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33 Frozen Birthday Party Ideas For Little Girls In 2024 

The animated movie ‘Frozen’ is not just a magical tale; it holds a special place in the hearts of many girls around the world, including mine. Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and the adorable reindeer have become beloved characters that we can’t help but adore. They have ignited a magical frenzy in my life. I can’t resist singing along to the enchanting ‘Let It Go’ and dreaming of having a little friend like Olaf.

For little girls, and me also when I was young who are passionate about Frozen, nothing beats a birthday party in the style of Princess Elsa, snowman Olaf, and the lovable reindeer. The collection of ideas below is sure to provide the most fantastic suggestions for a memorable birthday celebration, where we, the little friends, can come together and immerse ourselves in the enchanting world of ‘Frozen.’ Join me in exploring these exciting ideas!

16 Lovely Frozen Themes And Decoration Ideas For The Birthday Party 

Every birthday party will have a theme with a lot of decorations around. And of course, the party for those who love Frozen is the same. You will need a lot of decorations in the main colors of blue and white, and a lot of accessories to bring out the details like in the animated movie Frozen, and here are some suggestions for you to refer to.

1. Frozen Style Invitation Card

Frozen Style Invitation Card

Having Frozen-themed cards is really important to let everyone know about your special party. You can either get it as a digital file or print it. These cards come with a Disney picture and a custom message. They also have all the essential party info like the purpose of the party, date, time, place, and how to RSVP. It’s a perfect choice for kids’ birthday celebrations.

Check out the invitation template at postermywall

2. Frozen Character Costumes

Frozen Character Costumes

The Bash has a bunch of talented actors who can dress up as Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and even Olaf. They’re all set to make your upcoming event truly unforgettable. These actors are really good at capturing the magic of these characters, and your party will have a special enchantment that your guests will talk about for a long time. You can use the costumed characters rental service at The Bash.

Alternatively, if you’re not keen on renting, you can also consider buying costumes and transforming with your loved ones into fun characters. For instance, birthday girls can wear an Elsa costume, while family members or friends can dress up as Olaf, Anna, or even the lovable reindeer Sven.

3. Face Paint

Face Paint

Face painting at a birthday party is a fantastic idea. It’s a fun way to bring some magic and transform your party guests into princesses. You can make it even more special by using a snowflake stencil to paint lovely snowflakes on all the little Annas and Elsas. It’s sure to be a hit!

4. A Reindeer For The Party 

A Reindeer For The Party

At The Bash, they even have a service where you can rent a Sven lookalike (or perhaps a hilarious donkey) for your Frozen-themed party! These animals come with expert handlers, so the kids can enjoy interacting with and discovering real-life reindeer. How cool is that for a party idea!

5. Cute Snowflake Garland 

Cute Snowflake Garland 

Making a DIY Snowflake Garland is simple and brings magic to your winter wonderland. Create cute little snowflakes and attach them to balloon strings, or make a face costume. How do you feel about these Frozen party ideas up to this point? Your party guests are sure to enjoy these suggestions!

Check out the tutorial at ohhappyday

6. DIY Princess Crown 

DIY Princess Crown 

Craft these enchanting Disney Frozen-inspired princess crowns for your little girl and her friends. The girls will have a blast wearing them at the party, and they can also serve as party favors! If you want all the girls to have one to feel extra special, don’t worry. These DIY crowns are super easy to make with just simple materials, and you and your daughter can create them ahead of the birthday celebration. They’re not only beautiful but also lots of fun!

Check out the tutorial at thedwellingtree 

7. DIY Frozen Birthday Hat 

DIY Frozen Birthday Hat 

If you still find the crowns a bit challenging, these hats will surely win you over. They are designed in the classic birthday hat style and can be customized with various characters. These Frozen character party hats are loads of fun!

Buy the printable on Party Hat 

8. DIY Frozen Party Age Sign Decoration

DIY Frozen Party Age Sign Decoration

I really like the concept of using the age number for a DIY project for a birthday girl. It’s a simple idea, but a few exterior details can transform it into a fantastic decoration for a Frozen-themed birthday party. Of course, you can customize the number to match the girl’s age.

Check out the concept idea at karaspartyideas

9. Frozen Wand 

Frozen Wand 

Another enjoyable Frozen party idea is to let your young princess guests create their magical ice princess wands. Make sure you have plenty of glitter, snowflakes, sparkles, and glue available. Give the girls the freedom to design their unique wands. It’s sure to be a lot of fun!

