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50+ Birthday Party Themes for Kids That Promise Endless Fun

Are you putting together a kid’s birthday party? You can easily get lost on the Internet because there are so many things to look at and things to like. Picking the right theme for your child’s birthday party is one of the most important things you can do, whether they like Disney princesses or Super Mario. This is going to be the best time ever for your child.

Even though it’s hard, we have birthday party themes for every taste, plus some you might not have thought of! With 50+ birthday party themes for kids, join us in finding something your child will love the most in these creative and fun themes!

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How to Choose the Best Birthday Party Theme for Kids

How to Choose the Best Birthday Party Theme for Kids

Planning a wonderful birthday party for your child that they will never forget is very important and special. Besides, you should keep in mind how old your child is. Some party themes are better for babies than elementary school kids, and what younger kids love might not be right for a 10-year-old.

Your child’s interests can also narrow down party themes. For instance, a safari party might be a great choice if they love animals. The same goes for kids who love dinosaurs; the Jurassic party could be a huge hit!

Therefore, when picking a theme for your child’s birthday party, you should consider these factors:

  • Time: Consider how much time you have to get everything ready.
  • Stuff You Need: Check if it’s easy to find decorations and things for the theme.
  • Money: See if the theme matches how much money you can spend on the party.
  • Age of Guests: Make sure the theme works well for the age of the kids coming.

50+ Birthday Party Themes for Kids To Make Them Smile

1. Disney birthday party 

Disney birthday party 

This party theme is 100% great for both boys and girls because Disney cartoon characters are always children’s favorites. Have a party for your child based on their favorite Disney movies or characters, like Mickey Mouse or the Disney Princesses. The games, food, and decorations can all be in that theme. For sure, it will always amaze the kids! This is a 10th birthday party that every kid would look forward to.

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2. Super Mario birthday party

Super Mario birthday party

Many kids want a Super Mario-themed birthday party, which makes sense since The Super Mario Bros. Kids at the party can dress up as Mario, Luigi, or Princess Peach with character masks, and these Mario party supplies will fulfill the theme. If your child sees this one-of-a-kind theme, they and other little angels will love it and want to explore it more.

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3. Stitch birthday party

Stitch birthday party

Children of all ages love the cartoon Stitch, so it’s not a surprise that there are a lot of party supplies with a Stitch theme. Kids can play Stitch Bean Bag Toss and Pin the Nose on Stitch.

They can also listen to the Lilo and Stitch soundtrack and wear cute felt masks to play the parts. Note that the birthday cake and background must be the same shade of Stitch blue.

4. LEGO birthday party

LEGO birthday party

LEGO is fun for all kids. With this theme, you can have building stations or LEGO building tasks at a birthday party. You can also have jelly blocks and a lot of easy-to-make LEGO displays. Besides enjoying the traditional party, participants will have more interesting experiences and have a great time building LEGO together.

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5. Rainbow birthday party 

Rainbow birthday party 

Seeing a rainbow has given everyone a memorable moment, right? Most of all, with the kids. So this theme can be used for parties for people of all ages. 

It’s easy to set up and will be loved by both kids and adults because there are so many rainbow decorations and accessories to choose from. For a rainbow-themed party, serve fresh fruit, drinks, and candy. The kids will love this special birthday party and will always remember it.

6. Circus birthday party

Circus birthday party

For kids who love to have fun, this colorful party theme is simply great. Some games look like they belong in a carnival that you can use for a circus party, as well as food, decorations, and party favors for your guests. 

Another option is to have a local kids’ circus come and perform or teach the kids how to do circus tricks. Every child can’t take their eyes off the fun of this show because it’s an amazing concept.

7. Little Mermaid birthday party

Little Mermaid birthday party

Many kids’ birthday parties now have a “The Little Mermaid” theme because of the new live-action version of the beloved Disney movie. These party packages make planning a water party easy while keeping the kids entertained. You can choose from the live-action version from 2023 or the classic animated version. Every child will love it, no matter what kind of version you pick!

