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50+ Unforgettable 9-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas For Boys And Girls

A birthday party is an important event in a year, marking a milestone in your little one’s growing years. That’s why every little detail in the birthday party will add to making the celebration truly special for them. If you’re wondering what a 9-year-old child would love, you’re in the right place! 

With 50+ of the best 9-year-old birthday party ideas, our list ensures an unforgettable celebration for the little ones. From a charming tea party to an exciting trip at the amusement park, these ideas promise to craft a birthday your kids will remember for a lifetime.

Best 9th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

1. Spa Night

 9 year old birthday party ideas - spa night

A fantastic 9-year-old birthday idea for girls in winter is a cozy spa night. Your little girl may invite her friends to wear fluffy robes and enjoy a relaxing time together. Also, make light snacks and drinks to enhance the girls’ spa experience. This way, they’ll have a lasting memory of the delightful spa night celebrating your daughter’s birthday.

2. Pool Party

9 year old birthday party ideas - pool party

How fresh it is to soak the body into the water! For a summer birthday surprise, why not celebrate poolside with your little girl’s favorite food and drinks? A pool party may include many fun games and even a poolside movie under the moonlight. You can also prepare floating basketball hoops, pool floats, skip balls, or dive sticks to entertain the kids.

3. Dance Party

9 year old birthday party ideas - dance party

If your daughter loves dancing, let’s give her the perfect surprise. This involves creating a dance floor in your living room and hiring a dance instructor for excitement. The girls can groove to the music and even learn some new moves. If they prefer a smaller gathering, just make a playlist on your laptop; all can dance freely.

4. Tea Party

9 year old birthday party ideas - tea party

If your kid and her friends enjoy dressing up and taking photos, consider organizing a 9th birthday tea party. The girls can wear sundresses and big hats while celebrating with finger sandwiches and petit fours. This idea is especially sweet for spring or early summer birthdays!

5. Beach Bonfire

9 year old birthday party ideas - beach bonfire

Let your little princess pick a few close friends to take to the beach for the day! The kids can enjoy beach activities and a cozy oceanside bonfire with marshmallow grilling. Then, create a laid-back atmosphere for them to enjoy the evening while sharing stories.

6. Book Club Party

9 year old birthday party ideas - book club party

If the 9-year-old girl in your family enjoys reading books, consider hosting a casual book reading with her favorite book. It would be great if her friends took turns reading different chapters. Afterward, they could discuss which books they enjoy reading the most.

7. Art Party

9 year old birthday party ideas - art party

How about hosting an art studio party for your daughter and her friends to unleash their artistic talents? You may provide canvases, paints, and art supplies for them to express themselves and create artwork. Also, consider hiring a local artist for guidance and feedback on their art.

8. Hiking

9 year old birthday party ideas - hiking

If your 9-year-old princess enjoys the outdoors, she’ll appreciate a birthday hiking trip. Make sure there’s hot cocoa ready for everyone in winter and plenty of juice and ice cream for summer. You can also organize a camping getaway after the hike as a special 9th birthday celebration for your lovely daughter.

9. Camping Trip

9 year old birthday party ideas - camping trip

For a thrill-seeking girl, her 9th birthday is the perfect opportunity for a camping adventure with friends. It does not matter if the location is a national park or a lakeside. You can choose the location and make plans for the girls’ camping trip. Get ready to celebrate under the open sky for a birthday camping adventure she’ll treasure forever!

10. Amusement Park

9 year old birthday party ideas - amusement park

Everyone loves the amusement park! You can get tickets for the girls and let them have a blast on the thrilling rides. It’s a memorable birthday party and a great way to spend quality time with her loved ones. Let the celebration begin at the heart of the amusement park magic!

Creative 9-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

11. Trampoline Park

9 year old birthday party ideas - trampoline park

Active boys will love trampolines as much as they enjoy bouncing in inflatable castles. Trampoline parks have rooms entirely covered with trampolines. Imagine a birthday celebration at a trampoline park, where entire rooms are covered with these springy surfaces. This allows your 9-year-old boy and his friends to perform flips, jumps, and bounce to their heart’s content.

12. Tech Exploration

9 year old birthday party ideas - tech exploration

For your tech-savvy son, there’s nothing better than a trip to a tech museum or innovation center. He can freely explore the latest gadgets, try virtual reality experiences, and engage with interactive exhibits. It’s a fantastic way for the children to gain inspiration for future endeavors in the technology field.