10. DIY Frozen Snow Globe 

DIY Frozen Snow Globe

Snow globes have a touch of magic, especially when you craft them on your own. For a delightful DIY project, arrange a station with jars, glitter, and small figurines, so the kids can make their very own one-of-a-kind snow globes. If it’s a winter birthday party, this idea is even more fitting, as it ties in nicely with the chilly season.

Check out the tutorial at  Life Over C’s

11. Frozen Color Scheme

Frozen Color Scheme

For a Disney Frozen party, go with a color scheme of blue, purple, and white, just like in the movie. Use your imagination to create backdrops, banners, and even lighting that transport people into Elsa and Anna’s magical world.

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12. Simple Balloon Garland

Simple Balloon Garland

Balloons are always a hit with kids! Another great idea for a Frozen-themed birthday party is to use these classic decorations. Simply group together various shades of blue, purple, and white balloons to make a captivating garland. If you’re not sure how to go about it, you can look for a local event planner who specializes in balloon decor to help you out.

13. Snow Machine

Snow Machine

Transforming your party space into a winter wonderland is a breeze, especially for a Frozen-themed party! Whether you’re celebrating indoors or outdoors, consider using a snow machine to add that enchanting touch. You can find fake snow machines on Amazon to give your event a wintry feel, even if it’s in the middle of summer.

14. Frozen Party Bubble Station

Frozen Party Bubble Station

The Frozen DIY Bubble Station is a fun thing to do at a summer outdoor Frozen birthday party. Children can use the bubble dispenser to make their own bubble mix and create lots of Elsa Snow Bubbles. Plus, it’s super easy to set up!

Check out the tutorial at twosisterscrafting

15. Frozen DIY Bubble Wands 

Frozen DIY Bubble Wands

We created these DIY bubble wands using pipe cleaners and plastic beads for our Disney Frozen party bubble station. It’s a simple craft that makes a big difference. To make a bubble solution, you only need a bit of dish soap. After all, which kid doesn’t like blowing bubbles?

Check out the tutorial at twosisterscrafting

16. Frozen Theme Sleepover

Frozen Theme Sleepover

Girls enjoy hanging out and having fun after a birthday party, so a sleepover is something every girl dreams of! If you have enough room, set up a room with teepees, one for each child, and decorate them with Frozen party stuff and goodie bags. Tell your guests to wear their favorite Anna or Elsa costume. Then, as a special nighttime treat, they can watch the movie Frozen or Frozen 2. It’ll be a blast!

If you don’t have a teepee, buy one on Etsy

Disney Frozen Birthday Party Activities  

17. Build a Snowman

Build a Snowman

Do you want to create a snowman? If there’s no real snow during the party, this melting snowman craft is a great activity for the kids. They can use glue, shaving cream, and flour to make their own melting snowmen and have fun decorating them with glitter, googly eyes, and a paper top hat.

Check out the tutorial at  Teaching Mama

18. DIY Sleds for Ice Block Races

DIY Sleds for Ice Block Races

When I was a kid, I loved this game, but now I know you don’t have to go to amusement parks to play it. These Disney Frozen DIY sleds for ice block races were a big hit at our Frozen birthday party, and we’ve got all the instructions right here.

Check out the instructions at twosisterscrafting

19. Frozen Photo Booth Backdrop 

Frozen Photo Booth Backdrop

With all the ideas I’ve mentioned above, from DIY crowns and beautiful costumes to various decorations, it’s essential to capture these moments in photographs to create lasting memories. For this simple photo booth, all you need to do is set up a blue canvas background, cut out some paper snowflakes, and add a white chair – that’s it! Oh, and don’t forget, you can include other decorations in the background too, like balloons, for example.

20. Frozen Bingo Play 

Frozen Bingo Play 

A game of bingo is always a hit and a fun way to keep everyone entertained at a party. This set comes with 12 bingo cards, clear instructions, cut-out calling card pieces, and game markers. It’s a great addition to your party activities!

You can buy the printable version on Etsy 

21. Frozen Character Painting

Frozen Character Painting

Little girls usually enjoy drawing and being creative. Since this party is mainly for girls, let’s make sure the activities match. The young girls at your party will really like this activity. Give them these adorable magnets and let each child paint their own. These can also serve as fantastic party favors!

