverse animation & effect options
  • Simplified maintenance with free updates
  • Half-page & full-width components for responsiveness
  • Layout flexibility for menus, headers, footers
  • Dropdown & mega menus (up to 10 with 6 columns each)
  • Mixed reviews for the Updater app
  • Potential delays during peak times
  • Limited customer reviews for new theme
  • Separate licenses required for individual stores
  • Ticket-based support with 24-hour response time
  • 14-day money-back guarantee and one-year support/updates
Rating: 4.8/ 5⭐
Best For
Brands seeking extensive customization, growing businesses, tech-savvy merchants, stores with diverse catalogs, and merchants prioritizing performance.

A Quick Look at the Flex Theme Shopify

The Flex Shopify theme is a versatile and feature-rich solution for online businesses, empowering them to create visually stunning and highly customizable storefronts. Furthermore, its intuitive interface and robust features make it a compelling choice for those seeking a comprehensive solution to elevate their online presence.

Indeed, it adapts seamlessly to showcase fashion, highlight product features, create ambiance, enhance product presentation, promote different categories, and showcase creative works.

Key Features of the Flex Shopify Theme

Here are the highlighted features that help the Flex Shopify theme be the best choice for small to growth businesses.

Add to Cart

The Flex Shopify theme enhances the Add to Cart experience with several features designed to boost conversions and improve user experience.

The “Sticky Add to Cart” option keeps the button visible as customers scroll, ensuring always easy access. Additionally, the theme Flex Shopify allows for customizable “Add to Cart” animations and effects, adding a touch of visual interest to the process.

Add to Cart

CSS Customizations

Harness the power of CSS customizations, a coding component that defines styling and overall webpage appearance. Through the Theme Editor, you can seamlessly incorporate CSS tweaks, elevating your site’s visual appeal and cohesiveness.

Quick Buy

The “Buy it Now” button to product listings allows customers to add items to their cart directly without visiting individual product pages. A pop-up cart then appears, displaying the added item and allowing for quantity adjustments, after which customers can proceed directly to checkout, streamlining the purchase process.

Quick Buy

Choose from a diverse selection of four header styles – Classic, Centered, Search Focus, and Vertical. Each style offers adjustable alignments and the option to implement custom CSS. Furthermore, the Flex theme extends its versatility to the footer, offering four distinct styles achievable through content blocks. 

Variety of Header and Footer Styles

Diverse Product Page Layouts

Tailor your product pages with three multiple layouts to match your specific merchandise and branding. Opt for the Classic layout, exuding timeless elegance that befits a wide range of products.

Alternatively, select the Image Scrolling layout, which is perfect for dynamically showcasing your products through a visually engaging scrolling experience. Lastly, the Section layout provides versatility, enabling you to arrange content blocks.

flex theme shopify key features

Mega Menus and Drop-downs

Elevate your shop’s navigation with the inclusion of up to 10 mega menus, each boasting the potential for up to 6 columns. This feature expands your navigation options significantly.

Mega Menus and Drop-downs

Comprehensive Icon Library

The Flex theme offers an extensive icon library that enhances your site’s visual appeal and functionality. Seamlessly integrate icons into specific elements across your website, providing visual cues and enhancing user engagement. The library includes diverse built-in options, giving you the creative freedom to enhance your site’s aesthetics.

The recommended product features in the Shopify Flex theme are a win-win for merchants and customers.

Merchants can experience increased sales and average order value, improved product discovery, and reduced cart abandonment, all while gaining valuable insights into customer behavior.

Recommended Products

On the other hand, customers enjoy a more personalized shopping experience, discovering new and complementary products with ease and convenience. This powerful feature streamlines the shopping process and fosters a stronger connection between the brand and its customers, making it an essential tool for any online store.

Pricing & Where to Purchase the Flex Theme Shopify

The Flex Shopify theme demo lets you envision how your store can seamlessly transition to its dynamic design. You can also explore other Shopify themes like Debut or Narrative to see which one best suits your brand. By exploring its features and experimenting with customization options, you can truly make it your own.

Flex Theme Shopify

For $485, you gain full control of the Flex Shopify theme with a single-store license, and you have the flexibility to transfer it to another store by contacting the support team.

Your purchase includes a ZIP file containing all built-in styles, and you’ll receive a free theme update after one year, applicable manually or through the updater app for an additional fee. Additionally, a 14-day money-back guarantee is offered for peace of mind.

