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40 Soccer Birthday Party Ideas to Kick Off Your Celebration

Are you ready to kick off the ultimate soccer-themed birthday celebration? If your child is a soccer enthusiast and you’re planning a birthday party that’s sure to score big, you’ve come to the right place! Soccer birthday parties are fun and a fantastic way to combine your child’s love for the sport with an unforgettable celebration. 

In this guide, we’ll unveil a winning game plan filled with exciting soccer birthday party ideas to entertain young athletes and create lasting memories. From soccer-themed decorations to thrilling games and activities, get ready for a goal-scoring extravaganza like no other!

Soccer Theme Party Decorations 

1. Soccer Stadium Photo Backdrop

Soccer Stadium Photo Backdrop

This feel-real stadium backdrop perfectly captures the spirit and excitement of a live soccer match. Featuring a dynamic and lifelike image of a packed stadium, and color-splashed banners, this backdrop will be a great preparation for a soccer birthday party idea.

2. Football Field Backdrop 

Football Field Backdrop 

Are you planning a soccer-themed birthday party and need backdrop decorations? Consider this football field backdrop! It serves as an excellent backdrop for memorable photos. With the football field as the focus, this design highlights the party’s theme, making it ideal for any soccer enthusiast.

3. Soccer Photo Booth Props Kit

Soccer Photo Booth Props Kit

This kit is designed to add excitement to any soccer birthday party. Packed with various props, this kit allows party-goers to immerse themselves in soccer while capturing hilarious and memorable moments in the photo booth.

4. Soccer Paper Lanterns

Soccer Paper Lanterns

These lanterns are all about style and making your birthday party look amazing. And guess what? They’ve got this awesome soccer pattern that just screams, “I love soccer!” If you’re a soccer fanatic, you can’t help but love these creative party decorations a lot.

5. Soccer Birthday Banner

Soccer Birthday Banner

This vibrant banner is designed specifically for soccer enthusiasts to transform the party space into a soccer wonderland. Whether it’s a child’s birthday party or an adult gathering, the soccer birthday banner is perfect for any age group and will make your soccer-themed party unforgettable.

6. Soccer Yard Sign

Soccer Yard Sign

The sign features a soccer ball as the focal point. Made of durable materials, it can withstand outdoor conditions. The bold lettering of “Happy Birthday” stands out against the soccer-themed background, ensuring everyone knows it’s a soccer birthday party! 

7. Soccer Birthday Welcome Board

Soccer Birthday Welcome Board

Set this sign before the house door to invite guests to join your stadium that night! This board is the perfect greeting for guests as they enter the party venue, setting the tone for an exciting soccer birthday party. Designed with vibrant and lively colors, it shows various soccer-related images, such as soccer balls, cups, and names, creating a dynamic ambiance. 

8. Girls Soccer Party Banner

Girls Soccer Party Banner

A pinky soccer banner is an essential decoration for a soccer-themed party centered around young girls who love the sport. This party banner boasts a stunning design tailored for a girl’s birthday, featuring eye-catching colors, soccer motifs, and playful imagery.

9. Soccer Theme 3D Paper Letter

Soccer Theme 3D Paper Letter

This 3D letter is skillfully crafted to mimic a soccer ball, featuring intricate detailing and a lifelike texture. This kind of decoration is suitable for taking beautiful photos with a football-loving team. Every guest coming to the party will immediately know who this party is for when they see this decor letter.

10. Soccer Party Balloons Set

Soccer Party Balloons Set

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, soccer balloons can be easily hung or scattered around the party venue. The bold and vivid colors of these balloons, such as gold and blue or classic soccer ball pattern, create a visually appealing display that grabs everyone’s attention.

Soccer Birthday Party Favors

11. Soccer Award Medals

Soccer Award Medals

These high-quality medals embody the spirit of competition and achievement, making them a wonderful addition to the soccer birthday party idea for young soccer enthusiasts. Each medal is carefully crafted with intricate details, showcasing a soccer ball design and a vibrant ribbon.

12. Star Soccer Champion Trophy

Star Soccer Champion Trophy

This trophy is a symbol of achievement, designed to inspire young soccer enthusiasts. Whether awarded as a prize for birthday party games or given to each guest as a favor, this trophy will ignite the competitive spirit. It will bring immense joy to the young soccer fans attending the birthday celebration.

