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35 Princess Birthday Party Ideas to Make Her Dreams Come True

For sweet girls like you, being a princess might just be one of your dreams. Then,  have you ever imagined what a princess’s birthday party would be like? Today, we’re here through 35 enchanting princess birthday party ideas to help you make that dream come true. Based on our suggestions, you may turn your special day into a royal celebration beyond your wildest imagination. Or, for parents, you may also be inspired to hold a lovely birthday for your little princess. These ideas will build a stage for you or little girls to shine on it. Therefore, let’s go and explore what a royal party would be like with us now. 

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35 Magical Princess Birthday Party Ideas to Try

Princess Birthday Party Decoration

You are on a journey to your dream castle-themed birthday party. The first place you will visit is our delightful princess-themed decoration ideas. The decoration collection here is diverse, versatile, and colorful to draw out the frame of a princess’s birthday bash. When you enter this list, you will be attracted by glittering tiaras or majestic castle backdrops. So, don’t miss any items below to have a nice party for yourself or your loved one. 

1. Personalized Once Upon a Time Backdrop

Personalized Once Upon a Time Backdrop

To make a truly princess birthday for your little one, you should have this decoration first: the personalized birthday backdrop. The most amazing thing about this backdrop is that you can customize it for kids’ birthdays and young women. This backdrop can also set a stage for your guests to take fairytale-inspired shoots. 

2. Pink Castle Party Table Decoration Kit

Pink Castle Party Table Decoration Kit

Your daughter will love the Disney princess table decoration kit. The product includes 9 princesses and one castle. It is like a miniature Disney where your little one can see her favorite Disney princesses. On her birthday, you can add this decor to the table to create a charming atmosphere while smiling at your kids and leaving treasured memories on her. 

3. Princess Balloon Garland Kit

Princess Balloon Garland Kit

Whether you want to host a magical princess birthday party for little girls or yourself, the princess balloon garland kit is a must-have decoration. As you set this kit right at the entrance, it is an amazing choice for you. You should invest in this one to impress your loved ones at the first stepping in your party. 

4. Princess Party Banner

Princess Party Banner

The princess party banner is essential for cultivating a princess ambiance on a birthday. The banner can be personalized with a name, and the design is elegant for any birthday at any age. The decor will present moments filled with delight to surprise kids and give you an adorable photo album on this big day.

5. Ariel Birthday Party Supplies

Ariel Birthday Party Supplies

If Ariel, the Mermaid, is your daughter’s favorite princess, then this Ariel supplies bundle is exactly what you need to make her celebration extra special. With Ariel gracing the plates and napkins, this supply kit will fill your little princess’s heart with joy. From these regular items, she will feel the existence of magic and enjoy this happiness with friends and family. 

6. Princess 3D Letters or Numbers

Princess 3D Letters or Numbers

For kids, Disney may be their whole world, where beautiful princesses, handsome princes, monsters, and magic come to life, so you might want a Disney princess birthday party idea for your little girl. You shouldn’t miss out on these princess 3D letters or numbers for your little one’s birthday. This centerpiece is painted in pink and adorned with Disney princesses around it. When you place this decor on the table, it will be the spotlight to shine on her birthday. 

7. Princess Party Snack Cups

Princess Party Snack Cups

The princess party snack cups are incredible for your or your kid’s princess-themed birthday celebration. The design is simple yet elegant to ignite the theme of the party. The paper cups are also versatile for you and your guests to enjoy snacks. Even though cups are small decors on a birthday, they will be a part of the experience to leave memories on your loved ones. Therefore, let’s focus on it!

8. Personalized Princess Crown Party Confetti

Personalized Princess Crown Party Confetti

When it comes to a princess theme for a birthday, what’s the first decoration that comes to your mind? It’s a glittering crown, right? And here is the personalized princess crown party confetti for you. The pink and gold crown confetti adorns your party tables to create a fairytale atmosphere. Besides, this confetti pack is basic in design, so it is better for teens’ or kids’ birthdays. 

9. Disney Princess Gemstone Ring Cupcake

Disney Princess Gemstone Ring Cupcake

Your little princess will be perfectly engaged with these Disney princess cupcake decorations here. These 3D cake toppers are a delightful choice that will add an extra sprinkle of magic to her celebration. Via the familiar faces like Mulan, Cinderella, Tiana, and so on, she will inspired by the excitement of each character’s adventure. Especially if you put these items on cupcakes, it will be a heaven treat for girls and make them enjoy food delightfully. 

10. Princess Birthday Party Supplies Set

Princess Birthday Party Supplies Set

It’s your first time hosting a regal birthday party decorations, and you might wonder what decorations are needed to enchant it. Don’t stress because we’re here to introduce you to the all-inclusive princess party supplies set. The set is a dozen of 16 pieces, such as plates, cups, napkins, balloons, utensils, and so on, for you to prepare an ideal royal birthday. So, let’s relax and enjoy the castle theme from this product on that day. 

