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48 Best Gifts For 10-Year-Olds That Will Make Them Smile

Kids hitting the big 10 is a noteworthy milestone, inching closer to their exciting teenage years. This is a time when gifting can do more than just bring a smile; it can shape interests, spark exploration, and encourage creativity. Whether you're seeking an educational toy or a keepsake for a 10-year-old boy or girl, we've got a myriad of options tailored to cater to their budding interests.

Even as we focus on this significant age, it's important to remember that as children grow, their creativity often takes a backseat to academics and other pursuits. We believe it's crucial to keep fostering this creativity for well-rounded cognitive development. Hence, our range includes toys, games, and kits that promote creativity, role-playing, and daydreaming.

At this age, friendships also become increasingly important, so consider presents they can enjoy with their peers, like group art projects. Equipped with evolving abstract thinking and reasoning skills, they're ready for board games with a more strategic and complex style of play.

Our comprehensive list of gifts for 10-year-olds covers all of these aspects, promising an unforgettable present for your loved one. And don't forget, if you're planning ahead or shopping for an older child, explore our handpicked selection of gifts for 11-year olds to find that perfect surprise they'll cherish.

It’s ideal to surprise your cherished daughter with this beautiful necklace on her birthday! She'll love wearing this lovely necklace on her special days.

Just as a rainbow combines different colors to create its beauty, this necklace celebrates the diversity and individuality of your beloved daughter. It tells your daughter that she is loved for who she is.

This 12th birthday, let you hug your child by gifting this blanket. Imagine how surprised they feel when seeing this blanket, especially because it is personalized with their photos!

A cozy blanket is like a hug that covers and protects the kid, expressing your love for them. It's perfect for snuggling up while reading a book, watching a movie, or simply relaxing.

The personalized star map decor is an unexpected gift. The boy might be pleasantly surprised by the thoughtful and personalized present you made just for him.

With the personalized touch, you can personalize the poster with names, dates, and even a special message, making it a sentimental gift. It tells the young boy that his birth is a moment worth celebrating.

This wooden sign for a birthday gift will surely add charm to your daughter’s room. After a tiring day at school, she will come home to find her pictures and heartwarming messages on them.

It's sure to be a big boost of encouragement for your child's journey to a new age. You want your beloved daughter to remember, "You've been making the world a better place since the day you were born."

If the kid is celebrating his/her 12th birthday party, this laser-cut metal sign will amaze him/her from the first sign.

Kids like everything with their names since they feel this item belongs to them. Thus, this sign will be their favorite gift so far. Despite its simple design, the item will be attractive to kids in how it is made, gorgeous, and beautiful.

The Personalized zodiac and name with custom personality and date of the birth printed night light is a great 10th birthday gift.

The 10th Birthday Zodiac Sign and Name Printed Night Light is an eye-catching design that displays the child's name and zodiac sign according to their birth date. You may select from a number of zodiac sign designs when you have the chance to personalize the night light.


✔️ Brighten up anyone’s mood

✔️ Good choice of personalization

✔️ Create a perfect ambiance for the party night

Are you confused about what to give your daughter? Don't worry; this adorable moon lamp will bring a big surprise on her special day.

This moon lamp can be customized with her photo and name, creating a one-of-a-kind keepsake that says, "You're special, and you're safe." The soft glow of this lamp ensures that bedtime is an enchanting journey into dreamland.

Parents want to be able to throw a happy birthday party for their children and give them a meaningful gift, this Personalized Name 3D Led Light will help parents find a birthday gift for their 10-year-old child.

The best feature of this 3D LED light is that it can be personalized with the child's name, giving a special touch and transforming it into an exceptional and significant present. Seeing someone's name highlighted in colorful LED lights, whether you decide to use their complete name or a special nickname, evokes feelings of delight and pleasure.


✔️ Personalized name

✔️ Light up your child's room

✔️ A great way to show your endless love

Especially for young girls. With this Custom Milestone For 10th Birthday, parents will no longer have to wonder when they want to surprise their child's birthday.