13. Toy Soccer Balls

Toy Soccer Balls

It’s interesting to turn your birthday party into a soccer playground for guests who are passionate about soccer with these toy soccer balls. A space full of soccer balls is a simple but creative way to create a soccer birthday party without needing to prepare too many related decorations. 

14.  Paper Soccer Fans

Paper Soccer Fans

If your birthday party takes place outdoors on a hot day, your guests may find it convenient to have the party sooner than expected! A paper soccer fan is a thoughtful gesture and a practical one that your guests can use throughout the event to keep cool and comfortable. 

15. Soccer Temporary Tattoos

Soccer Temporary Tattoos

All of you, let’s create a soccer team to play at the birthday party! These fun tattoos feature soccer ball designs; you just have them stick on your hands, and guests are soccer players now! With easy application and removal, these tattoos provide a hassle-free way to show off their love for the game. 

16. Soccer DIY Keychain

Soccer DIY Keychain

A soccer DIY keychain is a perfect party favor for any soccer-themed birthday party. Each keychain kit comes with mini soccer balls, colorful beads, and letter charms, allowing guests to assemble their own soccer-inspired keychain. This will be a little gift on behalf of your thanks and gratitude for all the “soccer players” – guests attending your party!

17. Soccer Party Favor Bracelets

Soccer Party Favor Bracelets

If you’re aiming for a winning celebration at your soccer-themed birthday party, these soccer party favor bracelets are just the ticket! Not only do these soccer party favor bracelets enhance any party outfit with their charm, but they also serve as keepsakes that guests can take home.

18. Soccer Birthday Favor Bags

Soccer Birthday Favor Bags

These favor bags are ideal for soccer-themed birthday parties and may be handed out to guests as they arrive or imaginatively displayed on a designated table. The ease of having ready-to-use favor bags saves you time and work in putting together the right soccer-themed party favors.

19. Soccer Slap Bracelets 

Soccer Slap Bracelets

Soccer slap bracelets are an excellent choice for party planners looking for unique and soccer-themed birthday favors for the party attendees. Each bracelet features vibrant colors and soccer-related designs, such as soccer balls, fields, and players.

20. Soccer Ball 

Soccer Ball

This high-quality, durable cup features a vibrant soccer ball design that will thrill soccer enthusiasts of all ages. Its sleek and stylish design makes the cup set follow the soccer concept and will show the care in preparation. 

21. Thank You Soccer Party Favors 

Thank You Soccer Party Favors

These practical keychains come with a matching bag and thank you tag, making them a thoughtful gift for your guests. This set is ideal for storing small items, like coins or earphones. Small gifts but high impact, all of your guests will appreciate your preparation a lot for sure! 

Soccer Birthday Party Food & Cakes

22. Popcorn


Let’s make some simple popcorn and put it into soccer-themed popcorn boxes. It’s ideal to toss in black and white M&M’s or chocolate-covered candies to make it look like little soccer balls. This way, you can turn a regular snack into a fun soccer-themed treat!

23. Mini Hot Dogs or Sausages

Mini Hot Dogs or Sausages

It’s wonderful to serve mini hot dogs or cocktail sausages with a bunch of yummy toppings like ketchup, mustard, relish, and cheese sauce. Your guess will enjoy these tiny sausages in oven-baked bread from Costco. You can even make them right at home using any “pigs in a blanket” recipe you like!

Get the tutorial at Lilluna

24. Fruit Balls

Fruit Balls

Fresh and easy to make, you should try to make these “fruit balls” to match the concept of a soccer birthday party. This dish will bring a cool feeling to your birthday party but is also a football-themed decoration because of its natural green color. A watermelon’s whole flesh can be removed as a serving dish for the fruit balls. 

25. Soccer Field Guacamole Dip

Soccer Field Guacamole Dip

Are you organizing a soccer birthday party but don’t have any food ideas? Then, you can dazzle your visitors with this delectable and super fun soccer field guacamole dip. For soccer enthusiasts, it is the ideal snack suggestion!

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26. Soccer-Themed Cakesicles

Soccer-Themed Cakesicles

Soccer-themed cakesicles are delectable treats that perfectly blend the love for soccer and sugary indulgence. The chocolate bars placed on the cake with the name of each “player” symbolize the association of football enthusiasts. This makes the cake more unique and meaningful. 

