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30+ 10th Birthday Party Ideas I Promise That Your Kids Will Love

Every child and their parents celebrate their tenth birthday. It’s a time for fresh starts, new friends, and new adventures. And what better way to commemorate this special occasion than with a memorable party for the birthday boy or girl? This blog post will give you over 30 10th birthday party ideas to help you make lasting memories. So keep reading to start planning your child’s dream 10th birthday party!

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Creative 10th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

A girl’s 10th birthday is a moment to embrace imagination and turn dreams into reality. Gone are the days of simple celebrations; now is the time for an extravaganza of creativity!

1. Slumber or Fashion Party

Slumber or Fashion Party

Every girl loves to get dressed up, so you can confidently host a slumber or style party for your 10-year-old daughter at home. However, the girls will be wearing pajamas, and their room will echo with shrieks and giggles.

But if you wish to add some excitement, an impromptu fashion show is a safe option when entertaining many young friends. You can ask guests to bring extra outfits and then have them model the clothes on a makeshift runway in your family room.

2. Cake Decorating Party

Birthday Cake Decorating Party

A cookie or cake decorating party is perfect if you want the children to get their hands messy. All needed are sprinkles, frosting, or other adornments, and the guests will enthusiastically participate.

We suggest inviting fewer children as the activity is easier to conduct in a small group. Help the guests bake cupcakes or cookies beforehand to guarantee maximized fun. The delight on their faces will be invaluable when they taste something they created.

3. Garden Party

Garden Party

All 10-year-old girls desire to feel more mature at some stage, and an outdoor celebration, including a picnic and meals, will honor this girl’s favors. The setup is straightforward: blankets for picnics, tablecloths, and balloons. Or, if more finances are available, you can attempt a bouncing structure; nearly all children are excited to bound upwards and downwards within it.

4. Pink Party

Pink Party For 10-Years-Old Birthday

The color does not need to be pink – you can ask your girl to select her favorite shade instead. However, the concept for all decor and adornments should fall under one hue. This will create an impact when visitors enter the home – also, preparing decorations and cuisine becomes simpler for you!

Invite guests to clothe themselves in the chosen color as an extra suggestion. The photographs will appear lovely as well!

5. Spa-themed Party

Spa-themed Party

Your young daughters will enjoy the feeling of being pampered! So, rather than taking the children to a salon, you can bring a home-service one. You can welcome little guests with matching robes that they can keep as party favors and let them relax with face masks (including cucumber eyelid covers). The spa party will delight kids in a comforting atmosphere.

Theme Birthday Party For 10-Years-Old

Every child has a favorite character that sparks their imagination and brings joy to their world. So, it’s a great idea for the birthday party around their cherished character. Here are six enchanting character parties that promise lasting memories and make every little guest smile.

6. Under The Sea-Themed Birthday Party

Under The Sea-Themed Birthday Party

If your little birthday girl loves mermaids, give her an unforgettable ocean or mermaid-themed birthday bash. You can start this 10th birthday party idea by decorating your table with various shades of blue, with a touch of sand, seashells, and starfish, similar to the table arrangement shown here. Lift the experience of this party with on-theme treats, such as these charming oyster cookies.

7. Tea Birthday Party

Tea Birthday Party

Does your young daughter frequently pretend to have tea parties? Why not host an authentic one for her birthday filled with cucumber sandwiches and scones? (Stylish hats are required!). Her friends will enjoy a fairy tea day like the royals. Can’t wait to invite little princesses to join your girl’s birthday!

8. Princess Birthday Party

Princess Birthday Party

Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess. Therefore, hosting a princess-inspired celebration grants her fantasies reality. And don’t forget to ask her guests to dress ornately as their favored royalty. This birthday party will be full of beautiful girls since they are dressing up as their favorite princess characters!

9. Karaoke Party

Karaoke Party

A karaoke celebration enables the birthday girl to feel like a rockstar. Karaoke represents another at-home gathering for small guest groups. A karaoke device heightens enjoyment, though if absent, YouTube and a Bluetooth microphone are enough! This activity promises an enjoyable evening for all the girls at this party.

10. Candyland Party

Candyland Party

Candy land is one of the inexpensive 10th birthday party ideas to cherish visitors – it signals a remarkable occasion. Diving into a party full of candy is a happiness for kids, right? So, kids will adore this idea. Depending on the party’s duration, it’s advisable to provide healthy and kid-flavored food to satisfy their appetites.

11. Pajama Party

Pajama Party

What is the dress code for this girly birthday party? Attractive nightclothes or fluffy sleeping wear would work well. Your princess will enjoy honoring reaching ten years old with a large bedtime birthday event. This party is worth the effort as you collect cushions, covers, and popcorn to share. Guests can relax and have fun together.

Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

What better way to commemorate a boy’s 10th birthday than with an unforgettable party? The key is to tailor the party to his interests and ensure a day filled with laughter, excitement, and cherished memories. Below are thrilling and creative ideas to make his 10th birthday party exceptional.

12. Sports Party

Sports Party

Boys love sports, so consider organizing a few games for children to play together during the party. This takes care of something to do and a topic. What you need to prepare is uniform shirts to split groups and balls based on the game choice. His friends will be entertained and have a fun time when playing!

13. Video Game Party

Video Game Party

For the young gamer enthusiast, a Video Games party seems like a dream come true on their 10th birthday. Transform the living room into a gaming haven with consoles, controllers, and many interesting games suitable for their age group. Then, organize friendly tournaments, set up gaming stations, and provide snacks to keep the energy levels high. 

14. Lego-themed Birthday Party

Lego-themed Birthday Party

Ignite the builder’s imagination with a Lego-themed birthday party. Firstly, think of a concept that your boy loves, such as a car, superman, a favorite game, a kind of job, etc. Next, decorate the venue with vibrant Lego colors and incorporate Lego-shaped decorations. A Lego-themed cake and party favors will add a perfectly complete touch to this block-filled celebration.