The personalized Milestone Plaque is constructed to last since it is made of superior materials. She can have more personalization choices than just her name. You may further customize the plaque by including vital information, such the day of her 10th birthday or a stirring proverb that speaks to her journey.


✔️ Great birthday gift for her

✔️ Personalized details

✔️ Save time when selecting gifts

A perfect gift for 10-year-old and beyond, this night light will keep your child's room nice and safe after bedtime.

with its charming rainbow LED which can be turned off by turning off the switch in the base of the Unicorn. The night light will keep the nightmares away and the bright glow will guide them back to sleep when it gets too late. One of the highlights of this night light is the ability to customize it with her name, adding a personal touch that makes it uniquely hers


✔️ Offer enchanting glow

✔️ Keep kids safe in the dark

✔️ Made from environmentally friendly materials

Giving a 10-year-old a gift like this funny face t-shirt for their 10th birthday can be an opportunity to support their interests while also encouraging discovery.

A premium 8oz 50/50 preshrunk polyester cotton mix is used to create the 10th Birthday Party Shirt. This shirt was made with comfort in mind and has a 1 x 1 rib with spandex for a flexible and close fit. The traditional unisex fit of the 10th Birthday Party Shirt makes it suited for both boys and girls. I


✔️ A humorous and appealing layout

✔️ Simple to clean

✔️ Suitable for any event

Looking for a pretty mug for your friend or family member is fantastic if you come with this funny 10th birthday mug.

When he/she looks at this mug, they can’t help but laugh out loud. They can feel your sense of humor. To add your personal touch, it’s not hard at all. Enter the name and date, then send the shop the receiver’s face photo. The rest of the work is for the shop!


✔️ Offer enchanting glow

✔️ Keep kids safe in the dark

✔️ Made from environmentally friendly materials

This 10th birthday photo collage is printable and would make the ideal birthday decoration or gift for a young child.

The collage will be designed based on your child’s birthday and pictures, hence making the end product one exclusive gift that no one else can own. Make sure that you choose the appropriate size for the print in order to ensure the most vivid poster or print!


✔️ Highlighting their unique journey and creating a meaningful tribute

✔️ Tell a visual storyrk

✔️ Provides an opportunity for creative expression

Personal hygiene and grooming is important for anyone, and this Personalized hair brush is the perfect way to teach your 10 year old that!

The brush is made of premium permanent vinyl and measures around 9 inches in length. If you would rather have a different color displayed on your present than the standard black for the initial and white for the name, please let the seller know.


✔️ A personal touch to your hair care routine.

✔️ Easier to identify your hair brush

✔️ A reminder of a cherished memory or relationship

No one will be able to resist being gifted any item that is custom made just for them, such as this Personalized Makeup Box!

This beauty box includes a Small Caboodle (in your choice of purple, pink, or turquoise) with your first name printed in vinyl letters on the top or bottom, one Popit stress ball, a custom zipper pouch, hair ties, and a ton of other healthcare and beauty supplies. Any kid would appreciate receiving one of these boxes as a party present or favor!


✔️ Keep their cosmetics and beauty tools organized.

✔️ Create a sense of ownership and uniqueness

✔️ Designed for portability are compact and lightweight

Hopefully, this is the perfect personalized notebook for you if you're looking for one for a young person.

It will make them feel incredibly unique and is amusing, considerate, and useful. All you have to do is enter any customization you want to have on the final product, and there you go! It's also a wonderful memento because it serves as a wonderful method to remember the year they turn 10 by.


✔️ Inspire and encourage creativity

✔️ Help your girl stay organized and productive

✔️ Give your little girl a sense of ownership and pride

Can you imagine having something made uniquely yours hung around your living space as a commemorative gift?

