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30+ Best Birthday Party Games That Everyone Can Enjoy

Cool decorations and yummy birthday cakes are nice, but fun birthday games improve the party. They get everyone playing, laughing, and having a great time together! With simple rules and minimal supplies, party games are ideal for birthday parties, seasonal holidays, or small get-togethers.

With 30+ birthday party games, this collection is suitable for everyone, both kids and adults. Some are for inside and outside, but they all promise a good time. So, let the fun begin!

Hilarious Birthday Party Games for Kids

1. Hide And Seek

birthday party games - hide and seek

Hide and seek has been around for ages, and most kids likely already know how to play. You can suggest playing hide-and-seek at a birthday party, and the children will excitedly find hiding spots indoors and outdoors. The seeker’s mission becomes more intense as each uncovered partygoer joins their team.

2. Musical Chairs

birthday party games - musical chairs

Your kids probably played this birthday party game before. When the music starts, they walk around the chairs, and everyone tries to grab a chair when it stops. Remove one chair each time someone is left standing. Or, children can opt for musical bobs instead of chairs—just bob down when the music stops and the slowest person is out.

3. Water Balloons

birthday party games - water balloons

Why not take the fun outside with water balloons for a hand-eye coordination challenge? The rules are simple: pairs of kids toss a water balloon, taking a step back with each catch. If it bursts, they’re out. The last pair standing wins the toss. You may even expect a water balloon fight afterward!

4. Treasure Hunt

birthday party games - treasure hunt

This birthday party game involves getting the kids to earn their goody bags with a classic treasure hunt. You can hide clues around the house or yard, gradually revealing the loot’s location. You may even include a map and adjust the difficulty based on the kids’ age. It’s a surefire hit with any crowd!

5. Pass The Parcel

birthday party games - pass the parcel

“Pass The Parcel” is a fast and fun party game every kid will love. You will need to prepare a present and lots of wrapping paper. Then, play and stop the music as guests pass the parcel. When the music stops, the person holding it removes one layer. The game continues until someone unveils the final layer and wins the prize.

6. Obstacle Course

birthday party games - obstacle course

There are plenty of options for an obstacle course for kids, so be creative with supplies like stepping stones and improvised balance beams. This birthday game works well indoors and outdoors. However, keep it safe and adjust the course based on the kids’ physical abilities.

7. Pin the Tail on the Donkey

birthday party games - Pin the tail on the donkey

It would be a pity if this fun game didn’t involve little kids’ birthday parties. For this activity, just hang a poster, blindfold the guests, and let them take turns pinning the tail. It can be anything your kids like, from pinning the wand on the fairy, the beard on the dwarf, or the tail on the mermaid. It’s quite a challenge for children, and the failed attempts are amusing!

8. Piñata

birthday party games - pinata

A birthday party cannot be complete without an exciting piñata. You can easily create a DIY piñata with paper, water, and glue, preferably matching the party theme. Then, watch as the kids take turns trying to break it open for the sweet reward inside. Finally, with a satisfying crack, the piñata bursts open, showering the ground with candies and treats.

9. Hot Potato

birthday party games - hot potato

Hot potato is a great choice for preschool birthday parties, requiring only a ball as supplies. The kids can form into a circle and pass the ball quickly while music plays. Whoever holds the ball when the music stops sits in the center. It’s a lively birthday party game that will bring lots of laughter from the little ones.

10. Egg And Spoon Race

birthday party games - Egg and spoon race

Kids will surely enjoy this birthday activity, whether it’s part of a relay race or a standalone activity. Each kid races to finish while balancing a hardboiled egg on a spoon. If they drop it, no mess, but they must return to the starting line and try again. It’s a fun race, but not “eggs-cellent” news if they fumble.

11. Red Rover

birthday party games - red rover

Red Rover is a classic childhood game that both kids and parents enjoy. This game involves two lines of players calling someone from the other team to break through the link. It is an ideal outdoor play activity and works best with a large group for the full experience!

12. Capture the Flag

birthday party games - catch the flag

In this classic game, two teams try to capture each other’s flags using markers like flags or bandanas. If a player is tagged during an attempt, they go to “jail” on the opposing team’s side until a teammate frees them with a mad dash. If you have a big grassy field, this game guarantees lots of fun and movement.

Engaging Birthday Party Games for Adults

13. Charades

birthday party games - charades

Charades is a classic game that everyone enjoys. The best part? It requires no special equipment—just a bit of creativity and a willingness to let loose. Players take turns miming words or phrases silently, and their teammates try to guess within a time limit. It’s a recipe for pure amusement.

14. Pictionary

birthday party games - pictionary

Pictionary is a favorite guessing game for all ages, especially in big groups. Players divide into teams; one team member draws a word while teammates guess. It’s thrilling, creative, and often hilarious, especially with less skilled artists. It’s a surefire winner and can be played without the board game, too.

15. Freeze Tag

birthday party games - freeze tag

In freeze tag, a variation of the classic game, two players designated as the ‘it’ chase others to tag them. When tagged, a player freezes until someone gives them a double high five to unfreeze. Because it involves much running, it’s best played outdoors—a perfect way for kids to burn off their post-birthday cake sugar high.

16. Truth Or Dare

birthday party games - truth or dare

You cannot go wrong with a round (or more) of truth or dare for the birthday party. It’s a thrilling game that pushes players to share secrets or take on wild and daring challenges. Remember, keeping it light-hearted and ensuring everyone feels comfortable is key.