13. Costume Party

9 year old birthday party ideas - costume party

Who would not love a fun costume party? If your son’s birthday is in autumn, just turn your place into a haunted house for a spooky Halloween-themed celebration. You should plan a birthday buffet with the spookiest appetizers, sweet treats, and drinks to keep guests engaged throughout the party. A costume contest with exciting prizes will also catch everyone’s attention.

14. Pizza Party

9 year old birthday party ideas - pizza party

Instead of ordering pizza for your 9-year-old son’s birthday party, why not let him and his friends make their pizzas with various toppings? You can set up a pizza station with different ingredients such as cheeses, vegetables, meats, and sauces. As the pizzas bake, the delicious smell wafts through the air, making everyone excited to taste their creations.

15. Kart Racing

9 year old birthday party ideas - kart racing

At the “Go Kart” track, your son and his friends can enjoy the thrill of racing in a safe and controlled environment. Many Go Kart facilities have different track options to cater to various skill levels, ensuring everyone can enjoy the activity. The boys will have a memorable 9th birthday celebration with this action-packed party idea.

16. Hot Dog Party

9 year old birthday party ideas - hot dog party

No kid would turn down a delicious hot dog. Let’s give your son the ultimate hot dog bar experience for his special day! Use your large kitchen counter as the hot dog station, setting out all the toppings and condiments in separate bowls. This ensures that everyone can enjoy their favorite hot dog creation regardless of dietary preferences.

17. Indoor Skydiving

9 year old birthday party ideas - indoor skydiving

Let’s bring together a group of adventurous kids for a unique birthday celebration, like indoor skydiving. You should find a facility with knowledgeable instructors that provides a safe flight experience. The instructors will guide the boys through the process, making the flying experience enjoyable for everyone.

18. Soccer Party

9 year old birthday party ideas - soccer party

This 9-year-old birthday party idea is perfect for active kids. You will need to invite as many of your kid’s friends as possible and split them into two teams for a soccer game. To keep the guests energized, prepare special treats for the winning team. Score big on fun with this soccer extravaganza!

19. Magic Show Party

9 year old birthday party ideas - magic show party

Get ready for magical fun as you create an enchanting magic show for your 9-year-old’s birthday! During the show, the magician can teach the kids some simple tricks. This hands-on experience is not just fun but also educational as the children turn into mini magicians. Later, they can impress their beloveds with new skills and create magical memories together.

20. Cooking Party

9 year old birthday party ideas - cooking party

The sweetest boy in the world is the one who loves the kitchen. If his birthday is coming up, opt for a cooking-themed celebration to surprise him. Your kid and his friends can try kid-friendly recipes like pizza-making or cupcake decorating together. Just remember to supervise them closely during the cooking activities.

Birthday Party Decorations For Your 9-Year-Old Kids

21. Posters

9 year old birthday party ideas - posters

For a movie night or rockstar-themed birthday party, a large poster made from smaller poster boards can be a gorgeous marquee to hang on the walls. You can get creative and make individual posters from the boards, similar to those in theaters. Just make sure to use vibrant colors, catchy fonts, and creative designs to make the posters more visually appealing.

22. Photography Props

9 year old birthday party ideas - photography props

Props can enhance the memories of events like your 9-year-old birthday party. For instance, you can provide guests with hats, stylish sunglasses, or faux mustaches during photo sessions. The props should be displayed around the venue so guests can easily grab and pose with them. You can even include a sign or chalkboard with playful instructions to inspire creativity.

23. Piñatas

9 year old birthday party ideas - pinatas

Piñatas will bring a playful thrill to your kid’s 9th birthday event. You should fill them with candies, mini toys, or delightful trinkets and let the guests take turns cracking them open. With each attempt, the excitement builds as others cheer and offer guidance for the player.

24. Centerpieces

9 year old birthday party ideas - centerpieces

Centerpieces can make a 9-year-old birthday party table elegant or whimsical. When selecting one, you should consider the party theme and your child’s interests. For example, small tiaras or princess figurines are lovely centerpiece options if it’s a princess-themed celebration. Additionally, they should not be put in places that block guests’ views or disrupt conversations during the celebration.

25. Candles

9 year old birthday party ideas - candles

Candles are also crucial for 9-year-old birthday party ideas, especially at a masquerade-themed one. Golden or silver candles and cutlery instantly bring elegance and a sense of mystery to the party. You should arrange the candles thoughtfully in the party space to enhance the overall atmosphere while ensuring safety.

