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50+ Homemade Birthday Cards to Wow Your Loved Ones!

The best homemade birthday cards you can have on hand are simple cards you can make yourself. Late-night birthday party invites or sudden decisions to give cash or a present coupon need a card to always happen. It remains an excellent plan to have hand-made birthday gifts on hand for these events.

Do you believe you’re not skilled? Don’t be worried. We have ideas that aspiring artists of all ages, levels of skill, and time frames can learn. Honestly, you can get so good at making birthday cards that you will find them easy and be pleased with the results. As long as you use your creativity, the options are endless. Check out 50+ homemade birthday cards that will impress your loved ones!

50+ Homemade Birthday Cards for a Meaningful Celebration

1. 3D Flower birthday card

3D Flower birthday card

You don’t have to go to the store for a special birthday card. Instead, you can make this special 3D birthday card with flowers that will stand out. That sounds great, right? You can choose any color of paper or boards from the list, as well as craft glue and tools. The person who gets it will have a nice time, much better than with other gifts.

You can click here to get a tutorial: 3D Flower birthday card

2. Balloon die-cut birthday card

Balloon die-cut birthday card

Are the regular birthday cards you buy at the store too boring? Try this die-cut idea now! This birthday card has an intricate collage-like appearance with die-cut paper elements. However, this card was quick and easy to assemble and packs a bright, special-time feel. Surely, anyone would say “Yes” to the uniqueness and sophistication of this card.

You can click here to get a tutorial: Balloon die-cut birthday card

3. Garland birthday card

Garland birthday card

With this string idea, making birthday cards was never so easy and adorable! With colorful banners, you can make someone feel like it’s their birthday! To make this gift even better, don’t forget to write some thoughtful and kind wishes on the card.

You can read more about: Garland birthday card

4. “You Are So Loved” birthday card

You Are So Loved birthday card

That special someone will adore this sweet card you made yourself so much. Plus, it’s so easy with our free download! You can add stickers or gems to a blank greeting card after you print, trim, and place the design on it.

You can get free templates here: “You Are So Loved” birthday card

5. Simple Candles birthday card

Simple Candles birthday card

Nothing says birthday like a colorful candle, right? This is a creative idea for a fun card with three-dimensional details. It’s also easy to make with party candles, scissors, and paper shapes. What’s better than this homemade card to make this special day even more wonderful?

For more ideas to craft: Simple Candles birthday card

6. Adorable puppy birthday card

Adorable puppy birthday card

This cute do-it-yourself puppy birthday card project is another way to show your well wishes. People who love dogs will enjoy these funny puppy ears cards. Kid-friendly: This is a fun and artistic project that the whole family can work on together. If you make it yourself, the person you’re giving it to will be surprised because it looks unique and cool!!

You can read more about Adorable puppy birthday card

7. Bear birthday card

Bear birthday card

Following these steps will help you quickly become an expert card maker as you make this birthday bear card. As the name suggests, they’re only for birthdays and make a great present for surprise parties. Everyone will be happy when they get this special treat – a handy card from you!

For more ideas to craft: Bear birthday card

8. Lollipops birthday card

Lollipops birthday card

His or her birthday will be even more special because this lollipop card is lovely. Sweet lollipops on a birthday card. Who wouldn’t love this memorable gift? Besides, this idea is easy to do with your existing tools and helps you save time and costs. Make it now to mark this special day for your loved one!

You can click here to get a tutorial: Lollipops birthday card

9. Cow birthday card

Cow birthday card

For a unique birthday gift, try this simple homemade cow birthday card!! Print out a cow party template, get a sheet of paper, a measure, scissors, glue, and tape with two sides. Then make this cute and fun card. That’s a simple yet lovely card to show your love, right?

You can click here to get a tutorial: Cow birthday card

10. Gold-leaf birthday card

Gold-leaf birthday card

These unique, hand-made cards will show your loved one how much you care about them. It will be a great idea to leave a deep impact on their hearts with a yellow color that is so stunning. You may add a bit of gold to your message or imagine it is sure to make him/her happy.