17. Never Have I Ever

birthday party games - never have i ever

This game has to be included in this list of birthday party games for adults. Each person takes a turn saying, “Never have I ever…” followed by something they’ve never done. Players raise a finger if they’ve done it. The game goes on until someone has three fingers up, and they’re out. Just a heads up, set some ground rules if there are sensitive guests.

18. Would You Rather?

birthday party games - would you rather

For an adult birthday party, this game can be a hilarious and entertaining addition to the celebration. A person asks the one next to him/her, “Would you rather…” and gives them two challenging choices. After they answer, it’s their turn to ask the person next to them. The game keeps everyone energetic until someone eventually runs out of ideas.

19. Two Truths and a Lie

birthday party games - two truth and a lie

How about “Two Truths and a Lie” – a fantastic birthday party game that everyone can enjoy? A guest shares two true things and one false thing about themselves, and the others guess which is the lie. It’s perfect for breaking the ice in a group that’s not familiar with each other. You can also use a variety of topics to talk about, such as sports, childhood, family, or food.

20. Don’t Say Yes

birthday party games - don't say yes

Have you ever played a word game without saying “yes” or “no”? It might seem easy, but it’s a real challenge! To make it even trickier, participants should avoid words like “snow” or “yesterday” and maybe even numbers. If someone slips up, hand them a sticker or yarn necklace. It’ll be amusing to see who’s the most “decorated” by the night’s end.

21. Great Minds Think Alike

birthday party games - Great Minds Think Alike

In “Great Minds Think Alike,” the goal is to pick the answer everyone else is likely to choose. More matching answers mean more points—because who says adults can’t have a bit of whimsical, mind-reading fun on their birthdays?

Classic Birthday Party Games for All Ages

22. Murder Mystery Games

birthday party games - murder mystery games

Murder Mystery game isn’t just for Halloween; you can play them anytime with a big group of friends. With just one game, you can have a whole evening of laughs. Be prepared as your guests become characters in a gripping tale, each with their secrets and motives. As the plot thickens, so does the excitement!

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23. Guess My Name

birthday party games - guess my name

“Guess My Name” is an awesome birthday party game where your team gives clues for you to guess a word or phrase! One person on each team provides clues without saying the word, and their team tries to guess within 2 minutes. Keep the excitement alive and see which team can guess the most. The team with the top score wins!

24. Corn Hole

birthday party games - corn hole

Let’s grab a cornhole set (board and bean bags) for this birthday party game – it’s a great investment. You don’t need to organize it; just set up the game casually, and guests of all ages can play whenever they like it. It’s simple and laid-back entertainment at its best!

25. Marco Polo

birthday party games - marco polo

You likely know Marco Polo as a water game, but you don’t need a pool birthday party to enjoy it. This game can be played on land with one blindfolded person saying “Marco” and others saying “Polo” while trying not to get tagged. Once someone has been tagged, they become the new “Marco,” and the fun continues.

26. Relay Race

birthday party games - relay race

Relay races are a consistently thrilling addition to the birthday games—not to mention a great way to tire out energetic guests. Two teams compete in a race with multiple legs. Each team member does one part of the race and then passes the baton to the next teammate. You can even add some silly challenges for extra fun.

27.  Sack Race

birthday party games - sack race

For a sack race, each player needs a hessian/burlap sack or a large pillowcase. Guests must stand in the sack and race to the finish line when ‘go’ is called. The first player or team to cross the line wins. It’s a hilarious race with happy hoppers confined to a single sack, perfect for any outdoor birthday party.

28. Limbo

birthday party games - limbo

How low can you go? For Limbo, participants test their flexibility by walking under a pole or bar. Two people hold the bar at chest height, and players must pass underneath with their chests facing it. The bar lowers, and the game repeats until only one person remains. It’s energetic, fun, and a fantastic opportunity for your guests to showcase hidden talents!

29. Wheelbarrow Races

birthday party games - wheelbarrow race

This is another game requiring lots of body strength and teamwork cooperation. Wheelbarrow races involve players teaming up in pairs. One person lies down, and the other holds their feet at waist level, forming a human wheelbarrow. Teams then race to a finish line, 10 feet to 10 yards away. For safety, consider players’ sizes and athletic abilities when forming teams.

30. Heads Up!

birthday party games - head ups

For a birthday game suitable for all ages, let’s bring out the Heads Up! You can get the app from the App Store or Google Play. To play, one person holds the phone to their forehead, and others act or describe what’s on the screen for them to guess. It’s a simple and enjoyable birthday party game for children and adults!

31. Who Am I?

birthday party games - who am i

This guessing game is a winner at any family event! To play, draw, or act as a famous person, and let your teammates try to guess who it is. First, you write down actors, musicians, TV characters, animals, or items on sticky notes and stick them to players’ heads. The excitement begins as players guess their identity by asking “Yes or No” questions.

32. Sticker Stalker

birthday party games - sticker stalker

Here’s a fantastic birthday game that brings lots of laughter to your guests. Each person gets a sheet of stickers to discreetly stick onto others without being noticed. The first player to use all their stickers wins, but if caught, they must accept a sticker from the person who spotted them.

Discuss who was the sneakiest sticker placer and share amusing stories about how everyone got stickers on their backs!

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Bottom Line

Birthday party games are the secret sauce that transforms a gathering into a memorable celebration. Guests can easily break the ice, interacting in a fun and lighthearted way. Ultimately, these activities turn ordinary moments into lasting memories, bringing happiness and connections that stay with us long after the birthday party.

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