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30+ Best Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas to Surprise Your Kids

Dinosaurs, those ancient creatures, hold a timeless fascination for kids. Even though they are long extinct, they continue to be a source of wonder and curiosity. The disappearance of this creature in tales has cultivated a kid’s imagination. They are curious to know what these creatures looked like, how they lived, and why they disappeared.

Now, as you plan your child’s birthday party, the dinosaur has become a great idea for you to bring your kids to prehistoric times. It is also why you come here with us to unveil over 30 of the best dinosaur birthday party ideas that will thrill your little ones. These ideas equip you with a perfect party for your kids and guests. Now, let’s go and see what you need to have for a birthday with some lovely dinosaurs!

Unmissable Dinosaur Birthday Party Decorations

You know there is a wonderland of dinosaur birthday party decorations for you to pick up. For parents, this is the first time to host this kind of birthday, or for those up to ears at work, our below is perfect for you. The magical list will lead you to a dino time to explore and find the best decors. We believe that your child and you also indulge in this joyful party supplies. 

1. Happy Birthday Dinosaur Theme Party Backdrop

Happy Birthday Dinosaur Theme Party Backdrop

When planning a birthday party for your child, you want everything to be perfect, right? Let me introduce you to the birthday dinosaur theme party backdrop. This backdrop is like stepping into a dino wonderland. It’s filled with colorful dinosaurs, flags, balloons, and tropical plants, including palm trees. It’s a feast for the eyes and sets the perfect atmosphere for your child’s birthday. 

2. Dinosaur Birthday Banner Kit

Dinosaur Birthday Banner Kit

Banner is always a must-have for any kind of birthday bash, whether it’s for adults or kids. The dinosaur birthday banner is a total game-changer to cultivate the feeling in your kid’s mind. The product is easy to hang and makes every guest know what the theme of the birthday is. 

3. Dinosaur Balloon Set of 6

Dinosaur Balloon Set of 6

Do you know how to make your T-rex birthday extravaganza livelier and more attractive? It is the dinosaur balloon here. They are the secret ingredient that will take your lovely one’s party to the next level. He/she will be amazed at six gigantic walking dinosaur balloons when he/she sees them. These balloons are not your ordinary party decorations; they’re show-stoppers to bring kids to the Jurassic era. 

4. Dinosaur Birthday Balloon Garland Arch Kit

Dinosaur Birthday Balloon Garland Arch Kit

You don’t have to worry if the weather is not cooperating for an outdoor dino-themed birthday party because you’ve got the dinosaur balloon garland arch kit here. When he or she walks into the room, they will be surprised by the beauty of this decor. With the green leaves and the colorful dinosaur balloons, their smile will light up the entire party. 

5. Dinosaur Train Birthday Party Supplies

Dinosaur Train Birthday Party Supplies

If you are too busy, the dinosaur train birthday party supplies set is an absolute lifesaver. This ultimate set has everything you need to create a dino-mite party atmosphere. So you won’t have to spend precious time searching for each decoration separately. Meanwhile, the excitement from the set will be palpable for kids to feel happy all day. 

6. Dinosaur Plates and Dinosaur Napkins

Dinosaur Plates and Dinosaur Napkins

Don’t forget to focus on small details like plates and napkins to make your guests and your daughter/son feel special. That’s where the dinosaur party decorations come into play. The product is perfect for a party with 16 guests. Beyond that, your little one and their friends will be delighted to see the dino designs. It’ll add a special touch to the celebration, right?

7. Dinosaur Piñata

Dinosaur Piñata

The dinosaur piñata is a super incredible addition to any dino delight celebration. This choice is not only a colorful and eye-catching decoration, but it is also a necessary supply for kids to play games. When it’s time to play, the kids will break to open the piñata and discover the hidden treasures inside that will make his/her day even more exciting.

8. Hanging Cutouts and Dinosaur Honeycomb Centerpieces

Hanging Cutouts and Dinosaur Honeycomb Centerpieces

Your daughter will undoubtedly love these dino decorations at first sight. The hanging cutouts and dinosaur honeycomb centerpieces will capture your princess’s heart. Her eyes will light up as she sees the pink and yellow accents, creating a memorable atmosphere for her and her friends. Therefore, let’s grab it to surprise her now!

9. Personalized Dinosaur Party Cake Topper

Personalized Dinosaur Party Cake Topper

You need to pay special attention to the cake topper for your son or daughter’s dino safari birthday. And this personalized centerpiece can truly make the cake stand out and become the party’s star. It is painted with colorful colors, and the decoration on this product will kick off his/her imagination to be thrilled. 

