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Avada Commerce Team: Smart and passionate people

Avada Commerce authors are vital in realizing our shared mission: helping 1 million online sellers grow their businesses.

We collaborate with thousands of authors across eCommerce and marketing to create the best content.

This site is dedicated to the author's contributions to building our Avada Commerce community. We continuously update it to celebrate our authors and recruit new talent.

Allow us to introduce the individuals we are honored to work with.

Author Team

Sam Nguyen

CEO and Founder of Avada Commerce

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore – aiming to support more than a million online businesses to grow and develop.

Sam is also the CEO and co-founder of Mageplaza, a company established to support Magento merchants with different powerful tools and resources.


CTO of Avada Commerce

Thomas is the CTO (Chief technology officer) at Avada Commerce. Thomas has been instrumental in leading Avada's technical team, driving innovation and creating groundbreaking products for our clients.

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Content Leader

Mike is the Content Lead at Avada Commerce. With over seven years of experience writing articles in E-commerce, he always keeps up with the pace of the latest software versions. He always wants to bring readers the best quality content.

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Marketing Manager

Daniel is a Digital Marketing Manager at Avada Commerce. He is a tech savvy with expertise in SEO, Content Marketing and Paid Advertising. He is on his journey to become a full-stack Digital Marketer.

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Business Analyst

Roger is a Business Analyst at Avada Commerce. He loves research and data analysis. His decisions help us move in the right direction.

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Customer Success Manager

Daisy is a Customer Success Manager at Avada Commerce. Experienced and results-driven Customer Success Manager with a knack for building strong relationships and exceeding customer expectations. Adept at understanding client needs, providing exceptional support, and optimizing processes for maximum efficiency. Committed to delivering exceptional service and cultivating long-lasting partnerships.

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Content Editor

Joy is a Customer Success Manager at Avada Commerce. Joy is a versatile content writer with years of experience in e-commerce.

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Content Editor

Olivia is an aspiring copywriter at Avada, infusing her e-commerce articles with a unique blend of professional insights and personal experiences. She's also a linguist and tech enthusiast with a deep passion for human and business development. Her curiosity about the future acts as her grounding force, inspiring her to explore the fascinating intersections of ecommerce, technology, linguistics, and business development.

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Content Editor

Darius is the Content Editor at Avada Commerce. With more than four years of experience in the SEO and Content Writing field, he always brings clients valuable information, and seeks to answer questions readers are concerned about.

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Content Editor

Nancy is the Content Editor at Avada Commerce. She loves writing and creates engaging stories in each article.

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SEO Expert

Melody is a SEO expert at Avada Commerce, known for her subtle and gentle personality. Her keen understanding of search engine optimization and digital marketing strategies is pivotal in enhancing the company's online presence.

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SEO Expert

Lam is an SEO expert at Avada Commerce, known for his commitment to excellence in his work. His friendly demeanor and collaborative spirit make him a valued team member, fostering a positive work environment.

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SEO Expert

Sang is an SEO expert at Avada Commerce, with particular expertise in link building, a crucial aspect of modern SEO strategies.

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A Happy SERP Guy

Dain is an SEO expert at Avada Commerce, specializing in the critical area of technical SEO. He plays a pivotal role in the team, focusing on the technical aspects that are fundamental to improving the website's performance in search engine rankings.