Buy the painting set on Etsy or Amazon 

22. Frozen Theme Scavenger Hunt

Frozen Theme Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are loads of fun and a great way to keep kids happy! Hide all the Frozen cutouts around your party area and give out these lovely Frozen scavenger hunt cards. The first one to find all the Frozen items is the winner!

Check out the tutorial at bombshellbling

23. Snowman Slam Game 

Snowman Slam Game

If you’re searching for a fun Frozen-themed game that’s simple to set up, this is the one! Decorate six Styrofoam cups with orange and black craft foam, stack them up, and use three balled-up white socks as snowballs to knock down the snowmen. This game might require a bit of cup resetting, but it’s worth it for the kids to have a great time at the birthday party, don’t you think?

24. Snow Balloon Fight

Snow Balloon Fight

Split the party into two groups and have one team toss inflated blue and white balloons at the other team. If a balloon hits you, you’re out of the game. Keep playing until there’s only one player left. Then, switch the teams and play again. Don’t forget to use blue and white balloons to match the Frozen birthday party theme!

25. Pin The Carrot On Olaf

Pin The Carrot On Olaf

Olaf keeps misplacing his nose. Join the fun with a Frozen-themed version of “pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey.” You’ll need a blindfold and a cardboard Olaf cutout. Have each player take turns blindfolded and try to pin his carrot nose back on as accurately as they can.

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Frozen Birthday Party Food Ideas That You May Want To Try 

26. Frozen Snowflake Pretzel

Frozen Snowflake Pretzel

This idea for a Disney Frozen birthday party comes from two creative sisters. These sweet and salty treats were a hit on our dessert table. These twisted cookies in this shape are really unique, and I’m sure the kids will love them.

Check out the tutorial at twosisterscrafting

27. Snowflake Sugar Cookies

Snowflake Sugar Cookies

The Frozen snowflake cookies hit our dessert table at the Frozen-themed party. We made them using our excellent sugar cookie and buttercream frosting recipes. You can also use various colors to create different snowflake shapes.

Check out the tutorial at twosisterscrafting

28. Frozen Layer Cake 

Frozen Layer Cake 

I really liked how our gradient Disney Frozen birthday cake looked, and the birthday girl was thrilled with the hard candy frozen ice castle decoration on top.

Check out the tutorial at twosisterscrafting

29. Marshmallow Stick 

Marshmallow Stick

These days, snowflake marshmallow pops can be made in various sizes and flavors. Including Frozen-themed snowflake marshmallow pops will make the birthday party a hit because kids adore anything Frozen. The chocolate coating on the outside makes the marshmallow incredibly delicious.

Check out the tutorial at Pop DIY 

30. Jello Ice Cube 

Jello Ice Cube 

The jello ice cubes are available in two colors, clear and blue. These Frozen-themed treats resemble ice blocks and are a fantastic addition to Disney Frozen-themed fun, making them an excellent choice for kids’ birthday parties.

Check out the tutorial at bubblynaturecreations

31. Popcorn Snowballs

Popcorn Snowballs

Are you searching for a crunchy, icy, and sweet treat for your Disney Frozen-themed birthday celebration? If so, consider popcorn snowballs. They’re a wonderful choice for a party because you can make them a few days in advance, giving you plenty of prep time.

Check out the tutorial at lifemadesimplebakes

32. Frozen Cupcakes

Frozen Cupcakes

You can’t miss cupcakes for a birthday party. Often, a big birthday cake goes to waste, so cupcakes are the perfect individual servings. Get imaginative with various flavors and cake decorations to make a tasty dessert. All you need are some classic cupcakes with beautiful Frozen-themed toppers.

33. Snow Cones

Frozen Cupcakes

Snow cones are the ideal food for a Frozen-themed party, and it’s pretty clear why! You can make them yourself by getting a snow cone machine and some ice, but we suggest hiring a local food cart to serve them. It adds to the fun as guests pick their flavor and watch their frozen treat being made right before their eyes.

Final Words From Loveable

In the end, getting ready for a Frozen-themed birthday party can be a wonderful time for both children and grown-ups. With charming decorations, tasty snacks, and fun activities, you can make a snowy world that will amaze everyone. Just let your imagination go, and remember to enjoy yourself when you celebrate the big day with your little Frozen enthusiast!

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