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8. Under The Sea birthday party

Under The Sea birthday party

With this interesting idea, you can bring the ocean to your child’s birthday party. Blue flags and sea creatures made from paper and other craft supplies make it easy to make your own under-the-sea decorations. The eye-catching blue color of this ocean party is sure to attract your little angels because it is super cute!

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9. Hello Kitty birthday party

Hello Kitty birthday party

There are a lot more Hello Kitty birthday supplies and decorations than just paper crafts and flowers. Its charming pink hue is sure to be a hit with little girls. Your kid can play Beanbag Toss and Pin the Bow on this theme. They can also eat Hello Kitty candy and drink from Hello Kitty cups that can be used multiple times. What a great “classic” idea that will never go out of style in children’s eyes!

10. Dinosaur birthday party

Dinosaur birthday party

Let your kids immerse themselves in the world of dinosaurs in this unique theme. This is a great plan for a dinosaur birthday party: Have everyone dress up or wear their favorite dinosaur shirt and get into it with tasty treats and cakes with dinosaurs on them. Kids will love it because dinosaurs are a symbol they look at with awe.

11. Fairy birthday party

Fairy birthday party

For little girls, a simple fairy costume party is delightful. You could also make it a fairy garden party and give each child their little fairy garden to take care of. For this one-of-a-kind theme, don’t forget the flowers and bows of the same color. Every child will love it!

12. Pool birthday party

Pool birthday party

It’s easy to plan a summer birthday party. If you have a pool in your backyard or join a neighborhood pool, you’re all set! Just get some fun toys and drinks and make some homemade popsicles. Every child will love it because of the cool water and the pretty dishes there. This is, without a doubt, the best summer idea ever! Go ahead and try it now!

13. Bluey birthday party

Bluey birthday party

Lots of children love Disney Plus shows, and there are lots of fun ways to plan the best Bluey birthday party ever. From Bluey-themed invites and decorations to games and food, our list of Bluey birthday party ideas has everything to make the kids happy.

Click here to get a tutorial: Bluey birthday party

14. Encanto birthday party

Encanto birthday party

This party season, your kids will have to go to at least one party with an Encanto theme. Focus on the flowers, especially the cake, for Isabella’s party. There may be shocks, magic, and green at Bruno’s party. You may have a joyful sing-along at a Mirabel party!

You can click here to get a tutorial: Encanto birthday party

15. Olympics birthday party

Olympics birthday party

This idea of having the Olympics has never been out of date. It’s also a theme that gives you hope that your child will always be healthy and able to reach his or her goals. Come up with fun “Olympic events” that kids can do in the garden, like frisbee, hoops, long jump, and lawn bowling. Both little and big kids will love this day of games!

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16. Garden birthday party

Garden birthday party

Let the kids take home seeds planted in small pots while you have a picnic and play games in the garden. Bear in mind that there are gummy worms on the table. It’s a great party when children can play outside freely and comfortably, don’t you agree with us?

You can click here to get a tutorial: Garden birthday party

17. Playground birthday party

Playground birthday party

Are indoor parties for your kids too boring? This fun idea for outside will help you shake things up! A birthday lunch can be held under a tree, in a picnic shelter, or on a blanket spread out under a tree. Kids can play on the field after eating their cakes and snacks by running, climbing, and rolling. That sounds great, right?

You can click here to learn the setup process: Playground birthday party

18. Alice In Wonderland birthday party

Alice In Wonderland birthday party

You can have a Mad Hatter tea party or a party outside with plates, cups, teapots, party hats, and lots of pretty flowers in small vases that match the theme. These fairy-themed costumes will make your princess or prince look cute and stunning. Now is the time to make your child’s birthday the best thing about the day! Check out more ideas for an 8th birthday celebration.

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19. Shark Get-Together birthday party

Shark Get-Together birthday party

Yessss! Toddlers and kids can swim with these sharks without going out to sea! The shark and other sea creature-shaped blue covers will make your kids feel “swimming underwater.” Giving out fried pasta with fish sticks and shrimp at a toddler birthday party can make it seem like you’re at the beach. Wow our little guests with this great idea!