You can click here to get a tutorial: Gold-leaf birthday card

11. Flower birthday card

Flower birthday card

With their delicate look, these paper flowers make this birthday card a work of art. That being said, they’re not that hard to make! To begin, make a flower arrangement in the person’s favorite colors and glue it to the front side of a blank card. When you send a card, it consists of a pretty picture frame so the person can show off the card as a piece of art.

You can click here to get a tutorial: Flower birthday card

12. Cute dog birthday card

Cute dog birthday card

Colors that make your loved one happy? Yes, check. Cute puppies, huh? Check twice. This cute birthday card’s gradient ink and black jewels make it more interesting. A person who adores dogs will adore this greeting card so much! 

You can read more about Cute dog birthday card

13. Leafy birthday card

Leafy birthday card

If you want to give your loved one a truly unforgettable birthday experience, this one-of-a-kind DIY leaf birthday card guide is just what you need. You can also use things you already have at home, like paper shopping bags and pieces of paper. Lovely green leaves next to sweet wishes sounds great, right?

You can click here to get a tutorial: Leafy birthday card

14. Sprinkles birthday card

Sprinkles birthday card

It’s easy and fun to add some personality to your party card. With a stylish and fun little touch, water-sprinkled birthday cards are always a great pick. Your friend or family member will enjoy wiping off the sprinkles and reading what’s written on the card. Just can’t wait to create sparkling cards! 

You can click here to get a tutorial: Sprinkles birthday card

15. Banner birthday card

Banner birthday card

The homemade birthday cards are cute, have a simple message, and are made on beautiful patterned paper. You can use the title on the card instead of writing it in squares to make the card more interesting. Add your wishes and quotes to the banner to make your loved one’s birthday feel even more special.

You can read more about Banner birthday card

16. Ballon string birthday card

Ballon string birthday card

Your loved one’s birthday party will go to a whole new level with this bright balloon birthday card. They are very pretty, easy for anyone to make, and have lots of fun and sparkly features. A great way to show off your skills and make everyone say “WOW.” Try to craft now!

You can click here to get a tutorial: Ballon string birthday card

17. Wrapped gift birthday card

Wrapped gift birthday card

Even though this easy and quick birthday card idea is very simple, it still surprises the person who receives it with its unique look. You can begin with an unpainted card. On top of it, glue a thin square with a design that stands out. This pretty homemade card will look even better with a ribbon and flower on it!

For more ideas to craft: Wrapped gift birthday card

18. Shaker birthday card

Shaker birthday card

Although this birthday card design requires quite a few accessories, the result it gives you will be very satisfying. On the front of a shaker card, an item moves. The front of this shaker card has a cute birthday wish, bringing a very new experience to the recipient. A great idea that makes your loved one unforgettable with this unique gift; what could be better?

You can click here to get a tutorial: Shaker birthday card

19. Washi tape cake birthday card

Washi tape cake birthday card

The only thing sweeter than a card with Washi tape on it is a real birthday cake! Making your birthday card (or any other card) with washi tape is one of the cutest things you can do with it. To get started, grab some cardboard, a few different types of washi tape, and basic tools from your home. Because it’s delightful, this card will make anyone quickly fall in love at first look.

You can read more about Washi tape cake birthday card

20. Cupcake birthday card

Cupcake birthday card

Don’t buy expensive birthday cards from the store. Instead, you can make your cupcake birthday cards. Making this birthday card with only a few craft items is cute and fun, so you don’t need any skills to do this. A child may easily create them for their friends. The person who gets it will be very happy with how easy and enjoyable it is.

You can click here to get a tutorial: Cupcake birthday card

21. Poker birthday card

Cupcake birthday card

Everyone will be like “OMG” over this creative project because it’s so funny and cool. This idea for a homemade birthday card is wonderful for your friend who likes to play poker. Are there any better ways to spend a birthday than with this thoughtful homemade gift in a warm and happy space?