Princess Birthday Party Treats

In a princess-themed birthday celebration, you might wonder about the best treats for your honored guests. Choosing delightful snacks and goodies is essential in creating a magical party. We understand your concern, so we have curated a list of princess birthday party treats to help you order ideal treats. Scroll down to know what these ideas are!

1. Princess Cake

Princess Cake

Every girl always wants to be a princess in their own life. However, what does your dream princess look like? The princess cake is also the answer to this question. With its luscious layers of sponge cake and a colorful marzipan cover, the cake is a royal delight that any young princess will adore. 

2. Tiara Cupcakes

Tiara Cupcakes

The tiara cupcakes are an adorable treat for women and even girl kids worldwide on a royal birthday theme. The little princess will feel that she is the most special person, or for grown-up women, this cake will ignite a sense of power in their hearts. That’s why you should include this treat on your menu to sweeten your day. 

3. Magic Potion Punch

Magic Potion Punch

There would be a magical choice, the magic potion punch, for those young at heart on her birthday. This engaging beverage will bring a touch of whimsy to your regal birthday bash. The vibrant colors and sweet flavors make it a hit for friends and loved ones.  Also, the drink is a surefire way to make everyone feel part of a fairy tale. Let your inner child come alive and treat yourself to this whimsical concoction. 

4. Royal Sandwiches

princess birthday party ideas

Besides these sparkling decorations, there is another way for you to light up your loved ones’ eyes at a fairy tale birthday party. It’s through the delectable choice of royal sandwiches. This birthday party food option is very simple to make at home, so you can do it yourself. With a wide choice of ingredients, this treat suits meat eaters and vegetarians. Importantly, this food outlook will attract kids to enjoy food happily.  

5. Fruit Wands

Fruit Wands

Right now, you may be asking, what are fruit wands? Actually, they are fruit skewers, a healthy food option for any kind of party. But this treat has become a royal treat for everyone in a princess bash. This option will refresh you with the freshest ingredients and keep people comfortable with its nutrition. 

6. Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue

This delightful dessert offers a variety of dippable delights like strawberries, marshmallows, and pretzels. So, it is also a nice suggestion for your princess’s birthday fest. The dessert is intriguing in appearance and scrumptious in taste, so it is a timeless choice that will continue to enchant kids and adults. 

7. Castle Cookies

Castle Cookies

As the saying goes, eating is the shortest path to a person’s heart. Castle cookies not only taste amazing but also have a charming princess-themed appearance. The intricate designs make them look like they’ve come straight out of a storybook castle. We ensure you’ll see smiles on everyone’s faces as they experience the magic of taste and presentation from this option. 

8. Pink Lemonade

princess birthday party ideas

Many people may prefer something other than lemonade. But we think they’ll change their minds as they enjoy the delightful pink lemonade at your castle birthday fest. This charming beverage offers a sweet and tangy flavor that’s bound to win hearts. It is still the taste of lemon, but it will add other elements to balance the sour. This would be perfect for a princess tea party birthday idea.

9. Princess Popcorn

Princess Popcorn

When it comes to princess-themed birthday party foods and drinks, the first thing that comes to your mind is pink edible options, right? Today, we want to suggest a tasty one like that, the princess popcorn. This snack is always the best friend for sweet tooth people, especially when customized with pastel colors. Add it to your menu and see how it adds a special sparkle to your event. 

10. Crown-shaped Pizza

Crown-shaped Pizza

If you’ve ever hosted a birthday party, you know that food is one of the trickiest parts of planning. But don’t worry, with crown-shaped pizza, you have a delicious solution to make your princess’s special day even more delightful. The pizza is shaped like regal crowns to spread the royal touch to your loved ones. Even for little kids or mature girls, this one will feed them with joy. 

Princess Activities and Bonding Games

A birthday party is a wonderful occasion for everyone to connect and share joy. And at a princess’s birthday, you can’t forget about the royal-themed activities and bonding games that await you. These games will make your celebration even more magical and memorable. Therefore, let’s up for the cheer day with us to bring smiles, laughter, and a sense of togetherness to your special day.

1. Princess Dress-Up

Princess Dress-Up

The top option for fun is always a fashion show with a princess dress-up. Your guest will be required to turn out to be a princess on the day. Then, you can host a show for everyone to twirl and pose in royal attire. That would be a sight to behold. You should remember to invite some awesome men to make the party even more exciting. Your little girl can dress up like Tinana, Belle or even princess Ariel

2. Royal Parade

Royal Parade

The royal parade is a perfect activity for you if you’re planning for people of all ages, from kids to older guests. The joy of this idea is that everyone can become part of a grand procession. It’s a wonderful way to unite everyone and create cherished memories at your fantasy princess party. Emotionally, this activity bridges generations and bonds people together. 