26. Foam Letters

9 year old birthday party ideas - foam letters

Foam letters are a fun and easy way to showcase your 9-year-old child’s name or interest. You may use them to create an eye-catching banner that can be hung across the party venue. Alternatively, just scatter them across the party table for a festive and personalized tabletop display.

27. Paper Lanterns

9 year old birthday party ideas - paper lanterns

To enhance your child’s birthday party areas, paper lanterns offer a charming and delicate choice. Opt for ones with tiny fairy lights and hang them from trees or ceilings to elevate the ambiance. If the party extends into the evening, the soft illumination from the paper lanterns contributes to a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

28. Art Decorations

9 year old birthday party ideas - art decorations

At an art party, you may lay out a large sheet with crayons, paints, pencils, and markers for kids to create artwork. Then, encourage them to express their imagination and color on it. You should get various packs of solid color plates, cups, napkins, and flatware to enhance the party’s visual appeal.

29. Balloons


These classic birthday decorations never fail to bring joy. Opt for balloons in your birthday child’s favorite colors or with their initials or name on them. Then, hang these colorful balloons around the party venue to create a cheerful atmosphere that will bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

30. Lights


Bright lights work well for birthdays, especially for a 9-year-old dance party. You may use glow sticks for entertaining games with the kids. With lively music and colorful lights, your child’s birthday event is sure to be fun and unforgettable.

Funny Games For 9th Birthday Party

31. Water Balloon Toss

9 year old birthday party ideas - water balloon toss

In the water balloon toss, the kids can team up, face each other, and start with a short distance. As they toss it back and forth successfully, you should make them step back to make the challenge harder. The last pair with an unbroken balloon wins. It’ll be a day filled with water-soaked fun that leaves the kids smiling from ear to ear!

32. Hot Potato

9 year old birthday party ideas - hot potato

Hot potato at a 9-year-old’s birthday party requires only a ball. The kids will stand in a circle and pass the ball quickly while music plays. Later, whoever holds it when the music stops sits in the center. To keep the excitement high, you can play upbeat music and change the tempo as the game goes on.

33. Musical Chairs

9 year old birthday party ideas - musical chairs

Your child may have played this game before at school or at events. When the music starts, they walk around chairs, trying to grab one when it stops. Then, remove a chair each time someone is left standing. Another version involves doing musical bobs instead—bob down when the music turns off and the slowest player is out.

34.  Sack Race

9 year old birthday party ideas - sack race

In a sack race, each kid gets a sack or a large pillowcase. They stand in the sack and race to the finish line when “Go” is called. The first one or team to cross the line wins. It’s a fun and silly race for an outdoor birthday party.

35. Egg And Spoon Race

9 year old birthday party ideas - egg and spoon race

Kids will have a memorable experience with this birthday game, whether as part of a relay or on its own. They race to the finish while balancing a hardboiled egg on a spoon. If they drop it, no mess, but they have to go back and try again. It’s a fun 9-year-old birthday party idea, but not “eggs-cellent” news if they stumble.

36. Pin The Tail On The Donkey

9 year old birthday party ideas - pin the tail on the donkey

It’d be a pity to miss this fun game at your 9-year-old kid’s birthday bash. For this game, simply hang a poster, blindfold the guests, and let them take turns pinning the tail. It can be anything your kid likes, from pinning the wand on the fairy to the beard on the dwarf or the tail on the mermaid. It’s a challenge for the children, and the failed attempts are super fun to watch!

37. Obstacle Course

9 year old birthday party ideas - obstacle course

There are various obstacle courses for 9-year-old children with basic supplies like stepping stones and improvised balance beams. This birthday game is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. However, you should prioritize safety and adjust the course based on the kids’ abilities.

38. Treasure Hunt

9 year old birthday party ideas - treasure hunt

Let’s make your 9-year-old birthday party extra exciting with a classic treasure hunt! You should hide clues around the house or yard and gradually lead the kids to the location of the goody bags. Also, consider adding a map and adjusting the difficulty based on the kids’ ages. It’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser!

39. Capture the Flag

9 year old birthday party ideas - catch the flag

In the “Catch the Flag” game, two teams aim to capture each other’s flags using markers like flags or bandanas. If a kid is tagged, they go to “jail” on the other team’s side until a teammate frees them with a mad dash. This game ensures lots of fun and movement, especially in a big grassy field.