10. Dinosaur Cupcake Stand

Dinosaur Cupcake Stand

The decorating of your birthday party will be perfect with this dinosaur cupcake stand. The product will make your guests and your children feel amused when they favor the party dessert. It is a standout decoration to keep his/her birthday interesting, so let’s save it in your cart and purchase it now for your kid’s upcoming dino birthday. 

Interesting Dinosaur Birthday Party Activities

A dinosaur birthday party creates countless cherished memories for your son or daughter’s childhood. And when it comes to fun, there’s no better way than to plan some enjoyable dinosaur-themed activities. These activities below will keep him/her and their friends entertained and transport them into the thrilling world of these prehistoric giants. 

1. Dino Dig Excavation

Dino Dig Excavation

Let’s turn to the dino dig excavation if you’re looking for a way to keep your child and their friends entertained at their Jurassic birthday bash. It’s an experience your little one will treasure, and it’s effortless for you to set up. He/she will turn out to be a young paleontologist as they dig through sand or dirt in search of dinosaur fossils and toys.

2. Dinosaur Egg Hunt

Dinosaur Egg Hunt

The dinosaur egg hunt is also a fantastic game for your little kids. The rules are very simple. Your child will love being the center of attention as they lead the hunt for hidden dinosaur eggs. This idea will encourage him to explore and know more about the nature around him. That’s why this game will become a cherished memory for your child. 

3. Dino Crafts

Dino Crafts

Who says the dino craft is only for girls? Boys also play this entertainment as long as he is interested in this crafting process and dinosaurs. This activity leans towards a more artistic touch, but rest assured, it’s versatile and enjoyable for all young paleontologists. Importantly, it’s a chance for them to express themselves and tap into their imaginative side.

4. Dino Dance-Off

Dino Dance-Off

Have you ever imagined the sheer cuteness of dinosaurs dancing? The dino dance-off will turn your young child into a lovely little dino who grooves to the melodies. As soon as the dino music is turned on, you cannot stop smiling at your child’s adorable dance. You can see how musical talent in him/her that you cannot imagine. This idea is a simple yet delightful way to leave him/her a valuable memory, right?

5. Volcano Eruption

Volcano Eruption

Let’s rev up the excitement for science with the volcano eruption. It’s a thrilling experiment for you to participate in with your young. The hands-on science activity will encourage him/her to create their very own volcano. It is a fantastic choice for you to blend fun and learning to get his/her interest in science and nature. 

6. Dinosaur Storytime

Dinosaur Storytime

Books are a valuable source of knowledge. And if your son or daughter is passionate about dinosaurs, dinosaur storytime is an excellent choice for their birthday celebration. When your little angel dives into a story about dinosaur time, their knowledge can be boarded. Importantly, he/she can enjoy the self-exploring process to improve his/her creative mind. 

7. Fossil Imprints

Fossil Imprints

A birthday is a special occasion, marking a milestone in your child’s growth. That’s why you should consider a unique way to preserve this moment forever. Fossil imprint activity is a solution to this matter. Your little ones can make dinosaur fossil imprints using playdough or clay. It would be a day with lots of messy but fun, right?

8. Dino Costume Parade

Dino Costume Parade

Which invention do you think is the best in modern times? For us, it is the camera. A device can help you and your child keep memories for many years. You may find it functional on the dino costume parade activity for a birthday. You can capture your child’s happy expressions and lovely appearance in the cute dino costume. 

9. Dino Piñata

Dino Piñata

If you’ve already purchased the pinata decorations mentioned above, it’s time for you to put them to good use in a realistic way: the dino piñata game. Kids will be eager to take turns trying to break open the piñata and reveal the hidden treasures. We ensure that these gifts you hide in will be a reward to make this activity extra thrilling. 

10. Dinosaur Bingo

Dinosaur Bingo

You should let your child try the dinosaur bingo game at least once. It’s a fascinating activity that allows him/her to interact with friends and get happiness while playing. The game is all about matching, very simple, right? But it is so exciting when kids engage in friendly competition while learning about different dinosaur species. 

Cake Ideas for Dinosaur Birthday Party

The cake is undeniably the star of any birthday party. And when it comes to a dinosaur-themed celebration, there’s a world of dino-inspired cake options waiting for you to explore. Here are only some of the best cake ideas your child should try once. This suggestion is completely based on the kid’s preference for design. So, we believe these ideas will help you have an incredible day with your little one. 

1. Dinosaur Shaped Cake

Dinosaur Shaped Cake

This cake is a delightful choice that your little one will love. When you unveil the dinosaur-shaped cake at your child’s party, you’ll see their eyes light up excitedly. It’s not just a cake; it’s a work of art that resembles their favorite prehistoric creature. Then, as he/she sees this cake, he will be attracted to this adorable small dinosaur.