20. Winnie the Pooh and Tigger birthday party

Shark Get-Together birthday party

Surely, every child knows this famous Pooh character. So this Pooh-themed set is great for your child’s birthday celebration because these figures are so popular and adorable. Easy decorations like flowers or bows will surely catch the attention of every kid at the party. Fun things will happen at your child’s party with this theme!

21. Sports birthday party

Sports birthday party

If your child likes other sports, like soccer, rugby, swimming, etc., you can use that sport as an interesting theme for the entertainment at their party. To make it even more unique, don’t forget to dress up as expert athletes in sportswear. All the kids will enjoy this party excitedly because this party will be lively and thrilling! 

You can click here to get a tutorial: Sports birthday party

22. Flower Power birthday party

Flower Power birthday party

What could be more wonderful than when your children harvest flowers themselves to decorate their birthday? Go to a nearby farm with the birthday child and his or her friends to pick wildflowers to take home. 

Alternatively, party at a nearby flower shop where everyone can make their bouquet. Birthday parties can be held at many floral parks as well. The paper goods and straws with a daisy theme are cute and add to the theme.

You can click here to get a tutorial: Flower Power birthday party

23. Roller Skating birthday party

Roller Skating birthday party

Enjoy the bright lights while you watch the kids skate to songs from the 1980s with their friends. Lots of fun party supplies with roller skating themes are available, like flowers and dishes. There’s no question that this celebration theme will make every kid fall in love.

24. Toy Story birthday party

Toy Story birthday party

Are traditional birthday themes for children boring? Try this Toy Story theme idea now; it will make your kids go crazy! The games, food, and decorations should all be based on the movies. 

You can dress up as Toy Story characters to make the party even more fun and unique. Is there any kid who doesn’t love it when their favorite cartoon characters show up in real life?

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25. Karaoke birthday party

Karaoke birthday party

Do you agree that all kids love music? So, if your family attended a virtual karaoke party, it’s time to plan a real karaoke show for the kids. Simply get a singing machine to start having fun! You should get some well-known songs for the kids, like “Baby Shark” or “Twinkle Little Star,” ready ahead of time so that everyone can enjoy the fun.

26. Craft birthday party

birthday party themes for kids

Plan your party around a craft project the kids can help you with. This way, the kids will have something fun to take home as a party favor. Or else, set up different craft areas where people can make smaller projects while waiting for food and playing games. You can save money and still have a great party for your child by following simple steps.

27. Halloween birthday party

Halloween birthday party

You could have both a birthday party and a Halloween party at the same time. It’s going to be fun. Ask everyone to dress up, and then everyone can enjoy these scary holiday cakes together. It’s Halloween, so the kids will be thrilled. For a more fun party, add some candy as a special prize for the game Trick or Treat!

You can click here to get a tutorial: Halloween birthday party

28. Peppa Pig birthday party

Peppa Pig birthday party

Peppa Pig is another well-known figure that kids love so much that it never goes out of style. Your little girl will love this Peppa party theme and can’t wait for her upcoming birthday to decorate! The pink and cute Peppa Pig family will make kids love them. So don’t hesitate, try it now to make this special day for your child more interesting!

29. Pokemon birthday party

Pokemon birthday party

Your kid’s favorite Pokemon figures would look great as a bright and fun decoration for this yellowish birthday party idea. They sit in the middle of your table at the party and make everyone feel like they’re in the Pokemon world. It’s the party’s spotlight, making everything more fun and Pokemon-like!

You can click here to get a tutorial: Pokemon birthday party

30. Safari birthday party

Safari birthday party

With their cuteness, animals are always popular for a first birthday party theme. These cute decorations with a jungle theme will make your little guests go wild! You should decorate it with stuffed pictures of your child’s favorite animals, like a lion, a giraffe, or a baby Kangaroo. This party is a great way to get kids to love nature more and more!

