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40+ Global Anniversary Weekend Getaways For A Romantic Couple Trip

There’s rarely a time when a vacation isn’t a welcome idea, especially when it’s a romantic getaway meant to reignite the flame of love. While celebrating special occasions with candlelit dinners and traditional gifts is lovely, it’s the memories created through travel that tend to endure much longer.

planning anniversary weekend getaways can be quite challenging. That’s why we have added these 40+ travel ideas to your list of desired adventures for your next worthy romantic vacation.

15 Best Romantic Anniversary Weekend Getaways In America

Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs

Palm Springs, once beloved by old Hollywood, is a popular choice for couples with many alluring places for a romantic trip. This place has pretty resorts, fine dining restaurants, and scenic deserts. A couple can also participate in various exciting activities: hiking, golfing, Jeep adventures, and Joshua Tree National Park explorations.

Malibu, California


The next departure you should not miss to enjoy this anniversary occasion is Malibu. It is the second worth-visiting place when you come to this place. You can enjoy stunning ocean views from elevated cliffs and explore charming beaches and delightful local eateries. 

For a meal, you should have a meal at Nobu Malibu. This restaurant has an oceanfront placement and offers food blending between Japanese and Californian culinary traditions. And it is such a pity if you don’t try Malibu yogurt and ice cream cafe. Don’t waste a chance to taste them once!

Charleston, South Carolina


Your anniversary will come soon, but have no idea where to go? We recommend you celebrate your love in a place steeped in history yet vibrant today – Charleston, the “Holy City.” Its historical landmarks, charming cobblestone streets, thriving food scene, and Southern charm make it an ideal choice for couples.

Food enthusiasts will delight in the city’s reputation as the culinary capital of the South. From savoring oysters to relishing spicy fried chicken, there are gastronomic pleasures to explore. 

Idyllwild, California


This charming mountain village is an ideal destination for couples, whether it’s their first trip or a global anniversary weekend getaway worth going. Idyllwild is a scenic mountain town enriched with beauty, adventure, and culture. Surrounded by granite cliffs and pine forests, it offers unbeatable rock climbing amid stunning San Jacinto scenery. That’s an idea if you want an adventurous couple trip. 

After a day exploring the outdoors, delicious dining awaits. Casual cafes like Café Aroma pair globally-inspired cuisine with live music nightly, cultivating a warm social atmosphere. Couples can relax over Italian fare while enjoying musical performances.

Finger Lakes, New York

Want to delight your lover with more than just sweets on your anniversary? A visit to the Finger Lakes region in New York should be on your list of destinations. This area offers several engaging opportunities and sights during romantic anniversary weekend getaways.

You can join hiking trails to captivating waterfalls and visit wineries or local museums. Each activity will contribute to the treasured recollections formed throughout your time in this bewitching landscape.

Kennebunkport, Maine


Having a weekend getaway for an anniversary is a wonderful way to maintain your love. And, if you intend to enjoy your days in Main, Kennebunkport is ideal for you. Depending on the time of year, you can choose from activities like hiking, whale watching, and enjoying the vibrant foliage. 

For a romantic experience, strolling along the picturesque Goose Rocks Beach provides breathtaking coastal vistas with Timber island in view. If you’re traveling with your canine companion on a couples’ getaway, you can also visit the pet-friendly Gooch beach, where leashed pets are welcome.

Aspen, Colorado


The pretty scenery in Aspen is an ideal year-round destination for couples seeking anniversary weekend getaways. Whether you want a cozy winter escape or a summer adventure, Aspen, with a picturesque mountain view, can meet your expectations. In summer, the lush forests and scenic trails, like Crater lake and Hunter Creek, provide breathtaking views. In winter, Aspen turns into a renowned ski resort with numerous trails. 

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe

Love thrives in Santa Fe, an enchanting city that captivates with its charming architecture, winding streets, mountain vistas, and breathtaking sunsets. Some must-visit place you better not miss is the historic Loretto Chapel or a scenic hike in the surrounding picturesque landscapes. These best destinations make Santa Fe a go-to place for couples. During your anniversary weekend getaways, you can try delicious cuisine mixed with Mexican, Spanish, and Native American culinary delights. 

Maui, Hawaii


For more than 17 years, Conde Nast has consistently ranked Maui as the top island globally. So, if you are looking for a beach getaway for couples, Maui is the best of choices. When visiting this destination, you can try snorkeling, enjoy a thrilling helicopter tour over hidden island gems, or explore the lush farms. 