40. Red Rover

9 year old birthday party ideas - red rover

Red Rover is a beloved childhood game enjoyed by both kids and parents. It includes two lines of players calling someone from the opposite team to break through the link. It’s perfect for outdoor play, especially with a large group, for the full experience!

41. Marco Polo

9 year old birthday party ideas - marco polo

Marco Polo is generally known as a water game, but you don’t need a pool for your kid’s birthday to play it. The children can play this on land with one blindfolded player saying “Marco” and others saying “Polo” while trying not to get tagged. When someone gets tagged, they become the new “Marco,” and the fun goes on and on.

9-Year-Old Birthday Party Themes

42. Fear Factor Theme

9 year old birthday party ideas - fear factor

If your child is a fan of ‘Fear Factor,’ they will love a birthday party inspired by the show. During the celebration, the children will showcase some thrilling (yet safe) stunts. This 9-year-old birthday party idea will give them a celebration full of adrenaline and unforgettable moments.

43. Travel Theme

9 year old birthday party ideas - travel party

How about decorating a birthday party around their dream destination? Whether it’s England, Tokyo, or Australia, you may decorate with details from that city or country, including food, drinks, and outfits. Your kid and the guests will feel like they’ve been transported to another world!

44. Decades Theme

9 year old birthday party ideas - decades party

Let your kid showcase their creativity by hosting a decades-themed party. They can choose themes like their favorite music artist, fashion from different decades, or trends from social media. This allows your kid and the guests to show their unique styles and interests while enjoying each other’s company.

45. Fashion Show Theme

9 year old birthday party ideas - fashion show

You cannot go wrong with a mini fashion show for a 9-year-old birthday party. This is where they can create one-of-a-kind outfits with items from their wardrobes. This birthday idea not only encourages creativity but also expresses their unique personal style.

46. Dinosaur Theme

9 year old birthday party ideas - dinosaur theme

A dinosaur-themed party may include fun activities like digging for dinosaur bones. You can also create a fantastic dinosaur birthday cake decorated with “fossils” made from sugar cookies. Prepare for a Jurassic celebration that will take everyone to a land of prehistoric wonder!

47. Mickey Mouse Theme

9 year old birthday party ideas - mickey mouse theme

This 9-year-old birthday party idea can be planned for your kid’s special day if they are huge Disney fans. You may stick to classic colors and include mouse ears, Mickey-shaped sandwiches, and desserts as part of the party decorations. With these special additions, your child’s birthday will be a happy and unforgettable celebration for all the young guests.

48. Basketball Theme

9 year old birthday party ideas - basketball theme

This birthday theme is great for 9-year-olds who enjoy playing basketball in their free time. Whether your child is a Lakers, Warriors, or any NBA team fan, a basketball-themed birthday party will excite him. You should organize a mini half-court game among the kids’ teams for extra fun. This helps increase the interaction and competition among the children.

49. Beach Theme

9 year old birthday party ideas - beach theme

The under-the-sea costume theme is ideal if you live near the beach or your child is into sea creatures. Simply fill large containers with sand to make islands where the kids can sit and add some tents. Their eyes will light up with amazement as they see the ocean-themed decorations, from colorful banners to balloons that resemble sea creatures.

50. Alice in Wonderland Theme

9 year old birthday party ideas - Alice in Wonderland theme

Why don’t your 9-year-old child into the world of Alice in Wonderland with whimsical adventures awaiting? Let the kids dress up as characters from this magical story and set up small areas with fake door frames of different sizes. Then, improve the theme with a tea table and cakes with “Eat Me” frosting. It’s surely an enchanting journey down the rabbit hole!

51. Space Theme

9 year old birthday party ideas - space theme

A space-themed birthday party will require some astronaut items like galactic decor, space-themed activities, and cosmic cookies. Make sure to prepare a fantastic spacecraft cake to match the galaxy concept. The whole celebration will leave your 9-year-old astronauts and their friends with memories of a birthday party that’s truly out of this world.

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Final Words,

A 9th birthday is a special milestone for your little one that deserves careful planning and creativity. These 9-year-old birthday party ideas offer an environment for them to feel loved and cherished while building meaningful connections. Whatever the chosen birthday idea, the ultimate goal is to make the day as special and memorable as your beloved child being celebrated. So, get ready to make your child’s 9th birthday a day filled with joy, love, and lifelong memories!

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