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27. Soccer Ball Cookies

Soccer Ball Cookies

Let’s prepare some soccer ball cookies for the birthday party inspired by soccer!  As guesses see these delectable treats, they’re greeted with a rush of excitement and a dash of soccer-inspired joy. Encased in a buttery and melt-in-your-mouth texture, these cookies are an absolute delight for both kids and adults alike.

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28. Soccer Ball Cupcakes 

Soccer Ball Cupcakes 

And if that wasn’t enough, cupcakes decorated in the shape of soccer balls and topped with elaborate frosting designs are sure to make an impression on aspiring players. Such a great idea for a soccer birthday party, right?

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29. Soccer Cake Pops

Soccer Cake Pops

Soccer cake pops are delightful and irresistible treats that perfectly complement any soccer-themed birthday party. Your guests, especially kids, will enjoy every crunchy bite of this pop that satisfies their sweet tooth and leaves them wanting more.

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30. Oreos Soccer Cupcakes 

Oreos Soccer Cupcakes 

Here’s another fun idea with Oreos – try making these adorable DIY soccer ball cupcakes! I love how easy they are to make, yet they turn out incredibly cute. Sometimes, the best ideas are the ones that can be crafted from simple things like this!

Get the tutorial at Indulge with Me

31. Surprise Piñata Futbol Cake

Surprise Piñata Futbol Cake

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and up for a challenge, why not give a fantastic piñata cake a try? This cake is guaranteed to amaze and thrill your soccer birthday party guests. What could be more delightful than slicing into a cake and discovering a hidden chocolate surprise? It’s like a dream come true!

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32. Soccer Cookies

Soccer Cookies

Are you a big fan of double-layer cookies? You will love these soccer-inspired cookies. There’s just something extra cool about their 3-D appearance. These charming little soccer ball cookies are perched beautifully on a bed of frosting grass – you know you can’t resist their cuteness!

Get the tutorial at The Bearfoot Baker

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Soccer Birthday Party Games and Activities 

33. Table Soccer

Table Soccer

Table soccer offers an interactive and competitive experience that can keep children entertained for hours at a soccer birthday party. They can compete in pairs or teams, fostering a sense of healthy competition while also encouraging cooperation and communication among players. 

34. Mini Soccer Tournament

Mini Soccer Tournament

If you celebrate a soccer-themed birthday, this activity is indispensable. You can organize a mini-soccer tournament where kids can showcase their skills in a friendly competition. It’s funny to play with teams and have a round-robin style tournament, complete with jerseys and a trophy for the winning team.

35. Soccer Pinata

 Soccer Pinata

A soccer birthday party will be more complete with a pinata activity. All you need to do is choose a soccer ball-shaped pinata and fill it with candies and soccer-themed toys. It’s funny to encourage the kids to have a go at breaking it open one by one!

36. Face Painting

Face Painting

Another fun soccer birthday party activity is face painting. You can hire a face painter to transform the kids into their favorite soccer players or mascots. It’s a fun and interactive way to keep the party spirit alive.

37. Soccer Art and Craft Station

Soccer Art and Craft Station

For a quieter activity, you can set up an art and craft station where kids can create soccer-themed masterpieces. All you need is to provide coloring sheets, markers, and stickers for them to express their creativity.

38. Maze of Obstacles

Maze of Obstacles

This soccer birthday party activity is particularly suitable for young children as it combines two popular elements: soccer and adventure. Dribbling the ball through obstacles provides a fun and interactive way for kids to improve their soccer skills while enjoying the thrill of exploring a maze. 

39. Penalty Shootout

Penalty Shootout

It’s time to make up your own penalty shootout scenario at your soccer birthday party. Kids may alternate between being the goalkeeper and the kicker by setting up a little goal. For safety, use soft soccer balls. It’s a fun approach for them to improve their aim while having a blast.

40. Soccer Trophy Ceremony

Soccer Trophy Ceremony

Every young soccer player dreams of winning a trophy. This birthday party, it’s time to create mini trophies or medals and hold an award ceremony, celebrating the participants’ efforts and accomplishments.

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Bottom Line

In conclusion, a soccer-themed birthday party is a fantastic way to celebrate your child’s special day while nurturing their love for the sport. With these soccer birthday party ideas for decorations, favors, food, and games, you can make this celebration a memorable and enjoyable experience for your soccer enthusiasts and their friends. So, lace up those cleats, prepare for some exciting matches, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. 

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