Flex Shopify Theme: User Reviews and Feedback

  • Ratings: 5.0/5
  • Total reviews: 149
Flex Shopify Theme: User Reviews and Feedback

In my opinion, I was initially drawn to the Shopify Flex theme review for its promise of limitless customization, and it did not disappoint. The drag-and-drop interface and section/block system made building my store a breeze, even without extensive coding knowledge. I could easily visualize my changes in real time, which was a huge time-saver.

Here is significant user feedback on the Outofthesandbox website.

  • Very happy Flex theme customer since version 2. We have been using the Flex theme since version 2, now on version 5 and could not be happier. The theme lives up to its name, delivering the flexibility and upgrade path so necessary in the e-commerce arena. Of particular note was the transition to Shopify’s OS 2, Out of the Sandbox Flex made this very easy to do, particularly using their Theme Updater product. We have only used their support a couple of times over the years and it has been exceptional – responsive and friendly. Highly recommend the Out of the Sandbox org and the Flex theme.” – Steve W.
  • Awesome Theme and support. I like the functionality of the theme. and whenever I need help support is always there.” – Dave S.
  • Could not be happier with all the features and the support and customer service is top notch.” – Kiko.

13 Flex Shopify Theme Styles


Fresh is the perfect style for your Shopify store if you want to make a bold statement. It’s vibrant, energetic, and product-focused, making it ideal for fashion, beauty, and children’s products. The diverse color palette and unique product page layout will help your store stand out from the competition. Additionally, Fresh creates a dynamic and captivating shopping experience for your customers.

flex theme  fresh style


Wink is a vibrant yet charming style for your Shopify store. It blends bright and pastel colors to create an eye-catching palette that appeals to the younger generation.

flex theme  wink style

Furthermore, this style adds a playful sophistication to your store while showcasing a diverse range of offerings. With its dynamic color blend and contemporary feel, Wink is ideal for stylish eyewear, hip clothing, and innovative gadgets.


Nourish is a simple yet impactful design style that focuses on your images and text. It uses single solid colors to make your content stand out. This makes it perfect for food, beauty, technology, and fashion stores. Overall, Nourish helps your store look bold and captivating.

flex theme nourish style


Luxe’s design is all about spaciousness and carefully crafted typography, creating a refined backdrop that perfectly matches high-end products. From fashion, style, and beauty to jewelry, Luxe offers a platform that effortlessly complements these premium offerings.

flex theme shopify luxe style

The beauty of Luxe lies in its versatility – it’s equally suitable for handcrafted goods, gourmet food, and anything that thrives on an elegant and clean appearance. 


Moda is a dynamic and accessible style that uses Flex’s vertical navigation and a mix of grey boxes and contrasting colors. This creates a trendy and chic look, perfect for fashion items. Moda can also showcase baby products, vintage items, tech gadgets, and playful gizmos.

flex theme shopify moda style


Emporium is the perfect preset for stores with diverse product offerings. Its active search feature allows customers to easily explore your entire collection. Ideal for handmade goods, fashion, home decor, and furniture, Emporium enhances your store’s shopping experience.

flex theme shopify emporium style


This Flex Shopify theme provides a unique browsing experience with vertical navigation and a sophisticated rose and beige color palette. This elegant combination enhances your store’s aesthetics, making it ideal for printed frames, high-end beauty products, and exquisite handicrafts.

Moreover, the captivating design and color scheme create an engaging atmosphere for shoppers and enthusiasts alike.

flex theme shopify studio style


Glow offers a dynamic browsing experience with Flex’s sidebar navigation. The vibrant color palette enhances the visual appeal of beauty products, especially those that rely on imagery. This creates an energetic and alluring atmosphere for your store. Therefore, Glow is a perfect fit for beauty brands looking to captivate their audience.

glow style

Trending is a dynamic style that mimics the look and feel of social media feeds. It creates an engaging browsing experience for the younger generation, making it perfect for trendy clothing and accessories. Trending uses gradients of boxes and sections to showcase a variety of products, including jewelry, tech items, and B2B offerings.

trending style


Swagger is a bold and vibrant Flex Shopify theme that perfectly showcases products with attitude. It’s ideal for shoes, tech gadgets, emerging product lines, and kids’ items. Swagger’s design exudes confidence and creates an engaging backdrop that complements your trendy offerings.

swagger style


Techno style boasts a striking dominance of bold blue and violet colors, creating a captivating dark and elegant aesthetic. It is ideal for technology-related goods, high-fashion items, gourmet delicacies, or high-end artwork.

techno style


Flora is a style that captures the essence of natural beauty. Its design combines calming colors and captivating imagery to create a vibrant atmosphere. This style is perfect for products celebrating the outdoors, such as botanical prints, gardening essentials, and wellness products.

