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50+ Christmas Party Games for Adults that Bring Laughter and Joy

With these captivating Christmas games for adults, ensure an abundance of festive cheer and a hearty dose of laughter at your upcoming holiday gathering. These engaging options promise to infuse the occasion with an irresistible blend of amusement and camaraderie.

We have many selections that span holiday-themed icebreakers and engaging guessing games to ensure the Christmas spirit is alive among adults. Make this holiday season one to remember, as these games become the cornerstone of laughter in the joyous celebration of Christmas.

Fun Christmas Game into the Party

1. Name Holiday Tune

Name That Holiday Tune

Challenge your musical prowess with this guessing game. Players listen to snippets of beloved holiday tunes and compete to identify the melodies. It’s a harmonious battle that sparks joyous discussions and good-natured competition.

How to play: Celebration Ideas Online

2. Have A People Scavenger Hunt

Have A People Scavenger Hunt

Icebreakers are fun and easy games for adult Christmas parties that help guests become acquainted. A great icebreaker is the people scavenger hunt. Instead of finding objects, guests search for people who can say “yes” to a specific Christmas-related statement like “has gone caroling.”

How to play: Wikihow

3. Blindfolded Gift Wrapping Games

Blindfolded Gift Wrapping Games

Blindfolded participants take on the challenge of wrapping presents accurately while racing against the clock. The result? A delightful medley of amusingly wrapped gifts that will tickle both players and observers.

How to play: Christmas 365 Greetings

4. Egg Nog Taste Test

Egg Nog Taste Test

Take your taste buds on a flavorful journey with this entertaining game. Participants don blindfolds and embark on an egg-nog-tasting adventure. As they sample different varieties of this cherished holiday drink, they compete to identify the various flavors, creating a jovial atmosphere.

How to play: Love To Know

5. Pictionary and Charades

Pictionary And Charades

In Pictionary, players sketch out Christmas-related words and phrases while characters enact the word or phrase without speaking in charades. Both games spark uproarious laughter and lively engagement.

How to play: Wikihow

6. Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

Guests don their most outrageously creative and comically ugly Christmas sweaters, showcasing their festive spirit and humor. The competition is bound to be fierce, and the laughter contagious.

How to play: Stastics Square Space

7. Paper Plate Game

Paper Plate Game

Players must balance a paper plate adorned with holiday treats on their heads while navigating through obstacle courses or challenges. The game encourages teamwork and coordination, resulting in fits of laughter.

How to play: Happy Home Fairy

8. Nut Stacker Game 

Nut Stacker Game 

Test dexterity and strategy as players stack nuts into towering structures using chopsticks. This interactive activity combines skill and precision, making it a perfect addition to your holiday festivities.

How to play: On Cloud 8

9. Holiday Family Feud

Holiday Family Feud

Inspired by the popular game show, this interactive activity challenges teams to guess the most popular answers to holiday-themed survey questions. Families compete to guess the most popular answers to Christmas-themed questions, fostering a festive atmosphere filled with excitement and camaraderie.

How to play: Journey With Johnsons

10. Christmas Trivia

Christmas Trivia

Test your holiday knowledge with a trivia game that will boost your IQ and cover Christmas traditions, history, and pop culture. This educational and entertaining activity brings out friendly competitiveness and encourages participants to learn new facts.

How to play: Moms And Muchkins

11. Deer in the Headlights – Couple’s Questionaire

Deer In The Headlights – Couple’s Questionaire

Couples embark on a heartwarming and amusing journey of connection. Through a playful questionnaire, they reveal amusing anecdotes and insights about each other. This game strengthens bonds while offering moments of laughter and shared memories.

How to play: Life Design Craft

12. Christmas Relay 

Christmas Relay 

How to play: Moms And Muchkins

13. Guess Christmas Songs

Guess The Christmas Songs

This interactive game will bring smiles to all members. Players listen to snippets of familiar Christmas songs and compete to be the first to identify the tunes. It’s a harmonious addition to your festivities.

How to play: Tip Junkie

14. Stack Cup Game

Stack The Cups

Stack Cups game will test agility and speed in this fast-paced game. Players stack cups into pyramids using only one hand, racing against the clock and each other. The challenge adds a competitive edge to your holiday celebration.

How to play: On Cloud 8

15. Marshmallow and Wreath Game 

Marshmallow And Wreath Game 

Combine marshmallow tossing with aiming for a wreath target. Players toss marshmallows through the center of a wreath, aiming for the highest score and adding an element of skillful fun.

How to play: On Cloud 8

16. Ornament on a Yardstick 

Ornament On A Yardstick 

Precision and coordination are key in this entertaining challenge. Participants attempt to slide ornaments onto a yardstick held by a partner, prompting laughter and camaraderie. Perfect for gatherings with family or friends, the “Ornament On A Yardstick” game brings a unique twist to your celebrations.