This Newspaper Poster Sign will literally be the highlight of any 10 year old’s birthday. All you have to do is type out anything regarding the child into the “Personalization” box, and the shop will turn them into the most wonderful piece ever. Since this is not a physical product, your order will be ready for you in no time!


✔️ Various size options available

✔️ Grab attention and highlights the milestone

✔️ Capture a precious moment or milestone

It is nice once in a while to stick to a keepsake as a present instead of toys. Please have a look at this Birthstone Necklace as a present for your 10 year old!

For a girl turning ten, this pendant with her initial and a Swarovski birthstone is excellent! The necklace arrives in a gift box with the shown inlay card, ready to be given as a present! Although a September birthstone is shown on the necklace, you can select the right birthstone from the drop-down menu!


✔️ Feature a minimalist design

✔️ Adjustable Chain Length

✔️ Reflect the dedication put into its creation

It is important for kids to engage in some sort of active games in order to tap into their cognitive growth. Therefore, this Soccer Table is an item that you should consider buying for that 10 year old you know.

It is made with premium pine wood, so no splinters or low quality compartments are to be spotted in this set. With this Soccer Table, your kid can take time being away from phones and tablets!


✔️ Develop and improve their fine coordination

✔️ Encourage social interaction and teamworkh

✔️ Enhance cognitive abilities such as critical thinking

STEM Toys Building Blocks are an excellent choice for children who love to engage in creative and imaginative play.

This construction toy set includes a variety of blocks, nuts and bolts, and wheels that may be used to create countless patterns, animals, automobiles, robots, and anything else they can think of! Things to keep youngsters occupied at home or in the classroom that are educational and will improve their STEM abilities include mechanical toys, assembly toys, and sensory toys.


✔️ Foster their imagination and creativity

✔️ Make the building experience more engaging and enjoyable

✔️ Made from non-toxic materials and are free from harmful substances

Brick & Electronics Exploration Kit offers a unique and engaging learning experience for children.

Over 140 interchangeable construction bricks, 20 Snap Circuits parts, 75 bric-2-snap adapters, and a concept handbook in full color are all included with the structure. Snap Circuits and building blocks can be combined to create extraordinary circuitry and construction projects; the possibilities are only limited by a child's creativity!


✔️ Incorporate electronic components into their designs

✔️ Improve critical thinking, logical reasoning, and perseverance

✔️ Promote communication skills

The Arts and Crafts Picture Kit is a perfect gift for 10-year-olds who love to explore their creativity and express themselves through art.

The pre-printed paper picture demonstrates where to place the pins as well as which color goes where, making it simpler for the youngster to complete and eliminating the need for them to consult the box's illustration or instructions. The pinheads and sequins both shine and reflect light.


✔️ Convey their personal experience

✔️ Build self-confidence

✔️ A form of relaxation and stress relief

With the Jojo Siwa kids smart watch, your child may enjoy smart wearables just like the adults thanks to a ton of kid-friendly features!

However, this watch was created exclusively with children in mind, unlike smartwatches for adults. You can feel secure knowing that your child is safe and secure while using all of the fun, age-appropriate features as there is no wifi, calling, or texting. Little kids will love this smart watch for both sexes.


✔️ Provide an interactive and engaging experience

✔️ Have a selfie camera for taking picture

✔️ Equipped with long-lasting rechargeable battery

Constellation and Solar System Explorer toys are excellent gifts for 10-year-olds interested in space and astronomy.

The telescope-shaped projector has a knob that young astronomers can spin and click to observe all 12 constellations of the zodiac in one of three view modes: cosmic, linked, or illustrated. The 28-page explorer guidebook, which is filled with interesting information and tales about the constellations.


✔️ Create a captivating and realistic night sky experienc

✔️ Interactive way for children to learn about the planets

✔️ Provide a hands-on learning experience

Binoculars for toddlers and kids provide an age-appropriate way for young children to engage with the world around them

Kidnoculars are child-sized binoculars that feature easy-to-place goggles, a 2x magnification, and a detachable neck strap. Toddlers and preschoolers will be exposed to a scientific tool that will help them see and explore their surroundings.