flora style


Bloom is a simple yet versatile style that showcases products effectively. It features oversized product photos, making it perfect for displaying detailed items with high-quality images. Moreover, Bloom’s design combines a search bar with traditional navigation, enhancing user experience for medium to large stores.

bloom style

How To Add the Flex Shopify Theme to Your Shopify Store

After buying the Flex theme, please follow the detailed steps to upload the theme to your Shopify store:

  • Step 1: From your Shopify admin, navigate to “Online Store” > “Themes.”
How To Add the Flex Shopify Theme to Your Shopify Store
  • In the “Theme Library” section, click on “Add Theme.”
How To Add the Flex Shopify Theme to Your Shopify Store-1
  • Then select “Upload zip file.”
How To Add the Flex Shopify Theme to Your Shopify Store-2
  • In the Upload theme window, click on “Choose File.”
How To Add the Flex Shopify Theme to Your Shopify Store-3
  • Browse and select the ZIP file of the Shopify Flex Theme to upload. Click on “Open.”

The theme will be added to the Themes page in your Shopify admin.

Who Is the Shopify Flex Theme for?

    The Flex Shopify theme is a versatile and customizable option suitable for a wide range of businesses and individuals:

    Businesses and entrepreneurs:

    • Small to large businesses: The Flex theme can be adapted to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small startups to established brands.
    • Various industries: Flex’s flexibility makes it applicable across industries, including fashion, beauty, home goods, technology, and more.
    • Brands seeking a unique look: The Flex theme’s extensive customization options allow brands to create a distinct and memorable online presence.

    Specific needs:

    • Stores with large inventories: The theme’s robust search and navigation features cater to stores with a wide range of products.
    • Visually focused brands: The Shopify Flex theme’s emphasis on high-quality imagery makes it ideal for brands that want to showcase their products beautifully.
    • Growing businesses: The Flex theme’s scalability ensures that it can grow and evolve alongside your business.

    Technical users:

    • Developers and designers: The Flex Shopify theme provides a solid foundation for customization and development, allowing for a truly unique storefront.
    • Users comfortable with coding: While the theme offers many user-friendly features, some customization may require coding knowledge.

    Flex Shopify Theme Examples: Top 3 Online Stores Using the Flex Theme

    Sakura Bloom

    sakura bloom

    The Flex Shopify theme empowers Sakura Bloom, a baby and kids store, to create an immersive and visually stunning online experience. The theme’s adaptability is evident in the store’s meticulously designed homepage and product pages.

    Furthermore, Flex’s customizable features allow Sakura Bloom to infuse their store with a playful yet sophisticated atmosphere, perfectly aligning with their brand identity. Consequently, the theme transforms the visual experience, inviting customers to explore and engage with their captivating range of baby slings and carriers.

    SFMOMA Museum Store

    sfmoma museum store

    The SFMOMA Museum Store, powered by this Flex Shopify theme, captures the essence of artistic diversity engagingly and practically. The Shopify Flex theme’s adaptability takes center stage with a product range that spans housewares, books, contemporary jewelry & accessories, and unique gifts. 

    From thoughtfully arranged homepage layouts to elegantly designed product pages, the theme empowers SFMOMA Museum Store to harmonize vibrant imagery, nuanced color palettes, and clear typography.

    Boosted USA

    Boosted USA

    Boosted USA‘s online store, built on the Shopify Flex theme, exudes a vibrant and practical atmosphere that embodies sports and recreation. The theme’s versatility is evident in the store’s curated homepage and intuitive product pages.

    Moreover, Flex empowers Boosted USA to combine dynamic imagery, impactful colors, and clear typography, creating an engaging shopping experience that captures the excitement of sports and recreational activities.

    Tips To Get Most Out of The Flex Shopify Theme

    According to the Flex Shopify theme review, here are the top five tips to stand out:

    1. Embrace the Sections: Experiment with different combinations and layouts to create a unique storefront.
    2. Customize with Confidence: The Flex theme offers extensive customization options, so you can tailor everything to match your brand.
    3. Prioritize Visuals: The theme is designed to showcase stunning visuals. Use high-quality images and videos to make a lasting impression.
    4. Optimize for Mobile: More and more people are shopping on their phones. Ensure your store looks great and functions flawlessly on mobile devices.
    5. Keep it Updated: The Flex theme is constantly evolving. Keep your theme updated to access the latest features and improvements.

    Flex Shopify Theme: The Bottom Line

    With the Flex Theme Shopify, you can effortlessly enhance your online presence. Empower your business to stand out, engage customers, and achieve success through tailored visual experiences. Elevate your store today with Flex theme Shopify!

    Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.