You can click here to get a tutorial: Safari birthday party

31. Bowling birthday party

Bowling birthday party

For this theme, let’s have your kid’s birthday party near you at the bowling alley! This bowling theme offers gift bags, bowling birthday candles, bowling sets, and decorations. It would not be much better if you could hire the bowling play area and decorate this theme there! 

Click here to get a tutorial: Bowling birthday party

32. Cupcake birthday party

Cupcake birthday party

Picking out different toppings and decorations for cupcakes is plenty of enjoyable for children, especially girls. You could even have a competition to see who can make the coolest birthday creation. This idea is simple but still a lot of fun, and it will please everyone, especially kids. Because who doesn’t love sweet cakes?

You can click here to get a tutorial: Cupcake birthday party

33. Princess birthday party

Princess birthday party

Fancy for your baby! This fancy party theme will be so adorable for a child who loves all things fabulous. Let guests pick out fairy clothes from racks and then treat them to hair and beauty spa services. After getting prepared to eat dinner and cake fitting for a prince or princess, they’ll be ready.

34. Construction birthday party

Construction birthday party

Your kid will love this party theme if they are interested in cars, tools, or work sites. Have a sandpit with diggers, buckets, shovels, and little plastic hard hats for the kids to wear. You can also have a chocolate cake that looks like dirt. Kids will be amazed and say “WOW” when they see it and just want to play immediately!

You can click here to get a tutorial: Construction birthday party

35. Mini golf birthday party

Mini golf birthday party

This lively and fun birthday party theme is awesome, whether it’s a small golf course outside or a glow golf course inside. The party feels more alive thanks to the main color being green and the sports-themed decorations. It will be a hit with kids, especially boys! Because golf is an interesting sport that many children love.

You can click here to get a tutorial: Mini Golf birthday party

36. Pyjama birthday party

Pyjama birthday party

Relaxing and comfortable, organizing a Pajama party for your kids is a great way to keep them entertained while still being warm and cost-effective. Kids can eat snacks, watch movies, and wear clothes that are easy for them. This party is great for a cold winter day or a sleepover theme which is full of fun!

37. Nerf gun birthday party

Nerf gun birthday party

You can’t go wrong with Nerf Wars for a fun birthday party activity for bigger kids. Gather a lot of Nerf guns (or borrow them) and Nerf darts.

Then, you can set up targets and things to hide behind in the yard. When they see this exciting party theme, children will not be able to wait any longer and will want to join in playing immediately.

You can click here to get a tutorial: Nerf gun birthday party

38. “Hot Cocoa Bar” birthday party

“Hot Cocoa Bar” birthday party

This is like an ice cream sundae bar in the winter. Put marshmallows, sweet canes, and whipped cream on top of your order. Set out their favorite toppings on a cup of hot chocolate for each guest. After that, curl up in front of the stove and watch a Christmas movie. A very cozy yet significant birthday party that brings close and emotional experiences, right?

39. Coco birthday party

Coco birthday party

The movie Coco is one of the kids’ favorite movies, so this theme is a perfect idea to make them squeal with excitement. Mexican dishes like tacos and tamales are traditional because the theme comes from Latin culture. Besides that, you may bake sugar skull cookies and use ribbons and other things to set up the party area.

You can click here to get a tutorial: Coco birthday party

40. Masquerade birthday party

Masquerade birthday party

In honor of this fun and important day, give your child a fancy party with a costume theme. The kids can come in their coolest costumes and bring a mask that matches the theme.  

When they look at each other and try to figure out who is wearing that mask, they will laugh out loud. Isn’t it interesting?

41. Jumping castle birthday party

Jumping castle birthday party

Rent a bouncy castle for the garden and let the kids have joy while they play party games and eat snacks. You can also get party supplies for a few hours or the whole weekend to have fun before and after the party. This bouncy house is something that the kids will love and have a great time with!

42. Paint birthday party

Paint birthday party

What a great birthday idea about colors and kids’ creative imagination! Every guest kid will get to take home a unique piece of art. That sounds great, right? We are excited about this one-of-a-kind party because it is going to be so fun and interesting for the kids.