✔️ Encourage kids to go outside and learn about their surroundings

✔️ Interactive way for children to learn about the planets

✔️ Learn to concentrate and wait for the desired object

Digital instant print cameras are the perfect gifts for campers who love capturing and preserving their outdoor adventures.

The camera combines a potent 5MP sensor with a wide-angle f/2 lens to produce instantly vivid shots. With a Point & Shoot camera, you can quickly take a new photo while still printing the one you just took. Additionally, it has a light sensor that will automatically


✔️ Relive their camping memories on the spot

✔️ Typically lightweight, portable to carry

✔️ Built to withstand outdoor conditions

This basketball hoop game will keep you and your kids, friends, and family entertained for countless hours!

It has simple to follow step-by-step directions and doesn't require any special tools for assembly. This strong yet portable kids basketball hoop toy has high-quality pipes, a net, and a hoop that will withstand pressure from your children without breaking. Your basement, game area, or garage will look great with this indoor basketball arcade game!


✔️ Encourage children to engage in physical activity

✔️ Provide an excellent workout

✔️ Encourage teamwork and social interaction

With this Hover-1 Chrome 2.0 Electric Scooter, light up the streets and your children's 10th birthday party.

Your balance is maintained by the integrated inertia dynamic stabilization system, which uses Hover-1 gyroscopes and acceleration sensors. You can be sure that no accidents will occur when your child is riding the Chrome 2.0 hoverboard scooter since it stabilizes the user and regulates balance and motion for a safe, stable, and enjoyable riding experience.


✔️ A thrilling experience for your children

✔️ Promote an active lifestyle

✔️ Boosts your children self-confidence

With 5 colors of 2 tip nail pens, these Sketch It Nail Pens is an ideal gift idea for your kid this coming birthday celebration.

The brush side is used to paint the nail with a lot of color, and the precision tip side is used to add fine details to your artwork. With professional-grade polish, create long-lasting looks. This activity set includes a nail file, 5 Nail Pens, 135 nail jewels, 49 color-in appliques, and simple instructions.


✔️ Make it simple to make gorgeous nail art

✔️ Express their creativity in nail art

✔️ Make their hand become more colorful and full of vibrant colors

Make emotional relationships as you pose and receive insightful inquiries, carry out enjoyable tasks, and play this simple card game.Perfect present for any occasion, including game nights or a special young child you adore's birthday!

This game is a fantastic method to spark deep conversation and discover interesting facts about the people you care about. Learn more about the people you love, encourage open communication, and establish trust by bringing everyone together with this discussion starter.


✔️ Stimulate their logical and analytical thinking abilities

✔️ Strengthen interpersonal relationship

✔️ Provide hours of entertainment

The Singsation Star Burst All-In-One Party Karaoke System allows your kid to shine like a star this 10th birthday party!

Connect through Bluetooth to your phone or tablet and sing along to your favorite songs or YouTube karaoke videos. With the retro, front LED light show and room effects light globe with 10 room-filling light functions including party, pulse, breathe, chase, and more, you may put on your own concert.


✔️ Allow your child to live out his or her singer dream

✔️ Help build confidence and self-esteem

✔️ Create a lively and energetic atmosphere during partie

Do you want to surprise your children or do you want to give them the ideal gift? Your wisest decision will be to use this ATM Piggy Bank!

This piggy bank can hold 600 coins or 100 pieces of paper money, which might encourage your kids to form a positive saving habit. Simply place the paper money into the slot on top of the children's ATM money bank, and it will be automatically rolled into the ATM!


✔️ Introduce children to the concept of money management

✔️ Encourage children to develop a saving habit

✔️ Help children set and achieve financial goals

Girls will adore the assortment of exquisite charms in this Charm Bracelet Making Kit, which come in a variety of forms and styles.