3. Crown Decorating

princess birthday party ideas

Let’s host a friendly competition with the idea of crown decorating. This activity features fun and creative elements to engage your beloved on your birthday day, even a little party. You can give your young princesses and princes various decorating materials and let their imaginations run wild. Their result will be a memorable keepsake from the event for them to value. 

4. Pin the Tiara on the Princess

Pin the Tiara on the Princess

What’s pin the tiara on the princess? It’s a fantastic interactive game perfect for your upcoming princess birthday. You’ll have a large picture of a princess without her tiara. Each participant is blindfolded and takes turns trying to pin the tiara in the right spot on the princess’s head. The rule sounds simple, but there is lots of excitement and fun that awaits you with this idea. 

5. Princess Storytime

Princess Storytime

For your little princess, we believe that princess storytime is the best way for her to enjoy her birthday. She may get enchanting tales of bravery, friendship, and adventure with these magical stories or fairy tales. Through this experience, she will grab some heartwarming lesions. This activity is educational yet joyful for your daughter to go through her big day. 

6. Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

If you want to host your daughter’s exciting princess birthday party, add this princess treasure hunt game to your list. With clues and maps, you can create an adventure that will transport her to the magic world with a monster, prince, and princess. The game comes in various ways, so let’s be creative based on her preference to make this game even more thrilling. 

7. Princess Sing-Along

Princess Sing Along

It would be wonderful for you to enhance your princess birthday party experience with the idea of a princess sing-along. You can sing your favorite princess songs with friends while enjoying fun from this entertainment. You also get this idea for a little one’s birthday. With the heartwarming activity, you will joy, share, and create memories with friends.

8. Royal Crafts

Royal Crafts

The royal crafts may sound tricky and are only for crafting talents, but you are wrong. It’s a fantastic idea for everyone, from kids to mature, regardless of their crafting abilities. The idea will require you to set up creative stations where everyone can make tiaras, wands, or even fairy tale bookmarks. This is a way for your guests to express their creativity and take home a handmade keepsake from the party.

9. Princess Bingo

Princess Bingo

Bingo is a classic game that’s been enjoyed for a long time. However, did you know you can customize it to fit a princess theme for your birthday party? Replacing the regular numbers with princess-themed images or words gives you a fun game to entertain your guests. Plus, this game is full of joy, so it is an enjoyable option to amuse everyone. 

10. Royal Dance Party

Royal Dance Party

To perfect a royal princess birthday party idea, dancing is a must-have part. With your own prince, you can dance to some loving or classic melodies. Then, the atmosphere will heat up and open everyone’s heart door to welcome love. That would be a sweet time to lose, have fun, and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime on your day. 

11. Cinderella Slipper Relay

Cinderella Slipper Relay

Why not relive Cinderella’s enchanting story with the Cinderella slipper relay at your daughter’s birthday? Kids can participate in a fun race by taking turns wearing Cinderella’s glass slipper and passing it to the next participant. The playful activity will have everyone laughing. So, let’s bring this game to your planning and see what fun it will be. 

12. Princess Pictionary

Princess Pictionary

You may be surprised by your little princess’s drawing ability as you introduce the princess pictionary at her birthday party. The children can draw and guess various princess-themed words or phrases. You also have this game on the grow-up women’s birthday. The playful entertainment will engage all the young royals at the celebration and encourage them to be creative right on paper. 

13. Royal Scavenger Hunt

Royal Scavenger Hunt

You are likely quite familiar with the fun that a scavenger hunt can bring to life. And to align with a princess birthday party idea, this classic game can be transformed into a royal scavenger hunt. Everyone will become a royal family and search for hidden treasures by following clues. This game will lead kids or even young women through a magical adventure. So, get ready for a day filled with royal discoveries now!

14. Princess Trivia

Princess Trivia

Princess trivia is an interesting activity suitable for people of all ages. The game is all about to test everyone’s knowledge of princesses. You should design fairy tale-themed questions if it is your daughter’s birthday. But for young girls, the questions about royal families will be better. Overall, this game is an extra layer of camaraderie to make your party more joyful. 

15. Kiss the Frog Game

Kiss the Frog Game

Have you ever heard about Kiss the Frog, an entertaining game perfect for a princess-themed birthday party? In the game, participants can take turns trying to “transform” a frog into a prince or princess with a kiss. It is interesting, right? We ensure that there will be lots of funny situations you couldn’t imagine will come up. Thus, make sure to smile at your friends on that day. 

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Final words,

The party is always so much fun, but as they say, all good things must come to an end. Via these 35 enchanting princess birthday party ideas, you will likely draw out a plan to make your or a little girl’s dreams come true. Now, let’s prepare for this special celebration! With our ideas and your creativity, the day will filled with lovely memories that you and everyone will carry in your heart forever.  

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