One of the not-to-forget activities in Maui is to dive into romantic sunsets, relax on pristine beaches, and savor local cuisine at charming restaurants. For added excitement, you guys can try horseback riding along scenic trails or join in a whale-watching excursion in the winter.

Door County, Wisconsin

Door County

Wisconsin may not be the first destination if you ask for a romantic getaway, but it will never disappoint you if you choose to visit there. It features lots of hidden gems and interesting pastimes that couples will love. You can venture out of the region via various means of transport, like bicycles, kayaks, sleds, and snowshoes. The nearby Sanctuary State Natural Area, with 1,600 acres of pristine boreal forest, is also waiting for you to explore!

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

What’s your vision of ideal anniversary weekend getaways? If you are seeking thrilling adventures in remote and exciting locales, Costa Rica deserves to be on your trip list. Once you come to Costa Rica, you can try chocolate – a sweet symbol of love. You two take a trip to a chocolate farm in the Arenal region and immerse yourself in the world of the finest chocolate. And don’t forget to share a piece of chocolate with your lover. 

La Paz, Mexico

Nowadays, couples seeking meaningful ways to celebrate their love are opting for travel experiences. La Paz is an excellent destination choice, and you must visit Mexico’s Pueblos Mágicos. This is Mexico’s “magical town” that weaves together a tapestry of culture, the beauty of nature, and genuine cuisine. 

You’ll want to try authentic Mexican cuisine of locally sourced seafood and indigenous flavors. These culinary experiences nourish your body and strengthen your relationship, making your trip memorable.

Chiloe, Chile


Arriving at the unfamiliar Chiloe island gives the sense of moving back in time. This place is great for couples seeking a tranquil and peaceful anniversary weekend trip. In Chiloe, couples can join in various exciting activities for couples. These include riding hoofed animals, collecting clams on the shoreline, kayaking, and trekking.

If you and your partner love seafood, you should try Chiloe cuisine. Most dishes here feature seafood caught directly from local fishermen on the same day, so freshness is ensured.

Quebec, Canada


Quebec is the best place for your anniversary weekend getaways if you want to experience a trip to an ancient European-like city without the long flight and exhaustion. Visitors can stroll through the thin rock roads on foot or horse-drawn cart to admire the famed French colonial structures and historical places.

Here are some places you can consider visiting: the Citadel or Petit-Champlain District. The Old City also centers on art and cuisine, with various museums and refined dining eateries. You can visit Ile d’Orleans just over the St. Lawrence River for wine tasting and picnic lunch while overlooking Montmorency Falls. 

Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia

This breathtaking region of Canada has landscapes you and your partner will never dismiss. You can lodge at a breakfast and lodging or nearby AirBnB to genuinely sense the locality. In Nova Scotia, you should inspect the fine art displays in Peggy’s Cove and embark on a sunrise cruise on Halifax Harbour. Don’t forget to travel to Digby to witness the dramatic tidal alterations and roam on the wonderful beaches.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires

Known as “Paris of South America”, this city is a vibrant city for couples with its beauty, rich culture, and tasty cuisine – an ideal place for an anniversary date. While it is uncommon to see public displays of deep affection, openly sharing affectionate kisses is a normal thing in Buenos Aires. You can feel love and the sounds of tango filling the atmosphere. 

12 Top Anniversary Weekend Getaways In Europe

Santorini, Greece


If you want to spend your anniversary weekend getaways in Europe, Santorini must be on your list. This wondrous island is the most romantic island in Greece, with vibrant waters, pale-painted dwellings stationed on cliffsides, and gorgeous shores. The easiest path to one’s heart is through delicious meals. So you should not miss having a romantic dinner at a seaside fish tavern in Ammoudi or a cozy restaurant in Caldera with your beloved.

Paris, France


Paris, no doubt, is one of the best destinations for a romantic anniversary weekend getaway. In the city of love, couples can create everlasting memories. You can share a bottle of champagne beneath the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower or exchange renewed vows at Notre Dame Cathedral. An evening can be spent for live music at a charming cabaret, followed by a scenic boat tour through the city’s illuminated streets at night.

Chassignolles, France


Nestled in the forests of Livradois-Forez National Park, the secluded village of Chassignolles provides the ultimate intimate escape for romantic anniversaries. When you are there, you two can wander the empty country lanes and visit local farms and picturesque wheat fields. Plus, you should not miss out on nights in cozy accommodations at Auberge de Chassignolles. They will serve you tasty, home-cooked traditional French dishes with excellent wine.