You can read more about Poker birthday card

22. Scrapbook sticker birthday card

Cupcake birthday card

Many people love this clever DIY birthday card design, even though it couldn’t be easier. To quickly make your birthday cards, you’ll want to use stickers from a scrapbook. This is an excellent option when you need a card quickly to please someone because it’s quick, delicate for your recipient’s style, and still very pretty.

You can read more about Scrapbook sticker birthday card

23. Paper candles birthday card

Paper candles birthday card

“I love it” will be the first thing your loved one says when receiving this wonderful card! This idea for a candle birthday card is bright, fun, and so simple that it will make anyone smile! Cut short, highly colored paper strips and glue them to the front of a blank card to get this look. You can draw your own “flames” or use glitter paper to finish this cheerful birthday card.

You can read more about Paper candles birthday card

24. Sequin Shaker birthday card

Sequin Shaker birthday card

One nice way for sequin fans to show off their craft skills is by making birthday cards. Someone like that can make this birthday Sequim shaker card, and it folds down to hide a secret. You can make this project your own by adding important details to this cute card. A lovely little card that you made yourself, isn’t it great? 

You can click here to get a tutorial: Sequin Shaker birthday card

25. Pom ice cream birthday card

Pom ice cream birthday card

This idea comes from pom poms and a decor paper that shows you how to make a waffle with different levels. Opening a card with lots of patterns makes it feel more three-dimensional, which is a nice treat. Not only do interesting gifts impress your loved one on their birthday, but this card, with its very unique and cute look, is what makes them smile.

You can click here to get a tutorial: Pom ice cream birthday card

26. Dahlia fold dress birthday card

Dahlia dress birthday card

The fine details on this lovely paper dress design come from stamped and folded dahlias on two-sided design paper, which makes it look and feel very real. If you know someone who loves fashion, this card will help her appreciate you every time she sees it. Also, it shows off your talent and skill to others, making everyone admire and be impressed.

You can click here to get a tutorial: Dahlia fold dress birthday card

27. Handwritten birthday card

Handwritten birthday card

It ought not to be hard to come up with cute homemade birthday card ideas for your loved ones. First, stick the paper flag to its front with glue or double-sided tape. Your handwriting on the card will make the card unique and make the person receiving it feel close and familiar. Isn’t it awesome that you made something simple with all your heart and soul?

28. Coloring Page birthday card

Coloring Page birthday card

There’s nothing more fun than making your birthday card, and this wonderful birthday card is the coolest way to have twice as much fun at any event. To complete your cute birthday card, print out this birthday coloring page and follow the steps below to create a one-and-only card for your loved one. Do it right away; don’t think twice!

You can click here to get a tutorial: Coloring Page birthday card

29. Minimalist birthday card

Coloring Page birthday card

It’s a good idea for people who like simple things and don’t want to spend a lot of money to make their birthday card. For this lovely rainbow birthday card, all you need is a cheap watercolor set. You don’t have to study art either. To make an amazing gradient, all you have to do is draw lines. Pretty and delicate, why not try it now?

You can read more about Minimalist birthday card

30. Easy peasy birthday card

Easy peasy birthday card

It only takes 15 minutes and a few simple supplies to make this party card yourself. You most likely already have them all with you.  People who don’t have much time will love this option because it still greatly impacts the receiver. You can make a beautiful card with 4 simple and quick steps below: 

Step 1: Fold and Prep

  • Fold the colored paper in half for the card base.
  • Cut out simple shapes from colored paper.

Step 2: Design the Front

  • Arrange and glue/tape shapes onto the front for a birthday theme.

Step 3: Personalize Inside

  • Write a heartfelt birthday message inside with markers or pens.
  • Optionally, add stickers or embellishments.

Step 4: Final Touch and Share

  • Sign your name, check the inside, and make any adjustments.
  • Present the card with a smile to the birthday person!

