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Craft Shopify Theme: Optimal Mix of Function and Minimal Design

December 25, 2023
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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

This thorough review will shed light on the Craft Shopify Theme with its distinctive attributes and advantages.

     Key Takeaways
  • Craft, with its sophisticated, minimalistic design, facilitates quick online store setup, offering an efficient solution for businesses eager to establish their online presence swiftly.
  • Craft’s strong emphasis on visual presentation makes it a fitting choice for brands that rely heavily on images for their brand storytelling, accentuating the elegance in their visual narrative.

A quick look at the Craft Theme Shopify

The Craft Theme Shopify is a Shopify theme that embodies sophistication and minimalism in its purest forms. With a neutral color palette serving as its backbone, Craft enables your products to take center stage, ensuring that your product imagery and visual brand storytelling remain the focal point. 

Its streamlined setup process is intended to aid businesses looking to venture swiftly into the online marketplace, offering a straightforward path to digital transition without the usual hassles of a complex build.

Where to download Craft Theme Shopify


The Craft theme is also a free Shopify theme, allowing you to explore and modify it to your ideal brand image. 

You can get the Craft Theme Shopify directly from the Shopify Theme Store. Fore there, you can preview it to see how you can customize your Shopify store to this theme.

Craft Theme’s Pros and Cons


  • Free Theme: Craft provides cost-effectiveness for businesses looking for a quick setup without the need for initial financial investment.
  • Minimalistic Design: The clean, refined design is perfect for brands that rely on visual storytelling, making their products the spotlight of the online store.
  • Cross-Platform Interactive: The theme offers seamless interaction across various devices, ensuring a consistent shopping experience for your customers regardless of the device they use.
  • High Customization: Craft allows you to tailor the look and feel of your store to reflect your brand’s identity, making each feature work to your advantage.


  • Slow Customer Response: There may be some delays in customer service responses, which could potentially hinder swift online store setup and immediate problem-solving.

Key Features of the Craft Theme Shopify



Craft Theme’s cross-selling feature is designed to intuitively suggest related items to the customers. For small business owners, this feature can serve as an automatic salesperson, enhancing the user’s shopping experience by recommending items they may have not considered initially. It can encourage customers to explore more products, potentially increasing the store’s average order value.

Quick Buy


The Quick Buy feature aims to simplify the shopping process for customers. With a single click, customers can add products to their cart without having to navigate away from their current page. 

This feature is particularly useful for busy entrepreneurs who value customer time and want to make the shopping process as streamlined as possible. It can also help in reducing cart abandonment rates, as customers can quickly make a purchase without going through multiple pages.

Product Options


Craft Theme’s ability to present a range of product options in an intuitive way is beneficial for artists and craftsmen. This feature is great for products that have different variations, such as size, color, material, or other customizations. 

It helps to clearly communicate the available options to the customers, allowing them to customize their purchase according to their preferences. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction as they get exactly what they want.

Product Filtering and Sorting


For designers showcasing a wide range of work, the theme’s robust filtering and sorting feature can be invaluable. 

This feature allows customers to easily navigate through the store and find products that suit their needs based on their own preferences, such as price, popularity, or other specified criteria. It greatly enhances user experience by reducing the time spent in searching for the right product, leading to a higher conversion rate.


The Lookbooks feature of the Craft Theme allows businesses to present their products in a curated, visually appealing way that tells a story. For designers and craftsmen, this feature offers an opportunity to add context to their products, showcasing them in various settings or combined with other products. 

This can create a more immersive shopping experience, as customers can better visualize the products in use. It can also increase product value perception, as customers can appreciate the thought process and story behind each product.

Who Is Craft Theme Shopify for?

Craft Shopify Theme ideal for:

  • Art Galleries and Artisan Craft Stores: These businesses often feature a unique collection of products with a strong focus on the visual element. They would significantly benefit from the Craft theme, which allows for swift setup and the showcasing of individual pieces through visual storytelling.
  • Fashion and Apparel: Stores selling clothing and accessories could take advantage of the Craft theme to create a virtual runway. The ability to launch their online presence quickly while emphasizing the visual appeal of their product lines would be invaluable.
  • Home Decor and Interior Design: Businesses in these industries would appreciate the Craft theme’s ability to present their products in a styled, curated environment, similar to a virtual showroom. This, paired with the advantage of a quick setup, makes Craft an ideal choice.
  • Beauty and Cosmetics: Craft’s focus on visual storytelling and quick setup can help beauty and cosmetics brands showcase their product range effectively, focusing on packaging aesthetics and color variations.
  • Specialty Food and Beverage: For businesses selling visually appealing food and beverage products, such as artisanal chocolates, gourmet coffee, or craft beer, the Craft theme can beautifully portray these products with a focus on visual storytelling.
  • Photography and Print Shops: Craft’s emphasis on image presentation and quick setup makes it ideal for businesses selling prints, posters, or photography services. The theme would enable these businesses to create a virtual gallery to display their offerings.

In essence, any business that relies heavily on the visual appeal of their products and aims for a swift online setup would find the Craft Shopify theme a great choice.

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Shopify Craft Theme Examples: Top 3 Online Stores Using the Craft Theme

Sheair Butters 


Sheair Butters operates in the beauty products and cosmetics industry where visual appeal plays a significant role. By utilizing the Craft theme’s swift setup, the online store can promptly be ready for business, offering customers an aesthetically pleasing shopping environment. 

The theme’s minimalist design enables their colorful and diverse product range to stand out, drawing customers’ attention directly to their offerings. 

Furthermore, the Craft theme supports robust visual storytelling capabilities that can be leveraged to narrate the brand’s unique story, allowing Sheair Butters to build a strong connection with customers by aligning product display with brand narrative.

The Mint Museum Store 


For The Mint Museum Store, operating within the art and entertainment industry, the presentation of their products is crucial. The Craft theme offers a quick setup, enabling the online store to be operational in a short span of time. Its clean, minimalist layout creates a virtual store that can act as an exhibition space, spotlighting each merchandise like an artwork, akin to how they would be displayed in a physical museum or gallery. 

The visual storytelling aspect of the theme allows each art piece to be presented as an individual narrative, creating a unique and engaging browsing experience that would appeal to their target audience of art enthusiasts.

Dala Decor Outlet 


Dala Decor Outlet is in the interior design and home decor industry, a sector where the visual presentation of products can significantly influence purchasing decisions. Using the Craft theme, they can quickly set up a minimalist, elegant virtual showroom. 

The structured categories of the theme allow the products to be organized in an intuitive manner, facilitating easy navigation for customers. This quick setup, coupled with the potential for visual storytelling, helps to highlight the store’s curated designs, offering customers an immersive browsing experience. 

The Bottom Line

So, we can see that Craft Shopify Theme offers a cost-free, quick setup for businesses aiming to launch a visually appealing online store. So it’d be great if you give it a try because it’s totally risk-free.

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