Tuscany, Italy


Tuscany is the perfect location for a romantic getaway- it’s remarkably gorgeous at every angle, with bountiful, delectable meals and wines to indulge in. When you visit there, don’t forget to dine at Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence or La Cantinetta Di Rignana in Chianti, which offers Italian cuisine visitors will dream about for years. You can also stay at Castello di Ristonchi, a 1,000-year-old medieval castle in the Tuscan hills overlooking small villages, vineyards, and olive orchards. 

The Cinque Terre, Italy

The Cinque Terre

Another gem in Italy that is perfect for anniversary weekend getaways is The Cinque Terre. This spot displays a well-maintained nature within the Mediterranean area. One of the most romantic ways to enjoy Cinque Terre is through a private sunset boat tour. During your couple’s trip for an anniversary getaway, you can join in boat tours and sunset cruises in Cinque Terre to explore the coastline and uncover hidden gems and untouched spots.

Budapest, Hungary


Budapest, a gem among romantic anniversary getaways, unfolds its charms against the backdrop of the majestic Buda Castle. With Buda Castle in the background, the Hungarian capital’s earliest bridge, now a memorial, is a captivating sight that has attracted many tourists to Budapest. Couples can also walk onto the peak of the passage on the Buda side, presenting a magnificent perspective of the Danube.

Brussels, Belgium


Regarding romantic getaways in Belgium, the capital city of Brussels is a must-visit destination. With its vibrant culture, Brussels is undeniably enchanting and full of romance. Chocolates, delicate sweets, and flowers can add to the delight of the senses. Furthermore, there are several charming hotels and spas where you can recharge and unwind together in lavish comfort. Long live love! Vive l’amour!.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Part of the romance of Amsterdam is wandering along the waterways winding through the old downtown. The ideal time to explore Amsterdam is spring, when the flower fields and city parks burst into life with colorful tulips, daffodils, and crocuses. You guys can ride along the canals on a paddleboat or join an evening boat tour to admire the illuminated canal houses and bridges adorned with fairy lights.

Madeira, Portugal


The archipelago of Madeira is synonymous with appeal and refinement, making it the ideal place for anniversary weekend getaways filled with romantic opportunities. In Funchal, let yourself be charmed by the Mercado dos Lavradores, where flowers, fruits, and the typical island attire all combine to provide a mosaic that is full of vitality. Only a brief distance away, you can take the cable vehicle up to Monte and the hilltop. From there, you and your lover can gaze over the bay speckled with yachts bobbing up and down on the open ocean.

Opatija, Croatia


Love is woven into the very essence of Opatija. This city features numerous great romances for couples during its progress as a tourist attraction. Opatija’s beautiful gardens, secluded routes, long coastal promenades, and warm starry nights are perfect for unique moments with your lovers. It is, therefore, no surprise that Opatija was many times announced as one of the most romantic towns in Europe and has earned a reputation as a popular location for weddings.

Ljubljana, Slovenia


Being a truly romantic city full of beautiful sights and inspiring tales, Ljubljana is a perfect place for anniversary weekend getaways. Love seems embedded within the city name, as it closely resembles the Slovenian word meaning “beloved.” In fact, some people think this similarity is no accident. The city’s romantic ambiance stems from its combination of rich historical charm and vibrant, youthful vibe.

12 Best Asia Destinations for a Romantic Anniversary Weekend Getaway

Bali, Indonesia


Once you plan to have a sweet and memorable anniversary trip in Asia, Bali is an awesome option! Surrounded by striking fields, colorful environments, remarkable terrain, and unspoiled beaches, Bali is decorated with amazing cultures to become familiar with. It always appears enjoyable to discover unique points of interest and traditions with people with whom we tend to share a strong bond. And visiting this ‘Land of Gods’ in Indonesia provides the same sentiment.



Widely seen as one of the most romantic locations in Asia, Maldives does some magical spells for couples. After visiting once, you will surely want to return again and again. Whether for a relaxing vacation or celebrating something unique, Maldives effortlessly tops the list. In recent years, travelers went through a “Wave of Maldives” when many celebrities spend their vacation in the land of aquamarine blue waters.

Kerala, India


Kerala called the ‘Land of God’ in India, is the best choice for your next anniversary weekend getaway. It is decorated with unspoiled terrain, dreamlike backwaters, and lavish houseboats for the ideal trip. This location has striking architectural places of worship, surreal beaches, beautiful backdrops, and a warm culture. Kerala’s authentic filtered coffee and tasty cuisine are must-trying when you and your lover arrive here.  