This jewelry set includes three necklaces and two bracelets. Nineteen metal beads, nineteen dangling beads, ten rainbow beads, four glass beads, and three diamond beads. Girls can also construct bracelets as gifts for their friends and loved ones provided they have enough supplies to complete two full bracelets and three necklaces!


✔️ Develop their hand-eye coordination

✔️ Nurture an understanding of aesthetics

✔️ A calming and relaxing activity

A waterproof camera offers several benefits for 10-year-olds, making it an exciting and practical gift choice.

The 8.0 mega pixel, 1080P HD IPS screen on this kids digital camera significantly improves the clarity of the pictures and movies the toy camera takes, allowing youngsters to record priceless moments more clearly even when they are exercising. Thousands of photographs can be stored on the 32GB memory card that comes with the child camcorder.


✔️ Perfect for underwater adventures, pool parties, beach trips

✔️ Capture the world around them from unique perspectives

✔️ Preserve their memories in various environments

Night vision Goggles provides children with a thrilling and educational tool that opens up a new realm of possibilities.

You can see up to 25 feet away in the dark with the help of these spy night vision goggles. The fit of these night vision goggles is intended to be comfortable. Kids can get rid of the uncomfortable feeling that comes with wearing glasses thanks to its adjustable elastic bands and comfy nose pad.


✔️ See clearly in low-light or dark environments

✔️ Provide an added sense of safety and security

✔️ Open up a new world of exploration and adventure for children

In this new dance game that's extremely addicting, step, hop, and jump onto the blinking arrows! Get your kids to exercise in the most enjoyable way possible!

3 interactive activities with 5 varying degrees of difficulty are included on this light-up dance mat. You can use the blinking arrows as cues to dance, challenge your memory in a "Simon Says" game, or create your own rules in the free dance mode. This game is ideal for toddlers to teens thanks to the giant light-up arrows and the well-padded dance surface.


✔️ Help to express themselves confidently and without inhibition

✔️ A great way to relieve stress and uplift one's mood

✔️ Bring joy and laughter to their playtime

These top-selling flying toys are 80% lighter than typical flying discs at just 33g, allowing for secure catches. The smallest of hands, your wrist, or even your foot may catch this distinctive design, which flies straight. One flying ring in navy blue and one in teal are included in this two-pack. They are excellent beach, lake, and pool toys because they even float on water.


✔️ Provide a break from daily routine

✔️ Ideal for group play with friends

✔️ Enhance their body control

If you think your little 10 year old is starting to have some interest in writing down their imagination or diary, this DIY Journal Set will surely make them grin so widely!

A 70 page journal, six paper clips, glue, 27 stickers, a pen, three bookmarks, a tassel with charm, silver glitter tape, two 3 x 3 frames, three 2 x 2 frames, nine decorative cardboard cutouts, eight scrapbook pages, and an instruction sheet are all included in this kit.


✔️ A confidential space for children to express their thoughts

✔️ Promote personal growth and self-discovery

✔️ Bring a positive mindset and gratitude

This elephant charm bracelet is a gorgeous piece of jewelry to give to a girl in honor of any significant achievement or milestone in her life.

Because it is composed of high-quality 316L stainless steel, its color won't ever change or leave tarnish stains on anyone's skin. It has an inner diameter of around 2.3" and opens up easily to allow for size adjustment. That lovely young girl will absolutely be enamored by this bracelet!


✔️ A stylish and trendy accessory

✔️ Find comfort and emotional support

✔️ Attract positive energy and bring good luck

Do you want to motivate your child to thrive in math and games? Then you ought to look over this dart set.

Each dart board set includes 12 sticky balls (4 colors of your choice ). With the help of reliable, high-quality hook-and-loop fasteners, the ball can be entirely securely fastened to the board.


✔️ Improve their hand-eye coordination

✔️ A practical way to strengthen their math abilities

✔️ Promotes strategic decision-making

A Scratch Art-crafts Gift Set is the ideal present for a 10-year-old boy or girl if you're trying to find something special.