2. Dinosaur Volcano Cake

Dinosaur Volcano Cake

The dinosaur volcano cake is a wonder that you should consider purchasing. This cake isn’t just delicious, but its appearance is like an animated movie about dinosaurs to answer your kid’s curiosity about this legendary animal. The colorful cream, chocolate, and cake decorations will satisfy your kids and make them want to eat it immediately. 

3. Dinosaur Egg Nest Cake

Dinosaur Egg Nest Cake

If your child’s favorite dinosaur book is dinosaur eggs and babies, ordering the dinosaur egg nest cake is an absolute must. This cake is a delightful treat that will captivate your little one’s heart. The edible art will transport him/her into the storytelling life and experience the adventure with each character. 

4. Jurassic Park Cake

Jurassic Park Cake

Dinosaur parks are undeniably fascinating places for kids and parents to bond and celebrate milestone birthdays. However, instead of taking your little one to the park today, you can kickstart the dino-themed celebration with the Jurassic Park cake. The cake has sophisticated designs and mirrors the iconic Jurassic Park gates he/she wants to visit. 

5. Dino Rainbow Cake

Dino Rainbow Cake

We are certain that nobody can resist the lovely dino rainbow cake. So, this cake idea is awesome for your child, even girls or boys. The colorful rainbow combined with the cute dinosaur will wow your little one’s face and amaze your little guests. 

Dinosaur Birthday Party Gifts for Both Boys and Girls

Gift-giving is an exciting part of a birthday party, so don’t forget to wrap some adorable dinosaur-inspired gifts. These suggestions below will be offered to bring your kid a big smile. All these gifts have their own function and design, but they have a common purpose of delighting him/her. That will finish your little angel’s special day pleasantly.

1. Custom Dinosaur Night Light

Custom Dinosaur Night Light

The custom dinosaur night light is an excellent gift idea for a dinosaur-themed birthday party. The product can be personalized with your child’s name, making it a unique present. The acrylic material is durable and safe for kids, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking easily. The dinosaur shape is so cute to amuse your kid whenever he/she sees it. Overall, this light will bring good sleep for your kid every day.  What a nice dinosaur birthday party decorations.

2. I Dig It! Dinos – 24 Dinosaur Eggs 

I Dig It! Dinos - 24 Dinosaur Eggs 

Let’s explore the exciting world of t-rex birthday bash favors with these 24 dinosaur eggs. Your daughter/so will feel joyful when they eagerly unwrap these mysterious dinosaur eggs. Inside each one, they’ll discover a hidden dinosaur figurine. This gift will entertain him/her for hours to dig and discover. That would be self-exploring for kids to stay happy all day. 

3. Personalized Dinosaur Birthday Coloring Poster

Personalized Dinosaur Birthday Coloring Poster

It would be a fascinating gift for your little ones. The giant personalized dinosaur coloring poster opens up a dino world with different species of dinosaurs, volcanoes, and a natural environment. Your child can sit down at the table to color in various dinosaurs, creating their own prehistoric masterpiece. We ensure that this experience will spark creativity and keep your kid engaged.

4. Dinosaur Personalized Birthday Shirt

Dinosaur Personalized Birthday Shirt

How about giving your little one a unique gift with the idea of a dinosaur birthday shirt? This personalized shirt is a way to show off his/her love for dinosaurs. It comes in various designs and sizes for any sex and age. The images printed on the shirt are colorful and adorable, making him/her smile and keep positive. It is also a valuable keepsake to mark his/her growth. 

5. Jurassic Dinosaur Toy Figures

Jurassic Dinosaur Toys Figures

Your young one will be intrigued by the Jurassic dinosaur toy figures set. With 22 plastic dinosaurs and exciting accessories like a play mat, tree, volcano, and fence, this gift is a fantastic choice for a roaring dinosaur party. Your kid and friends can stay on the mat and learn about different species while having fun. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, right?

6. Custom Dinosaur Blanket

Custom Dinosaur Blanket

With the custom blanket, your little one will have a cozy and personalized treasure perfect for cuddling up during bedtime. The gift is a cherished keepsake that will bring comfort and warmth to your child’s everyday life. It is attractive with dinosaur knowledge and kid’s name to encourage kids to explore nature. 

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Bottom Line

Dinosaurs are mysterious and captivating creatures appropriate for a kid’s birthday celebration theme. With the 30+ best dinosaur birthday party ideas, you have creative options to surprise and delight your little ones. These diverse suggestions above will power you to make an unforgettable day for him/her. Now, let’s get started for a birthday bash so that these ancient giants roam, spark your child’s imagination, and fill their hearts with joy.

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