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15+ Awesome Preppy Birthday Party Ideas To Make Everyone Surprised

Are you a fan of the classic elegance of preppy style? At a time, trendy styles took the lead in fashion, but now traditional style is back with a modern twist. Of course, a preppy-themed birthday party is the best way to enjoy this comeback. We’ve got your back as you think about the details of your party. Look through our carefully chosen collection of 15+ awesome preppy birthday party ideas to ensure your party is the best!

15+ Preppy Birthday Party Ideas for a Fabulous Day

1. Elegant party

Elegant party

This fancy party is not a bad idea if you want a truly luxurious preppy birthday! You can pick from many places for a classy birthday party, such as restaurants, hotels, ballrooms, and halls. If you have people who want to show off their best clothes and enjoy a birthday in style, it’s so easy! You can take everyone somewhere because this idea makes you feel very elegant and “preppy” vibe!

2. Pastel Party

Pastel party

Pastels are always a good choice for elegant girls at a preppy-themed birthday party. But don’t be afraid to use the classic prints that preppy style loves. Patterns with polka dots and checks are very classic. You could add some plaid or argyle to your scarf, jacket, coat, or anything else you like!

3. Book a Private Pod

Book a private pod

Private pods have become a new place for guests to hang out in restaurants and other places lucky enough to have them. If you’re okay booking one of these pods or have a favorite spot nearby, this is a great way to make your preppy birthday much fancier. Some of these private pods outside have cute themes and decorations that make the experience exclusive. 

4. Book a Luxury Location

Book a luxury location

If you want to organize a grand preppy birthday party, booking a luxury location should be the first thing you must consider! For a preppy style, a place filled with privacy and modern designs will level up your birthday party more. You can prioritize places with great views of the sea or lake. From this, your guests can mingle while they take in the view of it through the windows. 

5. Preppy in the Valley Party

Preppy in the Valley Party

Without a doubt, the style of the 1990s is back! For a fun traditional birthday party idea, make it a “Clueless” party and tell your guests to dress like they did in the ’90s valley. Tell your guests to wear jackets and vests, khakis, and striped miniskirts, and don’t forget the shiny lip gloss. Holding a preppy party in the valley will be a great idea to make you feel like you relive those memorable years of preppy!

6. Tropical Pool Party

Tropical Pool Party

Everyone loves to enjoy the pool in the summer, so why not follow that concept for an upcoming preppy birthday? It is aimed at a style that favors freedom and enjoyment of life. Bright flowers and pool floats with palm-leaf designs will give your summer pool party a tropical feel. Your guests will have a great time at the party because there will be many exciting things to do in this tropical pool.

7. Top-level birthday party

Top-level birthday party

To wow your guests with a stunning view of the city and sky, you might want to look for a rooftop spot or an event space in a tall building. When you have a party somewhere with a glass roof, the views from above are especially beautiful. Anyone who goes will never forget that unique preppy party idea!

8. Hire a private chef 

Hire a private chef 

For your special day, you can have a special birthday by hiring a private cook to show you how to make creamy rice or a rich paella full of seafood. Sit down and enjoy your private chef’s wonderful dishes for you and your loved ones on this preppy-style birthday. Isn’t it wonderful?

9. Go-Karting


If you and your friends like fast things, you should have your preppy party at a go-kart track. You just take a ride and compete to see who can go the fastest. After straying, certain locations with bars and private rooms are ideal party spots. This is a fun thing to do that will make your birthday joyful!

10. Outdoor Movie Night Party

Outdoor Movie Night Party

On your special day, you can enjoy the warm summer nights by having a movie night outside. For an outstanding party idea, get a projector and a screen and hang up some twinkle lights. You can also prepare chairs or picnic blankets with soft pillows and make a lot of popcorn. This party will be a chance to have fun chit-chat with your loved ones while watching movies.

11. Book a hotel

Book a hotel

Hotels have a lot of rooms that can be used for events, and they’re great for almost any type of party. But to make things interesting, have your preppy birthday party somewhere far away. You can find a place everyone can get to and book the hotel rooms and the venue. Then you can make a list of who wants to come. 

There are many chances to check out the area, try new spots, and see what the place offers when you go somewhere new. Without a doubt, this is something new that will make your birthday so much fun and special.

12. Blue and white dinner party

Blue and white dinner party

To have a fairy-like and light-feeling space, it’s hard not to mention blue and white as a color combo. When preparing a preppy dinner theme, a blue-white theme is a great choice because it fits so well when you eat outside. For a natural look, you can use a tablecloth with a block print, blue and white dishes, and simple glasses. An elegant party with blue and white will make you feel special for this preppy birthday theme.

13. Floating Hot Tub Party

Floating Hot Tub Party

What a great birthday idea! Floating hot tub parties are one of those preppy styles that you might not expect that can lead to truly fun experiences. What’s better than having a unique chat while enjoying tasty food on a big float? Not only you but surely the people sitting with you enjoying your special birthday party will also love this idea.

14. Summer bridal shower

Summer bridal shower

For those who love delicate, gentle sweets, this is a very classic idea but still has a very “preppy” look. You can decorate a beautiful wedding shower for summer by using the season’s colors and smells as ideas. First, create your lemonade, then bake tiny lemon bundt cakes. Then, do not forget to put fresh lemons on the tables to highlight the bright theme. A simple but lovely idea brings a lot of emotions to you and your guests!

15. Mini-golf party

Mini-golf party

Golf is a sport that the preppy style always pursues to show off its luxury and wealth. So, to take advantage of this birthday party, why don’t you organize a mini-golf session to play? This would be an interesting activity to make any golf lovers have a fun time together and blow a breath of preppy wind into your special day!

16. Aquarium party

Aquarium party

Last, we recommend having the preppy party of your dreams under the sea! Your friends will eat and drink in a special setting where there are thousands of various types of marine life. Moreover, the dishes at this party are also inspired by the ocean. This gives your guests a wonderful birthday experience of the ocean, visually and tastefully.

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Final Thought

It can be hard to plan a preppy birthday party. You have to think of more things to do to make it more interesting and creative. But everything works out once you know what party concept you want. Also, it’s worth making this birthday party an amazing celebration that your guests will impress and remember!

There are lots of unique approaches to planning a memorable birthday party. Hopefully, through 15+ awesome preppy birthday party ideas, you have some ideas and know what you want to do. It would be a great party if you could remember them throughout the process.

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