This comprehensive package includes two pads of scratch paper, five stencils, and four styluses—everything your child will need to produce stunning works of art. You can feel confident that the scratch paper is safe for your child to use because it is created from non-toxic and unscented components.


✔️ Certain to bring hours of entertainment

✔️ Promote emotional well-bein

✔️ Engage in a hands-on and creative experience

Kids around 10 years old tend to delve into their more intellectual skills, and this Solar Robot Kit can help them do just that!

This solar robot science kit comes with a solar power panel, 190 simple-to-assemble parts and accessories, a step-by-step instruction book, and amusing stickers. It will improve the bond between parents and children while also benefiting the development of children's hands and brains!


✔️ Provide a hands-on learning experience

✔️ Showcase their creativity and innovative thinking

✔️ Learn to work towards a common goal

This dance mat toy is a fantastic early education play that helps improve parent-child interaction and develop your child's hand-eye coordination, making it the ideal present for any young child!

Children can select between the five game modes on this dancing mat toy at anytime. These options include adjusting the music's level and providing exercise while playing. The music dancing mat comes packaged in a gift box that can be folded and carried easily. It can be used to hold family games or go on regular family outings.


✔️ A fun way to encourage regular exercise

✔️ Learn to match their movements with the music

✔️ Provide a healthier and more active gaming option

With the help of this 3D String Art Kit, let the 10-year-old you know realize their dreams by making a do-it-yourself light-up string-art star lantern!

Inflate the star balloon, saturate the string in the adhesive, wrap it around the star, let it dry, then pop it! It is a fantastic family project and intrigues kids as soon as they take it out of the package. The process of assembling is enjoyable, and the outcome is incredibly fulfilling.


✔️ Encourage them to think creatively

✔️ Enhance their visual perception skills

✔️ A meaningful gifts or decorative pieces

This spectacular light up cube will keep you going back for more thanks to a range of built-in single-player activities that foster quick thinking and even quicker fingers!

Using durable, high-quality materials, this game is made to last. In the event that you have any order-related problems, Winning Fingers stands behind its products and is prepared to help. Simply push a button to see a stunning display of flashing lights in various colors!


✔️ Provide sensory stimulation

✔️ Help develop visual tracking skills

✔️ Promotes focus and attention

This fun Hover Ball is definitely a strong contender as a gift for any active and outgoing 10 year old!

These illuminated soccer balls float on an air cushion that allows them to glide and rebound without effort. Additionally, they contain soft foam bumpers that act as deterrents to safeguard moving parts, furniture, and young children's feet. Enjoy two air soccer hover balls with flashing LED lights that are perfect for dim or low-light settings!


✔️ Enjoyable way to burn off excess energy

✔️ Designed to glide gently and safely on surfaces

✔️ Challenge children's reflexes and reaction time

Introducing the Toniebox, a brand-new music device created for young listeners.

Start the journey by turning it on and placing a Tonie on top. Your family will have a screen-free, creative-building time with Tonies, and each one will bring fresh songs or stories! Wheels on the Bus, If You're Happy and You Know It, and more well-known tunes for playtime are included on the Playtime Puppy Tonie.


✔️ Introduces children to the world of music

✔️ Support language development in childre

✔️ Have most popular traditional children's songs for playtime


In the vibrant journey from childhood to teenage years, every gift counts. Selecting the right present for your 10-year-old can make a big difference in fostering their curiosity, creativity, and interests. We hope our carefully selected list of gifts for 10-year olds has helped you find the perfect present that resonates with their unique personality and preferences.

As your child grows, their interests will evolve and change. So, while you've found the perfect present for a 10-year-old today, remember that tomorrow brings new interests and adventures. Keep an eye on our upcoming posts, where we'll explore the exciting world of gifts 11-year-old boys would love to receive. Our goal is to continue providing you with age-appropriate, engaging, and memorable gift ideas that bring joy to the special children in your life. Happy gifting!

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