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40+ Funny Christmas Party Games to Keep The Laughter Rolling

Let the laughter begin with our collection of 40+ Funny Christmas Party Games. These games are about having a good time and making everyone smile at your holiday gathering. Let’s explore various entertaining activities to keep the festive spirit alive and the fun rolling.

So gather your friends and family, and let the festivities unfold as you navigate this treasure trove of lighthearted entertainment, ensuring that your Christmas party becomes an unforgettable hub of laughter, camaraderie, and sheer delight.

40+ Hilarious Christmas Party Games for Kids to Have Fun 

Inject your holiday gathering with uproarious amusement as we present a compilation of 50 side-splitting Christmas party games that are an absolute must-try. From classic favorites with a seasonal twist to ingenious creations that guarantee laughter, this collection promises to infuse your festivities with unbridled joy and camaraderie.

1. 20 Question: Christmas edition

20 Question: Christmas edition

It’s like a puzzle that makes their brains work while having fun. This ingenious game fosters critical thinking and deduction abilities, encouraging children to formulate strategic queries to discover the secrets of holiday-themed objects. 

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2. Candy canes (holiday spoons)

Candy canes (holiday spoons)


This fast-paced card game involves quick decision-making as players strive to collect matching cards and earn Candy Canes. The game promotes strategic thinking, rapid reactions, and a sense of camaraderie among participants. It’s a perfect addition to gatherings, fostering entertainment and friendly competition while keeping everyone engaged.

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3. Santa limbo

Santa limbo

Kids try to go under a stick while bending backward, just like Santa. In this energetic pursuit, children navigate beneath the limbo stick, emulating Santa’s flexibility while maintaining a sense of balance and laughter. It’s a game that makes them laugh and exercise simultaneously.

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4. Christmas carol pictionary

Christmas carol pictionary

Draw and guess Christmas songs! Kids take turns drawing and guessing holiday tunes. It’s like a drawing game mixed with music fun, where they show their creativity and teamwork. This multi-faceted game nurtures creativity, camaraderie, and cultural appreciation.

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5. Christmas charades

Christmas charades

In Christmas Charades, kids act out holiday words, and everyone guesses. It’s funny and a great way to understand each other without words. Children actively convey holiday-themed words and phrases through gestures, promoting imagination, teamwork, and non-verbal communication prowess.

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6. Christmas memory game

Christmas memory game

Play the Christmas Memory Game by turning cards to find pairs of holiday pictures. It helps kids remember things, and they have fun competing with friends. By nurturing mental acuity and introducing friendly competition, the game transforms a classic pastime into an engaging cognitive pursuit.

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7. Family feud Christmas

Family feud Christmas

Answer questions and have fun with your family! Family Feud Christmas is a game where kids and grown-ups guess what people might say. Guess what others say to win points. Who knows your family best? It’s a friendly game that brings everyone closer.

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8. Stocking guessing game

Stocking guessing game

Feel and guess what’s inside! In the Stocking Guessing Game, kids touch and guess what’s hidden in stockings. It’s like a guessing game that uses their sense of touch and makes them curious.

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9. Blindfold Christmas drawing

Blindfold Christmas Drawing

Blindfold Christmas Drawing is drawing while your eyes are closed. Kids wear a blindfold and draw holiday things. It’s about using their imagination and hands, and it’s super fun to see what they create!

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10. Stocking fill-up

Stocking fill-up

Work together to fill stockings! Stocking Fill-Up is a game where everyone helps fill stockings. Kids team up to stuff stockings with surprises. It’s about sharing and working together, making sure each stocking is full of happy things.

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11. Pin the nose on Rudolph

Pin the nose on Rudolph

Play a game with a blindfold! Kids try to put Rudolph’s nose in the right spot while blindfolded. It’s a game that makes them laugh and tests their sense of direction. It’s like a fun holiday game of “pin the tail on the donkey.” Where does Rudolph’s nose go?

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12. Find Santa’s friends

Find Santa’s friends

Children eagerly embark on a hunt for hidden holiday characters, honing their observational acumen while immersing themselves in a narrative of enchantment. It’s like a treasure hunt with cute characters. 

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Funny Christmas Party Games for Adults

13. Hallmark Christmas movie drinking game

Hallmark Christmas movie drinking game

Here’s a great party game for your next movie night—a Hallmark Christmas movie, to be exact. As you watch these beloved films, follow a set of rules that prompt sips or drinks based on recurring themes, such as “every time there’s a snowstorm” or “whenever a character mentions ‘Christmas spirit’.

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14. Christmas movie bingo

Christmas movie bingo

Pop some popcorn, bake some brownies, and make hot chocolate for a Christmas movie night! Print off some copies of our Christmas Movie Bingo game to get the whole family involved in the fun. 

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15. Gift wrap game

Gift wrap game

Challenge your party guests to see who can wrap a present the fastest. The catch? They must work in pairs, and each person can only use one hand!

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16. Christmas movie emoji game

Christmas movie emoji game

Can you guess these classic Christmas movies just from their emoji description? Put your skills to the test with this clever game.

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17. Christmas alphabet drinking game

Christmas alphabet drinking game

As the game progresses, participants take turns creating their own words, leading to delightful and often humorous challenges. Go through the alphabet in a circle, as each person says a Christmas-related name, item, song, and so on, for the letter they have. If you hesitate or draw a blank, you have to drink!

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18. Christmas card balderdash

Christmas card balderdash

See which party-goer could be the next Hallmark card writer! This game challenges guests to write the message they think is on the inside of a card. Then, everyone guesses which greeting they think was the real one written on the card.

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19. Christmas movie trivia

Christmas movie trivia

Find out who has the best Christmas movie trivia knowledge with questions covering classic and modern-day flicks. This engaging game invites participants to showcase their knowledge of classic and contemporary Christmas films. 