31. Photo birthday card

Photo birthday card

Of course, the idea of using pictures to make your birthday cards has never gone out of style. You just need to add a personal message and share your best picture of the lucky person. The pictures and sentiments in the card will make their hearts beat faster.

For more ideas to craft: Photo birthday card

32. Hero birthday card

Hero birthday card

To surprise kids, heroes are always an ideal plan. If you know any Marvel fans whose birthday is coming up, get ready to delight them. This is much better than a plain card from the shop. The person you’re sending this to will feel very moved by it, and they will remember the effort you put into it. Don’t hesitate and try it now!

You can click here to get a tutorial: Hero birthday card

33. Simple Pop-Up birthday card

Simple Pop-Up birthday card

You’ll be surprised at how simple yet adorable this fun card is to make. Everyone loves sparkle, so this idea is great to impress your loved one. The person who receives this card will be very happy and will always keep this sparkling card like a treasure.

You can read more about Simple Pop-Up birthday card

34. Woven wishes birthday card

Woven wishes birthday card

What a cool idea for this special day! The form of this cute and fun card is like a knitted basket. You only need to weave strips of scrap paper through holes in the cardboard. This kind of thing makes you smack your face and ask, “Why didn’t I think of something this awesome!?”(Just kidding!).

You can click here to get a tutorial: Woven wish birthday card

35. Balloon birthday card

Balloon birthday card

Thanks for the great idea of pom balloon party cards. It makes your cards look more stylish and is a beautiful memory that the receiver will love. Let someone you care about know that their birthday is coming up. This is how you can make their day extra memorable. 

You can click here to get a tutorial: Balloon birthday card

36. Simple balloon birthday card

Simple balloon birthday card

How easy it is to make your birthday card! An empty envelope, some paper, and a pen are all you need to make a funny balloon greeting card. You should use glue or double-sided tape to connect a ball form cut from light paper to a blank card. 

You can also make your card from folded cardboard. Put a sweet note on the balloon and put this cute card in the package. This card is easy, but it’s still a great way to help someone have a chill out.

37. Pressed-flower birthday card

Pressed-flower birthday card

What a dreamy birthday card idea to make your loved one’s day more exciting! With pretty pressed flowers, you can give a birthday card a new look and make something worth keeping. The vibrant hues, the smell, and the promise of spring will deeply impact the person who receives it, giving them times they will never forget.

You can click here to get a tutorial: Pressed-flower birthday card

38. Watercolor Initial birthday card

Watercolor Initial birthday card

The best way to surprise someone whose birthday is coming up is to make this painting’s first birthday card. This artsy card can be changed in many ways to make it unique. Anyone will love receiving it. Letting your kids paint with watercolors will make this project more fun!

You can read more about Watercolor Initial birthday card

39. Confetti birthday card

Confetti birthday card

This design’s confetti features might take a little longer to put together and use, but the result is well worth the extra work. What a beautiful card for a pretty, sweet girl! She will love that you put so much thought into it. Without a doubt, this is such a great plan to try if you want to be a “hero” on this special day!

You can click here to get a tutorial: Confetti birthday card

40. Embroidered birthday card

Embroidered birthday card

How unique it is! These homemade embroidered birthday cards are great to show your love for sewing by hand. Put your best pictures and wishes on the fabric, and let the sewing thread and needle do their thing. When you’re done, you’ll have a nice treat for the person on their special day.

You can click here to get a tutorial: Embroidered birthday card 

41. Modern birthday card

Modern birthday card

Are you aiming for a simple and modern card? Here is a great idea for you. This printable birthday card has a modern black and gold design, giving the recipient a feeling of luxury and sophistication. Cut the cards to the right size and fold them in half down the middle, and your nice homemade Happy Birthday cards are now ready to use.

You can click here to get a tutorial: Modern birthday card

42. Number Cut-Out birthday card

Number Cut-Out birthday card

You can easily make your birthday card with a die-cut card. To begin, you can take a solid-colored blank card and clip a piece of printed paper just a bit smaller than the card’s front. 