You can click here to get a tutorial: Paint birthday party

43. “Ice Cream Sundae” bar birthday party

“Ice Cream Sundae” bar birthday party

You can think about having an ice cream sundae bar for the party if your kid loves ice cream. Put out these cute bowls, different types of ice cream, and sprinkles. Then start having joy! You could also give our simple ice cream recipe to your kids and have them make it themselves.

You can click here to get a tutorial: Ice Cream Sundae Bar birthday party

44. American Girl birthday party

American Girl birthday party

If there isn’t an “American Girl” cafe near you, you can have a great American Girl birthday party at home for your little doll lover. Everyone should bring their dolls or borrow your child’s so that each person can have their birthday cake. This nice and sweet idea will make your child’s day extra special.

You can click here to get a tutorial: American Girl birthday party

45. Sonic birthday party

Sonic birthday party

Prepare for the best Sonic birthday party ever! Let’s start with this Sonic pack! It has everything you need to make the adventure come to life. 

The cheerful hues and Sonic characters on each item make the room lively and fun, keeping everyone interested and entertained. Your kid will feel like you’re in the exciting “Green Hill Zone” at this party, which promises a lively atmosphere. 

Click here to get a tutorial: Sonic birthday party

46. Pirate birthday party

Pirate birthday party

See! It looks like this party has a lot of sweets and cool things to find. Drink Caribbean punch, use the map to find the treasure, and fill goody bags with fun things for special little guests to take home from your kid’s pirate party. 

Your kids will feel like real pirates and have more fun wearing pirate hats and eye patches, so don’t forget it. This will make the mystery funnier and more real!

You can click here to get a tutorial: Pirate birthday party

47. Go-Kart Races birthday party

Go-Kart Races birthday party

If your kid wants to go fast, you can have their birthday party at a go-kart track, either inside or outside. You can bring these race car party items out when you’re ready for cake and pizza. Don’t forget to give your guests a racing candy bag to take home! For kids who love racing, this is surely the top theme to make your kids scream with joy.

48. Harry Potter birthday party

Harry Potter birthday party

Everyone loves fictional witches, and a Harry Potter-themed party will be fun to follow and decorate! You can use lots of fun Harry Potter-themed food, games, and decorations to make it more interesting. Kids can be turned into famous figures from this classic series, so it will be a day they will never forget. Who could say no to this exclusive party?

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49. Bubble Bash birthday party

Bubble Bash birthday party

A great party theme doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Kids and adults will quickly learn how fun it is to have a party with bubble wands, bubble wraps, bouncy balls, and other things. When your kids participate, they will have fun with each other in simple things that are still great for them.

You can click here to get a tutorial: Bubble Bash birthday party

50. Monster Mash birthday party

Monster Mash birthday party

On your kid’s special day, give your little monster a party with a monster theme that isn’t too scary. You can get cute monster plates, napkins, ornaments, honeycomb decorations, and more.

So excited to set up and can’t wait for the final decoration! This theme will bring a new wind to the birthday party idea that makes a difference.

You can click here to get a tutorial: Monster Mash birthday party

51. Photobooth birthday party

Photobooth birthday party

The pictures will be a great way to remember this special day! Rent a photo booth or bring your camera on a stand and lots of fun picture props for the kids. This will help your child keep happy and funny pictures with his/her guests for this memorable birthday.

52. Tie-dye birthday party

Tie-dye birthday party

This tie-dye theme is great for a summer party because kids will have a great time making tie-dye shirts that they can wear after the party. After being added color, the shirts have fun patterns and bright colors. This is one of our favorite ideas that will make it even better and more enthusiastic than ever!

You can click here to get a tutorial: Tie-dye birthday party

Wrapping Up,

So you have read to the end of this post! Now you can get ideas for a special party by reading about how to pick the best theme from more than 50+ birthday party theme ideas for your kids. Don’t forget that the most important thing is celebrating your child’s special day, whether you choose a fancy princess dance party or a fun prize hunt. Turn this into an unforgettable experience for your young one!

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