How to play: On Cloud 8

17. Rudolph Game 

Rudolph Game 

A relay race with a whimsical twist. While navigating an obstacle course, participants wear antler headbands and carry “gifts” between teams. The result is a delightful challenge that embodies the festive spirit.

How to play: On Cloud 8

Face The Cookie 

Hilarity ensues in this tricky game where players move a cookie from their forehead to their mouth using only their facial muscles. Laughter and antics are guaranteed. This hilarious and entertaining activity adds a touch of whimsy to your holiday festivities.

How to play: On Cloud 8

Sticker Stalker Christmas Game

19. Christmas House Masterpiece

Christmas House Masterpiece

Channel your inner artist in a gingerbread house decorating competition. Use frosting, candy, and other edible decorations to transform gingerbread houses into festive works of art.

How to play: Love To Know

20. Pair O’ Carolers

Pair O' Carolers

Teams of carolers perform popular holiday songs, embracing the joy of sharing music with a playful twist. This delightful activity fosters collaboration, creativity, and plenty of laughter as players harmonize their way through beloved tunes. 

How to play: Love To Know

21. Toilet Paper Snowmen

Toilet Paper Snowmen

This Christmas game requires you to use your creativity as teams craft imaginative snowmen using only toilet paper. An activity that promotes teamwork and artistic expression.

How to play: Bee-ingmommy

Christmas Drinking Games For Adults

22. 12 Days Sing-a-Long

12 Days Sing-a-Long

Infuse your gathering with musical merriment through this playful game. Participants sing holiday songs with a twist, incorporating numbers and days into the lyrics for added fun and amusement.

How to play: Party Game Ideas

23. ​​Elf Drinking Game

​​Elf Drinking Game

Add a festive twist to your celebrations with this lighthearted drinking game inspired by the movie “Elf.” Players take sips based on specific phrases or actions from the film, contributing to the jovial atmosphere.

How to play: Delish

24. The Christmas Word Game

The Christmas Word Game

A word-guessing game that encourages participants to give clues to help their teammates guess holiday-related words. It’s a delightful blend of teamwork, creativity, and laughter that keeps the party buzzing.

How to play: Love To Know

25. ‘Never Have I Ever’ Christmas Edition

‘Never Have I Ever’ Christmas Edition

How to play: Tea With Gi

26. Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game

Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game

This engaging game transforms your viewing experience into an interactive adventure. As you follow the cues and take sips at specific moments, you’ll find yourself immersed in a delightful blend of cinematic magic and holiday cheer.

How to play: Country Living

27. Christmas Alphabet Drinking Game

Christmas Alphabet Drinking Game

As participants brainstorm Christmas-related words for each letter of the alphabet, a festive drink awaits as a reward for every successful answer. This dynamic and interactive game encourages friendly competition while keeping the holiday spirit alive and thriving.

How to play: Country Living

Gift Exchange Christmas Games

28. Card Gift Exchange Game

Card Gift Exchange Game

A deck of cards assigns unique actions to each suit, transforming the process into an interactive and dynamic affair. The room fills with spirited engagement and shared laughter as participants follow the cues.

How to play: Party Game Ideas

29. White Elephant

White Elephant

The room fills with laughter as participants exchange quirky and comical presents. This tradition embraces the joy of giving and receiving, creating an atmosphere of shared amusement and delight.

How to play: Love To Know

30. Left/Right Game


Participants pass presents left or right whenever those words are mentioned in the story, infusing the process with a sense of movement. This playful twist on the traditional exchange format promises an engaging and laughter-filled experience.

How to play: Play Party Plan

31. Santa’s Helper Gift Exchange

Santa’s Helper Gift Exchange

All the players assume whimsical roles as Santa’s helpers, guiding the gift-giving process with an imaginative flair. This game infuses the exchange with laughter, joy, and a touch of holiday magic.

How to play: Play Party Plan

32. Heads or Tails Gift Exchange

Heads Or Tails Gift Exchange

Each person chooses heads or tails, and a coin flip determines their gift fate. The unpredictability adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the exchange, resulting in delightful reactions and shared amusement.

How to play: Play Party Plan

33. Unwrapped Elephant Gift

Unwrapped Elephant Gift

As presents remain unwrapped, the anticipation and curiosity heighten. This unique approach to the classic gift exchange ensures that the element of surprise remains intact, resulting in a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

How to play: Love To Know

34. Grinch Gift Exchange

Grinch Gift Exchange

Let all players engage in playful “stealing” of gifts from one another in a light-hearted and humorous manner. This charming game has mischief and camaraderie to the gift exchange, resulting in shared laughter and memorable moments.

How to play: Play Party Plan

35. Rock Paper Switch Gift Exchange Game

Rock Paper Switch Gift Exchange Game

Inspired by the popular hand game, participants challenge each other for presents using rock, paper, or scissors. This twist on the traditional exchange format infuses the gathering with a competitive edge and joyous camaraderie.

