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Shopify Emerge Theme: Brand Elevation With Striking Designs

November 30, 2023
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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

This article will discover the prosperous features of the Emerge Shopify theme designed to captivate customers and enhance your online store’s aesthetics.

Key Takeaways

  • The Emerge Shopify theme offers a sleek and modern design, providing a visually captivating online store.
  • The theme comes with a pack of features such as lookbooks, quick buy, and high-resolution videos, making Emerge ideal for contemporary omnichannel businesses.

What is the Emerge Shopify Theme?

The Shopify Emerge theme is a premium Shopify theme that brings a sophisticated and modern vibe to Shopify merchants. Its design exudes elegance and professionalism, creating a visually stunning and captivating look for the online store.

What is the Emerge Shopify Theme?

The Emerge theme offers an array of substantial features designed specifically for stores that require a fast setup, in-person selling capabilities, and the ability to scale to high volumes. These features, which include quick view, lookbooks, animation, and product sorting, are designed to attract customers and boost sales.

Emerge Shopify Theme Pricing

The Shopify Emerge theme costs $320 for a one-time payment. It’s worth noting that you will own the theme, get future updates, and get support from the developer permanently.

The theme offers an UNLIMITED free trial, allowing you to fully explore the theme and determine whether it meets your store’s needs before making a purchase commitment.

Where To Buy The Emerge Shopify Theme?

You can get the Emerge theme for your Shopify store in two ways below:

  • Access the Shopify theme store directly from the Shopify admin dashboard or website. Find Emerge in the search bar and try it.
  • Visit the developer’s website – Troop Themes. Scroll the page, find the theme, and click “Demo Emerge.” It will redirect you to the theme’s page in the Shopify theme store.

Shopify Theme Emerge: Pros and Cons

  • Clean and fresh design
  • Ease of use
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Wide range of built-in features
  • Dedicated developer
  • Speedy support services
  • Potentially common design
  • No live chat support
  • 4 Presets of Emerge Shopify Theme

    The Shopify Emerge theme offers four preset styles to choose from, each providing a distinct visual presentation for your online store. These styles are:



    The Dark preset offers a sense of exclusivity, elegance, and a modern edge. It incorporates a dark color scheme, often contrasting elements that create a visually dramatic effect. 

    The preset aligns well with businesses that prefer minimal style but are sleek and opulent, such as art and design, tech and gadgets, etc.



    The Bright preset is characterized by its lively and eye-catching appearance, bringing an energetic look to your online store. Incorporating vibrant colors and eye-catching elements immediately grabs the attention of visitors.

    Businesses can utilize the creative and dynamic environment of Bright to align perfectly with their branding goals. The preset is well-suited for industries such as beauty, lifestyle & fashion, kids’ stuff, F&B, etc.



    In contrast to the Dark preset, the Light preset is designed with neutral tones (whites, creams, light grays, etc.). However, it also has a minimalist and refined space that exudes elegance and simplicity, offering a visually calming and effortless browsing experience.

    The airy look of the Light preset will be ideal for home interiors, artisanal products, health & wellness, wedding planners, and more.



    The Tones preset offers a unique and artistic look focusing on the color coordination of pastel shades and tonal harmony. It presents a visually striking and cohesive design that can capture attention and create a memorable brand presence. 

    The preset is appropriate for businesses that want to showcase the professionalism and credibility of their unique products. They might be fashion brands, handcrafted products, photography studios, freelancers, etc.

    5 Emerge Theme’s Features That Will Benefit Your Shopify Store

    High-Resolution Images & Videos

    High-resolution images and videos help create a positive first impression on the website by showcasing products in their best light. It enables merchants to provide an immersive shopping experience by allowing customers to visualize the product’s features, texture, and color accurately. 

    Besides leading to increased engagement and conversion rates compared to inadequate visuals, high-quality visuals reflect positively on the physical stores, instilling confidence in customers and creating a trustworthy relationship to make them visit the store.

    The built-in product review, containing experiences and opinions shared by previous customers, helps build trust and credibility with new visitors. Those valuable insights can sway potential buyers to make purchases and drive more sales for the store.

    Product Review & Recommended 

    Moreover, by showcasing these recommendations on product pages based on browsing history and purchase patterns, staff can guide customers towards additional items, leading to increased engagement and potential upselling or cross-selling opportunities.

    Product Filtering and Sorting

    This feature becomes essential for customers of a high-volume store to navigate and find what they’re looking for efficiently based on parameters such as relevance, popularity, price (low to high or high to low), or newest arrivals. It reduces bounce rates and increases the likelihood of conversion by guiding customers to the products they desire with ease.

    Quick Buy

    For customers who already know what to buy, instead of clicking through multiple pages to add products to their cart, they can quickly add products and swiftly complete their transactions through Quick Buy. This quick setup functionality is a time-saving and user-friendly design, contributing to improved conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

    Lookbook & Animation

    Lookbook & Animation

    The Lookbook and Animation features not only enhance the visual appeal of your store but also contribute to storytelling and brand differentiation. As a brand creator, you can inspire customers with creative ideas by curating collections of your products and then presenting them as visually appealing. Adding more subtle animations to interactive elements impresses and elevates customers’ overall shopping experience.

    Who Is Shopify Emerge Theme For?

    The versatile and adaptable nature of Emerge makes it suitable for various types of businesses, particularly for:

    • Shopify stores with multiple brick-and-mortar stores
    • High-volume Shopify stores covering large transactions
    • Shopify stores offering quick launch
    • Fashion, Health, Beauty, or Art Shopify businesses that have a storytelling

    3 Successful Stores Built With Emerge Shopify Theme

    Kyo Clothing

    Kyo Clothing, specializing in trendy fashion and contemporary apparel, has chosen a Bright preset that perfectly complements its brand identity and product offerings.

    Kyo Clothing

    The combination of blue and yellow is an absolutely eye-catching color scheme that clearly reflects the brand’s vibe and style. Additionally, using high-resolution images and engaging visuals creates an immediate sense of sophistication and captures visitors’ attention from the moment they land on the website.


    Capsule, a boutique catering to modern women seeking stylish and contemporary fashion pieces, has utilized the Light preset of Emerge for its online store.


    Visitors are greeted with a clean and uncluttered interface. The theme’s minimalist design allows the products to take center stage, with ample white space and a simple color scheme that accentuates the beauty of each item. This intentional simplicity creates a sense of elegance and sophistication, reflecting the Capsule brand ethos.

    Bristol General Store

    Bristol General Store has embraced a Tone preset that perfectly complements its brand identity as a charming and nostalgic retailer.

    Bristol General Store

    The use of a simple layout, along with a classic font, contributes to the overall vintage aesthetic. Overall, Emerge captures Bristol’s essence and plays a vital role in creating a memorable experience.

    Ending Words

    As you embark on your online retail journey, consider the Emerge Shopify theme as your trusted companion. It will not only enhance the visual appeal of your store but also provide the necessary tools to engage customers, build trust, and drive sales. 

    Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.