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Why PDF Invoice is Must-have

More professional

Invoice is not only the way to show the order information but also the profession in the after-sale service of the store. Therefore, customers will feel safe and relaxed about the store’s trading activities when they see a professional PDF invoice in design and details.

More convenient for buyers

PDF Invoice app allows shoppers to download, save in their devices and print documents out with specific purposes. Customers can actively get the PDF invoice paper any time they want without waiting for the admin to send manually. This is convenient and time-saving for both sides

Cut down admin’s workload

In case there are a lot of requests of customers for invoices, it takes much time and workload of admins to create and send one by one. Besides, the massive task can cause unexpected mistakes during the process.

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PDF Invoice Highlight Features

Easily Create Customizable PDF Templates

Ready-to-use templates for 4 different documents are available to apply instantly from the admin backend. The templates are used for:

  • Invoice

  • Refund

  • Order

  • Packing Slips

For each document type, there are a variety of templates so you can freely select to implement. Note that these templates are editable to create a new one.

customizable template

The most cusomizable PDF Invoice for Shopify

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Quickly Customize & Preview PDF Templates

The code of a template is generated after the template is implemented, which is ready for the admin to make changes. Besides, it is easy to change the style of the template.
In addition, available variables are applicable to insert to the template. After editing, the admin can preview the template before it goes live. The preview template is exactly the one in reality so the admin can make sure or make any modifications if necessary.

  • Easily custom template

  • Add CSS Style

  • Instantly preview changes

preview template

PDF Invoice Features

Only 2 steps to set up the generation of PDF billing documents on your email notification. After a template is chosen and the text link is entered, a link is generated to be inserted in the emails.

Configure basic information

Admin can configure address, phone number, business number or upload logo.

Print mass actions

Print Order, Print, Packing Slip in bulk.

Preview PDF

One-click to preview a PDF template.

Send PDF version in email

AVADA PDF Invoice insert PDF Invoice version in email.

Print PDF in customer dashboard

Your customer can print PDF version in frontend.

Unlimited prints

There is no limitation for print any PDF Order, Invoice, Packing Slip.

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You can follow these guides to custom the template.

You can read user guides here.

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