Langkawi, Malaysia


Surrounded by dense mangrove forests, white cascades, and magnificent beaches, Langkawi is Malaysia’s most spectacular island and one of the most romantic places for anniversary weekend getaways in Asia. The best period to visit there is from November to April because, during this time, the place barely has any rainfall and is decorated with bright sunshine most of the time.

El Nido, Philippines

El Nido

Located in northern Palawan Island within the scarcely inhabited Philippines region, El Nido makes for an idyllic vacation location. Many couples visit here to appreciate the beauty of its coral reefs, white sand beaches, and uncountable diving sites. El Nido exists as one of the premier resort destinations in the Philippines. The stunning natural beauty makes it perfect for anniversary weekend trips. Couples will have a good time here together, away from many people. 

Da Lat, Vietnam

Da Lat

If you have visited too many coastal places and want a mountainous one, consider visiting Dalat. Dalat, also known as ‘Little Paris,’ is without question one of the most dreamy places in Asia. Adorned with breathtaking flowers of countless varieties and dazzling scenery, Da Lat has a wonderful climate that draws in visitors all year round. This magnificent experience is worth spending an anniversary getaway there. 

Mount Fuji, Japan

Mount Fuji

A trip to Japan will never let you down. Mount Fuji is known widely as one of Japan’s primary symbols, surrounded by five stunning lakes. Couples can experience breathtaking sunrises from the mountain summit while enjoying panoramic views. A trip here is perfect for expressing love and commitment, like your next anniversary weekend getaway. 

Dubai, UAE

Do you want to spend all of your money to experience a luxury anniversary trip? Go to Dubai, the ‘City of Gold,’ one of the most lavish places to organize luxury anniversary weekend getaways. The architecturally wondrous territory offers conveniences, ensuring visits have unforgettable journeys each time in the Emirates. It is certainly a one-stop destination for vacations that one can treasure forever.

Mussoorie, India


If you want to go to India for your anniversary celebration, you can visit Mussoorie. Mussoorie will please any visitor with its out-of-this-world scenery, marvelous mountains, and awe-inspiring waterfalls. This place also has plenty to offer couples, from making the most of a lovely sunset at Cloud’s End to taking a fun cable car ride to view the entire landscape of the area. 

Jeju Island, South Korea

Jeju Island

Jeju in Korea is one of the notable attractions for couples. With its stunning natural scenery, crystal clear waters, and exciting theme parks, Jeju island will surely leave every visitor with unforgettable memories. On this island, you and your partner have various options for accommodations, from cozy-themed cottages to other luxurious lodging.

Phuket, Thailand


Also known as the ‘Pearl of the Andaman,’ Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand. As one of Asia’s most renowned destinations, Phuket is predominantly famous for its rich culture. It has many surrounding islands, spectacular beaches, and top-rated spa services. 

This location has stunning retreats for travelers to plan their itineraries back to Phuket time and time again. Couples will find serene settings ideal for creating lasting anniversary memories alongside the island’s various attractions and experiences.


Taiwan is well known as a stunning island nation in Asia, with abundant beautiful sights to experience and places to discover. The destination exhibits a blend of traditional means of living merged with modern conveniences. 

At first glance, Taiwan may seem an unlikely inclusion among Asia’s most romantic locales. Still, this island has much to offer spirited travelers with its fair share of hidden gems. Couples can surprise one another with intimate experiences amid Taiwan’s tranquil landscapes.

What Do You Need for an Anniversary Weekend Getaway?

Planning the anniversary weekend getaways can ensure you have an enjoyable time together. But before arriving at your destination, take care of a few essentials. 

  • Pack everything you’ll need for your time away. You’ll want a few changes of comfortable outfits. Don’t forget something nicer if you have a special dinner booked. Then, you had better bring gear for any activities you have lined up, like hiking shoes or swimsuits.
  • Prepare gifts for your partners: One of the most meaningful parts of a romantic vacation is sharing a gift with your loved one. Many choose getaways to celebrate important occasions like anniversaries or birthdays. Having anniversary gifts for couples ready to give out lets you make that moment special. 

Bottom Line

Nothing compares to anniversary weekend getaways when you want to strengthen your bond. However, what destination should you choose? You might be confused since there are many places you can opt for. So, we hope that with our recommendations, you can narrow down your choice and find the best place to celebrate your next anniversary. Whether in America, Europe, or Asia, this list has got you all.

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