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20. Christmas ‘Would You Rather?’ adult edition

Christmas 'Would You Rather?' adult edition

Everyone’s heard of this classic party game! However, this one is not only Christmas-inspired, but it’s also adults-only too. This game encourages guests to share their preferences, providing insight into their personalities and sparking engaging interactions. 

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21. Elf drinking game

Elf drinking game

Based on the beloved Christmas movie “Elf,” this interactive game adds a playful twist to your festivities. Players take sips whenever specific phrases or actions occur in the film. So turn on Elf and play along, but remember to drink responsibly! 

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22. Truth or dare

Truth or dare

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23. Two truths and a lie

Two truths and a lie

Pick three “facts” (think anything from your favorite Christmas memories to the worst gifts you’ve ever been given), and see how many people can pick the lie from three statements. The fun begins as others try to unravel the truth from the fib.

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24. Jingle bell toss

Jingle bell toss

What could be more entertaining than a beer-pong-cornhole hybrid? Hot-glue cups to a board and toss bells into them to score. This lively activity is perfect for holiday gatherings, encouraging friendly competition and laughter among players of all ages. 

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25. Name a Christmas carol

Name Christmas carol

Compile a list of lyrics (obvious or lesser-known) from Christmas songs and see how many each team can guess in one minute. Or, instead of lyrics, hum a portion of the tune for your team to guess. Warning: Things might get loud.

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26. Elf on the shelf game for adults

Elf on the shelf game for adults

After the kids sleep, break out ol’ Elf on the Shelf and have an adults-only contest to see who can come up with the funniest placement.

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27. Jello shot a Christmas tree

Jello shot Christmas tree

Okay, so this one is not so much a game as a challenge. Can you and your friends conquer this boozy Christmas tree?

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28. Name holiday scent

Name holiday scent

Holiday candles are superior and really help set the stage for the season. Grab many holiday candles in fun scents, blindfold your guests, and have them guess the scent. May the best nose win!

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29. Christmas charades and holiday draw

Christmas charades and holiday draw

Who doesn’t love a game of charades? Have everyone write down some of their favorite holiday characters and take turns selecting one to act out. Let’s see who can pull off The Grinch or embody Frosty the Snowman.

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Active Group Christmas Party Games

30. Ornament on a spoon

Ornament on a spoon

This lively game adds a delightful twist to traditional races. Participants balance a delicate ornament on a spoon while navigating a course, testing their agility and precision. The challenge lies in keeping the ornament steady and avoiding any slips. 

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31. Who am I?

Who am I?

Source: Piclebums

With a card bearing the name of a well-known figure, players embrace their inner actors, mimicking gestures, accents, and mannerisms as others take turns guessing their identity. 

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32. Ornament guessing game

Ornament guessing game

Source: Country Living Magazine

Participants rely solely on their sense of touch to explore ornaments concealed by secrecy. Through careful examination, they endeavor to unravel the hidden treasures within, guessing the contents without the aid of sight. 

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33. Gift relay

Gift relay

In this dynamic activity, players collaborate within teams to swiftly transfer gifts from one end to another. Players combine swift movement with precise handoffs, channeling their competitive spirit while fostering seamless teamwork.

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34. Christmas movie trivia

Christmas movie trivia

Get instructions at Party Game Ideas 

35. Penguin waddle game

Penguin waddle game

Donning balloons between their knees, participants take on the persona of waddling penguins, traversing the scene with infectious laughter. This charming activity adds a playful touch to the festivities, eliciting giggles and fostering a light-hearted atmosphere.

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36. Christmas facts: True or False?

Christmas facts: True or False?

This interactive quiz adds an educational and entertaining element as you uncover surprising insights about Christmas customs. Whether you’re looking for a fun activity for your gathering or simply want to expand your understanding of the holiday season, the “True or Not” Christmas facts game is a delightful way to engage and challenge your friends.

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37. People bingo

People bingo

Through conversations and connections, players seek out fellow partygoers whose unique attributes align with the bingo squares. In this social adventure, attendees not only engage in lively exchanges but also deepen their understanding of one another, forging connections that contribute to the conviviality of the gathering.

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38. Nutcracker games

Nutcracker games

Host your own nutcracker games using nuts, nut containers, and nutcrackers! Similar to the candy cane Olympics except with a nutcracker theme! We did our own nutcracker games this year, and I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time!

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39. Lump of coal Christmas saran wrap game

Lump of coal Christmas saran wrap game

In this hilarious game, you wrap up a bunch of small prizes and gifts (quarters, candy, gift cards) in a big ball of saran wrap. A typical saran wrap ball game is the addition of coal cards that make people wrap the ball behind their back, name five of Santa’s reindeer before they unwrap, and so on.

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40. Christmas name that tunes 

Christmas name that tunes 

This game is fun for anyone who loves music but cannot sing (even in doo form)! See who can guess popular Christmas songs that tune the game first in this Christmas name.

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41. Christmas charades 

Christmas charades 

Players take turns miming holiday-themed words and phrases without uttering a word, so they engage in a lively performance that prompts uproarious laughter and spirited guesses. Through gestures, expressions, and a healthy dose of imagination, participants forge connections, strengthen communication, and revel in the magic of unspoken communication.

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Final Thoughts

In the tapestry of holiday celebrations, these 40+ Funny Christmas Party Games weave threads of laughter and joy that are bound to leave an indelible mark. By incorporating these engaging activities, you’re ensuring a festive atmosphere and crafting moments of connection and merriment that will linger long after the end of the celebrations. Remember that these games aren’t just pastimes – the great channel through which laughter and joy flow, binding friends, family, and colleagues together in this jolly Christmas holiday.

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