15. Laser Party

Laser Party

Boys of any age always like laser activities. Children ten or older will enjoy a laser party. A nice thing about lasers is they are not as intense as paintball. Also, lasers can be inside, so the weather won’t cause problems for your kids. Everyone will have fun celebrating with these kinds of 10th birthday party ideas!

16. Pirate-themed Birthday Party

Pirate-themed Birthday Party

There are many fun pirate ideas for 10-year-old parties. If your child likes pirate television, this coed party idea will make special memories for the young guests.

You can try many things with pirate decor and adjust them to fit your event. You can choose an old-time pirate look or one from movies. Supplies should have pirate flags, skeletons, barrels, a ship wheel, maps, and chests. 

17. Nerf Party

Nerf Party

The boys like Nerf activities. Some places offer organized Nerf parties, but you can do it with the gear and room. When my son went to an organized Nerf party, we could have done it better in our backyard if we had more time to prepare. You can also eat food in the “base” area. All will have fun playing!

18. Tubing Party

Tubing Party

If the birthday falls during the colder months, a tubing party is an exhilarating option. Head to a nearby snow or tubing park for an action-packed day on the slopes. Provide warm beverages and cozy blankets to ensure everyone stays comfortable between tubing adventures. 

Don’t forget to take photos and make lasting memories during this snow-filled birthday extravaganza.

19. Superhero Party

Superhero Party

With a superhero party, you can transform the birthday boy and his friends into superheroes for the day. Encourage guests to dress up in their favorite superheroes or provide capes and masks upon arrival. Decorate the venue with superhero-themed supplies and organize games and activities highlighting their newfound powers. 

20. Magic Show Party

Magic Show Party

Have a magic show party to add a little magic and wonder to the birthday celebration. Hire a professional magician or organize a magic workshop where the kids can learn and perform simple tricks. 

Decorate the venue with mystical elements and provide magician hats and wands as party favors. This mesmerizing celebration will leave everyone spellbound and talking about it for years.

Delightful 10th Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Any child reaching their tenth birthday is an exciting milestone, and what better way to celebrate than with a party full of fun, games, and lifelong memories? These ten fun birthday party ideas will make their special day unforgettable.

21. 10th Birthday Party Ideas: Pool Party

Pool Party

Make a splash with a pool party that promises sun-soaked fun. Whether at a local pool or in your backyard, inflatable floats, water games, and tropical decorations will set the perfect aquatic atmosphere. Don’t forget to provide sunscreen and refreshing treats to keep everyone cool and happy.

22. Escape Room

Escape Room

Challenge young minds with an Escape Room-themed birthday party. Choose a kid-friendly escape room or create puzzles and mysteries. Next, divide the kids into teams and watch as they work together to solve clues and unlock the mystery. It’s a mentally stimulating and entertaining way to celebrate.

23. Camping Party

Camping Party

For the adventurous spirit, a camping party is an interesting experience. Set up tents in the backyard, create a faux campfire, and indulge in classic camping treats like s’mores and hot dogs. Organize nature-themed games, storytelling, and stargazing for an immersive outdoor experience.

24. Dance Party For 10th Birthday

Dance Party For 10th Birthday

Let the kids dance the day away with a dance party for a vibrant 10th birthday. Create a dance floor, prepare a playlist of their favorite tunes, and encourage them to showcase their best dance moves. You also should hire a dance instructor for some fun and easy choreography to make it a dance party to remember.

25. Backyard Movie 

Backyard Movie 

A backyard movie night is a great way to celebrate a 10th birthday. To create a fantastic outdoor theater, set up a large projector screen and provide cozy blankets and cushions for the guests to relax. 

Showcase the guest of honor’s favorite movie, such as a new superhero film or a classic animated movie. Don’t forget the popcorn and snacks for the full movie theater experience under the stars.

26. Ice-Skating Party

Ice-Skating Party

For your child’s tenth birthday party, embrace the winter chill with an ice-skating party. You can head to a local ice skating rink or set up an ice-skating area in your backyard. To keep everyone toasty as they glide and twirl on the ice, provide hot chocolate and warm treats.

27. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

To fuel their sense of adventure, create a scavenger hunt challenge. The kids will love finding items or deciphering clues on a thrilling treasure hunt. Consider incorporating a theme or a story to add an extra layer of excitement.

28. Zoo Party

Zoo Party

A fantastic way to commemorate a tenth birthday is with a zoo party. Kids can learn about animals entertainingly and educationally while having a great time. Visit a local zoo and let the kids explore the fascinating world of animals. Arrange a guided tour, plan animal-themed activities, and indulge in zoo-themed decorations and treats.

29. Bouncy Castle

Bouncy Castle For 10th Birthday

A bouncy castle is a surefire way to get the party started. Rent a colorful inflatable castle, set it up in the backyard, and watch as the kids bounce, slide, and play together. It’s a great way for kids to burn off energy and have some fun.

30. Sleepover with Movie and DIY Pizza

Sleepover with Movie and DIY Pizza

End the day on a cozy note with a Sleepover featuring movies and DIY pizza. Create a comfortable movie-watching space with blankets and pillows, and let the kids make their pizzas with various toppings. This is an enjoyable way to conclude the birthday festivities with a night of laughter and friendship.

Wrapping Up,

With a little imagination and thoughtful preparation, you can turn this 10-year-old celebration into a memorable event that the child will always remember. As they embark on their journey into double digits, let the warmth and joy of this special occasion linger in their hearts for years to come. Explore our curated collection of 10th birthday party ideas and discover the perfect inspiration to make this celebration unforgettable!

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