From a piece of printed paper, cut some out with craft tools. After removing the cut-out number, you can glue the printed paper edge to the card’s outside. Someone’s day will be more special if they get a card with a significant number representing their age.

You can click here to get a tutorial: Number Cut-Out birthday card

43. Scroll-Style birthday card

Scroll-Style birthday card

If your birthday card has to express a lot of information visually, why not try writing it on a roll of paper? This incredibly fresh experience in an easy-to-make homemade idea is a treat! Just write your words of love and wrap it. The recipient will be very touched and grateful for this unique card.

You can click here to get a tutorial: Scroll-Style birthday card

44. Accordion birthday card

Accordion birthday card

Perfect for those who are staying apart, this homemade birthday card includes birthday messages that last all week. A unique gift that can be opened every day of the week is made with double-sided tape and cards that can be used repeatedly. You can be sure that when your loved one gets it, they will be deeply moved by a unique birthday card they have never seen before.

You can read more about Accordion birthday card

45. Pink candle birthday card

Pink candle birthday card

The real pink candles on this homemade birthday card will make the card stand out in everyone’s eyes! With a few simple steps, you have given yourself a lovely and feminine card to surprise and please them on this meaningful occasion. Don’t forget the piece of paper with heart motifs; it will make your card 1000 times more adorable!

You can click here to get a tutorial: Pink candle birthday card

46. Hand-drawn birthday card

Hand-drawn birthday card

Flowers and written material are always great methods to make a homemade birthday card look extra special. To make this cute birthday card, all you need is some paper with watercolors and some cute markers. One look at this simple, natural beauty is enough to move anyone.

You can read more about Hand-drawn birthday card

47. Last-Minute birthday card

Last-Minute birthday card

It can be hard to find the right, exclusive card for that special someone. Why not try making your own that fits the person you’re giving it to? The best part is that you can quickly make the welcome card unique right before the birthday event. Simple but still highly effective, surely you will be surprised at your ingenuity and high aesthetics!

You can click here to get a tutorial: Last-Minute birthday card

48. Collage birthday card

Collage birthday card

Enjoy the cake with this really cute birthday card that was made by hand. It’s easy to create this homemade card, but it looks like a lot of work went into it. When you give it to them, your loved ones will be amazed at your cleverness and creativity. 

You can click here to get a tutorial: Collage birthday card

49. Pop-up birthday card

Collage birthday card

Normal cards for birthdays are lovely on the outside, but having one with a surprise inside is a great way to truly wow your friends. This pop-up birthday card is a fun way to wish those you love a happy birthday.

The fact that you made it yourself will make the card more poignant. You only need A6 newspaper, white paper, paper that stands out, pencils, and glue to make a sweet gift for someone you care about.

You can read more about Pop-up birthday card

50. Glitter birthday card

Glitter birthday card

For their birthday, who doesn’t like some sparkle? This shiny and brilliant birthday card is certain to be the talk of the party because of that. An awesome birthday card with rainbow-colored glitter that makes your gift stand out. Why wait? Try it right away and surprise them.

For more ideas to craft: Glitter birthday card

51. Geometric birthday card

Geometric birthday card

The geometric pattern on this homemade birthday card is very simple but amazing, and it looks very classy and beautiful because of the small bows and warm colors. Your creativity and care will amaze them a lot when you make this lovely craft for the person you love on his/her special day.

You can click here to get a tutorial: Geometric birthday card

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While birthday wishes on social media are quick, there’s something memorable about getting a hand-made card in the mail or at your door. Also, you don’t have to rush to the store; you can make these cards at home instead. They are a lovely way to show your love for someone and go well with surprise gift ideas.

Hopefully, this article will give you more great ideas about Homemade birthday cards to wow your loved ones! Wishing you and your family and friends happy and memorable moments together on this special day, and don’t forget to follow Loveable for more unique ideas!

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