How to play: Play Party Plan

Minute-to-Win-It Adults Games On Christmas

36. Elf Toss

Elf Toss

The “Elf Toss” game is a spirited competition. Participants take turns tossing mini elves into different point zones, aiming for the highest score. The festive atmosphere and playful rivalry make this game a standout hit.

How to play: Play Party Plan

37. North Pole Pop

North Pole Pop

The excitement and engagement soar as balloons burst to reveal hidden challenges or messages. This game promises a lively and dynamic experience that keeps everyone on their toes.

How to play: Kid-Friendly Things To Do

38. Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree 

Get on a race against time with the “Oh Christmas Tree” game. Teams assemble and decorate miniature Christmas trees, testing their speed and coordination in a festive and engaging activity.

How to play: Blog Bronners

39. Snow Shovel

Snow Shovel

Teams compete to move “snowballs” from one container to another using only a spoon, creating a dynamic and laughter-filled challenge that brings participants together. This delightful activity combines dexterity and laughter, making it a perfect addition to your holiday party. 

How to play: Housing A Forest

40. Marshmallow Munch

Marshmallow Munch

Prepare for a bellyful of laughter with the “Marshmallow Munch” relay race. Participants use chopsticks to transfer marshmallows from one container to another, all while wearing oven mitts. The result is a hilarious challenge that promises hearty laughs and friendly competition.

How to play: Untumble

41. Candy Cane Hook’em

Candy Cane Hook'em

The “Candy Cane Hook’em” game will test your precision and skill. Participants use candy canes to hook various objects, adding a touch of excitement and amusement to your celebration.

How to play: A Girl And A Glue Gun

42. Do You Hear What I Hear?

Do You Hear What I Hear?

In this “Do You Hear What I Hear?” game, participants listen to Christmas sounds and guess their origin. The atmosphere becomes filled with curiosity and shared moments of discovery.

How to play: Not Quite Super Mom

43. Christmas Jingle

Christmas Jingle

Gather 11 glasses filled with varying water levels to create musical notes resembling “Jingle Bells.” Participants have one minute to arrange the glasses in a specific order to play the tune, aiming for success to win. For more excitement, involve the crowd instructing a player on stage, creating a lively group activity.

How to play: Christian Camp Pro

44. Saran Wrap Ball Game

Saran Wrap Ball Game

Participants gather in a circle and take turns unwrapping layers of plastic wrap to reveal hidden surprises. The catch? They must use oven mitts or gloves, adding a hilarious challenge. 

How to play: Play Party Plan

45. Snowball Fight 

Snowball Fight 

Bring the joy of a snowball fight indoors with the “Snowball Fight” game. Participants engage in a playful and safe battle using soft materials. It’s a lively and laughter-filled activity that brings a touch of winter wonder to your gathering. 

How to play: Christian Camp Pro

46. Cliffhanger


In this contest, participants can earn money by using their breath to propel greeting cards across a table, aiming to suspend them over the edge without dropping. Success must be accomplished only once, yet the line between triumph and loss hinges is just a breath away. 

How to play: Minute To Win It

47. Wreath Relay 

Wreath Relay 

Show the strength of teamwork with the “Wreath Relay.” Using only their heads, the contestants must transfer the wreath across the stage before placing it lovingly upon a lamppost. This dynamic game encourages creativity, coordination, and festive fun.

How to play: Minute To Win It

48. Deck The Balls

Deck The Balls

Use balance and stacking with the “Deck the Balls” game. Players race against time to stack ornaments using only one hand. It’s a game that combines skill, strategy, and holiday spirit.

How to play: Christian Camp Pro

49. Christmas Ball Conveyor 

Christmas Ball Conveyor 

Foster teamwork and coordination with the “Christmas Ball Conveyor” game. Participants form a human conveyor belt to transport ornaments, promoting collaboration and laughter.

How to play: Christian Camp Pro

50.  Merry Fishmas

 Merry Fishmas

This Mery Fishmas game transforms participants into holiday anglers equipped with fishing poles to “fish” for delightful holiday treats. As the anticipation builds and laughter fills the air, the touch of playfulness adds a lighthearted and joyful element to your event. 

How to play: Your Home Based Mom

51. Jingle in the Trunk

Jingle In The Trunk

Players eagerly take on the challenge of jiggling and jingling balls out of cleverly strapped tissue boxes on their backs. As the laughter-filled moments unfold, the room becomes infused with the infectious energy of shared enjoyment. 

How to play: Your Home Based Mom

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Final words,

In essence, these Christmas games for adults provide a vibrant conduit for fostering the spirit of the season. Whether implemented to infuse a work environment with joy or to enliven gatherings with loved ones, these games are catalysts for building cherished memories and forging connections. As laughter reverberates through each interaction and fun permeates the atmosphere, these engaging activities ensure that the essence of Christmas is truly embraced. 

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